SutraHR Launches StartupHR Toolkit – Ready-to-use HR Templates For Different Stages of The HR Process

SutraHR has been a pioneer of startup hiring in India. Their experience is immense having recruited 5000+ professionals over the past decade. SutraHR recently launched a new product ‘StartupHR Toolkit’. The idea behind StartupHR Toolkit is to make HR Documentation an easy and quick process. Today more than 100+ organizations are using StartupHR Toolkit.

About – The company is known to expand and diversify whenever they can. It is a known fact that making HR Docs is a time-consuming process. Making these documents, policies, letters, etc. is not an easy task, especially in the ever-evolving Startup and SME Industry. Imagine wasting your precious time in writing and making documents, which in itself would not be an affordable thing to do. This has generated demand for a product like StartupHR Toolkit, which consists of ready-to-use HR document templates. Being in the HR Industry for more than a decade helped SutraHR understand the need for a product that makes the whole documentation process hassle-free. StartupHR Toolkit majorly targets SMEs and Businesses’ that cannot afford to have a designated HR Manager or HR Department.

StartupHR Toolkit is the smartest way to make HR Docs. They aim to be the go-to product when it comes to the HR Documentation process. The toolkit contains 120+ Job Descriptions, 50+ Employee Policies, 40+ HR Manuals, 30+ Letter Templates, and much more.

SutraHR is providing all of these things through StartupHR Toolkit for a fraction of amount that you would otherwise spend in making such documents through an HR Consultant. Even if you have a designated HR Department, StartupHR Toolkit makes their lives hassle-free and lets them focus on other important aspects of the business. The StartupHR Toolkit is designed to save you both time and money.

Mr. Waqar Azmi said, “Our experience of over a decade in the HR domain has made us aware of the many problems which an HR Professional faces in their day to day life. HR documentation is one of them. Official documents create credibility for the Employer by showing that employees are treated in a fair and consistent manner. We have compiled over 200+ HR DOCS from some of the most experienced HR professionals in the industry. All of the documents are legally compliant and are up to date. Our vision is to be the go-to destination for any HR DOCS and in the process help Employers build a strong relationship with their Employees.”

StartupHR Toolkit offers its customers ready-to-use HR Templates to make the documentation process hassle-free. The StartupHR Toolkit offers is available for a minimal amount of Rs. 2,999/-. It is a one–time investment and there are no additional hidden charges.

StartupHR Toolkit has recently started an affiliate program wherein you can become an affiliate and earn Rs. 500/- per toolkit that’s sold through your reference.

Thanks to StartupHR Toolkit now you can edit and print HR Docs within minutes. With StartupHR Toolkit you’re not only buying the product itself but what you’re really buying is more time for you.


TOP 100 STARTUPS IN INDIA TO WATCH IN 2018 | List of Best Startups in India


Are you following your New Year resolutions? We are following ours and present to you ‘Top 100 Startup to watch in 2018’. We at SutraHR believe that like us, these 100 companies have something in them and will make a huge mark as the top startups of 2018.
India is one of the best countries to start an idea. With the surplus advantage of a huge target market, so many needs and a technological strong growing economy, India is stepping towards becoming one of the world’s strongest tech markets with these best startups in India.

Update: Top Startups in India 2020

top startups in India

Find out the upcoming ‘Top Startups in India’ to look for this year

1) 9Stacks

Founders: Sudhir Kamath, Pratik Kumar, Abhinav Nigam and Rishab Mathur.
Investors: Swati Gupta, Kartik Sheth, Purnima Khandelwal and Maheshwar Peri
Bringing alive the classic poker on-screen, 9Stacks is a unique concept binding all the Poker lovers together under one roof to start the game with 9 stacks of poker chips!

2) Active.ai

Founders: Ravi Shankar and Parikshit Paspulati
Investors: Dream Incubator, Vertex Ventures and CreditEase
In the age of technology, Active.ai makes it possible giving a beautiful human touch to Conversational Banking Services. They have made it possible to make conversations less robotic and consumer oriented making the doubt solving process more simpler!

3) AEON Learning

Founders: Karthik KS and Vikalp Jain
Investors:  Kris Gopalakrishnan and Atul Nishar
Future Educators like AEON Learning are blessing for working professionals. With the help of technology, they provide degrees in various management courses from prestigious universities. Giving e-learning a new look!

4) airpay

Founders: Kunal Jhunjhunwala, Amit Kapoor and Rohan Deshpande
Investor: Kalaari Capital
Aiding global e-commerce and retail services for their monetary transactions, airpay aims in simplifying the process of transaction much more smoother and flexible.

5) ALTBalaji

Founders: Balaji Telefilms
Catering to on-demand entertainment, ALTBalaji is doing a splendid job! From its gripping original series to the wide range of shows and movies, ALTBalaji is really worth of your attention and a tough competition for many and deserves a place as one of the Top Startups in India.

6) Ask Arvi

Founders: Sushant Reddy and Alok Tiwari
Investor: Jang Capital
Finding a right insurance is like finding a right partner for yourself. AskArvi has done a great job in automating this system letting people find a perfect plan from their phones itself! This idea definitely makes them one of the best startups in India

7) Avishkaar Box

Founders: Tarun Bhalla and Swati Gupta
An EdTech start up, Avishkaar Box stands by its name. They create mind stimulating products enabling young students to spark up their minds and double their imagination. Their invention Robby and Robby 2 are mind boggling!

8) Biryani By Kilo

Founders: Kaushik Roy, Ritesh Sinha and Vishal Jindal
Investors: advantEdge Partners, Vun Network, Smile Group, StartUp Equity Partners, Thapar Group and Myron Ferro
Targeting India’s most favorite food Biryani, this company has reached in the veins of maximum people. Biryani by Kilo does what the name suggests, sends happiness parceled and is perfect for any occasion. Guess what? It a rating of 4.0 on Zomato. Yummy idea!

9) Blowhorn

Founders: Nikhil Shivaprasad and Mithun Srivatsa
Investors: Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and IDG Ventures India
People dread shifting due to the hassle of taking the belongings from one place to another. That is when Blowhorn thought to help them and made their place in one of the Top Startups in India. Blowhorn offers a better and a safe option for people looking to move their belongings from one place to another!

10) Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founders: Aayushi Kishore and Arnav Kishore
Investor: Undisclosed
How great would it be if you could increase your work out speed and also track your progress? Kishore duo has made it possible my merging fitness with technology to make lives healthier for all and successfully made into the list of one of the best startups in India!

11) Boxx.Ai

Founders: Ajay Kashyap, Prakhar Raj and Shitiz Bansal
Investor: Unicorn India Ventures
Seeing that Artificial Intelligence is the future, Boxx.ai uses the same technology to solve problems that enterprises face in a more affordable way, making it more accessible for all. With all this securing a place amongst the top startups in India

12) Cash Suvidha

Founders: Anoop Garg and Rajesh Gupta
Investor: Usha Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
This Delhi based startup is giving wings to upcoming startups in form of monetary help. The best part? They just give funding just in 3 days! Delhi-ites with an idea, are you listening?

13) CallHealth

Founder: Sandhya Raju
Investor:  Sachin Tendulkar
CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company that brings healthcare services to the doorstep of the customer. Definitely worth being as one of the best startups in India.

14) Chimple Learning

Founder: Srikanth Talapadi
Investor: XPRIZE
Imagine how fun it would be learning via games and stories? Chimple is doing the same! This Bangalore based organisation believes that education is for all is doing everything to achieve their goal.

15) Clip

Founder: Nav Agrawal
Investors: Matrix Partners India, India Quotient and Shunwei Capital
Clip – an Android application makes it a breeze to create, watch and download funny Indian videos. With 1,000,000+ users it is one app you should have!

16) CoWrks

Founder: Sidharth Menda
Investor: Qatar Investment Authority
In the business city of Bangalore, CoWrks is a unique concept providing many working individuals to come and rent working spaces for themselves. Pssstt.. they have an amazing interior worth being listed as one of the top startups in India!

17) CrediFiable

Founder: Presha Paragash
Investor: Kae Capital
Are you a salaried person and thought taking a loan is a long process? CrediFiable is here to prove you wrong. Simplifying the loan process for salaried employees, this firm’s technology allows you to get your final EMI in 5 minutes.

18) Credy

Founders: Harshit Vaishnav and Pratish Gandhi
Investor: Vy Capital, Feng Hu, Khosla Ventures and Y Combinator
Being the bridge between investors and borrowers Credy is one of its kind and totally one of the best startups in India!

19) CureFit

Founders: Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal
Investor: RNT Capital
As the name suggests, this website wants to provide end – to – end health management to their consumers

20) Doctor Insta

Founder: Amit Munjal
Investors: Rishi Parti, RoundGlass Partners and BrahmaX Ventures
Want to meet your doctor but are too sick to get out of bed? Doctor Insta is at your service. Video Call or chat with a doctor to get an advice on your health!

21) Drivezy

Founders: Abhishek Mahajan, Amit Sahu, Ashwarya Singh, Vasant Verma
Investor: Das Capital
Do you have a vehicle lying just at a disposal? Turn it into an earning member with Drivezy and thank me later for including them among the top startups in India!

22) Dunzo

Founders: Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri, Kabeer Biswas and Mukund Jha
Investors: Google and Aspada
Being a God-sent application for Bangalore-ians and Pune-kars, Dunzo runs errands for its users. Be it repairing your sink or sending a parcel off, you can just Dunzo-it! Waiting for it for available nationwide! But whatever it is, they surely deserve to be one of the best startups in India

23) Eatigo

Founders: Judy Tan, Michael Cluzel, Pumin Yuvacharuskul and Siddhanta Kothari
Investor: TripAdvisor
With a sole aim of connecting empty stomachs with empty tables by giving discounts on meals in the restaurants registered with them. Eatigo has successfully has partnered with more than a million diners. Way to go!

24) Ecom Express

Founders: K. Satyanarayana, Manju Dhawan, Sanjeev Saxena and T. A. Krishnan
Investors: Warburg Pincus and Peepul Capital LLC
Providing end – to – end logistics in an ‘express’ way Ecom Express has established itself as one of the trusted and reliable names in delivery services to e-commerce industry and also one of the best startups in India

25) East India Comedy (EIC)

Founder: Sorabh Pant
One of the pioneers of comedy in India, EIC has surely left a mark on people’s minds and makes everyone laugh very hard with their sarcastic takes on real-time situations. Very ‘SAARAAS’ job guys! Haaste haasate you finally got on the list of Top Startups in India

26) ERA

Founders: Karmaditya Bagga, Priyansha Jain and Ajay Vishnu
ERA is India’s first integrated identity platform which provides it’s users a safe and secure way to share their Identities with the world.

27) Fella Homes

Founders: Amit Gupta, Digendra Singh Rathore, Kunal Singh, Virender Pratap Singh and Yadwinder Paul Singh
Fella Homes is a branded chain of rental homes. Being synonymous with hassle-free and quality living, they aim to standardize the entire experience of finding and living in a rented home with the use of technology enabled product and services.

28) Filmygyan

Founder: Aftab Khan
You know when you forward a filmy meme most of the time Filmygyan is mostly behind them. They are one innovative set of people making our lives masaledaar!

29) Fingerlix

Founder: Shree Bharambe
Investors: Accel Partners and Zephyr Management
Making finger – licking homely food, Fingerlix aims on being ‘the food’ for travelling professionals and fill stomachs of people with tasty food.

30) Flintobox

Founders: Arunprasad Durairaj, Shreenidhi Srirangam and Vijay Gandhi
Investors: Globevestors and Lightbox
With 1,20,000+ subscribers, Flintobox has aims on holistic education of children. Delivering happiness in a box, Flintobox curates a new theme every month and helps in the growth of the child. If you are a parent, this is worth a try!

31) Flochat

Founders: Aahana Mulla, Prateek Lal and Yuvraj Bhalla
Investors: Apex Venture Advisor and iSquare Technologies
Flochat is one of it’s kind combining apps like Ola, Zomato and many more under one platform. Download this and enjoy the joy of surfing so many apps from one!

