How to leave an Organisation without burning the bridge…


Top Startups IndiaLooking for a new workplace? Feeling restless? As soon as the news is out, you would be likely to get targeted with lot of questions of When, Why, How? Do you have answers to all? Did you try to sit with yourself to answer the same and get the appropriate solutions?

Leaving an organisation or stepping down from a very critical position in a company and venturing to a new place can cause discomfort, sometimes not only to yourself but to others around you too. It is said that “A known devil is better than an unknown angel”. Hence, before you take the leap of faith you need to evaluate all the reasons for the change and the possibilities to give it the one chance to confirm if your decision is right.

Let’s evaluate the possible reasons why the questions will pop-up at the first place. If it does here’s a guide to help you know how you can go about it and do it right:


1. Better Prospects:
• Need of Either or / and: Better package, different role, promotion
• Office relocation, travelling constraints
• Change of company policy, work culture
• Management problems, people problems

Huge credit card bills, loans piled up, lifestyle trauma, peer pressure, household responsibilities makes one wander to the thought of ‘money is everything’. These are the trying times when any philosophy does not make sense. You just want to fire the gun and get into the money rat race. Earning more money and better pay package is absolutely ok, but at what cost you choose to do is the question. One needs to keep the following things in mind while dreaming off to future plans with the money that you may be offered:

• Am I getting the right profile?
• What stability is displayed in my previous and current job?
• Have I fulfilled the commitments and met the expectations of my current organisation?
• Am I moving up the ladder or for money taking a level below to start?
• How this new role will help me in the next 3 years in comparison to the current one?
• Is the new place accessible?

What if the situations above are the concerns in the current workplace which provoked the decision of moving to a new place? Then the immediate action you need to do is ‘Speak’.


Who to approach?

Speak to your immediate Supervisor. If the relationship with your Supervisor is sour, then, move to the HR for resolutions. At any level, ensure you have heart-to-heart chat. You can do this privately in office in closed doors or maybe outside office where you can be comfortable and open with your thoughts. Share your darkest fears concerning your job and keep no stone unturned in getting all your issues addressed. You and the resolver should have complete confidence mutually. Keep a responsive and open communication channel. This way you can get a neutral perspective and if necessary the discussions can move to the appropriate senior level management.

Attrition without burning the bridge

Before you resign, please ensure that your conscience is absolutely clear on what and why you have made the decision and if you have factored all the possibilities with your current company. A quick run through or checklist can be as follows:

  • Salary revision if possible in the current organisation or may be incentivising a part of work where it’s mutually beneficial.
  • Enhancement in the current role or any training can be arranged to acquire competent skills to come at par with the current market trends.
  • More accountability and responsibility can be entrusted to you. A team management role wherein you can train and guide new employees.
  • Any reward and recognition program round the corner, want to feel more appreciated.
  • Opportunity in the branch offices where the employee is relocating.
  • Work from home options or weekends off.
  • If any change is brought into the company then why and how the change can be instrumental to your growth. Get familiarised with the vision and future plans of the company.
  • There can be a value conflict or your thoughts are not in sync with the colleagues. Resolve it through confronting them humbly or by various skip levels or by looping in HR.
  • In case, you have wronged something and are not sure how to undo it seek counselling and guidance.


2. Personal Reasons:
• Marriage or family planning
• Relocation

For most, this phase of life is inevitable, where the decision is not made by the employee alone but along with the life he/ she will lead with the better half. Before you take the decision of jumping off from one boat to another, you may want to evaluate the options with your Supervisor / HR, like: Long planned leave, maternity benefits, full-time/ part-time work from home options and opportunity in the branch offices where the employee is relocating.

• Further Studies

Leaving the comfortable job and immersing yourself into old fat books, are you sure? Are you not used to the regular income, good lifestyle, outings, online shopping etc? Leaving this behind and taking up a course for career advancement can be a tough choice. This is the time when your mentors can step in, be a career guide and make avail the best of counselling for you to ensure that you take the right decision and right ‘course’ in your career life.

Quit only for the top tier education, which can be applied in the line of work in future. Think hard, if the educational degree will add value to your job role later or not. Instead, if you can choose to stay with a fast-paced growing company and reach a level of salary / position without the degree, then why invest your hard money along with time. You can develop your skills on the job.

Company can also provide options like: Sponsoring education if the line of career continues to be in line with the business function, skill based training from the current company, secured job to the employee after successful completion of the study course with better role and compensation, flexibility of work hours (like part-time option), in-house projects during internships to stay connected, study leave as when required.


3. Health Reasons:
• Illness / Physical fitness issues

Prolonged illness or sporadic absence from work can take a toll on your performance at work. It can leave you feeling guilty and raise a lot of questions on your accountability. In such cases, instead of you quitting altogether on your job discuss it with your Supervisor / HR for the options like: Sabbatical, leave without pay for a decided period where you can address your personal well-being and resume back with fitness certificate, work from home. There are no specific guidelines to address health issues as the situations are unpredictable and decision depends on the business impact. The company can arrange backup, replacement or make a do without someone for some time.

One of the major reasons where any relationship breaks away is due to communication gap, hence make sure to communicate what you want, and listen to what your co – worker wants, too. Either one should be clear about each other’s needs. However, if you have lost your passion and joy at the current job, the spark is not motivating enough, you have evaluated all the possible potential options. After all of the above you want to let go and your mind is made up about the way that you feel, submit your resignation letter highlighting the reason.


One should move on and resign in a professional way leaving a good impression on your company folks. The process can differ from company to company but once can ensure the following things:

• Succession planning is one of the key things one has to take care of. Identify the person who will shoulder your responsibilities in your absence. If there is a replacement to be hired from outside keep a tight check on when the person is joining and ensure your availability for knowledge transfer.

• Prepare a detailed handover sheet with all the necessary details and assign if any point of contacts required. Complete the tasks and assignments at hand. Be mentally prepared to extend the notice period if required especially when you are at the senior position.

• Do not disclose your exit news to your colleagues or other cross functional co-workers without the permission of your Supervisor or HR. If the news is disclosed, ensure that the reasons you cite are positive and consistent in nature.

• Keep your Supervisor in loop on all the activities during your notice period and you may want to check sometimes what reason to disclose to your co-workers/clients so that the office decorum is maintained.

• Be open to a heart to heart retention discussion or a possible counter offer for consideration which may help you be absolutely sure of the decision once again.

• Notice period is a transition period for the employee and the employer where a smooth transfer of work along with the mental preparation of the employee’s absence has to be guaranteed / secured.

• Maintain integrity till the last minute of your work time with the company. Do not speak ill about anyone and keep the company’s reputation intact.

• Always keep in touch with everyone, don’t burn the bridge. You never know when you might need someone’s help or may need anyone’s recommendation.

• Do give feedback and suggestions to the company HR / Supervisor so that you make way for new improvements for the existing employees.


Always walk through the door gracefully and keep the door open behind to walk back.



Top 100 Startups in India to Watch in 2015


Top Startups IndiaAs we welcome the new year, SutraHR is delighted to present the list of top 100 startups to look out for in 2015. After the overwhelming response to our last article — list of top 100 startups to watch in 2014, we are back with a compilation of some of the most promising and ambitious Indian startups. Majority of the companies which featured in our list last year went on to achieve huge success and established themselves in their respective domains. Along with expert inputs from Mr Waqar Azmi, CEO, Sutra Services, we’ve collated this list of ingenious startups which we think will make their mark on the startup fraternity of India.

Update: Top Startups in India 2020


New Year has rolled and the list of 2018 has come in too!

