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Most students these days choose an out of the box career option over the traditional courses or 9-to-5 jobs. Over the years there has been a significant growth in the number of students opting to study media or management with courses like Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM) or Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS) particularly in Mumbai, and other courses like BBA, Business Studies, etc. An essential aspect of these courses is that the student has to start rallying work experience right from the second and third year of college. Meaningful jobs for BMS freshers can be a pretty difficult thing to find. Most of them tend to worry if they will end up working in a place they will enjoy or be a part of just another monotonous cycle of work-life.

It’s an era of selfies, belfies, iPhones, Dropbox, foodgasms, game of thrones and what not, where orange is the new black and HR is the new cool. BMS students seek to work in an atmosphere which is fun, challenging and inflaming, which would make them jump out of their beds each morning. They need an environment where they will be free to play, create, learn and grow. (Have a look at our workplace!)


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Posted by SutraHR on 5 September 2015


Fortunately, for all the BMS students out there, I am listing down a few reasons for how working at SutraHR could be the best decision of your life.

o what you love to do

1. As it was once said by Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is what Sutraites aim for. Working should bring with it new challenges and not stress. This could only be achieved if you really do what you love to do. SutraHR swears by this policy. An employee is required to do what they love to do by choosing their comfort zone at work.

Work at brilliant statup office

2. If you have an entrepreneurial side to you or you are curious to learn about great ideas and their executions, then you will love this place. SutraHR frequently places its employees in other startup companies as dedicated resources till project completion. This way our employees gets to work at brilliant startups companies and learn the entire business manifesto from its inception. For a BMS graduate, this kind of experience is a wonderful opportunity to learn about ideas and its potential market (if going forward you are looking to start out a venture on your own).

One on one interaction with founder

3. I bet every BMS student would love to experience these things. SutraHR is undoubtedly one of the best company to work for as we have the best jobs for BMS freshers in Mumbai. It’s common for Sutraites to walk into their office and see founders of innovative big potential startups visiting our office. SutraHR works with a varied number of startups and our employees get to meet a lot of founders and CEOs of well-known companies. Most days Surtraites get to plunge in with them over candid discussions. Employees at SutraHR get to learn new skills and techniques every day.

Be a part of growth story

4. Working with a startup can help develop people’s business skills. Startups don’t really stay startups for very long, with good planning and execution a startup can grow to become a multinational. Employees who choose to kick off their careers with a startup not only get to learn and experience new things but also be part of their growth story. We all are a part of SutraHR’s growth story and any new employee would be too.

Earn the best incentive

5. Incentives act as an important motivation for employees. Grad students, who want to make something out of themselves need resources along with learning. There are very few companies that offer good incentives to its employees. SutraHR has one of the best incentive plans in the industry. So far SutraHR has rolled out incentives amounting to 1 crore rupees since its inception in 2007.

Get to learn from the best of industry

6. A good mentor is a necessity to learn about the nitty-gritty’s of the work and its methods. A good mentor will take a keen interest in the employee’s professional development. A fresh graduate requires an earnest and motivating mentor for guidance. SutraHR has one of the best talents from the industry to mentor their employees. The best part is that nobody behaves like a boss in SutraHR.

Free food at work

7. At SutraHR, employees don’t go hungry. We have kitchens dedicated to stock up tons of free food, starting from chips, cookies, juices, chocolates and more. Sutraites get free evening snacks, yes they are spoiled! Every evening has a new menu for the SutraHR employees with the likes of croissants, burgers, chaats, vada pavs, idly-sambhar, dabelis etc.

Get opportunities for innovation

8. SutraHR believes that its employees should be given a chance to brainstorm to bring about something new and exciting. A healthy and active mind is the key to a balanced work life. We encourage our employees to implement ideas and innovate. But what if some Sutraites fail? Well, who doesn’t? The team at SutraHR believes that mistakes are a part of the process. As long as you realise and commit to improve, it’s all good!


9. A traditional 9-to-5 job is in itself a huge challenge. Flexibility at work is what every employee looks forward to, and also appreciates. Sutra gives its employees the flexibility to walk in at a reasonable time for work. Sutraites also enjoy frequent outdoor picnics, office parties, hookah sessions and paid leaves.

Full freedom at work

10. SutraHR gives immense freedom to its employees to work the way they feel comfortable with. They often use the phrase “own your work” which stands true for each of our employees, starting from our interns. They refuse to have a push hard attitude toward their employees because they realise the maturity of each Sutraite.


The best career bet for a BMS graduate should indefinitely be SutraHR. Life is fun and challenging. We get to do what we love. The work is so refreshing that it makes us jump out of bed each morning. So screw the traditional 9-to-5 job. Instead, get to play, create, learn and grow. And imagine getting paid for all of this 😉 Come to Sutra and create your own light.

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