32) Flock

Founder: Bhavin Turakhia
Flock is a faster, more organized way for teams to communicate. Flock powers over 25,000 companies and its users around the world have reported increased productivity by 30%, 50% fewer emails, and a 50% reduction in in-person meetings.Their clients include Accenture, Tim Hortons, Whirlpool, VMware and Victorinox.

33) ftcash

Founders: Deepak Kothari, Sanjeev Chandak and Vaibhav Lodha
Investors: 500 Startups and Ivy Ventures
ftcash is one of India’s fast-growing financial technology venture, recognized by Forbes, which aims to empower micro-merchants and small businesses with the power of credit using digital payments, using only a bank account and a feature phone

34) Fynd

Founders: Farooq Adam, Harsh Shah and Sreeraman Mohan Girija
Investors: IIFL Seed Ventures and rocketship.vc
Seeing Fashion online, Fynd is dedicated to make its users chic and sexy!

35) GamingMonk

Founders: Abhay Sharma and Ashwin Haryani
Investor: AdvantEdge Partners
GamingMonk is a heaven for gamers, from organizes offline gaming tournaments for sports, strategy, and action e-games to be played on Xbox, personal computer, mobile, and PlayStation 4. It also retails gaming accessories, consoles, and software. Users can form their own communities and get lost in the fantasy world of their own.

36) Get My Parking

Founders: Chirag Jain, Rahul Gupta and Rasik Pansare
Investor: Indian Angel Network
Live in Delhi and own a car? Who would know better than you how difficult it is to find a parking spot! Get My Parking comes to your rescue. Use this app to find an available a spot in Delhi. Rest of the nation has to wait while Delhi-ites have all the perks of this app! If Delhi loves it, how can’t this company be one of best startups in India.

37) GoCoop

Founder: Siva Devireddy
GoCoop.com is a internet-based global platform which provides value-added business services for co-ops and self-help groups to enable communication and collaboration with their members, marketing their products and services and leverage information technology to improve their operations.

38) GoFro

Founder: Amitabh Misra
Investors: MakeMyTrip and H.I.S
Love travelling? GoFro should be your best friend! Started to empower the modern traveler with flexibility of choices and a fulfilling sense of independence, GoFro is doing a splendid job!

39) Gold Farm

Founder: Abhilash Thirupathy
Investors: Mahindra Rise and Infuse Ventures
Gone are the days when owning a farm was a huge investment! Gold Farm lets you rent farming equipment and make lives simpler for all! What makes life good surely is among the best startups in India.

40) Graphic India

Founders: Gotham Chopra, Sharad Devarajan and Suresh Seetharaman
Investor: CA Media
Graphic India is nations very well known animation creator. Want to see their recent work? Watch “Baahubali: The Lost Legends” on Amazon Prime and get amazed and you’ll know why they are among the best startups in India.

41) HalaPlay

Founder: Swapnil Saurav
Investors: Nazara Games and Kae Capital
Gaming turning into money-making! Yes, you read it right.HalaPlay can let you live in the fantasy world and win cash prizes at the end of every game making it among the best startups in India.

42) HandyTrain

Founder: Gourav Jaswal
Investors: NB Ventures
A startups biggest challenge is to train its employees. HandyTrain trains them for you from your employees phones! Simple and smart right?

43) Hansel.io

Founders: Mudit Krishna Mathur, Parminder Singh and Varun Ramamurthy Dinakar
Investors: Endiya Partners and IDG Ventures
With clients like Ola, PayTM, MobiKwick, ClearTrip and many more, Hansel.io is a trusted name in deep-config APIs. Delivering what they promise, Hansel.io is an expert in providing personalized experience for all its client base!

44) HexOctane

Founder: Jhenkar Dixit
Investor: Emergent Ventures
HexOctane is an Internet of Things company intending to create an environment which fosters ease of access to relevant information just when you need it and thus bring to life an informed sixth sense that manifests itself through one’s smartphone. Sure shot, one of the best startups in India

45) HipCask

Founder: Aneesh Bhasin
Investor: Mobikon Asia
Hipcask is a smartphone application that enables users to discover wines, whiskies, and beers. The application enables users to measure a likability factor, pair wines with foods, get and add tasting notes, get notifications about new launches, and more.

46) Homergize

Founder: Vinod R. Kaushik
Investor: LG Chandrasekhar
Building a home has never been easier, thanks to Homergize! Homergize is a One-Stop Shop for purchasing Materials & Products ranging from Building Materials to Fittings to Furnishings.

47) icanstay

Founder: Avneet Soni and Puneet Gupta
Have a luxury travel with icanstay and enjoy traveling first – class! Providing first class travel making them reach the destination of one of the best startup in India

48) InnerChef

Founder: Rajesh Sawhney
Investor: Mistletoe
Love cooking? Let InnerChef help you! Create your favorite dish in 20 minutes and savor it!

49) Innov8 Coworking

Founders: Ritesh Malik, Shailesh Gupta and Sumit Ranka
Investors:  VentureCatalysts and LetsVenture
Innov8  is one of the top coworking spaces in Mumbai. Innov8 is an ambitious project to house 100 entrepreneurs & help them build their vision & create impactful startups from the National Soil

50) iNurture

Founders: Ashwin Ajila and R Lakshminarayanan
Investors: BlackSoil
iNurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd. delivers industry relevant courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fast growing sectors of the economy, in active association with well-reputed universities and autonomous institutions/ colleges.

51) Josh Talks

Founders: Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul
Investors: Apoorva Chamaria and Girish Mathrubootham
Stories always hold a special place in one hearts. Using this concept, Josh Talks uses words to inspire everyone wanting to be motivated!

52) Koinex

Founders: Aditya Naik, Rahul Raj and Rakesh Yadav
Investors: Dan Morehead and Dirk van Quaquebeke
Koinex is India’s most advanced digital assets exchange. Buy, sell and trade in the world’s fastest growing assets: cryprocurrencies and tokens.

53) KrazyBee

Founders: Karthikeyan K, Madhusudan E and Wan Hong
Investors: Plum Ventures and Xiaomi
We know how much of a limited pocket money does a student get and KrazyBee is a wonderful option for students to buy electronics on EMI

54) LetsTransport

Founders: Pushkar Singh and Sudarshan Ravi
Investor: GMO VenturePartners
Standing by its name, LetsTransport provides end-to-end logistic support with advantage of GPS tracking and advance booking only for you!

55) Little Black Book

Founder: Suchita Salwan
Investor: Blume Ventures
Little Black Book complies the best spots/eateries of your cities which you might never have discovered! Started with Delhi, this Little Black Book is worth the read!

56) m.Paani

Founder: Akanksha Hazari
Investors: IDG Ventures India and Saha Fund
Empowering kirana-wala’s to multi-nationals m.Paani helps in Sales Conversion to Brand Loyalty Services for its consumers right from their mobiles!

57) Meesho

Founders: Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey
Investor: SAIF Partners
Meesho is India’s Largest Online Reseller Network of Housewives & SMBs, who sell products within their network on social channels.

58) Mobiefit

Founder: Gul Panag
Investor: NB Ventures
Mobiefit motivates you to get fitter, healthier and a happier person with workouts, running and walking training. It enables its users to access training videos and exercises for a ‘fitter you’!

59) Money View

Founders: Puneet Agarwal and Sanjay Aggarwal
Investors: Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management
Imagine knowing your money status with the help of your SMS-es, Money View shows your account details by accessing your bank messages and showing your balance!

60) Mr Button

Founder: Deepak Khetan
Investor: Sandeep Daga
Made for Indian men, Mr Button was an idea to make Indian men fashionable and presentable!

61) NanoNets

Founders: Prathamesh Juvatkar and Sarthak Jain
Investors: Soma Capital, Y Combinator and FundersClub
Often companies do not have enough data to train a machine learning model on their own using state of the art algorithms as well as don’t have enough data scientists to work on those problems. NanoNets solves both these problems for companies. NanoNets is machine learning API for developers which requires 1/10th of data and no machine learning expertise to train a model.

62) Netmeds.com

Founder: Pradeep Dadha
Investors: OrbiMed, Tanncam Investment and Sistema Asia Fund
Known as Indian’s most trusted pharmacy Netmeds.com is a renowned name in the medical field. It enables the user to send or receive medicine from any part of India.

63) NiYo Solutions

Founders: Virender Bisht and Vinay Bagri
Investor: Prime Venture Partners
Want your employees salaries increased without any change in your share? NiYo can give you a solution! Redefine Payroll & benefits and give your employees upto 10% Pay raise.

64) Noticeboard

Founder: Sarath Chandran, Vishal Gahlaut and Vishesh Dahinwal
Investor:  Stellaris Venture Partners
Noticeboard is focused on leveraging the power of the mobile phone to make information more accessible, and will be looking for top talent that understands the nuances of the small screen deeply. It aims making organisational communication more inclusive.

65) Numberz

Founders: Aditya Tulsian, Baskar Ganapathy and Rajeev Chari
Investors: Khosla Impact and Kae Capital
Manage your cash flows with this useful app, Numberz!

66) OncoStem Diagnostics

Founder: Manjiri Bakre
Investor: Sequoia Capital
OncoStem Diagnostics was founded in 2011 with the vision of developing innovative multimarker prognostic & predictive tests to enable personalized treatment planning for patients with Cancer.

67) OpenOut

Founder: Arun Rafi

OpenOut is a trusted community of people, hosts and guests, where you can create, explore or become a part of unique at-home social experiences.

68) Play Shifu

Founders: Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal
Investors: IDFC-Parampara Fund and IDG Ventures
Shifu creates an innovative and immersive learning experience during play time by bringing board games and mobile devices together through Augmented Reality. Because they believe, children deserve good screen time.

69) Propstory

Founder: Ashish Mahajan and Bhagwandas Palliwal
Investor:  Kuotient Realty Pvt Ltd
PropStory is a content platform for the real estate industry. The organization has been floated by professionals with several years of experience in Real Estate investing, private banking, and internet technology.

70) Qbera

Founder: Aditya Kumar
Investors: Kuber Financial, LendFoundry and Timothy Li
An amazing startup portal giving users loans in easy ways!

71) RenewBuy

Founder: Balachander Sekhar
Investor: Amicus Capital
Have a car to be insured or want to insure the health of yourself or your family? Visit RenewBuy and do the needful in few minutes without any middleman in between!

72) Rentickle

Founders: Amit Sodhi and Vineet Chawla
Investors: DMI Finance, Ajay Relan and ThinKuvate
It is home furniture, appliances and a lot of love that make a home – a house. Rentickle helps to rent furniture and home essentials with options of various brands to choose from.

73) Sendd

Founder: Sumeet Wadhwa
Investor:  Kae Capital
Giving Best Price commitment, Sendd will give you complete shipping solution
for your Business from pick to drop at any pincode in India.

74) Sensibol Audio Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founders: Sujeet Kini and Nagesh Nayak, Vishweshwara Rao, Sachin Pant and Preeti Rao
Investor: Rajan Anandan
SensiBol was founded by like-minded audio-technology researchers and computer-scientists with a mission to deliver cutting-edge audio-processing solutions to the world.

75) Sequretek

Founders: Anand Naik and Pankit Desai
Investor: GVFL and Unicorn India Ventures
Sequretek intends to secure and manage the customers information assets so that they are better equipped to handle the changing digital landscape and service needs that lead to their organizational growth. It aims on being its customers ‘Trusted Advisor’ for their problems

76) SigTuple

Founders: Apurv Anand, Rohit Pandey and Tathagato Dastidar
Investor: Accel Partners
SigTuple aim to create a data driven, machine learned, cloud based solution for detection of anomalies and trends in medical data, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of disease diagnosis.

77) SlicePay

Founders: Deepak Malhotra and Rajan Bajaj
Investors: Simile Venture Partners and Das Capital
SlicePay is a digital payment platform which was founded with a mission to simplify payments for the young. With changing times, they strive to make payments smarter and simpler.

