Startups in India are at an all time high. The industry has gotten so enormous that every second company you see is a startup. Every idea turns into a startup and surprisingly, they all seem to be working. Receiving funding is crucial for them as their success is being judged harshly on the kind of funding they have received. There’s plenty of startups jobs in Mumbai that are available.
With this continuous rise, the question we all have on our mind is – what is it like to work at a startup?Startup jobs
1. Long nights, strange food.
Working at a startup means you’re going to be doing overtime. Not the kind that’s enforced, but one where you would want to stay back. If you find yourself gorging on junk food at work and sorting out your emails at 1am, you’re at a startup.
2. Infrastructure issues.
Do you have siblings? Congratulations. You’ve spent your whole life preparing for this moment. When the bathroom in your room is nonfunctional, the race to the next room is like competing for the TV remote with your sister.
Oh, also, your chair is probably going to be stolen too.
3. Any designation.
So your designation says presales, does it? Haha. You’ll be handling social media too. You know, like having a side business. A great thing to learn from this is becoming a literal professional at multitasking. The possibilities are endless.
4. Open door policy.
Startups usually follow an open door policy. Unlike corporates, your boss will not be sitting in his private office with a desk of his own, available upon request. The CEO will probably be sitting next to you on a chair, talking to the plumber to get that bathroom in your room fixed.
5. Ideas are always welcome.
Participating in projects and giving out your own opinions and ideas is a positive aspect of jobs in startup companies. Knowing that you’re a valuable member, even if it’s a company of just 40, is a motivational boost in itself. Ideas at startups are always taken into consideration and given a chance, especially if it’s about a certain way you want to carry out your functions.
6. Chaos.
The word describes itself. If you can’t handle 12 people having completely different conversations and still manage to hear what your colleague is trying to say, jobs at startups are probably not the best option for you. There’s always so much going on, but not losing track of what you’re doing is a quality you must possess.
7. Flexible timings.
The best thing ever to be implemented, or should I say exempted, are work timings. If the thought of going to work anytime you want and leaving anytime you want doesn’t sound like music to your ears, get out. Corporates await your application.
8. Brainstorming sessions.
Since startups are always initiating something new, intense sessions to plan strategies is a popular scenario. These are fun and positive meetings held to bring out the best in you.
9. Casual Friday. All day, everyday.
Dress codes? What are those? Whether your style is casual slippers or sparkly shoes, they’re all accepted here. Every outfit matters.
10. Awkward moments are not so awkward.
True story. While walking around the office talking to people about blog ideas, I opened the door to a room to find 3 gigantic men on top of each other. Not surprised and not exaggerating. Crossdressing is also a totally legit thing here.

11. Fun-loving environment.
If the other points haven’t made it obvious, open-mindedness is a must to survive at startup jobs in Mumbai. There’s such a playful spirit at all times, even in times of stress, it’s hard to have a negative vibe in the room.
12. Work hard, party harder.
That’s pretty much the motto at every startup. The moment you finish your work is when the party starts. Whether it’s Monday or Thursday, hookah or music, the efforts put into parties are always at least as much as work efforts.
13. ESOPs and other perks.
Startups offer ESOPs for employee benefit, something not done by big corporates. The perks in startups differ from those in corporates, and are much better comparatively. Those stories you hear about bosses taking employees on paid holidays abroad are commonly by startups, not MNCs.
14. Sense of achievement.
When you learn to build things from scratch, watch your ideas being successfully executed, you get a sense of achievement. The chance to experience this at a startup is more than that at your regular 9 to 5 job. The learning opportunity made available and the feeling of being responsible for something is priceless.
15. Try, try till you succeed.
In a corporate, you would probably be fired for a making a mistake of a large magnitude. Startups, however, would let you try again when your stumble or fall. The mistakes you make turn into lessons learned and motivation to try again.
16. Risk factor.
The startup environment is so dynamic, you always need to be on your toes to keep up. With an unstable market, the risk factor is doubled, or even tripled. The willpower needed to still give things a shot and survive will definitely turn you into a risk taker.
17. Dicey work-life balance.
Working long hours and drowning in your own ideas to make them work or achieving targets might make you feel like you have no life. There’s even a chance you might lose your work-life balance for a while. But it’s only going to get better. You might miss clubbing one weekend, but a successful execution will end up with rewards and recognition and more time to go out.
18. Free food.
You heard me. Startups should just add eating to their job descriptions already. Coming to work is like a dream come true for foodies. There’s breakfast, there’s lunch, there’s a snack break, and if you’re staying back, dinner too! Looking forward to delicious free food everyday is an obvious plus point.
19. Confidence booster.
Working at a startup and experiencing the ups and downs of a company, understanding how things work, and learning the process – these are things you get to live. These major points can be confidence boosters for many who would one day want to have their own startup.
20. Fast-paced work environment.
At a large company, it can take up to 40 years to get to the top of the chain. But the fast-paced work environment at a startup gives employees the chance to move ahead quickly and rightfully. Valuable additions to the company have a likelihood to succeed due to their contributions and participation in the betterment of the company.
Furthermore, people at higher levels in other sectors like pharmaceuticals and manufacturing want to have a taste of the startup life. They’re so in awe of startups and the kind of exposure they would get when working at one.
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