AdPushup – Helps optimize online ad revenues by using advanced automated A/B Testing.
All India Bakchod – India’s edgiest comedy collective running a popular podcast on YouTube.
Alma Mater – ,Online store providing apparel and memorabilia to alumni students from schools and colleges across India.
AudioCompass – “Turns smartphones into personal audio tour guides, and helps travelers explore India.”
AxisRooms – Allows hotels to update and share their inventory status with agents and portals in real time.
BankBazaar – “Internet-based multi-brand financial product comparison platform, designed to aid applicants with choosing loans and credit cards online, without need of any paper work and offline processing.”
Betaout – “Develops cloud-based platforms and tools that enable digital agencies to manage content production.”
Browntape – Helps online retailers manage listings and sales on multiple online stores.
Capital Float – An online platform that provides working capital finance to SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in India.
Cardback – “A predictive Android app that alerts users about which of their credit, debit or loyalty cards will give them the best deal, based on their card options and current location.”
CarIQ – “A connected car platform that offers tailor made services and products that allow users to remotely manage, monitor, and interact with their vehicle.”
ClearSharp – An online platform for filing income tax returns in India.
CouponDunia – A digital coupon marketplace connecting consumers with retailers and brands.
Coverfox – Focused on helping customers evaluate insurance plans.
Culture Machine – “Optimises one’s digital and analog presence to grow his/her YouTube channels via collaboration with creators and their fans, besides helping him/her build an audience.”
DocTree – Helps patients secure a negotiated and guaranteed price for procedures and enables them to search for and select healthcare providers through a two-way dynamic online process.
Dream11 – A unique and innovative platform that enables users to showcase their cricket knowledge and skill to win cash daily in their fantasy leagues.
Eatlo – “A platform where food lovers come together to eat, explore, share and gather their food intelligence.”
Embibe – An online test prep portal specializing in engineering entrance exams.
eShakti – An online women’s apparel company that offers Size 0-36W and specializes in mass-customization on designer clothes for women.
Explara –  An event solutions platform offering discovery to users and sollutions to event organizers.
FirstRide – A complete solution provider for all your car related requirements.
FixNix – Provides GRC solutions to growing markets like India and Africa.
Flatchat – Enables networking within a community of people looking for common accommodation.
Floh – An invitation only platform which connects single men and women.
Frankly.me – “A platform which enables people to ask questions to celebrities and other users and get answered in the form of video selfies.”
FreshMenu – “A meal kit delivery service aimed at the busy urban individual who seeks nutritious food, but may not have the time or inclination to prepare one.”
Frilp – An online platform that helps users discover a shop or service through their friends and people they trust in the real world.
Frrole – A big data startup specializing in analysing Twitter data.
frsh – Serves corporate clients in Gurgaon looking for healthy food.
Function Space – “Network for students, researchers and enthusiasts in Mathematics, Physics, and other sciences.”
fusedcow – Offers a platform for real estate developers to sell customised apartments to end customers.
Gigstart – Marketplace that facilitates quick and transparent connections between entertainers and party planners.
GoPaisa – Enables users to avail cash back or a cash reward on their purchases from 300+ retailers listed on the platform.
Greencart.in – E-commerce platform specializing in fresh produce and gourmet food.
GROFERS – A logistics company that has a fleet of foot soldiers and tie ups with local merchants for delivery of goods to customers from shops around them.
GrownOut – A referral hiring solution to make recruiting more efficient and cost-effective.
HackerEarth – Helps other startups hire programmers through technical challenges.
HelpingDoc – A gateway for health care providers to connect to their patients.
hopscotch.in – E-commerce startup selling products for infants and kids.
HotelsAroundYou – A website that allows customers to book quality hotel rooms at the last minute.
Housejoy – A website that provides home services like plumber / electrician / carpenter etc.
Instahyre – A career marketplace that connects the best talent with tech companies in India.
Junglee Games – A fast growing legal cash gaming company.
LimeTray – “A platform that provides restaurants with a platform to run day-to-day operations including ordering, online presence management, and CRM.”
Linkstreet Learning – A software company that provides technology solutions and high-end support for education and learning.
Lookup – A free messaging app which helps consumers to chat with local businesses.
Lybrate.com – “A healthcare platform that connects patients and doctors making healthcare more accessible, opening up more possibilities for patients and more time for doctors.”
MartMobi – “A mobile technology company that enables world’s leading eCommerce sites, Brands, Retailers to go instant mobile and tablet across all existing mobile platforms.”
MiCar – A Delhi-based self-drive car rental service company.
MyRefers – A referral based recruitment platform.
Nearify – A mobile app that collates information on local events.
News In Shorts – An app that provides readers with crisp news in sixty words.
Octro – “A mobile multiplayer gaming companythat makes digital versions of popular local classics, such as card game Indian Rummy or the bingo-style Tambola.”
OnlinePrasad.com – An e-commerce site that offers home delivery of religious items from over 50 temples.
Overcart – A company that helps other e-commerce companies manage their customer returns and sell their unsold stock to end consumers.
OYO Rooms – A website that provides marketplace of branded budget rooms with standardization of experience.
Phone Warrior – App for Android and iOS that blocks mobile spam calls and text messages.
POKKT – An alternative monetisation platform for app developers and publishers.
POPxo – “A dynamic digital media startup and a growing fashion, beauty and lifestyle website for women.”
Posist – A cloud-based restaurant management platform.
PressPlay – A startup that distributes tabs that are preloaded with content to make sure your travel is a breeze.
Primaseller – A cloud-based POS system for vendors to list their products and download orders from eBay and Amazon.
Printvenue – Rocket Internet-backed online printing solution.
Purple Squirrel – Provides an industry-based experiential learning program for students enabling them to make informed career choices.
Qikwell – ,Online doctor appointment booking platform.
RapidValue – “A software sollution that helps companies migrate their business operations to laptops, tablets and smartphones.”
Red Monster – “A mobile social gaming company.”
RezNext – A real-time distribution technology company.
Roposo – “A fashion focused social-network that allows women to discover and shop new products through trends which are liked, curated, personalized and updated from online brands and e-commerce portals.”
Sapience – Provides employee productivity improvement solutions to enterprises.
ScoopWhoop – An Indian-focused entertainment media startup.
Scroll.in – A digital daily that features original reporting and stories from leading publications from around the world.
Scrollback – A free open-source chat platform for online communities.
ShopClues – An online marketplace on which merchants from all over India sell millions of products.
SocialCops – A data and analytics startup that aims to power decision making through high quality data sourced from the grassroots.
Sourceeasy – “A web platform for designers, ecommerce stores, brands to source their private label apparel online.”
SquadRun –  A crowdsourcing platform that connects business to a smartphone enabled workforce.
TalentPad – An online recruitment platform that connects talent with employers in the technology/internet/analytics space.
Talview – A video interview platform based on the concept of asynchronous video interviews.
TaxiPixi –  A transport technology provider startup.
Teabox – “A speciality e-commerce startup based in the North Eastern town of Siliguri, serves fresh tea packages across Russia, US, China and Japan.”
Testbook – A website that provides a variety of mock tests to give student’s preparation a final shape for most of the competitive exams being conducted online in India.
Timesaverz – An online platform to obtain people for home services.
TinyOwl – A Mumbai-based startup that offers a location-based mobile app for food ordering
Toppr.com – An online exam preparation platform.
TravelTriangle – An online marketplace where travel agents hawk the best customised holiday deals.
TripFactory – A online service that helps users search and discover relevant content and make travel plans.
TripHobo – An online trip planning platform.
Tripoto – “An online platform that brings together travellers from around the world to share and discover real, and actionable crowd-sourced travel stories.”
Vee – Help users find out companions around their area and get into mutual relationships.
TheViralFever – One of the first Indian channel on Youtube to create original comic videos.
Venturepact – An invite only marketplace that connects companies with trusted software development firms.
Vistaprint – An online provider of marketing products and services to small businesses and independent professionals.
Vox Pop – An online portal that offers licenced apparel merchandise.
WizRocket – “Enables web messaging, push notifications, in-app messaging and reaching out to customers via SMS or email.”
Wonobo – A street view mapping service.
Woo – “Helps you meet people who are similar to you in terms of lifestyle and interests and are looking for meaningful relationships.”
Yup! – Android and iOS based messaging app.
Zippr – A central location management service that enables users to create and share short codes.


We have listed out the startups based on:

Traction: How well these Indian startups are receiving a market validation for its business model. Basically, how well the consumers are taking to the product/service.
Potential Market: How big is the market share for the respective product/service. Will the product be welcomed with wide arms in the market or will it be just another not-so-great product.
Pedigree of the Team: The background and professional credentials of the startup’s team members. Many of these listed startups are by IITians and past employees of big MNCs as well as professionals with a rich experience in the field.
Scalability: Even if the initial idea of the product/service is extraordinary, is there a chance for the business to grow? These startups have shown great potential and many have also received fundings, while others are not so far behind in line.
Execution:Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the men from the boys. A really great team finds its happiness in execution because it is more likely to succeed than one which focuses just on ideas.

Disclaimer: We have worked with many startups mentioned in the list, and have built teams & hired extensively for them.


If you want to build a team for your startup, click here.

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Navratri Festivities at Sutra: Come See How The Young and The Loud Partied It Up!


If you work at Sutra, you are offered the loveliest and arguably the most balanced work mantra; which is to work hard but party harder. So, this time we decided to put together snippets (not the embarrassing ones, obviously!) of an office party at one of the best companies to work for in Mumbai. And trust us, in the video we’ve only showed you half the madness that went down this Navratri. Speaking of which, please pardon some of the nautanki in the video, we’re just a bunch of young, loud and free individuals 🙂

Navratri Festivities at SutraSutra’s employees showing off their traditional outfits and pearly whites, ready for a real rager at the awesome office terrace. This is only half of us though, the rest are pulling hookah in the conference room…

Navratri Festivities at SutraOur founder, Waqar Azmi reciting the ingredients for a customized wrap (frankies) at the office pantry. I mean, what’s a party without delectable munchies. And our parties always have something yummy laid out, whether it’s kebabs or biryani or dosas or pizzas, we know the importance of a satisfied gut!

Navratri Festivities at SutraThe dhoom dhamaka continues. All smiles, gearing up for a dancing session. After all, what’s a balanced work mantra like ours without some music and masti!

Navratri Festivities at SutraBut first, picture time! Decked up and gleeful Sutra employees in a group picture with Waqar.

Navratri Festivities at SutraBack to the dancing. And as you can see, there’s some fun shaking of tail feathers and swishing of hair here and there.

Navratri Festivities at SutraWell, not only do you attend the parties, you may even volunteer to be part of the fun commotion of preparation and setup!

Navratri Festivities at SutraAnd finally, at Sutra, everyone can freely have inspirational one-on-ones with the founder of one of the best companies to work at in Mumbai.

Think you’ve got what it takes to follow our balanced work mantra to work hard and party harder? Do you see yourself fitting right into this crazy, hard working and happy-go-lucky work culture?

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40+ Angel Investors in India Every Entrepreneur Should Know About


Angel Investors in IndiaWe’re currently floating in what is called a startup ecosystem. Everybody has an idea, and surprisingly enough, these ideas aren’t all that bad. In fact, they’re spinning us clever Indians a few million bucks every year. Seriously! Check out these startups in India that fared well this year.

But not everyone with a brilliant idea is born with a silver spoon in their mouths and the monetary capacity to start something all by themselves. Here is where the awesome angel investors come in. These are usually experienced entrepreneurs (‘experienced’ being key here because their guidance would be studied and most of all, precious) that believe that your ideas aren’t complete nonsense. I mean, it takes some guts to provide capital for a business in its early stages! So we’re helping you brilliant minds out there with a list of angel investors in India you should definitely check out.

40+ angel investors every entrepreneur should know about:

Abhishek Rungta Angel Investor1) Abhishek Rungta
Along with being an entrepreneur and strategist, Abhishek Rungta is the founder & CEO at Indus Net Technologies, a web development and digital marketing company. Flexible and focused entrepreneurs are his usual target as candidates for investment. He has invested in companies like iDubba, Shoppo.in, Morpheus Tritya, CarSingh, EduOra and Azoi Inc.

Ajeet Khurana Angel Investor2) Ajeet Khurana
Avid Indian angel investor, business consultant and mentor, Ajeet Khurana is a part of the Board of Directors of Carve Niche Technologies and a member of Mumbai Angels. He is famously known to invest about ten thousand dollars in eight startups every year! Ajeet has invested in companies like Rolocule Games, ShepHertz, Maximojo, United Mobile Apps, Carveniche Technologies, Karmic Lifesciences and PickMe eSolutions.

Alok Mittal Angel Investor3) Alok Mittal
Alok Mittal is actively a part of various angel investment networks; founding member at the Indian Angel Network and Band of Angels, India. Additionally, he heads operations at Canaan Partners, India. This seasoned angel Indian investor has invested in companies like Unitedlex, Consim Info, Globalthen, Taxspanner, Viedea Capital, MotorExchange India, iYogi and Equitas.