78) Smaaash Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Founder: Shripal Morakhia
Investors: Sixth Sense Ventures, ECL Finance, Avendus Capital and Sachin Tendulkar
A fun-filled space with high – class technological games to entertain youngsters and adults equally!

79) Stanza Living

Founders: Anindya Dutta and Sandeep Dalmia
Investors: Matrix Partners and Accel Partners
Stanza is a unique housing concept created for students moving to a new place and wanting to create a space for themselves.

80) StoreKing

Founders: Govardhan K and Sridhar Gundaiah
Investor: Axiata
Storeking is a revolutionary platform enabling small town Retailers to sell over 50,000 products to walk-in customers without having to invest in working capital stock.

81) StyleCracker

Founder: Dhimaan Shah
Investor: Alia Bhatt
Funded by one of the Nation’s stylist diva – Alia Bhatt, StyleCracker – India’s first online personal styling portal understands the importance of great style in day-to-day life.

82) Sumeru

Founder: Harish Ramachandran
Providing solutions in Banking, Software and many more. Sumeru is your go to organisation for IT solutions with a human touch.

83) ten3T

Founders: Sudhir Borgonha, Rahul Shingrani, and Prasad Bhat
Investor:  Pi Ventures
What if we tell you that you can monitor your body’s clinical vitals from a device? Startup ten3T made this possible. Their invention of a wearable monitoring device for your dear body which can help you make healthier decisions!

84)  Terribly Tiny Tales

Founders: Anuj Gosalia and Chintan Ruparel
Weaving magic with words, Terribly Tiny Tales is a forum for story enthusiasts and making a community of word lovers!

85) TAOautomation

Founders: Jawahar Bekay and Arjun Vaznaik
Investors: 3one4 Capital and Arihant Patni
As your end-to-end automation solutions partner, TAOautomation will work with you to develop your automation strategy, be it basic RPA or more advanced cognitive and machine learning solutions, to implement it swiftly and closely manage the entire change programme.

86) The Bohri Kitchen

Founders: Nafisa Kapadia and Munaf Kapadia
Investor: Riyaaz Amlani
The Bohri Kitchen is Mumbai’s go to location to order authentic Bohri food. This is made possible by the mother-son duo who love their food and wanted to share it with the city! Their Smoked Mutton Kheema Samosas are worth a try!

87) The Moms Co

Founders: Malika Datt Sadani and Mohit Sadaani
Investors: Saama Capital and DSG Consumer Partners
With pollution in rise, every parent wants to bring up their kids in an organic and pure environment. As you cannot control the weather but you can surely give your baby 100% Natural Products with The Moms Co.

88) The Office Pass

Founder: Aditya Verma
Investor: Arun Tadanki
Giving co-working a wonderful twist, The Office Pass is your place to go if you stay at Gurgaon and want to have a cool urban place to work on your ‘blockbuster’ idea!

89) ThirdWatch

Founders: Adarsh Jain and Shashank Agarwal
Investor: Rahul Agarwalla
Scamming is one of the most scarring factors of one’s life. ThirdWatch can be your hero in disguise. A startup using Artificial Intelligence to protect you from scams in digital, banking and e-commerce transactions.

90) Touchkin

Founder: Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati
Investor: Kae Capital
Touchkin seeks to provide low cost proactive behavioral health support to people with chronic illness and depression through context sensitive, multilingual chatbots and patient support systems.

91) Vahdam Teas

Founder: Bala Sarda
Investors: Fireside Ventures and Kanwaljit Singh
Vahdam Teas is among the world’s first vertically integrated online-first tea brands. It sources premium garden fresh teas direct from over 150+ tea plantations & door delivers to consumers across the world.

92) WeDoSky

Founder: Jaspreet Makkar
Investor:  Mumbai Angels
Sky tearing startup – WeDoSky provides drones for visual data processes and Autonomous UAVs.

93) WishBerry

Founders: Anshulika Dubey and Priyanka Agarwal
Investor: Sharad Sharma
Wishberry is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that enables users to raise funds for their creative and innovative ideas. So if your creative idea needs funding? You can count on this ‘berry’.

94) WittyFeed

Founders: Parveen Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav and Vinay Singhal
Investors: Sandeep Agarwal, Apurva Chamaria, Anand Chandrasekaran and Ritesh Malik
Being the fastest content growing company in the word it provides the means to discover the world of stories. Unearthing a world full of possibilities beyond your limits using vivid imagination, stories and videos just for its viewers!

95) Wydr

Founders: Devesh Rai
Investors: Stellaris Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners and Jungle Ventures
Wydr is India’s first B2B Wholesale Marketplace which aims to bridge the gap between brands/manufacturers and retailers and create an efficient supply chain

96) Yaantra

Founders: Ankit Saraf, Anmol Gupta, Jayant Jha
Investors:  Carpediem Capital and Duane Park
Yaantra tenders mobile repair, refurbished and unboxed services for all branded mobile phones in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida, Bangalore and Mumbai. The company provides quality repairing, quality assured refurb and unbox smart phones at best possible prices.

97) YourQuote

Founders: Ashish Singh and Harsh Snehanshu
Investor: IDG Ventures
Convert your beautiful words into picture post avoiding plagiarism of your original content!

98) ZestMoney

Founders: Ashish Anantharaman, Lizzie Chapman and Priya Sharma
Investor:  PayU
Don’t have a credit card but have to pay EMIs? ZestMoney comes to your rescue. ZestMoney is the fastest way for all kinds of people to pay using digital EMI, without the need of a credit card or a credit score.

99) ZiffyHomes

Founders: Salil Agarwal, Sanchal Ranjan and Saurabh Kumar
ZiffyHomes is a technology-driven home rental marketplace that makes it simple to rent homes. It offers ready to move-in individual rooms to tenants for long stays without any maintenance worry, convenience of online rent payment, and freedom to move across its homes.

100) ZipLoan

Founders: Kshitij Puri and Shalabh Singhal
Investors:  Matrix Partners India, GrowX Venture Management and Waterbridge Ventures
ZipLoan, RBI registered NBFC, is a technology enabled on-line lending platform established to provide Small Business Loans.

1. The above list is in alphabetical order. The details mentioned have been gathered by primary and secondary research on online platforms. In case of any discrepencies, please drop a mail at [email protected]
2. We have listed out the startups based on:
Traction: How well these top Indian startups are receiving a market validation for its business model. Basically, how well the consumers are taking to the product/service.
Potential Market: How big is the market share for the respective product/service. Will the product be welcomed with wide arms in the market or will it be just another not-so-great product?
Pedigree of the Team: The background and professional credentials of the startup’s team members. Many of these listed startups are by IITians and past employees of big MNCs as well as professionals with a rich experience in the field.
Scalability: Even if the initial idea of the product/service is extraordinary, is there a chance for the business to grow? These startups have shown great potential and many have also received funding, while others are not so far behind in line.
Execution: Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the men from the boys. A really great team finds its happiness in execution because it is more likely to succeed than one which focuses just on ideas.

Disclaimer: We have worked with many startups mentioned in the list, and have built teams & hired extensively for them.

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Top 100 Startups in India to Watch in 2017

New year, new beginnings. And a lot more startups to go with it. As we welcome the New Year, SutraHR is delighted to present the list of top 100 startups to look out for in 2017. The boom in the startup ecosystem in India has continued to grow at an exceptional pace.

Update: Top Startups in India 2020


top 100 startups in india 2017
After the overwhelming response to our last article — list of top 100 startups to watch in 2016, we’ve jotted down the noteworthy startups to curate a list of Top 100 Startups to Watch in 2017.

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91springboard top indian startup 1) 91springboard

Founders: Anand Vemuri, Deepak Sharma, Pranay Gupta, Susan Lim, Varun Chawla.
Investors: Khattar Holdings, Rahul Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Sumit Dayal.
91springboard offers a plug and play office with ready-to-use facilities and timely events for coworking members.

addresshealth top 100 startup 2) AddressHealth

Founder: Dr. Anand Lakshman.
Investors: Gray Matters Capital, Unitus Seed Fund.
AddressHealth is a Bengaluru-based top startup that has a vision to make pediatric care easily available by providing health care services via school and clinics.

adsnative top startup in india 3) AdsNative

Founders: Satish Polisetti, Dhawal Mujumdar.
Investors: InterWest Partners, Rakuten, ONSET Ventures, KBS Ventures, Foundry Group.
AdsNative helps websites and apps better monetize with responsive native advertisements through their AdsNative SSP platform.

affimity indian startup 4) Affimity

Founders: Ramana Venkata, Amar Singh, Parveen Mittal.
Investor: Silicon Valley Angel Investors.
Affimity is a social networking platform for people with similar interests in food, family, and digital life to connect and share their interests.

altizon startup in india 5) Altizon

Founders: Vinay Nathan, Ranjit Nair, Yogesh Kulkarni.
Investors: Microsoft Accelerator Bangalore, Wipro Technologies.
Altizon Systems, a Pune-based startup, is the world’s first Industrial Internet Platform company with a flagship platform named Datonis.

applicate top indian startup 6) Applicate

Founders: Deepak Rewadi, Ranjeet Kumar.
Investors: Amit Gupta, Rajiv Nayan, Rakesh Mishra, Rishi Vasudev.
Applicate, a Delhi-based startup founded in 2014, provides innovative solutions to solve complex business problems.

babyberry startup in india 7) BabyBerry

Founders: Bala Venkatachalam, Subhashini Subramaniam, Dev Vig.
Investor: Nitin Bagamane.
BabyBerry, founded on 2014, is an application to help parents through the journey of pregnancy to motherhood.

cloudcherry top startup in india 8) Cloudcherry

Founders: Vinod Muthukrishnan, Vijay Lakshmanan, Nagendra CL, Prem K Viswanath.
Investors: Vertex Ventures, IDG Ventures India, Cisco Investments, Chennai Angels, Capillary Technologies.
Cloudcherry, offering customer experience management tools to customer-facing brands, is a top startup based in Bangalore and Chennai.

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college dekho indian startup 9) CollegeDekho

Founder: Ruchir Arora.
Investors: GirnarSoft, Man Capital.
CollegeDekho, a Jaipur-based startup, is an online platform that uses counseling and advanced technology to help students work towards their career goals.

creditvidya top indian startup 10) CreditVidya

Founders: Abhishek Agarwal, Rajiv Raj.
Investor: Kalaari Capital.
CreditVidya aims to eliminate traditional methods of credit assessment and re-build credit scoring with advanced machine learning techniques.

cuemath top 100 startup 11) Cuemath

Founder: Manan Khurma.
Investors: Sequoia Capital, Unitus Seed Fund.
Cuemath is on a mission to make math engaging through mathematical puzzles and game-like skill levels with certified teachers.

curejoy top startup in india 12) CureJoy

Founders: Dikshant Dave, Srini Sharma.
Investors: Accel Partners, NuVentures.
CureJoy is a platform to get information on holistic therapies and whole food nutrition from experts.

dil mil top indian startup 13) Dil Mil

Founders: KJ Dhaliwal, Jacob Ilin, Sukhmeet Toor, Tom James Holub.
Investors: Nelstone Ventures, Transmedia Capital, Maiden Lane Ventures, CSC Upshot.
Dil Mil is a matchmaking app for South Asian expats that solves complex real-time search & match problems.

docsapp startup in india 14) DocsApp

Founders: Satish Kannan, Enbasekar D.
Investors: Rebright Partners, Venky Harinarayan.
DocsApp connects users in India with specialist MD doctors within 30 minutes over a call or chat for consulting.

doorkeys top indian startup 15) DoorKeys

Founders: Subhash Bedi, Arjun Basu.
Investor: Rising Straits Capital.
India’s first buyer-centric platform conceptualized by real estate and technology veterans, DoorKeys lets people buy real estate at their own prices.

