The year 2015 has been quite significant for the startup ecosystem in India. As we welcome the New Year, SutraHR is delighted to present the list of top 100 startups to look out for in 2016. We had a great number of promising entrepreneurs & founding teams with innovative ideas, which made this list of top startups even more challenging to curate.

Top 100 Startup to Watch in 2016

After the overwhelming response to our last article — list of top 100 startups to watch in 2015, we are back with a more exclusive and finely filtered list of Top 100 Startups to Watch in 2016.

Update: Top Startups in India 2020


NOTE: You can find the updated 2017 list of top 100 startups on India here.

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AppBrowzer,”App browser to browse mobile applications.”

Arré,”A content destination and a storytelling digital platform across genres and formats.”

Ather,”An automotive startup aiming to build smart, connected electric vehicles.”

Awfis,”Enables individual & local entrepreneurs to book work decks, private cabins, meeting rooms, business centers, etc across India on real-time basis.”

Bizongo,”Online B2B marketplace to buy and sell chemicals, plastics and packaging industry goods.”

BlackBuck,”An online business-to-business marketplace for logistics transactions.”

Bobble,”Mobile app that helps create selfies into comic stickers.”

Bounty App,”A real-time digital platform for offline businesses to communicate, manage and retain their consumers.”

Buttercups,”An exclusive and stylish online lingerie buying experience.”

CapriCoast,”Bangalore-based online marketplace for modular furnishing and new home solutions.”

Cars24.com,”An online platform that provides an easy solution to buy and sell used cars.”

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Chaayos,”Delhi-based tea-outlet startup that focuses on serving customized tea.”

Chef’s Basket,”A startup that offers Mexican, Oriental, Thai and Italian dishes in ready-to-cook formats.”

Chillr,”A peer-to-peer recharge and money transfer app.”

Cityflo,”An app that aggregates private mini-buses for daily commuters.”

Craftsvilla,”An ecommerce marketplace for handicrafts and ethnic products.”

CredR,”An online platform which connects users for buying and selling of pre-owned bikes.”

Cube26,”Delhi-based mobile technology startup that develops applications across usability for OEMs.”

Curofy,”A platform for doctors to interact and collaborate on medical cases, news and jobs.”

CustomFurnish.com,”Hyderabad-based e-commerce venture that lets you customise your furniture and interior design.”

Docplexus,”A medical social network that allows doctors to connect, communicate and collaborate.”

DropKaffe,”Hyperlocal startup that delivers brewed coffee with refreshments anywhere within Bangalore.”

EarlySalary.com,”Pune-based fin-tech startup that provides short-term loans during the end of the month till the time users get their next salary.”

Eatfresh,”An online marketplace for chef-made meals offering Indian and international cuisines in a daily rotating menu.”

eureQa,”A SaaS-based test automation startup that allows application teams to run tests without writing codes.”

FabHotels,”An online aggregator for hotel rooms that provides standardized services at an economical price.”

Flashdoor,”An on-demand laundry service startup that connects service providers, delivery agents and users.”

Flexing It,”A curated marketplace that connects part-time resources and organizations for consulting assignments.”

Fourseven,”An online fashion jewellery and accessories store for women.”

Gingercrush,”An on-demand retail platform to shop, create or customize licensed products.”

Goodbox,”An instant messaging app that enables merchants to chat with customers, take orders and accept payments.”

GoZoomo,”A P2P marketplace to buy and sell used cars with a pricing algorithm, listed vehicle inspection and post-sales support.”

Grab,”An online platform with hyperlocal delivery service that focuses on restaurants and food enterprises.”

Happay,”An online tool for business expense management.”

Healers at Home,”Home healthcare service startup that provides users the services of medical and wellness professionals at home.”

Helpchat,”A personal assistant app that offers information and services across various categories.”

HeyPillow,”An online real estate marketplace for home loans that provides tools like mortgage calculators and real estate market trends.”

Hipship,”Bangalore-based online logistics aggregator for home pickups for express delivery.”

Hiree,”A niche online recruitment startup that helps expedite hiring & helps job seekers get better offers.”

Holachef,”Mumbai-based online marketplace where amateur chefs, as well as professionals can sell meals.”

Holisol Logistics,”A supply chain operations firm that provides third party logistics.”

i2e1,”An smart network layer platform that offers low-cost or free internet to consumers and actionable analytics to providers.”

iChef.in,”Food-tech startup that delivers ready-to-cook fresh ingredients for gourmet recipes.”

Industrybuying,”An e-commerce website for supplies of utility products for industrial purposes.”

Intelligent Interfaces,”Online platform that helps various government departments use internet and technology to save cost and accelerate service delivery.”

Jugnoo,”Chandigarh-based auto rickshaw aggregator app.”

KAARYAH,”An online portal that caters to women’s non-casual wear.”

kleeto,”Record management company that secures, digitizes and makes documents accessible online.”

Lendingkart,”An online credit evaluation platform that helps entrepreneurs with working capital loans.”

Licious,”Bangalore-based online retailer that delivers fresh meat.”

Luxepolis,”Mumbai-based online platform to shop and sell all things that are luxury.”