Anand Ladsariya Angel Investor4) Anand Ladsariya
The CEO of a privately owned manufacturing and exports company (Everest Flavours Ltd.), Anand Ladsariya is an active Indian angel investor with both Mumbai Angels and Indian Angel Network. His list of investments is long and boasts of names like Traffline, Exclusively.in, Aurality, Dexl, Speakwell, Framebench, Asiatic, Serial Innovation, Morpheus Tritya, Mobiquest, No Paper Form, Algorhythm, Trikal, Svasti Microfinance, Wild East, Talent Bridge and Reverse Logistics Corporation.

Anand Rajaraman Angel Investor5) Anand Rajaraman
Anand Rajaraman co-founded Kosmix with the vision of connecting people to information that makes a difference in their lives. After the acquisition of Kosmix by Walmart, Anand worked as the Senior Vice President at Walmart Global. His investments include Facebook, (one of the earliest angel investors in 2005) PunchTab, AppNexus, Hightail, Trifacta, LocBox, Gild, BlueShift Labs, Glooko, Joyus, Gigaom, Aster Data Systems, Qubole, TiE LaunchPad, Efficient Frontier and Chaupaati Bazaar.

Anuj Pulstya Angel Investor6) Anuj Pulstya
Apart from being the founder of Mute Health Bar in Delhi, a restaurant that serves healthy fast food, Anuj Pulstya is an experienced tech enthusiast with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and experience in entrepreneurship. He has invested in companies like Zuvvu, Ideophone, Croak.it, Framebench and Innovese.com.

Ashish Gupta Angel Investor7) Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta has co-founded two successful companies – Tavant Technologies and Junglee.com and is currently the managing director at Helion Ventures Pvt Ltd. He is known to prefer working with entrepreneurs that are flexible and open to changing themselves according to the needs of the organization. His investments include ShopSocially, MakeMyTrip, Daksh and Mu Sigma Analytics.

Bala Parthasarathy Angel Investor8) Bala Parthasarathy
Bala Parthasarathy has built three companies, one of which was Snapfish. (later bought by Hewlett Packard in 2005) As General Manager and managing director for Snapfish International, he was the brains behind it becoming the world’s largest online photo site with over a hundred million users in over 20 countries in Europe and Asia Pacific. He has made investments in companies like GROMOR and Synup.

Deepak Shahdadpuri Angel Investor9) Deepak Shahdadpuri
Over a decade and a half of experience with private equity along with being the founder and managing director of DSG Consumer Partners, we have Deepak Shahdadpuri. He is also on the strategic advisory board of Magic Bus India, a non-profit organization helping underprivileged kids through sports activities. His list of investments boast the likes of Cleartrip, Rockbot, Addy, Authy, Weaved, Birdi, Syndicates Fund 1, Skykick, RedMart, ZipDial, OYO Rooms EkStop and Doonya. The list goes on; Indian Home Gourmet Pvt. Ltd., Exito Gourmet, Bakers Circle, Veeba Food Services, Digital E-Life, Sula Wines, Saraf Foods Ltd and Tierra Food India.

Dhiraj Rajaram Angel Investor10) Dhiraj Rajaram
Dhiraj Rajaram is the founder of Mu Sigma, an analytics services provider. He serves as Mu Sigma’s Chairman of the Board and CEO. Dhiraj was a former strategy consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton. He has invested in Box 8, a new Indian Quick Service Restaurant that offers fresh and healthy alternative food options to young working professionals and customers.

Freeman Murray Angel Investor11) Freeman Murray
Famously and magnanimously known for setting up Startupschool.in in Kochi, (a residential mentoring programme made to help young and budding entrepreneurs create mobile and internet-based start-ups) Freeman Murray is currently the founder and director at Jaaga.in. His investments include Recruiterbox, HashCube, Innoz, iBloom Technologies and Beevolve.

Ganesh Krishnan Angel Investor12) Ganesh Krishnan
Serial entrepreneur and promoter, Ganesh Krishnan has founded a number of companies like bigbasket.com and tutorvista.com. He is also currently the chairman and co-founder of Portea Medical and a member on the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. His investments include Must See India, Syndicates Fund 1, SilverPush, HackerEarth, Overcart, Oximity, Browntape.com, delyver.com, onlineprasad.com, Marketics, bookadda.com and avagmah.

Gaurav Kachru Angel Investor
13) Gaurav Kachru
Seasoned investor Gaurav Kachru has led over 15 successful transactions spanning investment, divestment & fund raising across sectors. He is currently the founder and managing partner of 5ideas Startup Superfuel, a seed-stage startup fund. His investments include DataWeave, Giveter.com, Bigfoot Retail (kartrocket.com) and roposo.com.

Kanwal Rekhi Angel Investor14) Kanwal Rekhi
Known to be the first Indo-American founder & CEO to take a venture-backed company public on the NASDAQ, Kanwal Rekhi is currently the managing director at Inventus Capital. He has invested in technology companies like Hotmail, Exodus, Kaboodle, Apptivity, CyberMedia, Mediaway, Zietnet, Sierra Atlantic, and Versata.Ensim, Instantis, 123SignUp and Paramark.

Karthik Reddy Angel Investor15) Karthik Reddy
Karthik Reddy is the co-founder and managing partner at Blume Ventures, an angel and seed venture fund that helps startups with both funding as well as mentoring. Karthik himself has invested in companies like TripVillas, ZipDial, Aurality, Recruiterbox, HashCube, Pugmarks.me, WebEngage and Adepto Solutions.

Kunal Bahl Angel Investor16) Kunal Bahl
Kunal Bahl is the co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal.com which is India’s second largest online marketplace. He has studied Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania as well Marketing and Operations Strategy at The Wharton School as part of a dual degree. Kunal’s angel investments include Olacabs, Housing.com and Unicommerce.

Maneesh Bhandari Angel Investor17) Maneesh Bhandari
Entrepreneur turned active investor, Maneesh Bhandari was previously the founder and CEO of IT firm – SENA Systems. He has collected experience of over two decades in entrepreneurship, mentoring and consulting social enterprises, technology and finally investing. Maneesh’s investments include Tookitaki, Actionrun, Ideophone, Framebench, Mobiotics, Lets Intern Career Solutions, Innovese.com, Krayon Pictures and LetsIntern.

Mukesh Bansal Angel Investor18) Mukesh Bansal
Mukesh Bansal is the founder & CEO of Myntra.com, an Indian e-commerce company of fashion and casual lifestyle products. Within the first three years, Myntra became the country’s largest personalization platform with over 50% of the market share. Mukesh has previously worked as a software engineer and senior product manager at places like Centrata, Ewanted.com and Nextag.com. His angel investments are Zopnow, UrbanTouch (sold to fashionandyou.com) and Kae Capital (Angel Fund).

Mukund Mohan Angel Investor19) Mukund Mohan
Mukund Mohan is the CEO of Jivity, a leading social commerce company. He has previously founded (and later sold) BuzzGain, a do-it-yourself PR enterprise. Additionally, he has founded and successfully sold three Silicon Valley startups in the internet & enterprise software markets. His investments include Plivo and Azoi Inc.

Naveen Tewari Angel Investor20) Naveen Tewari
Naveen Tewari is the founder and CEO of InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network. He is also the founder and chairman of India SchoolHouse Fund, a nonprofit enterprise that works to ensure effective delivery of education in poor rural areas of India. Naveen’s investments include tushky.com, moneysights, Mettl.com and Lets Venture (Angel Fund).

Pallav Nadhani Angel Investor21) Pallav Nadhani
Co-founder and CEO of Fusion Charts and RazorFlow and CEO at Collabion, seemingly a serial multi-tasker, Pallav Nadhani has also started an angel fund – seeders.in. Angel investor in mainly tech companies, his investments include Plivo, iimjobs, The Morpheus, Azoi Inc., iDubba, Shopo.in, Eduora, CarSingh, CapricornGifting, Cropex and Eduora Technologies.

Pankaj Jain Angel Investor22) Pankaj Jain
Pankaj Jain is the founder & country coordinator of Startup Weekend India. His list of investments is long and pretty impressive; 500 Startups, Partender, Holidog, 9slides, SilverPush, Sourceeasy, eponym, Tamatem, Gazemetrix, WalletKit, Credii, Admission Table, Junglee Games, ThingLink, inSparq, AbbeyPost, TargetingMantra, TradeBriefs, Instamojo and SchoolAdmissions. In addition, he has invested in PriceBaba, tushky.com, CultureAlley, Chaldal.com, ZipDial, Social Cops, Seat 14A, DataWeave, KartRocket, BlueGape and Zaankay.

Rahul Khanna Angel Investor23) Rahul Khanna
After returning from Silicon Valley in 2005, Rahul Khanna has played a pivotal role in the development of the venture ecosystem in India; he is recognized as an active investor in various high growth enterprises. This Indian angel investor is currently the managing director at Canaan Partners and his list of investments include Games2Win, Unmetric, AdNear, Loylty Rewardz, Cocoberry, BillDesk, Motor Exchange and Reviews42.

Rajan Anandan Angel Investor24) Rajan Anandan
Rajan Anandan is currently the managing director at Google India. His previous work experience boasts of him as the Managing Director at Microsoft India and Dell India. His long list of investments include MissMalini.com, ABreakPlease.com, WebEngage, StepOut, MyShaadi.in, iDubba, Sourceeasy, 24/7 Techies, Instamojo, CultureAlley, Social Cops, Mobilewalla, Socialblood, DataWeave, Druva, Emo2, HashCube, Airwoot, Sapience, Explara, Giftery.in and Snaplion. In addition to these, Rajan has invested in Lumos Design Technology, Goonj, Taxspanner.com, Letsventure, CHERISH, skoolshop.com, Digilogues, Kwench, exclusively.in (acquired by Myntra), wiziq.com, Peel-Works and Travelkhana.

Rajesh Sawhney Angel Investor25) Rajesh Sawhney
Founder of Global Superangels Forum (GSF), Rajesh Sawhney prefers investing in startups with ideas that stand apart, people that like to dream big and look to target bigger markets. His investments include Autowale, Chhotu, Viki, SilverPush, MobStac, HackerEarth, tushky.com, Overcart, Little Eye Labs, Browntape.com, AirStream, Gingr, TripMD, Dexl, Speakwell and Serial Innovations.