drivojoy indian startup 16) DrivoJoy

Founders: Vishwanath Kollapudi, Ravindra Akella, Aman Singhal.
Investors: Tracxn labs, Tessellate Ventures.
Drivojoy, a Bangalore-based startup, provides anytime, anywhere bike repair services by certified mechanics.

droom top startup in india 17) Droom

Founder: Sandeep Aggarwal.
Investors: BEENEXT, Beenos Partners, Digital Garage, Lightbox
Droom, founded in 2014, is India’s largest marketplace for trading used automobiles and automobile services.

epaylater top startup 2017 18) ePayLater

Founders: Aurko Bhattacharya, Prasannaa Murlidharan, Uday Somayajula, Shanmunathan Thiagaraja, Akshat Saxena.
Investor: Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd.
ePayLater is a new-age version of credit cards where customers can purchase goods and pay later on online portals.

factor daily top startup 19) FactorDaily

Founders: Jayadevan PK, Titash Neogi, Pankaj Mishra.
Investors: Accel Partners, Blume Ventures, Vijay Shekhar Sharma.
FactorDaily is a media production that provides insights on technology and its connection with the Indian society.

faircent top startup in india 20) Faircent

Founders: Rajat Gandhi, Vinay Mathews, Nitin Gupta.
Investors: M&S Partners, JM Financial, Brand Capital.
Faircent, a Haryana-based startup, eliminates intermediaries and help borrowers and lenders connect directly to borrow money.

fareye top startup 2017 21) FarEye

Founders: Kushal Nahata, Gautam Kumar.
Investors: Indian Angel Network, SAIF Partners.
FarEye is a mobile technology platform that helps logistics enterprises solve critical problems faced by them.

fisdom top indian startup 22) Fisdom

Founders: Subramanya S V, Anand Dalmia, Ramganesh Iyer.
Investors: Rob Chandra, Saama Capital.
Fisdom is a Bangalore-based personal finance startup that gives investment recommendations via an application for wealth management.

fitpass top startup in india 23) Fitpass

Founders: Akshay Verma, Arushi Verma.
Investor: Mumbai Angels.
FitPass is a Delhi-based startup and fitness membership plan that enables its users to workout anywhere in 1000+ gyms and fitness studios.

flexiloans indian startup 2017 24) FlexiLoans

Founders: Manish Lunia, Ritesh Jain, Deepak Jain, Abhishek Kothari.
Investors: Vikram Sud, Sanjay Nayar, Narayan Seshadri, Anil Jaggia.
FlexiLoans is a technology powered online marketplace to help SMEs avail loans to grow their businesses.

flipclass top startup in india 25) FlipClass

Founders: Vineet Dwivedi.
Investors: LetsVenture, S Chand, Blume Ventures.
FlipClass is India’s leading marketplace to connect students with teachers across the country for home and online tutoring.

flyrobe top indian startup 2017 26) Flyrobe

Founders: Shreya Mishra, Pranay Surana, and Tushar Saxena.
Investors: Sequoia Capital, IDG Ventures.
Flyrobe, a Mumbai-based startup, provides a platform to rent branded and designer clothes for any occassion at reasonable prices.

foyr top startup in india 27) Foyr

Founder: Shailesh Goswami.
Investors: Rajesh Krishnan, Astarc Group & Astarc Ventures.
This top startup in Hyderabad is the go-to place for interior designing. Foyr provides end-to-end services in the cities where they’re operational.

28) Freshmarketer

Founders: Arvind Parthiban, Santhosh Kumar, Naveen Venkat.
Investor: Sequoia Capital.
A SaaS company, Freshmarketers provides heat maps, funnel analysis, A/B testing, & split URL testing based conversion rate optimization software.

glam studios indian startup 29) Glam Studios

Founders: Sadiya Naseem, Darakhshan Husain, Feeroz Khan.
Investors: Anand Ladsariya, Aqeel Ahmed, Nitin Agarwal, Pradeep Mirani
Glam Studios is a chain of salons that allows customers to book appointments online for quality services at affordable prices.

goalwise top startup in india30) Goalwise

Founders: Swapnil Bhaskar, Ankur Choudhary, Savitri Bobde.
Investor: Angel Investors.
Goalwise is a goal-based wealth management platform that invests online in mutual funds to help you achieve your financial goals.

golflan indian startup 2017 31) GolfLAN

Founder: Dhruv Verma.
Investors: ITES Group, YourNest Angel Fund.
GolfLAN is a Delhi-based startup that provides subscription services to play golf globally in courses without membership and make the game of golf more accessible and affordable.

gopigeon top indian startup 32) GoPigeon

Founders: Deovrat Singh, Sourav Sarkar, Yeshu Singh.
Investor: Nexus Venture Partners.
GoPigeon, based in Karnataka, is a technology enabled logistics management company for all your shipping needs.

gozefo startup in india 33) GoZefo

Founders: Arjit Gupta, Himesh Joshi, Rohit Ramasubramanian, Dheeraj Nekkanti.
Investors: Sequoia Capital, Helion Venture Partners, BEENEXT.
GoZefo is set to change the world of pre-owned furniture and appliance sales. They’re currently functional in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mysore.

hashtaag top indian startup 34) Hashtaag

Founders: Jayavardhan B N, KRishna Karthik Vemula.
Investors: Rahul Gupta.
Hashtaag, a technology startup, is one of India’s leading mobile and web application design and development firms providing end-to-end solutions for your mobile app requirements.

headout top startup in india 35) Headout

Founders:Varun Khona, Vikram Jit Singh, Suren Sultania.
Investors: Verison One Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Daniel Curran, Arena Ventures, 500 Startups.
Headout, Bangalore, is an on-demand mobile marketplace that helps folks discover incredible experiences in 3 taps and 60 seconds.

healthians top indian startup 2017 36) Healthians

Founders: Deepak Sahni, Anuj Mittal.
Investors: BEENEXT, Beenos Partners, Digital Garage, HealthStart, Yuvraj Singh.
Healthians.com is India’s largest health test @ home service, creating a new benchmark for quality and honest prices. Healthians employs state-of-the-art 46 touchpoints technology for assuring quality collection and testing across its tightly controlled network of labs and hundreds of full-time phlebotomists.

healthify top indian startup 37) HealthifyMe

Founders: Tushar Vashisht, Sachin Shenoy.
Investors: IDG Ventures, Inventus Capital, Blume Ventures.
HealthifyMe is a digital health startup with an aim to help millions of Indians on the fitness journey.

imarticus top startup in india 38) Imarticus Learning

Founders: Nikhil Barshikar, Sonya Hooja.
Investors: Anil Gudibande, Taranjit Jaswal, Tashwinder Singh.
Imarticus Learning is an educational institute offering online and classroom programs in business analysis, financial services, and investment banking.

indialends indian startup 2017 39) IndiaLends

Founders: Gaurav Chopra, Mayank Kachhawa.
Investors: DSG Consumer Partners, American Express Ventures.
IndiaLends, a FinTech startup based in Delhi, aims to make affordable credit accessible to the masses.

innovaccer startup in india 40) Innovaccer

Founders: Abhinav Shashank, Sandeep Gupta, Kanav Hasija.
Investor: Westbridge Capital Partners.
Innovaccer builds data and healthcare analytics platforms like Datashop and MIPS Calculator that transform the way companies use data.

ixigo top startup in india 40) Ixigo

Founders: Aloke Bajpai, Rajnish Kumar, Dharmendra Yashovardhan.
Investors: BAF Spectrum, MakeMyTrip.com, SAIF Partners, Sequoia Capital.
Ixigo.com, founded in 2006, has achieved its due success with the boost in the tours and travel industry.

jaypore top startup in india 41) Jaypore

Founders: Puneet Chawla, Shilpa Sharma, Aarti Jesrani.
Investors: Aavishkaar Venture Management Services, Deap Ubhi, Haresh Chawla.
Jaypore is a platform for artisans and craftsmen from all over India to sell their products online at exceptional values.

juspay startup in india 42) Juspay

Founder: Vimal Kumar.
Investor: Accel Partners.
Juspay aims to make online payments easy with a 1-click process using a secure payment browser.

just buy live indian startup 2017 43)

Founders: Bharat Balachandran, Sahil Sani.
Investor: Alpha Capital.
Just Buy Live is a B2R startup that enables retailers to purchase goods directly from brands along with amazing deals on their cutting-edge mobile application.

just ride startup in india 44) JustRide

Founders: Hemant Sah, Vasant Verma, Amit Sahu, Abhishek Mahajan, Ashwarya Pratap Singh.
Investors: Alok Mittal, Anirudh Damani, IT-Farm, Kima Ventures.
JustRide offers car rental services on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis for users to self-drive.

kredx top startup in india 45) KredX

Founders: Manish Kumar, Puneet Agarwal, Anurag Jain.
Investor: Prime Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital.
KredX, a startup based in bangalore, offers opportunities to SMEs to raise fast working capital.

loantap top indian startup 2017 46) LoanTap

Founders: Satyam Kumar, Vikas Kumar.
Investors: Abhishek Pandey, Jaysukh Sapra.
LoanTap is a unique Mumbai-based FinTech startup for salaried professionals to receive custom made loan products by their NBFC & Banking partners.

locus indian startup 2017 47) Locus.sh

Founders: Geet Garg, Nishith Rastogi.
Investors: BEENEXT, Blume Ventures, Exfinity Venture Partners, Rajesh Ranavat.
Locus.sh is a highend logistics automation platform that provides end-to-end delivery route planning and tracking solutions.

mad street den indian startup 48) Mad Street Den

Founders: Ashwini Asokan, Anand Chandrasekaran.
Investors: Exfinity Venture Partners, GrowX Venture Management, Sequoia Capital.
Mad Street Den is a Computer Vision & AI startup whose first brainchild Vue.ai is one of the world’s first AI solutions for retail.

magicpin top indian startup 49) MagicPin

Founders: Anshoo Sharma, Brij Bhushan.
Investor: Lightspeed Venture Partners.
MagicPin is a platform where users and merchants can come together to discover, interact and transact at the best events happening in your locality.

medecube healthcare top startup 50) MedECUBE Healthcare

Founder: Dilpreet Brar.
Investor: Artiman Ventures.
MedECUBE Healthcare a healthcare concierge service that analyses your specific condition to connect you with the top relevant doctors and get you the best healthcare services.

melorra top startup in india 51) Melorra

Founders: Saroja Yeramilli, KrishnaKumar R.
Investor: Lightbox
Melorra is an online jewelry store for the modern Indian woman. They design and create jewelry that’s always in trend while keeping it comfy.

mezi top startup in india 2017 52) Mezi

Founders: Snehal Shinde, Swapnil Shinde.
Investors: American Express Ventures, Amit Singhal, Gokul Rajaram, Nexus Venture Partners, Saama Capital .
With the current busy lifestyle of professionals favoring them, Mezi aims to replace human assistants with AI and technology.

mihup startup in india 53) Mihup

Founders: Tapan Barman, Sandipan Chattopadhyay, Biplab Chakraborty.
Investor: Accel Partners.
Mihup, a Bangalore-based startup, offers support in finding out information on travel, sports, news, entertainment, etc.

modasta top indian startup 2017 54) Modasta

Founder: Bikram Barman.
Investors: Undisclosed.
Modasta is a health information providing startup based in Bangalore. They solve health queries with authentic and accurate information.

my gubbi indian startup 55) MyGubbi

Founders: Umesh Sangurmath, Ravi Rao.
Investors: Ananda Kallugadde, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Vipul Parekh.
MyGubbi is an e-commerce startup that provides personalized interior and furnishing solutions to achieve aesthetically pleasing homes.

my kind of job startup in india 56) Mykindofjob

Founder: Ankit Bansal.
Investors: Mayank Shah, Shreyans Shah.
Mykindofjob.com is an online job portal meant to help users find their preferred job – work from home, internship, etc. and engage with employers.

