What’s the first thing you think of when you’re looking out for a new job?

I know, let’s put my resume up on as many job portals I can find. Although this seems like the obvious right answer, you’re obviously forgetting something – Recruitment agencies!

Recruitment agencies have a huge share of the available jobs in the market. Hence, if you’re not on their list, you’re obviously missing out. Here are 9 good reasons to why you should get placed through a recruitment agency.

1) Let someone else do the negotiation: A recruitment agency does the research on both parties and sets a quintessential match between the two. It serves as a potent negotiator. They play the part of intermediaries between the employee and the employer. So forget about doing the negotiation yourself and let the agency do it for you instead.


2) Don’t let your colleagues know: Want to find yourself the best job without letting your HR department know about it? Then find one through an agency. Posting your resume on job portals is sure to alert the HR personnel, so avoid it if you can.


3) Be groomed to impress: Of course it’s an embarrassing situation when you don’t have the right answers as a candidate. It’s a bigger disaster for the agency who recommended you in the first place. This is why some agencies will go out of their way to ensure that you’re well prepared for each interview.


4) Ample of options: Recruitment agencies have a strong hold on their clientele. A candidate is offered not one, but several jobs. The advantage of getting hired through an agency is that she considers you for multiple positions knowing your skill set. The jobs you don’t find on job portals are with recruitment agencies. So it makes sense to send your resume to them while you’re on the hunt.

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5) Transparency towards business processes: Recruitment agencies keep absolute transparency towards both the parties. This nature of the agency is highly admired by many. Agencies do not transfer false information and avoid undergrounding the information that could provoke the candidates to put down job opportunities.


6) Beautify your Resume: Many of us are unable to ace the art of crafting our resumes with phrases, words, grammar and the layout. Some agencies will help you shape your resume so that they catch the eyes of the employers.


7) Don’t be left hanging: Agencies respond. Unlike the employers’ human resource departments, agencies respond at a faster pace. Your resume is an asset to them so they will treat you well.


8) Never run out of demand: Vacancies are fulfilled by recruitment agencies every day. They always have jobs and are always on the lookout for candidates that match. So while you look for a job, why not let someone else look for you as well?

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9) Stay updated: Recruitment agencies retain your resume and ensure that they keep you in mind whenever something better comes up.



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