Ram Shriram Angel Investor26) Ram Shriram
One of the first investors in Google, Ram Shriram is also a board member at the technology giant. He has previously served as an officer at Amazon.com. His investments include StumbleUpon, Cleartrip.com, Google, Pinkberry, Bump Technologies, ZenPayroll, Expa, MightyText, Mint, Nebula, Heap, Campanja, Perfect Audience and Skycatch. Additionally, his further investments are InMobi, DataFox, Callaway Digital Arts, Anchor Intelligence, Voxel, Inkling, Tellme, Zazzle and Platial.

Ravi Gururaj Angel Investor27) Ravi Gururaj
Serial entrepreneur with five ventures and two public exits, Ravi Gururaj is the chairman & co-founder of Frictionless Ventures where he is building and investing in innovative software products mainly in the cloud, mobile and data segments. His investments include Iron.io, GrexIt, Tookitaki, Graymatics, Socialblood, Gridcentric, PrettySecrets, Explara, SyncUsUp, VMLogix, Core Mobile, Handy Elephant, Aurus Network Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Imly, Systemantics, HomeKart and Routo.

Rehan Yar Khan Angel Investor28) Rehan Yar Khan
Rehan Yar Khan was recently in the news for raising INR 300 crore for his maiden venture capital fund, Orios Venture Partners. He has led investments in over 15 early stage companies and is a board member at Harvard Angels. His investments include Exclusively.in, Olacabs, Jigsee, PrettySecrets, Sapience, Kwench Library Solution, Docsuggest, Unbxd, Druva Software, Groffr, Snaplion, Reach Accountant, Buytheprice, Taxspanner and Polama.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal Angel Investors29) Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal
Sachin and Binny Bansal are, like any news reading Indian already knows, the founders of Flipkart. Sachin is the CEO and Binny the COO of this leading ecommerce website. Interestingly enough, this clever Bansal duo initially wanted to get into the gaming world; Sachin, a professional gamer and Binny, a builder of computer games. Their investments include Roposo.com, TouchTalent.com and Giveter.com.

Sandeep Singhal Angel Investor30) Sandeep Singhal
Sandeep Singhal is currently the director at Datagres and Cloudbyte Inc. He has also held senior roles at McKinsey & Company, Digital Equipment and EDA Systems. His investments include Suminter India Organics, Sedemac Mechatronics, Scalarc, Eka Software, Altruist Technologies and Netmagic Solutions. Many of his previous investments have had successful exits, including CustomerAsset (acquired by Firstsource), Intigma (acquired by Emptoris) and MakeMyTrip (sale to SAIF Partners).

Sanjeev Aggarwal Angel Investor
31) Sanjeev Aggarwal
Engineer turned investor, Sanjeev Aggarwal is the co-founder and managing director at Helion Ventures Pvt Ltd. Previously, he has worked for a number of leading technology companies serving the Indian market, including Motorola, Digital Equipment Corporation and 3COM. He has invested in companies like Kirusa, Mindworks, Zmanda, Anantara, Komli, Gridstone and Makemytrip.com.

Sasha Mirchandani Angel Investor32) Sasha Mirchandani
Sasha Mirchandani is the Managing Partner of Kae Capital and co-founder of Mumbai Angels. He has previously served as the Managing Director at Blue Run Ventures India before which he was CEO and founder of Imercius Technologies, a BPO focused on the healthcare space. He is also a Board member at Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd., Algorhythm Tech, Akasaka Electronics Ltd., Mojo Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Sasha’s investments include vetted, CultureAlley, Trace and Airwoot.

Sashi Reddi Angel Investor33) Sashi Reddi
Say hello to but another serial entrepreneur in our list, Sashi Reddi. He is currently a board member at several companies including Hello Curry, ShepHertz Technologies, YuppTV and Glassbeam, Inc. Sashi prefers investing in companies with a strong and focused founding team so that he may be able to give a standing contribution. His investments include Oximity, Glassbeam, KonciergeMD, Shopo.in, Edutor, GIBSS.in, Silicon India and Yupptv.

Sharad Sharma Angel Investor34) Sharad Sharma
Ex CEO of Yahoo! India, Sharad Sharma is a member of the Indian Angel Network and co-founder of iSPIRT Foundation and BrandSigma Inc. His investments include Stayzilla, Mobilewalla, HashCube, Kwench Library Solution, Vayavya Labs, Druva Software, Consure Medical and i7networks. The list gets longer with – Peelworks, Aurus Network Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Taxspanner, Birds Eye Systems, Ezetap, Iken Solutions, TechFetch.com and Silvan Innovation Labs.

Shekhar Kirani Angel Investor35) Shekhar Kirani
An active angel investor since 2007, Shekhar Kirani is a partner at Accel Partners and board member in various international and Indian companies like ChargeBee, Hotelogix, Freshdesk and Surewaves. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Science, India, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Mysore. Shekhar’s investments include FreshDesk, Hotelogix, MobStac and SureWaves.

Srini Koppolu Angel Investor36) Srini Koppolu
Ex-managing director of Microsoft’s India Development Center in Hyderabad and the first President of Hyderabad Angel Network, Srini Koppolu is currently founder & executive Chairman of the news aggregation website Veooz Labs. (which was formerly SETU Software Systems). His investments include Mojostreet, Haileo and medplusindia.com.

Sunil Kalra Angel Investor37) Sunil Kalra
A member of the Indian Angel Network, Sunil Kalra is an independent angel investor who has also been on the Board of Governors of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. He has made some pretty significant investments in microfinance and analytics enterprises but prefers online startups. His investments include Instamojo, MyShaadi.in, TargetingMantra, CultureAlley, Aurality, Blume Ventures, Mobilewalla, Druva, Innoveda, Jigsee, HashCube, Airwoot, Frrole, Crayon Data, Kwench Library Solution, Vayavya Labs, OrangeScape, Taxspanner.com and Goonj. In addition to these, Sunil has invested in Buytheprice, Cherish Maternity, Peelworks, Webclipper, Sensibol, Qikkwell, Lets Venture, InnoVital Systems, Uttkarsh, Innovise Tech, Reservoir Capital and Consure.

Suvir Sujan Angel Investor38) Suvir Sujan
Nexus Venture Partners’ Suvir Sujan was previously co-founder and co-CEO of Bazee.com, a leading online marketplace in India that later merged with eBay in 2004 to form eBay India. He then became Country Manager at eBay India. Suvir has an MBA from the Harvard Business School where he was the Co-President of the South Asian Business Association and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (High Distinction) from the University of Maryland at College Park. He has invested in Gezlong.

Venky Harinarayan Angel Investor39) Venky Harinarayan
Venky Harinarayan is known to be one of the earliest investors in Facebook. He is the co-founder of Cambrian Ventures and Kosmix who previously co-founded Junglee Corp. and played an important role at Amazon.com in the late 1990s. His investments include Lyft, Facebook, PunchTab, AppNexus, Hightail, Trifacta, LocBox, Gild, BlueShift Labs, Glooko, Joyus, Whisper, Aster Data Systems, Kosmix, Qubole, TiE LaunchPad, Giga Omni Media and Efficient Frontier.

Vijay Shekhar Angel Investor40) Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of Paytm and One97. He is known to use the mobility fund of One97 to invest in early stage mobile internet startups. His investments include a myriad of enterprises like SilverPush, Sourceeasy, tushky.com and GrexIt. Plus – EduKart, Milaap Social Ventures, iimjobs, Dexetra, Wishberg, AirStream, Signals, Chhotu.in, Milaap and Milaap.org.

Vishal Gondal Angel Investor41) Vishal Gondal
Vishal Gondal is the founder & CEO at GOQii Inc. and Partner at Sweat and Blood Venture Group and CEO at IndiaGames Ltd. Although he prefers investing in online companies, Vishal has made some pretty significant investments in the healthcare and travel industry as well. His investments include Skift, Babuki, Docsuggest, Gama Entertainment, Examify and Instablogs.

Note: Angel Investors have been arranged in alphabetical order. The list does not indicate any rank system or hierarchy.

There you have it. A list of some pretty impressive angel investors always looking for a good idea to fund.

Think we missed out on a few angel investors in India? Do let us know in the comments section.

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Mad Men Era v/s 21st Century Digital Agency Era


Mad Men Era v/s 21st Century Digital Agency EraWalking into office, you didn’t get the time for breakfast so you’ve carried your oats and milk. Nothing like a healthy start to your day to get those creative juices flowing.

Now scroll back a few decades, mid – sixties, shall we?

Walking into office, you didn’t get the time for breakfast so you’ve opened your mini bar and poured yourself a couple pegs of whisky and a cigarette to go with that. Nothing like a tipsy start to your day to get those creative juices flowing.

Those are the workings at the Mad Men advertising agencies. Now let’s throw Don Draper, Roger Sterling and the rest from the Mad Men series, as they are, straight into present day, 21st century. Straight into your contemporary digital agency or better still, a digital startup.

(Pssst! Article may contain spoilers, tread carefully)

How would that transformation go? So here are 11 aspects of an average work environment we have picked to draw a comparison between the Mad Men era and the 21st century digital agency era:

1) Start-of-the-Day Refreshments

Don Draper Drinking

Knocking back 2 (…or 22?) whiskey sours was how they beat the Monday morning blues, was how they beat everything actually.

Don Draping Drinking Orange Juice

No more escapism, men. You either stick to your virgin drinks or start planning a mini vacation with that severance package you’ll be getting by the end of the week.

2) Work Attire

Joan, Peggy and Dr. Miller in the lift


The highest of heels, the tightest of skirts and the reddest of lipsticks is what the lady folk were best known to wear at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Formal Work Attire

Did you know that many corporates (including agencies) today have compulsory full-sleeve-shirts-only-trousers kind of dress code? You’re allowed to roll up your sleeves for Casual Fridays though.

3) Gadgets and Technology

Gadgets of the Mad Men Era

The 60s offices saw only a handful of gadgets; typewriter, telephone, the photo carousel and the Xerox machine.

Gadgets of the 21st Century

Cut to a world where the wifi networks have become essential elements of the air we breathe (oxygen just got an update, people!) Lay out the welcome mat for laptops, cellphones, iPads and iPods, scanners and all the screens and metal contraptions you’re using at office.

4) Work Ethic

Unethical Behaviour at the Sterling Cooper Office

It seems that the idea of work ethic as we know it today wasn’t taken quite as seriously during the Mad Men era. Think of every bad ‘ism’ you know and assign a couple to each employee. Let’s help you with a few, racism, sexism, nepotism…

Peggy in Mad Men Working With A 100 Versions of 'No'

There’s a strict rule against each of the above mentioned ‘isms’ and most of what Don and Roger pulled at SCDP would face an outright no-no in the contemporary office environment.