mystifly top startup in india 57) Mystifly

Founder: Rajeev Kumar.
Investor: RSI I Fund.
Mystifly is a B2B global marketplace for airfares providing the lowest consolidated airfares to it’s customers on a single technology platform.

mysun top indian startup 58) MYSUN

Founders: Gagan Vermani, Divyanshu Sachdev, Gyan Prakash Tiwari.
Investor: General Catalyst Partners.
MYSUN is set to power every home in India and change the way solar energy is perceived, bought and sold.

neogrowth startup in india 59) NeoGrowth Credit

Founders: Dhruv Khaitan, Piyush Khaitan.
Investors: Accion Frontier, IIFL Wealth Management, Khosla Impact, Aspada.
Neogrowth, a NBFC registered with the RBI, provides loans to SMEs based on Credit/Debit Card Sales or Online Sales.

ninjacart top startup in india 60) Ninjacart

Founders: Ashutosh Vikram, Kartheeswaran K K, Sharath Loganathan, Thirukumaran Nagarajan.
Investors: Accel Partners, M&S Partners, Qualcomm Ventures.
Ninjacart is a B2B marketplace connecting fruit and vegetable brands directly with retailers and restaurants in Bangalore.

ofbusiness indian startup 2017 61) OfBusiness

Founders: Asish Mohapatra, Bhuvan Gupta, Ruchi Kalra, Chandranshu Sinha, Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Nitin Jain,.Vasant Sridhar.
Investors: Matrix Partners India, Zodius Capital.
OfBusiness is a B2B e-commerce solution providing startup. They help eliminate key issues including logistics and marketing.

petoo top indian startup 2017 62) Petoo

Founders: Kumar Setu, Abhishek Mandal, Ritesh Dwivedy, Ravi Kumar.
Investor: Axilor Ventures.
Petoo, a Bangalore-based food startup, delivers authentic Indian cuisine that’s easy to eat without any hassle or mess.

playsimple games top startup 2017 63) PlaySimple Games

Founders: Siddharth Jain, Siddhanth Jain, Preeti Reddy, Suraj Nalin.
Investors: IDG Ventures India, SAIF Partners.
PlaySimple Games, a Bangalore-based technology startup, develops interactive mobile game apps.

postman top startup in india 64) Postman

Founders: Abhinav Asthana, Ankit Sobti, Abhijit Kane.
Investors: Nexus Venture Partners.
Postman is the most powerful API testing suite for developers to test, develop, and document APIs used by more than 3 million developers and 30000 companies worldwide.

raw pressery startup in india 65) RAW Pressery

Founder: Anuj Rakyan.
Investors: Sequoia Capital, DSG Consumer Partners, Saama Capital.
RAW Pressery, a Mumbai-based startup, is the country’s first healthy cold-pressed juice cleanse manufacturer.

runnr top indian startup 2017 66) Runnr

Founders: Arpit Dave, Mohit Kumar.
Investors: Blume Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital.
Runnr is a food delivery technology startup that provides on-demand food from nearby restaurants with location-based services.

sagacito technologies top startup in india 67) Sagacito Technologies

Founders: Ravi Dhariwal, Arunabh Das Sharma, Yogesh Sharma, Ankit Garg, Meeta Sachdev.
Investor: Star India Pvt Ltd.
Sagatico, a recently launched SaaS startup, helps businesses maximize profits and market share by using data science and machine learning.

sale bhai top indian startup 68) SaleBhai

Founders: Vishwavijay Singh, Purba Kalita.
Investor: Brand Capital.
SaleBhai, an e-commerce startup based in Gujarat, supplies customers with consumables and other items from specific regions.

schoolwear startup in india 69) Schoolwear.in

Founders: Ketan Zaveri, Amit Zaveri.
Investor: Navneet Education Ltd.
Schoolwear.in, a Mumbai-based startup, is an online portal for purchasing school supplies and uniforms.

seclore top startup in india 70) Seclore

Founders: Vishal Gupta, Abhijit Tannu.
Investors: Helion Venture Partners, VenturEast.
Seclore is helping organizations achieve their data security & compliance objectives by controlling who, when, and where someone can access information.

sharechat indian startup 2017 71) ShareChat

Founders: Bhanu Singh, Farid Ahsan, Ankush Sachdeva.
Investors: Lightspeed Venture Partners India, SAIF Partners.
ShareChat is a rising content platform available in four Indian languages for Indians to share and discover content in their vernacular language.

sheroes top indian startup 2017 72) Sheroes

Founder: Sairee Chahal.
Investor: Lumis Partners.
Sheroes is a member only career network and online job portal, designed specifically to find the best jobs for women in India that match their qualifications.

shoppinpal top startup in india 73) ShoppinPal

Founders: Sriram Subramanian, Pulkit Singhal.
Investors: Plug and Play, Steelhead Ventures, LLC
ShoppinPal integrates with the industry’s leading point-of-sale systems and turns social media and location-based app users into customers.

shopsup top indian startup 2017 74) ShopsUp

Founders: Suhas Gopinath, Anmol Vij.
Investors: Anand Sankeshwar, Yang Shu.
ShopsUp app is a virtual marketplace to help consumers find local fashion products from nearby retail stores and incentivises users on walk-in and on purchases.

sirionlabs indian startup 2017 75) SirionLabs

Founder: Ajay Agrawal.
Investor: Sequoia Capital.
SirionLabs is a leading provider of enterprise SaaS products and is creating the next generation of supplier management technology

smartivity top indian startup 76) Smartivity

Founders: Tushar Amin, Ashwini Kumar, Apoorv Gupta, Rajat Jain.
Investor: S.Chand & Company.
Smartivity Labs designs and develops physical toys for kids aged 3-12 that are Augmented Reality enabled with internet connected activities.

sminq indian startup 2017 77) Sminq

Founders: Shachin Bharadwaj, Sheldon Dsouza, Santhosh Nagarajan.
Investors: Blume Ventures, Saama Capital, Vaibhav Domkundwar.
Sminq, founded in 2015, aims to eliminate long physical queues by taking them online.

stalk buy love startup in india 78) Stalk Buy Love

Founder: Tushar Ahluwalia.
Investors: Kalaari Capital, 500 Startups.
StalkBuyLove is a Delhi-based online fashion portal for women’s fashion clothing and accessories that provides access to the hottest, hand picked looks of the current season.

stasis labs top indian startup 79) Stasis Labs

Founders: Dinesh Seemakurty, Michael Maylahn.
Investor: RTP-HC.
Stasis has built a cloud-connected vital signs monitoring system that rescues the 11 million under-monitored beds around the world.

table hero indian startup 2017 80) TableHero

Founders: Deap Ubhi, Aman Mohla.
Investor: GrowX Venture Management.
TableHero is a Bangalore-based technology startup founded by talented engineering and product design folks that helps restaurants build their websites and manage their digital presence.

tinystep top startup in india 81) Tinystep

Founder: Suhail Abidi.
Investors: Flipkart Logistics, Matt Glickman.
Tinystep is a vertical social network and India’s largest parenting network connecting parents to help each other in their everyday parenting journey.

truebil startup in india 2017 82) Truebil

Founders: Suraj Kalwani, Ravi Chirania, Shubh Bansal, Ritesh Pandey, Rakesh Raman.
Investor: Kalaari Capital.
Truebil uses authentic and curated information to help customers buy and sell used cars in the simplest way possible.

uniphore indian startup 2017 83) Uniphore

Founders: Umesh Sachdev, Ravi Saraogi.
Investors: IDG Ventures, Indian Angel Network.
Uniphore, a Chennai-based technology startup, allows any software application to understand and respond to natural human speech.

velvetcase indian startup 2017 84) VelvetCase

Founders: Kapil Hetamsaria, Runit Shah.
Investor: Unicorn India Ventures.
VelvetCase aims to create a luxury shopping experience and to be the cultural destination for fine jewelry lovers.

veritas finance startup in india 85) Veritas Finance Private Limited

Founder: Arulmany Duraisamy.
Investor: Sarva Capital.
Veritas Finance, a mortgage broking firm based in Tamil Nadu, provides financial services to the customers like developers engaged in the informal sector.

vista rooms top indian startup 86) Vista Rooms

Founders: Pranav Maheshwari, Amit Damani, Ankita Sheth.
Investors: Self-funded.
Vista Rooms helps people take budget trips without hurting their pockets by providing great service at trusted accommodation providers.

voonik top startup in india 2017 87) Voonik

Founders: Sujayath Ali, Navaneetha Krishnan.
Investors: InnoVen Capital, Sequoia Capital.
Voonik, a Bengaluru-based startup, serves as a personal shopping platform and offers customized style advice and hand-selected recommendations.

wadi startup in india 88) Wadi

Founders: Pratik Gupta, Ankit Wadhwa.
Investor: Al Tayyar.
Wadi.com is an online marketplace for customers in Saudi Arabia. They aim to be Middle East’s biggest e-commerce company.

wholesale box indian startup 89) Wholesalebox.in

Founders: Madhur Bhaiya, Chandan Agarwal, Rohit Dangayach, Rakesh Shekhawat.
Investor: Manish Maheshwari.
Wholesalebox.in, founded in 2015, is an e-commerce portal for wholesale buying and selling across India.

wittyfeed top indian startup 2017 90) Wittyfeed

Founders: Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav, Parveen Singhal.
Investor: Self-funded.
Wittyfeed is a modern day blogging platform for content creators to write and discover interesting stories and news as listicles or photo stories.

wow express top startup in india 91) WOW Express

Founders: Jayesh Kamat, Sandeep Padoshi, Mazhar Faruqi.
Investor: Tamarind Family Private Trust.
WOW Express is a B2B logistics solution provider. This Mumbai-based startup offers a full range of integrated solutions for e-commerce customers.

xpressbees indian startup 92) XpressBees

Founder: Amitava Saha.
Investor: Vertex Ventures.
A Pune-based startup, XpressBees is a customer centric last mile delivery management company and one of the most trusted e-commerce supply chain and logistics specialists in India.

yepme top indian startup 93) Yepme

Founders: Vivek Gaur, Anand Jadhav, Sandeep Sharma.
Investors: Khazanah Nasional, Helion Venture Partners.
Yepme, a Gurgaon-based startups, is an Indian online shopping website for clothing, shoes, and accessories.

yourdost indian startup 2017 94) YourDOST

Founders: Richa Singh, Satyajeet Nandekar, Puneet Manuja, Prakhar Verma.
Investor: SAIF Partners.
YourDOST is an online platform to help users anonymously seek help from counsellors regarding their personal, professional, and academic life.

yumlane top indian startup

95) Yumlane
Founder: Hitesh Ahuja.
Investor: Binny Bansal.
Yumlane, a food startup launched in March 2016, offers affordable on-the-go hot snacks and meals for the modern day busy Indians with express delivery to make their lives easier.

yupptv indian startup 96) YuppTV

Founder: Uday Reddy.
Investor: Emerald Media.
YuppTV, one of the world’s leading over-the-top content provider for South Asian Content, offers 180+ Indian TV Channels in 10 languages.

zendrive startup in india 98) Zendrive

Founders: Pankaj Risbood, Jonathan Matus.
Investors: Sherpa Capital, BMW i Ventures.
Zendrive is dedicated to improve safety for passengers and drivers worldwide using hardware-free data and analytics to optimize your driving in under 30 minutes.

zilingo top startup in india 2017 99) Zilingo

Founders: Ankiti Bose, Dhruv Kapoor.
Investors: Sequoia Capital, Susquehanna International Group, Venturra Capital.
Zilingo is an online marketplace for businesses and sellers (small sellers included) to have unprecedented access to buyers.