MagicTiger,”An online platform that allows users to order groceries, food, movie tickets, travel tickets, etc at home.”

Mebelkart,”An online company selling furniture and home decor products across India.”

MeraDoctor,”Mumbai-based online platform for live chat consultations with doctors that focuses on fast and high-quality medical advice.”

MindTickle,”Online platform that helps fast-growing companies keep their sales and customer service teams crisp.”

MissMalini Readers’ Choice,”Mumbai-based online platform for Bollywood, fashion and lifestyle content.”

Mubble,”Mobile app that tracks and controls prepaid account and mobile data balances.”

NestAway,”Bangalore-based managed home rental marketplace.”

Netmeds.com,”Online pharmacy to buy and send medicines from any corner of the country.”

NightStay,”A last-minute, same-day hotel booking app that helps travelers with spontaneous bookings.”

NoBroker,”Home rental platform that helps with renting houses without paying any brokerage.”

Nykaa,”An online platform for multi-brand beauty and wellness products.”

OKSir,”App-based service aggregator that connects consumers to professionals like event planners, cleaners, etc.”

OnlineTyari,”Online platform that helps prepare for different competitive exams.”

Opinio,”Hyperlocal delivery startup for bakeries, restaurants, laundries, etc.”

Parcelled,”Online platform that provides an easy way to send couriers from home.”

Paynear,”Payment solutions provider that enables individuals and businesses to simplify card payment process.”

PepperTap,”Gurgaon-based online, on-demand groceries home delivery service.”

Pickrr,”On-demand first mile logistics platform that picks, packs and sends delivery in the fastest possible manner.”

Pipa + Bella,”An online store that sells trending, fashionable and affordable costume jewelry.”

Planet Superheroes,”Mumbai-based online store for trendy and casual superheroes and comic characters merchandise.”

Pluss,”An on-demand service that helps with medicine and healthcare product deliveries.”

PropheSee,”A SaaS-based platform that tracks data in one intuitive dashboard.”

QikPod,”IoT-based logistics network of automatic, self-serve lockers for last-mile delivery.”

Quickli,”A B2B on-demand delivery network helping anyone to get any product delivered within one hour.”

Razorpay,”A modern payment gateway with simple pricing and effortless integration.”

RentoMojo,”A furniture rental website that helps with home set up with affordable rentals.”

Rivigo,”Gurgaon-based startup that offers logistics services.”

RoomsTonite,”Mobile app for last-minute hotel booking in India.”

Satvacart,”Online retailer that helps with ordering and delivering groceries without any hassles.”

SchoolGuru,”Mumbai-based edtech startup that offers a managed technology platform to Indian universities.”

Scripbox,”Online mutual funds & advanced investment platform that simplifies finance for the common man.”

Shuttl,”A mobile app for minibus service for daily commuters.”

Swiggy,”Online platform for ordering and delivering food from restaurants.”

Taskbob,”Mumbai-based online platform for on-demand home services.”

ThirstKart,”A beverage aggregator mobile app, one-stop shop for coffees, milkshakes, fresh juices, mocktails, etc.”

Treebo,”A new-age hotel brand offering quality and budget rooms to travelers.”

Truweight,”Bengaluru-based startup that offers weight loss and diet counseling.”

Unacademy,”An online portal that provides educational content through videos to civil service and CAT aspirants.”

UrbanClap,”An online platform that helps find & hire trusted service professionals for home, wellness and events.”

Vedantu,”Live online tutoring site that helps teachers and students come together to enable personalized learning.”

Voodoo,”Compares prices and provides the cheapest option for shopping, travel and food ordering sites.”

Weddingz.in,”An online platform that allows consumers to discover, book and buy wedding-related products and services.”

Yumist,”A food tech startup that delivers hygienic, homely and delicious meals on demand.”

Zappfresh,”An online meat selling portal offering farm fresh, customized and quality meat.”

Zigy.com,”An online marketplace that provides a wide range of medicines, healthcare and wellness products.”

Zimmber,”Mumbai-based on-demand home service platform with services like plumbing, electrician, house cleaning, etc.”

ZipGo,”Mobile app that aggregates shuttle AC bus services.”

Zelo,”A chain of branded PGs offering standard facilities to all paying guests.”

ZuperMeal,Food tech startup that helps home cooks become “chefs” and market their dishes to customers looking for home-cooked meals.


We have listed out the startups based on:

Traction: How well these top Indian startups are receiving a market validation for its business model. Basically, how well the consumers are taking to the product/service.

Potential Market: How big is the market share for the respective product/service. Will the product be welcomed with wide arms in the market or will it be just another not-so-great product.

Pedigree of the Team: The background and professional credentials of the startup’s team members. Many of these listed startups are by IITians and past employees of big MNCs as well as professionals with a rich experience in the field.

Scalability: Even if the initial idea of the product/service is extraordinary, is there a chance for the business to grow? These startups have shown great potential and many have also received fundings, while others are not so far behind in line.

Execution:Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the men from the boys. A really great team finds its happiness in execution because it is more likely to succeed than one which focuses just on ideas.

Disclaimer: We have worked with many startups mentioned in the list, and have built teams & hired extensively for them.

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