5) Social Interactions

Mad Men Office Party

Interactions with friends, co-workers, spouses or clients were all either face to face or over the phone. You’ll find nobody hiding behind the confines of a chat room to make friends and communicate.

Social Networking Overload

Welcome, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Who else thinks Pete Campbell’s tweeting would be A LOT like Kamaal R Khan’s?

6) Current Events

Reaction to the JFK Assassination

The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Vietnam War.

President Obama

Barack Obama elected president of the United States of America and then there’s the a 21st Century synonym for war; terrorism, that makes news horrifyingly too often.

7) Work Relationships

Joan and Roger on Mad Men

Torrid affairs with the founders, seniors, clients and co-workers. At Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce everyone was in heat.

Everybody in Conference Room

Today, you can hardly date a colleague without having to sign an agreement peppered with stipulations of all sorts. And yes, most are keeping their work and love lives absolutely separate.

8) Client Relationships

Jim Cutler Dealing With Clients

They did the most unspeakable things for their clients. From holding outrageous parties (… among other things) to extravagant liquor drenched dinner meetings where, usually both parties went home together. Kinda makes you wonder if there was an invisible ‘Screw Morals’ clause in the agreement.

Cramped Up Partners Meeting in Mad Men

It’s all most sternly professional with clients. The 21st century seems to have brought with it an invisible “No Screwing Around” clause. Get in, do your thing, get out.

9) Office Space

Bert Cooper's Spacious Office

Most offices had the liberty to be spacious with large eccentric paintings and Japanese room dividers (shoes off in Bert Cooper’s office for a reason, people!)

Working at a Desk or in a Cubicle

The concept of a personal office is close to becoming nonexistent. Unless you’re a Tata or a Zuckerberg you sit in you cubicle or at your desk and be happy.

10) Sexism

Sexist Advertisment

I mentioned it earlier, but this issue deserves its own point. One could watch Mad Men simply to research the thick layer of sexism that outlined the lives of the people in the show and time period.

Anti Sexism

It’s not even news anymore that women have begun rising to top positions, we as a generation seem to have evolved past sexism. Maybe not completely, but we’ve made some pretty substantial progress and I doubt we’d tolerate jokes “putting a woman in her place”.

11) Cigarettes!

Joan, Harry and Ken Smoking

Cigarettes were it. The men did it, the women did it. The workplace, the elevators, the hospital, you name the place; there was a thick blanket of cigarette smoke that surrounded said place.

No Smoking in Offices

Today, you name the place; there’s a thick board with ‘NO SMOKING’ somewhere on a wall. (And probably an annoying 18 year old standing next to it, smoking, with his best friend taking a picture of his “rebellion”). Smoking at workplaces today is for balconies and terraces, just anywhere outside the premise.


If you notice that we’ve missed out on a few points, do let us know in the comments section.

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8 Things Startups Can Learn From Breaking Bad


‘Hablan de un tal “Heisenberg”, Que ahora controla el mercado’ (Talking about some “Heisenberg”, Who now controls the market).
– Ballad of Heisenberg

Breaking Bad StartupsYep, it’s 9 months later and I still suffer withdrawal symptoms from arguably one of the best TV shows ever made, “Breaking Bad”. The Emmy award winning storyline follows the life of an overqualified high school chemistry teacher with inoperable lung cancer and consequently two years to live who then turns into a masterly drug lord, manufacturing and selling the world’s purest Crystal Meth. All of this just to provide for his family.

The show not only serves the average TV buff but also the average entrepreneur looking to make it big “in the empire business”.

Walter White A.K.A the Great Heisenberg teaches us why we need to ‘Say his name’ and because ‘he his goddamn right’, here are some tips on how to build your ‘Empire Business’:

(Caution: Article contains spoilers)


1) Building a New and Unique Product
“If you are good at something, never do it for free.”
– Joker (The Dark Knight, 2008)

To say that Walter White was good at chemistry would be an understatement. Subliminally following The Joker’s advice, Walter quits his job as a teacher (I mean come on, with a teacher’s salary he might as well have done it for free) to use his prolific expertise on the subject and produce the world’s purest form of Crystal Meth. The quality of his product put even his pre-established competitors to shame. Startups today could learn a valuable lesson from this (no, don’t quit your job for drugs). To build and create something that sets you apart in an industry sprawling with spurious defects of the original.

2) Be a Perfectionist
Walter was a stark perfectionist. It’s what led him to make the purest form of Meth in the market. It’s also what led him to do things like refuse to cook in a lab with a housefly in it. He never let a product that wasn’t of “Heisenberg” quality reach the markets. It’s Walter’s obsession with his product that you need to draw inspiration from, his eye for detail was top notch. If you create something flawless, your customers will vouch for you. There’s nothing like having a following of loyal customers!

3) It’s Okay to Start Small and then Build From There
Walter cooked his first batch in a rundown trailer, far out in the desert. Initially, he used mediocre capital to create the best product that he could, like having to use locally sourced ingredients. He went from here to having a mammoth industrial set up and laboratory for production. Today, what really matters is that you start, no matter how small and impossible things may seem. You don’t need an initial gazillion dollars, a 50 storey glass building or a thousand member staff to start. You need your passion, inspiration, your expertise and a motivated vision to build something.

4) Build an Effective Team
Walter and his partner Jesse Pinkman stuck by each other no matter how difficult things got. Loyalty and perseverance are essential virtues for team members. An allocation of jobs is important as well; one person can’t do everything. This is where Saul Goodman’s famous quote “You two suck at peddling meth” rings true. Well, kind of. Walt and Jesse made the meth but Saul took care of distribution, legal matters and money laundering. And finally, we know the team suffered their share of ups and downs but basically stuck through it all. Things are never permanently hunky-dory (especially at a startup) and a team that works through the glitches comes out the other side stronger.

5) Be Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty
Getting the job done, finishing a task is of utmost importance, regardless of the ridiculous things you might need to do (obviously, there are moral and ethical exceptions to this). I mean, Walter has done everything from having to cook without pants on to dissolving dead bodies to get the job done. Nothing replaces hard work. So be prepared to work your ass off (excuse language), to sacrifice holidays, skip vacations or have almost no social life. It’s the price you pay if you want to sit at the top, people!

6) Have a Strong Back up Plan
Startups run the risk of failure from various ends, considering their foundation is initially a delicate one. It’s important to have a backup plan at every point. Just like Gus Fring had his own chemist and Jesse as backups for the inevitable eventuality of Walter not being able to produce Meth or like when Walter had Todd for when Jesse left the team.

7) Choose Investors and Business Associates Wisely
It’s important to be perpetually cautious about who you do business with. It’s a cut throat world and you never know for sure who you can and can’t trust. Walter and Jesse worked alongside a number of eventual traitors like Tuco Salamanca who tried to kill the pair in exchange for their superior product. Investors are watching your every move so, like Gus Fring, keep your eyes peeled (seriously, they could kick you out of your own company).

8) Money Isn’t Everything
It isn’t all about the money. If it was then Walter would have been cured of his cancer and the rich would never be sad and pigs would fly. That’s beside the point, clearly. The aim of your company isn’t solely to earn money, but also respect and dependability. So don’t let the greed for greens blur out your morals and ethics.


So, there are more things you can learn from Breaking Bad than drug dealing and doing and crimes and violence. Good luck with your startup!

Also, if you’re a startup looking to “Build an Effective Team”, we at SutraHR are more than happy (and qualified) to help. Give me a call on +91 87 67 427 427 or send me a quick mail at waqar [at} sutrahr dot com.

By Savio Rathod


You Know You Are A Startup Employee When


1. Your Job Description is bigger than your resume.

Endless things to be done

2. Everybody knows everybody!

Everybody knows everybody

3. Weekends mean only Sundays.

Sunday is a very nice day indeed

4. If you want to reach work before 10 am, you need to have the keys to the office.

Do not enter before 10am

5. You get excited when you hear someone whisper ‘Funding’.

We love funding

6. Birthday gifts are crowd funded.

Anything for cake

7. You can walk into office wearing what you wore to bed.

What you wear, nobody cares

8. An outsider won’t be able to tell the founder from the employees.

You don't know who

9. Interns feel like an important part of the company.

Interns are kind of a big deal

10. You ask the CEO to call the AC guy for fixing the damaged AC.

Everyone else is just too busy

11. You don’t think of switching the job because you fear things will be too formal there.

Formals are dreaded

12. Small things like deciding the colour of the new bean bags and setting up the furniture are taken seriously and the decision is only made after all employees have given their opinion.

Call the Panchayat

13. Your relatives look at you suspiciously when you tell them where you’re working.

Is that even a thing

14. Any excuse for pizza party is acceptable
For pizza we live, for pizza we shall die

15. The only free perk offered in office is coffee.

Coffee is our life blood

16. Leaving early is looked upon as a crime.

That's preposturous

17. You’re expected to give in more work with fewer resources at hand.

We are work ninjas

18. You don’t work from home because office is home.

Office is home
Had a good laugh? Share your laughter with coworkers and friends working a startup!
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20+ Awesome Venture Capital Firms in Singapore


Venture Capital Firms SingaporeSingapore has been titled the friendliest country to conduct business in for six consecutive years. Yet, startups and medium size businesses budding in the country have often thirsted for funding and developing venture capital within the country has been no mean feat. This has even compelled Singaporean entrepreneurs to set base outside the nation’s boundaries. Recently though, the scene has reversed. With the government initiating programs like the “Technology Incubation Scheme” in 2010, Singapore is all geared up to be the world’s next Silicon Valley.

We are now listing out the top venture capital firms in Singapore in our effort to assist startups across the nation. After all, SutraHR is all about helping startups and new age companies in Singapore!
1. 3V Sourceone Capital
Key People: Tan Kim Seng, Michael Wu, and Jeffrey Khoo (Managing Directors)

Founded in 2000, 3V Sourceone Capital has its offices in Singapore and the Silicon Valley. The venture capital firm from Singapore funds young companies that have an Asian connect. Its portfolio includes Astronergy, Chemnavigator Inc, China Medstar, CNC Holdings Limited, Equvo, Intracel Holding Corp, and Payease Corp.