Moglix_logo 100) Moglix

Founders: Rahul Garg.
Investors: Ratan Tata, Jungle Ventures, Accel Partners.
Moglix is a B2B e-commerce business for industrial equipment like electrical, hardware, pneumatics, and safety items etc.
1. The above list is in alphabetical order. The details mentioned have been gathered by primary and secondary research on online platforms. In case of any discrepencies, please drop a mail at buzz {@] sutrahr.com
2. We have listed out the startups based on:
Traction: How well these top Indian startups are receiving a market validation for its business model. Basically, how well the consumers are taking to the product/service.
Potential Market: How big is the market share for the respective product/service. Will the product be welcomed with wide arms in the market or will it be just another not-so-great product?
Pedigree of the Team: The background and professional credentials of the startup’s team members. Many of these listed startups are by IITians and past employees of big MNCs as well as professionals with a rich experience in the field.
Scalability: Even if the initial idea of the product/service is extraordinary, is there a chance for the business to grow? These startups have shown great potential and many have also received funding, while others are not so far behind in line.
Execution: Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the men from the boys. A really great team finds its happiness in execution because it is more likely to succeed than one which focuses just on ideas.

Disclaimer: We have worked with many startups mentioned in the list, and have built teams & hired extensively for them.

©2017 Sutra Services Private Limited. All Rights Reserved.
If you want to build a team for your startup, call us at +91 87 67 427 427 or email us at buzz {@] sutrahr.com
Call us at +91 87 67 427 427 or drop an email at hiring buzz {@] sutrahr.com if you’re looking for a job at an awesome startup.


Top 50+ Venture Capital Firms in India

Once the initial small sum of money received from family, friends or angel investors is over, and your small startup is in a position to scale up, hire more people, and dip toes in a bigger market, enter venture capital firms to help you do exactly that.
Top VC Firms India

What is venture capital funding? Venture capital is the financing that is made in startups or small businesses that have high growth potential. Apart from the capital, venture capital firms also bring in technical and managerial expertise to the table. This is done in lieu of the ownership stake in the growing business. Venture capitalists are usually high net worth individuals, insurance companies, large corporations, pension funds etc. and their objective is to earn the best return on investment (ROI) for the money they are investing.

There are VCs that invest in new-age industries and there are some that buy in to the passion and vision of the founders. Here is a list of Venture capital firms that might come in handy if you are looking for some money to flow into your brilliant business plan:

500 Startups Top VC Firm

1. 500 Startups

An early-stage venture fund, 500 startups has so far invested in over 1500 companies across 50 countries.
Key people: Pankaj Jain
Key sectors: Consumer commerce, Design, Food tech, Cloud services, Family tech and education, Payments and Financial services
Key investments: EduKart, Urjakart

Top VC Firm

2. Accel

Accel comes with over three decades of experience of supporting dreams of many entrepreneurs in domains spanning technology to media.
Key people: Mahendran Balachandran
Key sectors: Consumer, Internet, Mobile, Healthcare, Enterprise Software & Services
Key investments: Flipkart, BabyOye, Myntra, BookMyShow, HolidayIQ

Best Indian VC Firm

3. Ascent

Ascent Capital is an India-centric private equity and venture capital firm. Since its inception 15 years ago, Ascent has helped steer over 55 ventures across diverse sectors and continues to fuel many more entrepreneurial ideas.
Key people: Raja Kumar
Key sectors: Technology, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Brands, Infrastructure
Key investments: Bigbasket

Best VC Firm India

4. Bain Capital Private Equity

Started in 1984 by the partners from the consulting arm, Bain & Company, Bain Capital Private Equity has made over 270 high-return yielding investments, operating from eight offices on three continents.
Key people: Amit Chandra
Key sectors: Consumer, Retail & Dining, Financial & Business Services, Healthcare, Industrial & Energy, Technology, Media & Telecom
Key investments: Himadri

Venture Capital Firm India

5. Basil Partners

Basil Partners invests in either Indian or Asian companies which have expansion plans of going global or European/American companies with India or Asia as their focus area of operation.
Key people: Rajeev Srivastava
Key sectors: IT services
Key investments: Karmic Lifesciences

Best Venture Capital Firm

Hire with the most dependable end to end startup hiring specialist.

6. Bessemer Venture Partners

Bessemer invests in all stages of a startup, from seed to growth. With 116 Bessemer backed companies gone the IPO route, the venture capital firm continues to be behind some of the names that have grown to become category leaders.
Key people: Vishal Gupta
Key sectors: Internet and mobile, Software products, Financial services, Healthcare, Power and infrastructure
Key investments: Snapdeal


7. Blume Ventures

India’s leading tech-focused VC firm, Blume prides in investing not in ideas but in people with passion. Their portfolio consists of more than 60 companies and they have been funding about 20 companies since inception.
Key people: Karthik Reddy
Key sectors: Software, Mobile, E-commerce
Key investments: Purplle, BedBathMore, RoadRunnr

Best Venture Capital India

8. Clearstone Venture Partners

Started in 1997 as one of the first to focus exclusively on internet investing, Clearstone has been a partner in the growth of many big names including PayPal.
Key people: Vish Mishra
Key sectors: Infrastructure, E-commerce, Social, Mobile
Key investments: Games2win, Billdesk

Best VC Firm India

9. Eight Roads Ventures

Eight Roads is the investment arm of Fidelity International Limited. They invest long term and have been invested in some companies for close to 25 years.
Key people: Kabir Narang
Key sectors: Healthcare, Technology, Consumer
Key investments: BankBazaar, Chai Point

Top Venture Capital India10.

Forum Synergies

Forum Synergies assists the investee companies with business leadership and operating expertise. It also lays emphasis on industry participation to help new companies.
Key people: Samir Inamdar
Key sectors: Engineering, Healthcare, Clean Technology, Information & Communication Technology
Key investments: Drishti, Cbazaar

Top Venture Capital Firm India

11. Fulcrum Venture India

A VC firm that believes in investing in great companies at a fair value and not ordinary businesses at bargain prices. Fulcrum also prides itself in being a hands on investor.
Key people: Krishna Ramanathan
Key sectors: Education, Financial Services, FMCG, Healthcare, niche Retail
Key investments: Richfeel Health and Beauty Pvt Ltd, SwaaS Systems

Venture Capital Firm India

12. General Atlantic LLC

GA brings a legacy of investing for the long term, building value over time. They get involved at the board level and work directly with the management on key initiatives.
Key people: Sandeep Naik
Key sectors: Internet & Technology, Retail & Consumer, Financial Services
Key investments: Mu Sigma, BillDesk, House of Anita Dongre

Google Venture Capital India

13. Google Capital

Founded in 2013, Google Capital is the late-stage growth capital fund financed by Alphabet Inc. and so far has invested in about 21 companies.
Key people: Kaushik Anand
Key sectors: Big Data, Fintech, Security, Vertical Market Software
Key investments: CarDekho, Practo, CommonFloor

Top VC Firm14.

Helion Venture Partners

An India based venture fund focussing on early to mid stage investments and so far have invested in 60 companies. The Economic Times announced Helion as India’s “largest domestic venture capital firm” for the year 2012.
Key people: Sanjeev Aggarwal
Key sectors: Technology, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare
Key investments: Bigbasket, MakeMyTrip, BabyOye, ShopClues

Idein Ventures VC Firm India

15. Idein Ventures

It invests with the objective of crazy growth, fuelled ambition and disruptive creation. Typically investing in early stages, it assists the startups beyond just providing money.
Key people: Ashwin Srivastava
Key sectors: Technology, Consumer
Key investments: Infurnia Furnishings, Qriyo Infolabs

Indian Venture Capital Firm

16. IDG Ventures India

IDG Ventures India is part of IDG Ventures, a global network of technology venture funds. Power and network of IDG platform and investing experience of India team is what differentiates them from the rest.
Key people: Sudhir Sethi
Key sectors: Consumer media & tech, Software, Health tech, Fintech
Key investments: FirstCry, Myntra, Tripoto, Yatra, Zivame

Best Indian Venture Capital Firm

17. Intel Capital

Intel Capital has so far invested in over 1445 companies in 57 countries, with 212 companies going public and 383 being acquired or participated in a merger.
Key people: Pradeep Tagare
Key sectors: Client & perpetual computing, Datacentre-cloud, Digital media, Internet, Manufacturing, Security, Smart devices, Software & Services
Key investments: Healthkart, Hungama, IndiaMart, Snapdeal, Savaari, Yatra

Top VC Firm

18. Inventus Capital Partners

Having invested in over 120 startups in India and US, Inventus has experience and interest in high-margin business models like internet marketplaces.
Key people: Kanwal Rekhi
Key sectors: Mobile, E-commerce, Services, Internet, Finance, Communications, Healthcare, Education
Key investments: redBus, Policy Bazaar, Savaari

Top Indian Venture Capital

19. IvyCap Ventures

IvyCap invests with an entrepreneur-centric approach where it focuses on professional entrepreneurs from premier education institutions of the country.
Key people: Vikram Gupta
Key sectors: Healthcare & life sciences, Education, Infrastructure, Technology, Agri & food processing
Key investments: Purplle, Clovia, BlueStone

Best VC Firm India

20. Jungle Ventures

Jungle Ventures has been investing and steering startups in Asia with investments made in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Key people: Anurag Srivastava
Key sectors: Consumer internet, enterprise tech
Key investments: Milaap, Tookitaki

Top Venture Capital Firm

21. Kae Capital

Largely sector agnostic, Kae Capital’s key focus is on investing in innovation, leadership, and growth. It looks for entrepreneurs who use technology to come up innovative solutions for the market needs.
Key people: Sasha Mirchandani
Key sectors: Mobile, E-commerce, Education, Healthcare, Consumer internet
Key investments: Healthkart, Truly Madly, Truebil, Frsh

Best Indian Venture Capital

22.Kalaari Capital

Kalaari believes in supporting entrepreneurs who are building innovative solutions that change the way we live, work, consume, and transact.
Key people: Vani Kola
Key sectors: E-commerce, Education, Healthcare
Key investments: Snapdeal, Myntra, Instamojo, Urban Ladder

Top Indian VC Firm

23. Lightbox Management Ltd

Lightbox is an eclectic mix of people who came together to start the fund. With the team having had worked in consumer technology space, this became their sector of choice at Lightbox.
Key people: Sandeep Murthy
Key sectors: Consumer technology
Key investments: Faasos, Cleartrip, Info Edge

Best Venture Capital Firm

24. Lightspeed Venture Partners

Founded in 2000, Lightspeed Venture has been investing in companies with a strong focus on disruptive innovations and trends in Enterprise and Consumer sectors.
Key people: Bejul Somaia
Key sectors: Advertising and media, Business services, Financial services, Healthcare, Education and Retail
Key investments: Limeroad, Freshmenu, Oyo, LocalOye

Top VC Firm India

25. Lok Capital Group

Lok Capital was founded with the objective of an inclusive growth. It invests in start-ups that cater to the largely ignored segments with investments in sectors like financial services, agriculture/livelihood, and healthcare sectors.
Key people: Rajiv B. Lall
Key sectors: Financial services, Agriculture/livelihood and Healthcare
Key investments: Veritas Finance, Drishti, RuralShores

Venture Capital Firm India

26. Matrix Partners India

Like its US counterpart which started in 1977, Matrix India has been investing in promising businesses and backing many dreams since 2006.
Key people: Avnish Bajaj
Key sectors: Consumer, Internet, Travel, E-commerce & marketplaces
Key investments: Limeroad, Ola, Practo

Best VC Firm India

27. Mayfield Fund

Started in 1969, Mayfield has invested in more than 520 companies globally, resulting in 114 IPO and more than 160 mergers and acquisitions.
Key people: Navin Chaddha
Key sectors: Consumer, Education, Media, Technology
Key investments: Knowlarity, TripHobo

Best Indian Venture Capital

28. Naspers

Naspers is a global internet and entertainment group with operations in more than 130 markets.
Key people: Bob van Dijk, Basil (Vasili) Sgourdos, Mark Sorour
Key sectors: B2C, Media
Key investments: OLX, redBus, Flipkart, Myntra, Goibibo

Top Venture Capital India

29. New Enterprise Associates

NEA’s investment strategy includes investing in all stages of the companies, from seed funding in emerging markets to funding early-stage companies in high-growth markets and growth-stage investments in market leaders.
Key people: Bala Deshpande
Key sectors: Consumer services, Infrastructure services, Alternative energy, Agriculture and Healthcare
Key investments: Naaptol

