1. Your Job Description is bigger than your resume.

Endless things to be done

2. Everybody knows everybody!

Everybody knows everybody

3. Weekends mean only Sundays.

Sunday is a very nice day indeed

4. If you want to reach work before 10 am, you need to have the keys to the office.

Do not enter before 10am

5. You get excited when you hear someone whisper ‘Funding’.

We love funding

6. Birthday gifts are crowd funded.

Anything for cake

7. You can walk into office wearing what you wore to bed.

What you wear, nobody cares

8. An outsider won’t be able to tell the founder from the employees.

You don't know who

9. Interns feel like an important part of the company.

Interns are kind of a big deal

10. You ask the CEO to call the AC guy for fixing the damaged AC.

Everyone else is just too busy

11. You don’t think of switching the job because you fear things will be too formal there.

Formals are dreaded

12. Small things like deciding the colour of the new bean bags and setting up the furniture are taken seriously and the decision is only made after all employees have given their opinion.

Call the Panchayat

13. Your relatives look at you suspiciously when you tell them where you’re working.

Is that even a thing

14. Any excuse for pizza party is acceptable
For pizza we live, for pizza we shall die

15. The only free perk offered in office is coffee.

Coffee is our life blood

16. Leaving early is looked upon as a crime.

That's preposturous

17. You’re expected to give in more work with fewer resources at hand.

We are work ninjas

18. You don’t work from home because office is home.

Office is home
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