2. 8capita
Key People: Nic Lim, Brian Wee, John Tan, and Bo Zhang (Partners)

8capita follows a simple investment philosophy, “Great Ideas, Exceptional Talent”. This Singaporean VC firm has invested in Adventure Link, Campus, e27, Frenzoo, Little Lives, Marcella, Paofit, Payroll Hero, Perx, Scoop, Snooth, Ubertor, and Zeguestlist.

3. Abacus Capital
Key People: Hogi Hyun (Managing Director) and Casey Kwan and Chandrashekhar Gupta (Directors)

Abacus Capital entered lifestyle investments in 2003 and has funded AbacusArt and Vitis Fine Wine Collections. Headquartered in Singapore with an office in Malaysia as well, the venture capital company exercises its expertise in asset management and investments.

4. Azione
Key People: Nicholas Chan (Founder & Director)

Azione (founded in 2009) is one of the very few startup incubators to be approved under the microfunding scheme by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. It invests in digital media, energy and maritime industry, and mobile communication agencies emerging in Asia.

5. BAF Spectrum
Key People: Prof. Wong Poh Kam (Chairman) and Sanjeev Shah (Managing Director)

BAF Spectrum is a SPRING Singapore approved investor under the Business Angel Scheme and invests in young Asian startups. Its investment portfolio includes Anacle, Anafore, Game Ventures, Healthrends Medical Investments Pte Ltd, iXiGO.com, MOZAT, and Progeniq.

6. BioVeda
Key People: Damien Lim, Dr. Juanita Fu, and Dr. Kho Choon Joo (General Partners)

BioVeda majorly invests in small to medium size companies from the healthcare sector. It has invested in companies like Aslan Pharmaceuticals, Clearbridge BioMedics, Dynavax Technologies, Kiadis Pharma, Memory Pharmaceuticals, MerLion Pharmaceuticals, NOD Pharmaceuticals, Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Renovis, and Renovo.

7. Crystal Horse Investments
Key People: Dr. Michiel Adriaan Wind (CEO)

Crystal Horse Investments has been around since 2010 and has invested in more than 30 startups over the last four years including ClassWright, DeliverEat, DocuBuzz, Gilocrux, Hipflat, JoinMethere.TV, Kwix, LawCanvas, Minematic, NexxCrunch, and VogueIsMe. It is the official fun manager of an Asian reality TV series related to entrepreneurship.

8. Enspire Capital
Key People: Chay Kwong Soon (Founder & Chairman)

Enspire Capital invests in startups emerging in the fields of internet, new energy, media & telecommunication, medical technology, and technology. Though headquartered in Singapore, it has marked its presence in US (West Coast), China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong through strategic partnerships with venture capitalists in those regions. This VC has funded firms like A10 Network, Amplus Communication, Cipherium System Co. Ltd, Create Electronic, Optical Co. Ltd, DynaScan, Egis Technology Inc, Ether Optronics, FocalTech, and GenieNRM.

9. Extream Ventures
Key People: Pierre Hennes (Managing Partner)

Established in 2009, Extream Ventures invests in young Singaporean startups with interests in areas such as communications, interactive media, and IT software & solutions. It has pumped capital into JustCommodity, Sambaash, and Tera-Barrier Films.

10. Green Marine Capital
Key People: Sverre Prytz (Managing Director)

Green Marine Capital (GMC) is a part BW Group’s effort to encourage the development of environment-friendly technological solutions for the maritime industry. Established in 2011, the venture capital firm has invested in some 5 companies till date — Ascenz, Barrier Tech, CleanHull, NovaTorque, and OceanSaver.

11. Golden Gate Ventures
Key People: Vinnie Lauria and Jeffrey Paine (Founding Partners)

Golden Gate Ventures entered the investing arena only a couple of years back, in 2012. The venture capital firm holds a minority stake in the companies it invests in, allowing the founders to sit in the driving seat. It has invested in several startups providing consumer internet services, including firms like AngelList, Bilna.com, Carousell, Coda, Lenddo, Nitrous, Noonswoon, Redmart, Sendah, TradeGecko, and Waygo.

12. IncuVest
Key People: Ronnie Wee and Natasha Foong (Managing Partners)

Founded in 2011, IncuVest invests in technology startups with services in analytics, big data, ecommerce, gaming, and social media. The investor and incubator is supported by National Research Foundation and by the Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore. It has so far invested in Chope, Cinarra, CutCue, GoCoin, Inverted Edge, Prisonhood, Rainmaker Labs, VanityTrove, and Zelrealm.

13. Infocomm Investments
Key People: Dr. Alex Lin (Head)

A subsidiary of the IDA (Infocomm Development Authority), Infocomm Investments accelerates tech startups, specifically from Singapore. It has invested in JustCommodity, Bubbly, DataXu, Gengo, Guardtime, Mobilewalla, Quid, Reebonz, and Twilio.

14. Joyful Frog Digital Incubator Asia
Key People: Hugh Mason (Co-founder & CEO)

Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) Asia has supported over 45 startups through its startup accelerator program. The investor group hosts a weekly ‘open house’ at its headquarters where investors meet entrepreneurs over coffee. It focuses mainly on startups budding in Singapore. enMarkit, FamilyKo, Fetch Fans, Flocations, MOLOME, ShopSpot, Skimbl, and TapTalents are part of its success stories.

15. Jungle Ventures
Key People: Amit Anand (Founding Partner) and Jayesh Parekh (Managing Partner)

Jungle Ventures, though based in Singapore, has given flight to startups from Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and US. It also operates as a seed funder and incubator in India and Singapore. In the last three years, it has invested in firms like CinemaCraft, Crayon, DocDoc, Edrolo, ekstop.com, Fastacash, FlickBay, Klinify, Milaap, Mobikon, TwitMusic, Voyagin, and ZipDial.

16. Neoteny Labs
Key People: Joichi Ito (General Partner)

Neoteny Labs works with consumer internet startups from Asia and the Middle East. It has funded firms like ADZ, Airtime, Animoca, Burrple, Chalkboard, Formlabs, GameClosure, Hellofax, ImpulseFlyer, Insync, Lanyrd, Lumatic, and SeatMe.

17. OWW Capital Partners
Key People: Bien Chuan Tan (Co-founder & Managing Director)

OWW Capital Partners is a service industry oriented venture firm. Established in 1991, OWW is an old player in the investments scenario and has invested in over 60 startups including Anacle Systems Pvt Ltd, eGuide Singapore Pte Ltd, Global, InfoTech, i-Magination Group Pte Ltd, JustCommodity Software Solution Pte Ltd, Oniontech, and Shanghai Newtouch Software co. Ltd.

18. Springboard-Harper
Key People: Dr. Ng Cher Yew (Chairman & Managing Director)

Springboard-Harper was formed in 2000 and invests in technology enterprises. It has invested in firms like China Broad Media Corporation, Digital Broadband Communications, DivX Inc, Focus Media Holding Ltd, Tracetracker, VeriSilicon, DynaScan, and Silicon Motion. It majorly invests in businesses from Asia (excluding Japan), US, and Singapore.

19. SEAVI Advent
Key People: Tan Keng Boon and Derrick Lee (Managing Partners)

SEAVI Advent has invested in firms from a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to shipping companies to online dating communities. It focuses mainly on Asian and Southeast Asian companies and has been around since 1984. This Singaporean venture firm’s portfolio includes companies like Asia Health Century, Chic Logistics, China Sunsine, Dynamic Colours, HQ Global Education, Jaixing Advansil, Shengli Oil and Gas, SinoFriends, Sunvic Chemicals, and Yangzijiang Shipbuilding.

20. SingTel Innov8
Key people: William Bao Bean and Jeff Karras (Managing Directors)

SingTel Innov8 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SingTel Group. It focuses on technology startups all over the world, mainly from Asia and Africa. Some of its investees are Baynote, Bubble Motion, Deaslised, Guanxi.me, InGameAd, Moment.me, Ness Computing, Nexage, Qvivo, Sentilla, and Uniqlick.

21. Sirius Venture Capital
Key People: Eugene Wong (Founder & Managing Director)

Ajisen Chian Holdings Ltd, Japan Food Holding Ltd, Jason Marine Group Ltd, Neo Group Limited, and Singapore Kitchen Equipment are some of the companies that Sirius Venture Capital has invested in. Founded in 2002, the entrepreneurial firm invests in small to medium size businesses in Singapore as well as overseas.

22. Stream Global
Key People: William Liu (Chairman & Managing Partner)

Stream Global is closely involved with emerging businesses in the infocomm technology and digital media. This Singaporean venture capital company has so far invested in E1 Studio, EventCliQue, Mayn Interactive, Stream Media, and SyQic Capital, offering not just investment but also notable contributions to refine strategies, strengthen operations, and foster the growth of its investees.

23. TNF Ventures
Key People: Shirley Wong (Managing Partner)

TNF Ventures (TNFV) invests in digital, eco-related, medical, telecommunications, and technology startups. The venture firm has invested in startups like Express In Music, Flocations, Mobile Media Creations, Ohanae, Quantine, TradeHero, Tribehired, and W-Locate. It assists investees with its well-knit network spanning across America and Asia.

24. Upstream Ventures
Key People: Carmelo Pistrorio (Managing Partner)

Upstream Ventures is associated with startups blooming in China, India, and Singapore. It gives these businesses the push they need to hit the global markets with their innovations. The industries that this venture capital firm invests cover a huge range, including sectors like digital media, IT solutions, semiconductors and security & biometrics. Its portfolio includes Tagit, XID Technologies (acquired), and Singular ID.
We have tried our best to include the top venture capital firms from Singapore. If we did manage to miss a firm you know of, do let us know. We’d gladly update our list. Our hope is that this list of venture capitalists will help all the budding entrepreneurs in Singapore. Share it in your network so it reaches businesses in need.

Note: These Singaporean VC companies have been arranged in an alphabetical order. The list does not indicate at any rank system or hierarchy.

If you are a venture capitalist in Singapore and looking to hire talent for your portfolio companies, give me a call on +91 922 221 3196 or send me a quick mail at waqar [at} sutrahr dot com.


