Being pioneers in eCommerce recruitment, we have seen the tremendous growth in the industry in India. The competition for talent is pretty hot and many Indian eCommerce companies are vying for the top professionals. Now Business Standard (via PTI) has an article that sources a report from industry data aggregator First Data, which places the growth of eCommerce in India at 50% this year.

The VP & Country Manager of First Data Corporation, Amrish Rau, elaborated on eCommerce in India by saying, “We do expect over 50 per cent growth in this calendar year, depending on certain sectors. The online travel-booking segment will be the major contributor to this growth. The total market size stood at Rs 46,520 crore last year, a massive jump from Rs 8,147 crore in 2007.”

Rau informed that some 81% of the market share, or Rs 37,890 crore, trickled in from the online travel industry. The other industry that is gaining traction is that of finance, as mutual funds and insurance are being bought online. Adding more on eCommerce in India, Rau also spoke about e-tailing and how it will grow at a huge rate.

With the advent of broadband connections in India and superior infrastructure, there will be an increase in the number of online shopping sites. With such a vast growth in eCommerce in India, talent will be in demand and eCommerce recruitment too will see a spurt.

Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net

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