Best VC Firm India

30. Nexus Venture Partners

Nexus invests in early-stage companies and also provides follow-on investments at later stages of start-ups that have proven their mettle.
Key people: Sandeep Singhal
Key sectors: Consumer, Enterprise, Business services
Key investments: Craftsvilla, Delhivery, OLX, Stayzilla

Top VC Firm India

31. Nirvana Venture Advisors

Nirvana likes to be the first institutional investor for a startup to make a meaningful contribution to its growth.
Key people: Amit Patni
Key sectors: Mobile, Internet, E-commerce, Online travel, Online advertising and marketing
Key investments: Zopper, Housing, Games2win

Best Venture Capital Firm India

32. Norwest Venture Partners

A multi-stage venture capital firm, Norwest has funded more than 575 companies since its inception.
Key people: Niren Shah
Key sectors: Enterprise & SaaS, Cloud & IT, Internet & consumer, Services, Healthcare
Key investments: IndusInd Bank, ING Vysya Bank, Pepperfry

Top Venture Capital Firm India

33. Ojas Venture Partners

The experience of the management team along with the presence of a market need that can be addressed.
Key people: Dr Rajesh Srivathsa
Key sectors: Mobile applications, Telecom/wireless technologies, embedded software, Web application/services, Consumer internet and ecommerce, SaaS
Key investments: CBazaar, vizury

Best Venture Capital India

34. Orios Venture Partners

Orios invests in seed and series A investments in online consumer tech and SaaS startups.
Key people: Rehan yar Khan
Key sectors: Online consumer tech and SaaS
Key investments: Zo Rooms, Ola, Unbxd

Top VC Firm India

35. Qualcomm Ventures

Qualcomm has been investing in mobile and wireless innovation for 15 years now.
Key people: Karthee Madasamy
Key sectors: Healthcare, Consumer, Hardware, Systems/components, Enterprise
Key investments: Portea, YourStory, MapmyIndia, Fab Hotels

Best VC Firm India

36. Reliance Venture

The firm was launched with a mandate to invest in emerging and high-growth sectors across the globe.
Key people: Kshitij Gupta
Key sectors: Technology, Media & entertainment, Telecom, Infrastructure
Key investments: Yatra

Top Venture Capital India

37. Saama Capital

Saama Capital fund companies in early and growth stages. They are valued by entrepreneurs for taking an active part in helping them with operational, financing, and strategic matters.
Key people: Ash Lilani
Key sectors: Ecommerce, Tech field support, hardware and software
Key investments: Chai Point, BlueStone, iYogi, Snapdeal

Best Venture Capital Firm India

38. SAIF Partners

SAIF Partners has invested in about 50 companies in India with 5 companies going the IPO way.
Key people: Alok Goel
Key sectors: Consumer, ITES, Education, Internet, Healthcare
Key investments: bookmyshow, FirstCry, ixigo, Paytm, Swiggy

Top Venture Capital India

39. Seedfund

Seedfund invests in early stage startups across sectors and some of its invested companies have redefined the market paradigm for the Indian consumer.
Key people: Mahesh Murthy
Key sectors: Healthcare, Education, Rural marketing, E-commerce, Technology
Key investments: Redbus, CarWale

Top VC Firm India

40. Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital has invested in over 250 companies since 1972 and continues to invest in startups that dare to dream different.
Key people: Vt Bharadwaj
Key sectors: Consumer, Healthcare, Technology
Key investments: BankBazaar, Cardekho, Craftsvilla, Oyo

Top Venture Capital India

41. SIDBI Venture Capital Limited

SVCL invests in companies with high-growth potential, a committed management team, established performance record and a high degree of integrity.
Key people: Ananta Padmanabhan Sarma
Key sectors: Software, Technology, Light engineering, Clean-tech, Agro-based industries, Logistics, Infrastructure, Education services
Key investments: mycity4kids, Printland

Best Indian VC Firm

42. Steadview Capital

Steadview is a leading alternative asset manager making concentrated long-term investments across multiple industries.
Key people: Ravi Mehta
Key sectors: Consumer, Internet
Key investments: Flipkart, Ola, Urban Ladder

Top Indian Venture Capital Firm

43. Trifecta Capital Partners

Trifecta is into venture debt which is a boon for new economic businesses that have had access to only equity financing to fund their growth.
Key people: Rahul Khanna
Key sectors: Technology, Consumer, Healthcare
Key investments: Helpchat, knowlarity

Best Indian VC Firm

44. Tuscan Ventures

Tuscan has been actively investing in logistics and distribution domains and has also taken in to supply chain, food and agriculture industries in India.
Key people: Shagun Kapur Gogia
Key sectors: Logistics & distribution
Key investments: Coldstar

Venture Capital Firm India

45. Unilazer
Unilazer invests in businesses and sectors that are a part of India’s consumption story and high-impact sectors like agriculture, health care, microfinance, and education.
Key people: Ronnie Screwvala
Key sectors: Agriculture, Health Care, Micro Finance and Education
Key investments: Maroosh, Zivame, Lenskart

Top VC Firm India46. Unitus Seed Fund
Unitus Seed Fund provides seed funding to startups working towards innovations that help serve low-income population in the country.
Key people: Dave Richards
Key sectors: Education, Financial Technology, Mobile & Consumer, Retail & Ecommerce, Healthcare, Agriculture
Key investments: mGaadi, Milaap, Hippocampus

Best Venture Capital Firm India47. Utthishta
Utthishta provides seed funding along with focussed mentoring to early-stage startups for a small share of equity.
Key people: P. Ramakrishna
Key sectors: B2B software, web, mobile and cloud
Key investments: Scanova

Top Venture Capital Firm48. Ventureast
In over 15 years, Ventureast has helped over 60 businesses in technology, life sciences, and emerging sectors become leaders in their spaces.
Key people: Sarath Naru
Key sectors: Technology and Technology-enabled, Life science and clean environment, Seed and incubation stage businesses
Key investments: Portea

Best Indian Venture Capital Firm49. Vertex Ventures
Vertex invests in companies that are poised to tap the young and energetic demographic, the emerging confidence of middle class and rapidly adopt disruptive technologies.
Key people: Ben Mathias
Key sectors: Mobile, Internet, Services, Tech-enabler
Key investments: FirstCry, Yatra

Top Indian VC Firm50. Warburg Pincus
A global player in private equity space, Warburg Pincus has raised 15 private equity funds that have invested in over 750 companies in over 40 countries.
Key people: Niten Malhan
Key sectors: Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer, Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Industrial & Business Services
Key investments: CarTrade, BIBA, Quikr, Lemon Tree Hotels

Top Indian Venture Capital Firm51. Zodius Capital
Zodius partners with entrepreneurs to build India-centric businesses that have the potential of creating new markets and also have the potential of yielding high growth.
Key people: Neeraj Bhargava
Key sectors: Enterprise software & services, Data & analytics, Consumer mobile/internet markets
Key investments: Bigbasket

Now these are 51 of the most active venture capital/private equity firms currently operating in India. Think we missed any? Do let us know in the comments section.

If you are a startup, have got the much-needed funding and are now looking to expand your team, let us help you hire the very best for your startup. Reach out to Waqar at buzz {at] sutrahr.com or +91 87 67 427 427 and we will take care of the rest.


Top 100 Startups in India to Watch in 2016


The year 2015 has been quite significant for the startup ecosystem in India. As we welcome the New Year, SutraHR is delighted to present the list of top 100 startups to look out for in 2016. We had a great number of promising entrepreneurs & founding teams with innovative ideas, which made this list of top startups even more challenging to curate.

Top 100 Startup to Watch in 2016

After the overwhelming response to our last article — list of top 100 startups to watch in 2015, we are back with a more exclusive and finely filtered list of Top 100 Startups to Watch in 2016.

Update: Top Startups in India 2020


NOTE: You can find the updated 2017 list of top 100 startups on India here.

Name[attr sort=”false”],Description

AppBrowzer,”App browser to browse mobile applications.”

Arré,”A content destination and a storytelling digital platform across genres and formats.”

Ather,”An automotive startup aiming to build smart, connected electric vehicles.”

Awfis,”Enables individual & local entrepreneurs to book work decks, private cabins, meeting rooms, business centers, etc across India on real-time basis.”

Bizongo,”Online B2B marketplace to buy and sell chemicals, plastics and packaging industry goods.”

BlackBuck,”An online business-to-business marketplace for logistics transactions.”

Bobble,”Mobile app that helps create selfies into comic stickers.”

Bounty App,”A real-time digital platform for offline businesses to communicate, manage and retain their consumers.”

Buttercups,”An exclusive and stylish online lingerie buying experience.”

CapriCoast,”Bangalore-based online marketplace for modular furnishing and new home solutions.”

Cars24.com,”An online platform that provides an easy solution to buy and sell used cars.”

Can’t find candidates interested in working with your startup? We’ve thousands of them, let us find the one.

Chaayos,”Delhi-based tea-outlet startup that focuses on serving customized tea.”

Chef’s Basket,”A startup that offers Mexican, Oriental, Thai and Italian dishes in ready-to-cook formats.”

Chillr,”A peer-to-peer recharge and money transfer app.”

Cityflo,”An app that aggregates private mini-buses for daily commuters.”

Craftsvilla,”An ecommerce marketplace for handicrafts and ethnic products.”

CredR,”An online platform which connects users for buying and selling of pre-owned bikes.”

Cube26,”Delhi-based mobile technology startup that develops applications across usability for OEMs.”

Curofy,”A platform for doctors to interact and collaborate on medical cases, news and jobs.”

CustomFurnish.com,”Hyderabad-based e-commerce venture that lets you customise your furniture and interior design.”

Docplexus,”A medical social network that allows doctors to connect, communicate and collaborate.”

DropKaffe,”Hyperlocal startup that delivers brewed coffee with refreshments anywhere within Bangalore.”

EarlySalary.com,”Pune-based fin-tech startup that provides short-term loans during the end of the month till the time users get their next salary.”

Eatfresh,”An online marketplace for chef-made meals offering Indian and international cuisines in a daily rotating menu.”

eureQa,”A SaaS-based test automation startup that allows application teams to run tests without writing codes.”

FabHotels,”An online aggregator for hotel rooms that provides standardized services at an economical price.”

Flashdoor,”An on-demand laundry service startup that connects service providers, delivery agents and users.”

Flexing It,”A curated marketplace that connects part-time resources and organizations for consulting assignments.”

Fourseven,”An online fashion jewellery and accessories store for women.”

Gingercrush,”An on-demand retail platform to shop, create or customize licensed products.”

Goodbox,”An instant messaging app that enables merchants to chat with customers, take orders and accept payments.”

GoZoomo,”A P2P marketplace to buy and sell used cars with a pricing algorithm, listed vehicle inspection and post-sales support.”

Grab,”An online platform with hyperlocal delivery service that focuses on restaurants and food enterprises.”

Happay,”An online tool for business expense management.”

Healers at Home,”Home healthcare service startup that provides users the services of medical and wellness professionals at home.”

Helpchat,”A personal assistant app that offers information and services across various categories.”

HeyPillow,”An online real estate marketplace for home loans that provides tools like mortgage calculators and real estate market trends.”

Hipship,”Bangalore-based online logistics aggregator for home pickups for express delivery.”

Hiree,”A niche online recruitment startup that helps expedite hiring & helps job seekers get better offers.”

Holachef,”Mumbai-based online marketplace where amateur chefs, as well as professionals can sell meals.”

Holisol Logistics,”A supply chain operations firm that provides third party logistics.”

i2e1,”An smart network layer platform that offers low-cost or free internet to consumers and actionable analytics to providers.”

iChef.in,”Food-tech startup that delivers ready-to-cook fresh ingredients for gourmet recipes.”

Industrybuying,”An e-commerce website for supplies of utility products for industrial purposes.”