15 Awesome Digital Agencies from Singapore


Digital Agencies SingaporeThe Singaporean economy is rapidly growing. This growth spurt has been reflected in its various industries. Singapore is a financial hub for the rest of the world and has emerged as a global cradle for startups and small-scale industries. In an effort to celebrate the country’s dynamic spirit, we present to you a list of 15 digital agencies that have been initiated in Singapore and have contributed to the country’s excellence.
1. Arcade
Founded: 2010
Key People: Nick Marret (CEO)

This creative 4 year old has been creating quite some noise with its work. Its collaborative business model enables the formation and dilution of teams in accordance to the job at hand. The agency has its footprints stamped over Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. Its client list flashes high profile names like Google, MTV, Clear, Closeup, Cornetto, and Ben & Jerry. CEO Nick Marret and Group CEDs—Matt Cullen, Mark Taylor, and Gary Tranter—must really be proud!

2. Blugrapes
Founded: 2009
Key People: Ryan Lim (Founder & Director)

Led by founder and business director Ryan Lim, Blugrapes vows to ease all of its clients’ marketing hassles. No surprises, then, that it was shortlisted by the Marketing Magazine for the Agency of the Year award, 2014. The digital marketing agency was founded in 2009 and has won itself clients like Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, Estee Lauder, Fanta, Nando’s, and Dulux. Originally based in Singapore, Blugrapes has recently expanded its business to Malaysia.

3. BrandNeu
Founded: 2002
Key People: Sandeep Bastikar (Founder & Managing Director)

BrandNeu offers services in digital strategy, SEO, technological assistance, and web designing. A strong core team consisting of well-experienced, quality leaders has set an unwavering foundation for the agency. Since its inception in 2002 by founder Sandeep, BrandNeu has built itself an impressive list of clientele including biggies like HSBC, Star News, HP, Greywater Technologies, Himedia Laboratories, Contact Singapore, TMS Asia Pacific, Contender Asia, Dow Jones, and Holiday Inn. BrandNeu is headquartered in Singapore and has its business set in India as well.

4. Carbon Interactive
Founded: 2004
Key People: Lily Chia (Founder)

Carbon Interactive is led by Lily Chia, who also founded Atomz. This Singaporean agency offers various services like digital marketing, applications and web development, and strategy development. It boasts several major-league clients like Chanel, InterContinental Singapore, and Yamaha on its profile. Other than the multinational brands, it has also served quite a few clients from the public sector, including the National Arts Council, Singapore Exchange, National Heritage Board, and the Media Development Authority.

5. Comwerks Interactive
Founded: 2002
Key People: Neeraj Sundarajoo (CEO)

Comwerks Interactive was founded in 2002 and has recently been acquired by Wunderman, a part of WPP Worldwide. It is focused mainly on providing digital media and web solutions. The agency is led by CEO Neeraj Sundarajoo and has catered to brands like Schick, 3M Filtrete, Microsoft, Chanel, Starbucks, and eBay. It has also served public owned entities like People’s Association, Ministry of Law, and Ministry of Man Power. Initiatives like ‘Dear Mom’ and ‘Why So Kaypoh’ are also a part of its portfolio.

6. Construct Digital
Founded: 2010
Key People: Charanjit Singh (Managing Partner) and Alfred Lee (Co-founder)

Founded in 2010, Construct Digital has built itself quite a reputable client list including names like American Express, Bacardi, Bosch, ESPN, Haagen Dazs, Health Promotion Board, Intel, National Environment Agency, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Stand Chartered, The American Club Singapore, Toshiba, Tupperware, and Yahoo. The agency partners with advertising agencies and takes care of the digital and social media execution for them. It is led by Charanjit Singh & Alfred Lee and has established its presence in Singapore and Indonesia.

7. ihub Media
Founded: 2002
Key People: George Foo, Kyle Lim, and Kenniess Wong (Founders)

ihub Media was incepted in 2002. Kyle Lim is currently CEO while George Foo is the COO. Kenniess Wong has been a part of ihub since its establishment as the regional managing director. The Singaporean digital agency has expanded its business to countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. ihub Media has a long client list rolled out, carrying names like Nivea, 313 Somerset Singapore, Chivas Regal, and Papermate.

8. Interakt
Founded: 2004
Key People: Redicka Subrammaniam (Founder & CEO)

Interakt assists its clients in engaging their customers as well as in connecting better with their employees. It covers all aspects of digital services, from digital marketing, technology services to CRM. Redicka leads the agency as CEO. Headquartered in Singapore, Interakt has its offices sprawled across the USA, UK, and India as well. It has worked with various high profile clients like Acer, HP, HSBC, Levi’s, and Motorola.

9. Interuptive
Founded: 2008
Key People: Kevin Suryadi (Director)

Interuptive was incepted in 2008 and is led by Director Kevin Suryadi. The digital agency is an award magnet, bagging awards including The Next Big Thing award by Marketing Magazine’s Agency Of The Year 2009, and the Lotus trophy. It has also been appreciated by Adfest, Asia Interactive Awards, Creative Circle Awards, Davey Awards, and The Webby Awards. Interuptive offers 360-degree advertising services including social media management, digital marketing, email marketing, and product development. Their client list includes BBC, Dove, Singtel, Sony and more.

10. Manic Design
Founded: 1999
Key People: Jimmy Tan (Owner)

Manic Design is a design and digital agency founded in 1999. This old player is far from rusted! It continues to receive well renowned awards like Webby Award Honoree (2014), The Dieline (2013, 2014), FPO Awards (2013), and Brand New Award (2012), and has received over 25 awards and accolades in its running. The digital agency’s ripe experience in the field has also seen it serve various different industries ranging from architecture to food and beverages to travel and hospitality, including clients like Ogilvy, The Cathay Restaurant, and Amara Hotels. Manic Design is headed by Jimmy Tan.

11. Mediatropy
Founded: 2011
Key People: Astrid Boulle and Pierre De Luca (Managing Directors)

Founded in 2011, this newbie digital agency has done much to impress. Mediatropy is led by managing directors Astrid Boulle and Pierre De Luca and offers online advertising, social media marketing, and mobile marketing services to its clients. The agency has assisted brands like La Meridien, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Singapore Land Authority, Coty, and MND Singapore with their marketing and strategic planning.

12. Noisy Crayons
Founded: 2011
Key People: Stefan Lim (CEO) and Jackie Lee Choon Yau (Chairman)

A young player in the digital marketing foyer, Noisy Crayons is a digital-creative company offering its services in community engagement, media planning, digital marketing strategy, and application development. It was also finalized for the Social Media Agency of the Year award just a year after its inception. It has served clients like Parkway Parade and East Hospital, Celio, Raymon Weil, Marigold Peel Fresh, Her World, L’Oreal Paris, and Gucci in the last three years.

13. Paprika Global
Founded: 2000
Key People: Darius Chua (Director)

Paprika Global was established in 2000 and is lead by Darius Chua. It offers various services such as strategic, creative, and digital services as well as CRM. The agency has worked with brands hailing from various segments of the industry. Its portfolio includes Anthropologie, Castrol, Discovery, Siemens, Xerox, Adidas, GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever, and more.

14. Wild
Founded: 2009
Key People: Ai Ling Yeo (Co-founder)

Wild, the receiver of the Marketing Magazine Creative Agency of the Year 2013 “Local Hero” Award, was established in the year 2009. It is lead by Ai Ling Yeo, the Co-founder and Executive Director. This Singaporean digital agency has worked with brands like Mercedes-Benz, The Business Times, Singapore Management University, Banyan Tree, and Skin Inc.

15. Yoursite
Founded: 2010
Key People: Kenny Choo (Director)

Yoursite was established in 2010 and is led by director Kenny Choo. The agency offers its services in digital communications strategy, CRM, social media strategy, web analytics, UX Design, mobile applications, and ecommerce platforms. It has been nominated for Design Awards, Awwwards, FWA, and has been mentioned by One Page Love as well.
If you are a digital agency or a digital marketing company based in Singapore or know of one such that you would want to add to the list, do let us know. We appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions!

Note: These Singaporean digital agencies have been arranged in an alphabetical order. The list does not indicate at any rank system or hierarchy.

If you are a digital agency in Singapore and are looking to hire talent, give me a call on +91 922 221 3196 or send me a quick mail at waqar [at} sutrahr dot com.


25+ Best Retailers in the Middle East


Top Retailers in Middle EastThe Middle East has been a centre of world affairs all through its history. Major brands and MNCs look to avail from its rich markets and turn to retailers (master franchises) for assistance. These retailers (or retail groups) from the Middle East do more than merely assist. They establish and flourish the brand while paying attention to the smaller details.

SutraHR now presents a list of top retailers operating in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) along with the brands they manage:

1. Al Aqili Group
Established in 1993, the Al Aqili Group LLC has partnered with a number of multinationals over the world.
1) Laura Ashley
2) Laura Ashley Home
3) The Society Shop

2. Al Hokair
Al Hokair Fashion Retail was established in 1990. It has its operations spread across various regions like KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), MENA, Central Asia, and Caucasus regions.
1) Accessorize
2) adL
3) Aldo
4) Anotah
5) Banana Republic
6) Bershka
7) Beya
8) blu
9) Call it Spring
10) Camaieu
11) Celio
12) Charles and Kieth
13) Collezione
14) Cortefiel
15) Costa Coffee
16) Desigual
17) Dynamite
18) Eclipse
19) F&F
20) FG4
21) FG4 London
22) Flormar
23) GAP
24) Garage
25) Gelco
26) Gerry Weber
27) I AM
28) IKKS
29) Jennyfer
30) la Senza lingerie
31) la Vie en Rose
32) LC Waikiki
33) Lipsy
34) Mango
35) Marks and Spencer
36) Massima Dutti
37) Mavi
38) Miss Selfridge
39) Monsoon
40) New look
41) New Yorker
42) Nine West
43) Okaidi
44) Origem
45) Oysho
46) Papaya
47) Parfois
48) Pedro
49) Primadonna
50) Promod
51) Pull & Bear
52) Pumpkin Patch
53) Quiz
54) Salsa
55) Sergent Major
56) Simit Sarayı
57) SIX
58) Springfield
59) Steve Madden
60) Stradivarius
61) Superdry
62) Tape a l’oeil
63) The Children’s Place
64) Tiffosi
65) Topman
66) Topshop
67) US Polo
68) Uterque
69) VISS
70) Wallis
71) Women’s Secret
72) Yamamay
73) Zara
74) Zara Home
75) Ziddy

Hire the right talent for your retail chain with the most dependable end-to-end recruitment specialist.

