SutraHR Ecommerce Recruitment Process

As a bootstrapping “just born” startup and emerging company, if you are looking for cost effective recruitment solutions, we have an alternative option too. It’s called SutraHR, a low-cost, fixed-fee Ecommerce recruitment solution.

SutraHR also focuses on recruitment solutions for the Technology, Mobile VAS, and Digital Media industry.

How SutraHR Finds The Best Ecommerce Recruitment?

SutraHR is a Recruitment consultancy with 12+ years of rich experience in E-commerce recruitment.

When it comes to e-commerce roles the market is very competitive, so we first build a candidate profile, then we analyze all the job applications received and select the one who suits the best.

Adding to this we use Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other advertising campaigns, to get to the most talented E-commerce candidates.

At last, we utilize our AI tools, technology, and database to get the most accurate results.

Ecommerce Recruitment

Adore for ECommerce

SutraHR is Passionate about the booming ECommerce Industry.
Working with a team full of experience we thrive to provide the best service for Ecommerce recruitment!

Ecommerce Recruitment

Ecommerce Recruitment Expertise

Every single person at SutraHR works in a professional way which means you will have a committed recruiter who approaches a lake full of candidates eligible for Ecommerce fulfillment.

Recruitment Agency

More Than a Recruitment Agency

SutraHR is an Agency that not just collaborates with you for Ecommerce Recruitment, yet offers far more. We believe in building a lifelong good relationship with our clients and providing our contribution to this booming Ecommerce industry.

Interested to Hire?

    Top Ecommerce Startups Trust Us With Their Talent Needs

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    Why You Choose Us For Ecommerce Recruitment?

    Expertise in Ecommerce Recruitment

    One of the focus areas for SutraHR is the eCommerce industry as we work extensively to recruit candidates for all aspects of electronic commerce. Having placed over 1000 candidates in technology, new-age media, and eCommerce industries, we fully understand the trend and requirements of the job market.

    Integrated Placement Plans For Ecommerce Jobs

    SutraHR conducts placements across divisions and designations in the eCommerce sector. We recruit the CTOs, Vice President – Technology, Software Managers, and even the users of the software developed by these candidates and their staffs.

    Our team of experienced recruiters helps ECommerce startups find the right talent for their skill requirement. With a deep understanding of the domain and a rich past experience, we have successfully closed many high-level and mid-level positions in the past.

    Database of Qualified Personnel to Aid Placements for Ecommerce Jobs

    At SutraHR, we run specific campaigns for every client in order to find the best possible talent available. As a result, we often have relevant candidates for eCommerce job opportunities available for our client’s disposal.

    If you want to hire from one of the best Ecommerce recruitment agency, call us now at +91 9222214188 or drop us an email at [email protected]

    Ecommerce Recruitment! We Do Them All

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