Intelligent Interfaces,”Online platform that helps various government departments use internet and technology to save cost and accelerate service delivery.”

Jugnoo,”Chandigarh-based auto rickshaw aggregator app.”

KAARYAH,”An online portal that caters to women’s non-casual wear.”

kleeto,”Record management company that secures, digitizes and makes documents accessible online.”

Lendingkart,”An online credit evaluation platform that helps entrepreneurs with working capital loans.”

Licious,”Bangalore-based online retailer that delivers fresh meat.”

Luxepolis,”Mumbai-based online platform to shop and sell all things that are luxury.”

MagicTiger,”An online platform that allows users to order groceries, food, movie tickets, travel tickets, etc at home.”

Mebelkart,”An online company selling furniture and home decor products across India.”

MeraDoctor,”Mumbai-based online platform for live chat consultations with doctors that focuses on fast and high-quality medical advice.”

MindTickle,”Online platform that helps fast-growing companies keep their sales and customer service teams crisp.”

MissMalini Readers’ Choice,”Mumbai-based online platform for Bollywood, fashion and lifestyle content.”

Mubble,”Mobile app that tracks and controls prepaid account and mobile data balances.”

NestAway,”Bangalore-based managed home rental marketplace.”

Netmeds.com,”Online pharmacy to buy and send medicines from any corner of the country.”

NightStay,”A last-minute, same-day hotel booking app that helps travelers with spontaneous bookings.”

NoBroker,”Home rental platform that helps with renting houses without paying any brokerage.”

Nykaa,”An online platform for multi-brand beauty and wellness products.”

OKSir,”App-based service aggregator that connects consumers to professionals like event planners, cleaners, etc.”

OnlineTyari,”Online platform that helps prepare for different competitive exams.”

Opinio,”Hyperlocal delivery startup for bakeries, restaurants, laundries, etc.”

Parcelled,”Online platform that provides an easy way to send couriers from home.”

Paynear,”Payment solutions provider that enables individuals and businesses to simplify card payment process.”

PepperTap,”Gurgaon-based online, on-demand groceries home delivery service.”

Pickrr,”On-demand first mile logistics platform that picks, packs and sends delivery in the fastest possible manner.”

Pipa + Bella,”An online store that sells trending, fashionable and affordable costume jewelry.”

Planet Superheroes,”Mumbai-based online store for trendy and casual superheroes and comic characters merchandise.”

Pluss,”An on-demand service that helps with medicine and healthcare product deliveries.”

PropheSee,”A SaaS-based platform that tracks data in one intuitive dashboard.”

QikPod,”IoT-based logistics network of automatic, self-serve lockers for last-mile delivery.”

Quickli,”A B2B on-demand delivery network helping anyone to get any product delivered within one hour.”

Razorpay,”A modern payment gateway with simple pricing and effortless integration.”

RentoMojo,”A furniture rental website that helps with home set up with affordable rentals.”

Rivigo,”Gurgaon-based startup that offers logistics services.”

RoomsTonite,”Mobile app for last-minute hotel booking in India.”

Satvacart,”Online retailer that helps with ordering and delivering groceries without any hassles.”

SchoolGuru,”Mumbai-based edtech startup that offers a managed technology platform to Indian universities.”

Scripbox,”Online mutual funds & advanced investment platform that simplifies finance for the common man.”

Shuttl,”A mobile app for minibus service for daily commuters.”

Swiggy,”Online platform for ordering and delivering food from restaurants.”

Taskbob,”Mumbai-based online platform for on-demand home services.”

ThirstKart,”A beverage aggregator mobile app, one-stop shop for coffees, milkshakes, fresh juices, mocktails, etc.”

Treebo,”A new-age hotel brand offering quality and budget rooms to travelers.”

Truweight,”Bengaluru-based startup that offers weight loss and diet counseling.”

Unacademy,”An online portal that provides educational content through videos to civil service and CAT aspirants.”

UrbanClap,”An online platform that helps find & hire trusted service professionals for home, wellness and events.”

Vedantu,”Live online tutoring site that helps teachers and students come together to enable personalized learning.”

Voodoo,”Compares prices and provides the cheapest option for shopping, travel and food ordering sites.”

Weddingz.in,”An online platform that allows consumers to discover, book and buy wedding-related products and services.”

Yumist,”A food tech startup that delivers hygienic, homely and delicious meals on demand.”

Zappfresh,”An online meat selling portal offering farm fresh, customized and quality meat.”

Zigy.com,”An online marketplace that provides a wide range of medicines, healthcare and wellness products.”

Zimmber,”Mumbai-based on-demand home service platform with services like plumbing, electrician, house cleaning, etc.”

ZipGo,”Mobile app that aggregates shuttle AC bus services.”

Zelo,”A chain of branded PGs offering standard facilities to all paying guests.”

ZuperMeal,Food tech startup that helps home cooks become “chefs” and market their dishes to customers looking for home-cooked meals.


We have listed out the startups based on:

Traction: How well these top Indian startups are receiving a market validation for its business model. Basically, how well the consumers are taking to the product/service.

Potential Market: How big is the market share for the respective product/service. Will the product be welcomed with wide arms in the market or will it be just another not-so-great product.

Pedigree of the Team: The background and professional credentials of the startup’s team members. Many of these listed startups are by IITians and past employees of big MNCs as well as professionals with a rich experience in the field.

Scalability: Even if the initial idea of the product/service is extraordinary, is there a chance for the business to grow? These startups have shown great potential and many have also received fundings, while others are not so far behind in line.

Execution:Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the men from the boys. A really great team finds its happiness in execution because it is more likely to succeed than one which focuses just on ideas.

Disclaimer: We have worked with many startups mentioned in the list, and have built teams & hired extensively for them.

©2016 Sutra Services Private Limited. All Rights Reserved.


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50+ HR Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced Candidates To Help You Get That Dream Job


HR interviews are usually tough as HR managers ask tricky interview questions for HR positions to save time and to figure out what kind of employee you really are, especially if you are applying for a position in the HR department. Sometimes, it also happens that even after an HR job hunter has rehearsed every anticipated question, there always seems to be an unexpected question from the HR that would somehow open the candidate’s hidden problems. So don’t miss the true intention of a seemingly harmless interview questions.


As Asia’s fastest growing HR company, we have listed some of the questions you might expect during an interview for a position in the HR department. You would surely enjoy reading this list of HR interview questions. These questions are simple yet vague enough to keep you on your toes. You may also notice some similar questions or ideas listed, but they are kept separate on purpose, as their meaning resonates differently to an experienced candidate and a fresher in HR.

So enjoy reading this huge list of HR interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates!

HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Freshers would always be a little anxious before an interview. The candidate needs to be well prepared and make a good initial impression, in order to set tone for the entire session. In an interview for an HR position, there is no right or wrong answer. You have to know just the right way of answering such interview questions for HR positions.

So some basic tips for freshers to keep in mind before the interview:

1) Be prepared.

2) Be punctual.

3) Be professional.

4) Be polite.

5) Be confident.

6) Be positive.

7) Be practical.

Here are some interview questions which are expected to be asked during your HR interview:


1) Can you speak more about yourself?

2) What do you think are your greatest strengths at work?

3) What is the one thing that you want to improve about yourself?

4) Where would you be in five years from now?

5) Have you ever faced a challenging situation? How did you deal with it?

6) Give me three reasons proving you deserve this job?

7) What kind of hobbies and interests do you possess?

8) Can you talk about a person who inspires you and why?

9) Are you willing to change your role and profile when required for a project?

10) What are your plans for the future in terms of higher education?

11) Why would you choose this organization and not someone else?

12) Tell me the one thing that you like about our company?

13) What are the kind of expectations you have from your first job?

14) How much would you value integrity in your work?

15) Can you tell us something about your family and your growing up days?


HR Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates

Experienced candidates are grilled more than the freshers. Being a part of HR is about being a great people’s person and human resources professional realizes this importance. Therefore, if you come with experience, you are expected to know better. Here is a structured list of various types of questions you might have to go through during your, possibly intimidating, interview for an HR position.

General HR Interview Questions:

1) Can you talk about your life in a summary?

2) Why would you choose to work here and not somewhere else?

3) Do you take yourself to be successful?

4) Can you share your salary expectations?

5) Can you share your greatest strengths?

6) Can you share your greatest weakness?

7) Can you work well in a team? Please share some of your strategies for executing good team work?

8) How will you prove to be an asset to this organization?

9) Can you talk about the kind of ethics you follow at work?

10) Will you be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines?

Screening Interviews:

1. How committed do you think you will be to this position?

2. Can you describe yourself in under a minute?

3. Tell me why did you decide to leave your last job?

4. Do you know what this company is into?

Analytical Questions:

1) Describe how you handle yourself when you are stressed or under pressure. Talk about a tough situation you found yourself in with a co-worker or manager and how you handled that particular situation.

2) Describe a position you have held where your problem-solving skills were regularly tested.

3) Can you talk about a few significant types of decisions you’ve had to make in your past job?

4) Can you share with me a time when you had to quickly analyze a situation and make a quick decision?

5) Give me one example of a time when you had to quickly analyze a situation and make a quick decision.

6) How would you manage two projects that require your time?

Personal Development Questions:

1) How does this particular position and job fit in with your career goals?

2) How do you keep yourself updated about your current job and the HR industry?

3) Do you have a method or a strategy to measure the quality of your work?

4) Can you share a few of your aspirations beyond this job?

5) Share some of the steps you initiated that helped in multiplying your skills?

Initiative Questions:

1) Do you initiate or add quality to your work? Have you done so in the past?

2) How have you kept up with professional development over the last three years?

3) Describe a project/experience that you found enjoyable and demanding?

4) If you were asked to step in your boss’ shoes for a couple of months, how would you go about it?

Offbeat Questions:

1) Can you give me a list of five things that make you nervous?

2) If you want to bring your dog to work but one of your team members is allergic to dogs, what would you do?

3) Describe HRMS to a seven-year-old.

4) If you found 10 million dollars that belongs to nobody, what would you do?

5) How many ways do you think there are to find a needle in a haystack?

6) If you were into sales, what would you spend more time on, achieving your sales target or creating a good customer experience?

7) What has surprised you about the interview process so far?


In most interviews, your behavioral skills would be ascertained. And you will often not even be aware of the exact behavior or behavioral history that the HR manager is probing for. Read the books for HR interview questions and answers, do your research and keep this article handy for interview questions for HR positions. We hope you’ll make it through the lion’s ring. We will soon publish a PDF and PPT with HR interview questions for you. Keep watching this space for that PDF & PPT.

If you have any other ideas about HR interview questions, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Good Luck!


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SutraHR ft. in Inc42’s List of 8 Sexy Indian Startup Offices


SutraHR’s success stories and achievements are not the only thing we take pride in. Along with the cool team, we have other things that keeps us going in high spirits. The leading online media portal, Inc42 Magazine, has penned down a list of eight brilliantly designed startup offices in India, and has featured the mindblowing office of SutraHR in Mumbai.

(Click image for slideshow)

The magazine believes that the qualities which makes a startup office unbeatable and unique is the peculiar culture of casual dress code, flexible timing, well planned office space and an awesome team to work with. This list of startup offices also features other top startups like Snapdeal, Helpchat, Tinyowl, and Crowdfire.

This is what Inc42 had to say about SutraHR’s office: “They’ve got candies, graffitis, pretty lights, mugs, and a whole wall dedicated to employee pictures that too surrounded by fairytale lights! A well thought of office with inspiring posters, brainstorming area, chilling area, games – this one’s a small plum cake with extra cherries.”

We love how Sutra’s environment looks and feels! Working in this space is not only a feel good experience but also a great motivator. The office is light and airy, with creative graffiti and colorful details, making it a great place to work. It’s less about the awesome lounge area, great food and gaming areas and more about the relaxed environment which breaks the monotony.

Read this Inc42 article to know more on what they had to say about our office space.

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