3. Al Khaja Group
Al Khaja Group was formed in 1986. Today, it offers services in a number of sectors like consultancy, hospitality, information technology, interiors, property, and retail.
1) Al Safeer
2) Al-Baiq
3) Auntie Anne’s
4) Ciao-ciao
5) Dajen
6) Esfahan
7) Gloria Jean’s Coffee
8) Hatam
9) Hediard Cafe

4. Al Khayyat Investments
Al Khayyat Investments was established in 1982. The company is mainly into automotives, contracting, education, real estate, and retail.
1) BinSina Pharmacy
2) Burger Fuel
3) Espressions
4) Fila
5) Holland & Barrett
6) Il Caffe di Roma
7) Kickers
8) La Martina
9) Petit Bateau
10) Repetto
11) Superdry
12) Tigerwok

5. Altadmori Group
Altadmori Group came into business in May 2011. It is based in United Arab Emirates and focuses mainly on retail sectors.
1) Boots
2) KidZania Kuwait
3) Pottery Barn
4) Pottery Barn Kids
5) Pottery Barn Teen
6) Solaris
7) Velvet Series Group
8) Vision Express
9) West Elm
10) Williams-Sonoma

6. Americana Group
Americana Group was formed in 1964 and has now spread its services over 13 countries. It is involved primarily in the food and beverage industry.
1) Americana Cake
2) Americana Meat
3) Americana Olives
4) Baskin Robbins
5) California Garden
6) Chicken Tikka
7) Costa Coffee
8) Farm Frites
9) Fish Market
10) Fusion
11) Grand Cafe
12) Greenland
13) Gulfa
14) Hardee’s
15) KFC
16) Koki
17) Krispy Kreme
18) Lion Chips
19) Maestro
20) Pizza Hut
21) Red Lobster
22) Samadi
23) Signor Sassi
24) TGI Friday’s

7. Apparel Group
The Apparel Group was founded in 1996 and is involved solely in the retail industry. It works closely with major labels and has its operations spread over 4 continents.
1) Aeropostale
2) Aftershock
3) AK Annie Klein
4) Aldo
5) Aldo Accessories
6) Austin Reed
7) Baslen
8) Beetle Bug
9) Bench
10) Birkenstock
11) Book plus
12) Call it Spring
13) Charles & Keith
14) Cold Stone
15) Cortefiel
16) Dune
17) Garage
18) Inglot
19) Just for Kids
20) Kenneth Cole
21) La Chateau
22) La vie en Rose
23) MBT
24) Moreschi
25) Naturaliser
26) New Yorker
27) Nine west accessories
28) Ninewest
29) Pedro
30) Pretty Fit
31) Qup Accessories
32) R&B
33) Shoe Studio
34) Sketchers
35) The Athelete’s Foot
36) The Children’s place
37) THM
38) Tim Hortins
39) Tommy Hilfiger
40) Venezia

8. AWGAL Investments
AWGAL Investments has been a player in this business since 2012.
1) Wingstop

9. BinHendi Enterprises
BinHendi Enterprises was established in 1974 and has since then brought many premium brands to the UAE.
1) Artioli
2) Billionaire
3) Brioni
4) Burj Al Hamam
5) Cafe Havana
6) China Times
7) deLaCour
8) Energie
9) Ermanno Scervino
10) Extreme Shawarma
11) Franc Vila
12) Goldvish
13) Hugo Boss
14) Jacob & Co.
15) Japengo
16) Joe’s Cafe
17) Joseph
18) Martin Braun
19) Mini Chinese
20) Miss Sixty
21) NOA
22) Now Cafe
23) Nubeo
24) Paul & Shark
25) Sammach
26) Second Cup
27) Shanghai Tang
28) Tiret
29) Ulysse Nardin
30) Welder,Bella Donna
31) Zilli

10. Diamond Lifestyle
Al Masa Capital Limited, which is basically an alternative asset management firm, oversees Diamond Lifestyle.
1) Café Rouge
2) La Porte Des Indes

11. Diyafa Holding
Diyafa Holding Co. has been established in 2009. It is involved in business services, food & beverages, and hospitality services.
1) Abd el Wahab

12. Emke Group
Emke Group (via LuLu Group International) heads businesses in over 15 countries across three continents.
1) Lulu Hypermarket

13. ENOC Retail
ENOC Retail entered the franchising market in the early 1900s. They are now looking to expand their business more extensively in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and MENA regions.
1) Autopro
3) Pronto
4) Saquella Expresso Club
5) Tasjeel
6) Zoom

14. Giordano Middle East (FZE)
Established in 1993, Giordano Middle East (FZE) has 240 stores over 23 countries. It is a 100% subsidiary of Giordano International.
1) BSX
2) Concepts One
3) Giordano Jr.

15. Hospitality Consultancy & Investment Group
Founded in 2012, this young firm specializes in the food and beverages sector and has recently won itself a master franchise deal.
1) Yellow Cab Pizza

16. Hot Brands International
Hotbrands International was formed in 1992. Since then, it has grown into a multinational entity catering to several brands.
1) Da-Shi-Dai
2) Haru
3) Magic Wok
4) Pane Caldo
5) Sala Thai
6) Santino’s
7) Shamiana
8) Sugoi

17. Jawad Group
Jawad Group has been a player in the franchising business for the last 50 years. It holds interests in various segments including fashion retail, FMCG distribution, and restaurants.
1) 24 Hours Market
2) Accessorize
3) Adams
4) BHS
5) Burger King
6) Camaieu
7) Celio
8) Chili’s
9) Costa Coffee
10) Dairy Queen
11) Delifrance
12) Hakisush
13) Hobbs
14) Hunkemöller
15) Hush Puppies
16) Jamie’s Italian
17) Jawad Express
18) Jawad Metro
19) Jawad Services Station
20) JustaPasta
21) Lakeland
22) Magic Wok
23) Mango
24) Mango Touch
25) Mashawi Qatar
26) Monsoon
27) Monsoon Children
28) Origem
29) Outback
30) Papa John’s
31) Pumpkin Patch
32) Quiz
33) Romano’s Macaroni Grill
34) Rosa Clara
35) Sergent Major
36) Shoe Citi
37) Tape à l’oeil
38) Thai Express
39) The Great Kabab Factory
40) The White Company

18. Landmark Group
The Landmark Group was established in 1973. Today, it operates over 1000 stores in the Middle East and India.
1) Auchan
2) Babyshop
3) Beauty Bay iconic
4) Centrepoint
5) Emax
6) Home centre
7) Housebox
8) Landmark international
9) Landmarkshops.com
10) Lifestyle
11) Max
12) Q Home Décor
13) Shoe Express
14) Shoe Mart
15) Shoe Mart International
16) Splash
17) SportsOne

19. M.H. Alshaya Co.
M.H. Alshaya Co. is a part of the Alshaya Group as their retail division. It has over 2600 stores as of now.
1) Al Forno
2) American Eagle Outfitters
3) Asha’s
4) Bath & Body Works
5) BHS
6) Brasserie de l’etoile
7) Cafe Coco
8) Castania Nut Boutique
9) Claire’s
10) Coast
11) COS
12) Dean & Deluca
13) Debenhams
14) Dorothy Perkins
15) Early Learning Centre
16) Estée Lauder Companies
17) Evans
18) Foot Locker
19) Garrett Popcorn Shops
20) H&M
21) Harvey Nichols Kuwait
22) IHOP
23) IHOP Restaurant
24) Jack Wills,Express
25) Jo Malone
26) Justice
27) Katsuya by Starck
28) La Senza
29) Le Pain Quotidien
30) M.A.C
31) Milano
32) Miss Selfridge
33) Mothercare
34) MUJI
35) Next
36) Noodle Factory
37) Oasis
38) P.F. Chang’s
39) Payless ShoeSource
40) Pei Wei
41) Pink
42) Pinkberry

20. Magnolia Middle East Group
The Magnolia Middle East Group mainly deals in the food and beverages sector in the Middle East.
1) Chicken Now
2) Elevation Burger
3) Flippin’ Pizza
4) Just Falafel
5) Slapfish

21. Matajir Group
Matajir Group, initiated in 2007, operates through Jordan and Iraq and has many high profile brands to its name.
1) Chocolat Milano
2) Lufian
3) Redtag
4) Shana
5) Tudors

22. Middle East Retail
Middle East Retail is a part of Daud Investments and was formed in 2007.
1) David Morris
2) Hamleys
3) House of Fraser
4) Oscar de la Renta

23. Pan Arabia Gourmet
Pan Arabian Gourmet has been awarded the master franchise rights for the brand BreadTalk for the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and Iran.
1) BreadTalk

24. Retail Arabia
Retail Arabia was incepted in 2000. It is concerned mainly with mall management and services, including brands of hypermarkets and supermarkets.
1) Geant Easy
2) Geant Hypermarket
3) GulfMart Supermarket
4) Last Chance Supermarkets
5) Le Marche

25. Saleh Bin Lahej Group – Hospitality Division
The Saleh Bin Lahej Group – Hospitaily Division came into being in 1997. It operates six restaurant brands, including 37 branches around the Gulf.
1) Black Canyon
2) Cantina Laredo
3) Chilis
4) El Chico
5) III Forks
6) Romanos Macaroni Grill
7) Silver fow
8) Steak n Shake
9) The Pizza Company

26. Solutions Leisure
Solutions Leisure was established in 2011. It has ventured in Dubai markets recently and also owns a home-grown brand – Q43.
1) 360 Beach & Pool
2) Hedkandi HKV001 Beach Bar
3) Ministry of Sound Red Sea Beach Club
4) Papa’s Bar and Mini Bars
5) Papas Beach Club
6) Q43
7) The Lodge Restaurant & Bar

27. Sportland LLC
The Sportsland Group was established in 2003 and currently manages over 80 stores. It has a diverse list of clients including sports and fashion labels.
1) Ameerat Al Abaya
2) Bazaar
3) Champion
4) City Sports
5) Collection
6) Converse
7) Espirit
8) G Star Raw
9) Guess
10) Ipanema
11) Kola & Tree
12) Mega Sports
13) Pairs
14) Reebok
15) Terranova

We have tried to cover most of the major retailers in the Middle East region. We are all ears for your feedback. Do share your suggestions / additions to the list with us in the comments section below.

Note: These retailers (retail groups) have been listed alphabetically. Numbers do not indicate any sort of rankings.

If you are a retailer in the Middle East and are looking to hire talent, give me a call on +91 922 221 3196 or send me a quick mail at waqar [at} sutrahr dot com.

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