7 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work for Your Small Business

Consistent traffic along with leads generation are the most important responsibilities of content marketing strategies. Powerful content attracts visitors to a specific site or page. And, if your site lacks one, then you might not experience success in lead generation, no matter what kinds of efforts you are pursuing marketing. However, content marketing strategies seem difficult for veteran marketers who have been in this designation for decades.

Expecting a major change in your traffic goals, within a short period, might upset you when you can’t encounter such impractical halts. So, begin with slow but steady strategies for your content marketing agendas. Use the following content marketing tips to flourish your small business and make its online presence be felt throughout the World Wide Web.

1.  Prep up with your Content Marketing Missions

Don’t know where to start? If you just proceed by guessing your audiences and their interests, then you are firing a bullet in the dark. Be more practical and create a dedicated statement concluding the content requirements and to whom the contents would address. Never board down from the right track and set the following amenities, beforehand: the audiences, the targeted content for them and the potential benefits for the audiences from the contents.

For instance, when you consider the About Us section of your business site, you would address the benefiting audiences there. Additionally, you have to provide beneficial information based on their interest. Direct approach with relevant information and your business’s specialization would reap you profits- such as increment in sales through lead generation, SEO traffic success, boosted revenue to sites and drop in marketing expenses.

2.  Write to your Audience

Have you identified the cluster of the audience for your small business and its services? You should possess a very clear idea about who you are targeting with your marketing skills. Before you think of a word to write it down, judge your thoughts with respect to the views of your audience.

To know about your audience, you have to gather the demographic data. Social media analytics, email subscription and Google Analytics would help you to get your audiences’ gender, age, income and education. Apart from such demographic data sets, customer feedback based on their experience, their interests and expectations, solutions to specific issues would help you get the right information. From the processed data, you can sieve out the priorities of your audiences and create buyer personas.

Buyer personas contribute an important role in overcoming customers’ challenges and detecting their purchasing intention. In addition to this, it will help you to hold your pen or write in a doc file targeting those particular audiences. Don’t make an extra effort for contents that don’t make sense for your audiences over the internet or social media platforms.

3.  Extract only Qualified Contents for your Small Business

You might rush to post several contents every day, but it can ruin the quality factor of your contents. More contents on your business never imply that they can position your business site to a better Google ranking. On the other hand, handling contents on your own might lead to an unnecessary burden.

That’s why you should consider deploying an expert content creation and editorial team at your enterprise. Hence, you can always prefer quality to everything. Every day, your audience would get a chance to discover something new and freshly brewed contents from your specialized content team. However, countless businesses think that repetitive posts on the same topic can boost the lead generation.

But, audiences would merely pay attention to your contents, if they have already gone through somewhere else, before. So, try to discover more new but relevant content topics that might attract your audiences more. And, you can stand out from the crowd by using quality content marketing master-plans.

4.  Optimize the Contents according to SEO Norms

For your small business, you might be interested in posting blogs to quench up the thirst of your audiences. So, you have started your daily blogging journey. But, to the utmost surprise, the lead generation might not seem satisfactory at all. Maybe, the content is marvellous but what you lack is powerful Search Engine Optimization techniques.

According to global statistics, almost one-third of all small businesses care for SEO services. SEO makes your content more relevant to audiences’ searches. So, SEO efforts would help to rank your posts higher and audiences can reach them without any anticipation. Moreover, your customers and audiences can discover similar related blog posts on your business site.

5.  Keep Experimenting with Diverse Formats

To be very honest, one size doesn’t fit all. If your audience requirements vary from time to time, then you should not limit your business content with only site articles and blog posts. It’s not mandatory that what has benefited your competitors, the same would benefit you too, especially when we are talking about content marketing. A definite class of audiences feel video contents are more interesting than just a heap of sentences and paragraphs. But, ensure that the visual content should not exceed permissible duration; or else, it would seem boring.

Instead of only videos or similar infographic contents, you can avail PDFs in downloading format for your audiences. Moreover, changes in formats are also acceptable for blog post writing. Insertion of relevant graphics, optimized paragraphs, the information in bullets, uniform heading distribution can lead to a successful content marketing journey for your small business.

6.  Content Optimization is the Key

To add a different and profitable knowledge base to your audiences’ interest is not the one and only task of the content. Your valuable content creation would enforce the audience over your business sites. And, to improve the content, placing keywords wherever applicable would do the job. Thus, your content can bring your business under the spotlight and the visitors can discover your business, easily.

However, inserting definite and trending keywords into your content would be quite easy, if you are currently creating textual contents. But, in the case of infographics, you would insert the keywords strategically. Place keywords in the headers and the introduction. Keep in mind that the introduction should be crispy. Additionally, don’t forget to add meta description and minimize the file names to avoid complications.

7.  Prioritize Social Media Platforms

It happens rarely when interested audiences go through your text or video contents before making a purchase. Mostly, the audiences keep following the brands of their interest on social media platforms. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect the power of social media for any kind of business marketing policy. And, content marketing is not an outsider.

Emphasize regular content posting on different social media handles of your business. Add stories, status and reels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar platforms. If you are short on contents, then how about a how-to guideline or information about products and their manufacturing would attract more visitors. And, that would definitely reflect in the sales.

Never Give up…

Tonnes of data might scare you while determining your focus on content marketing. But, data from customers and audiences can detect behavioral tendencies before making a purchase. And, you can create more promising content for your business. Measure your content according to received data and improve your content quality every day. Take help from market analysts or expert analytic software from Google and leading brands.


A Guide Compalate For Employee Offboarding

The onboarding process is more pleasant than the offboarding of an employee. First of all, it can be difficult emotionally if the employee has been working for the company for years, and you have to let the person go because of reasons that are not under your control, like a worldwide pandemic.

Secondly, the offboarding process often has more steps than the onboarding. Also, during pandemic times, many businesses are working remotely. It is more challenging to handle the entire process like this, especially if you are used to doing it in person.

To successfully let go of an employee, you need to make sure that the security and legal risks are taken care of. Today, we’ll share a step-by-step guide for remote employee offboarding to help you with the whole process.


Step #1: Use Workflow Automation to Manage Last Days of Work

As nobody is quite sure for how long we are going to be dealing with having to work remotely, it’s only wise to prepare for the future and have consistent processes for remote offboarding.

One of the ways to organize consistent offboarding every time you need to deal with it is to plan automated workflows on a group communication tool like Slack. This way, you will not have to organize an entire plan for the last days of work each time someone leaves the company.


Step #2: Deal With the Resignation

After an employee sends you the official resignation letter, it is time to start the offboarding process. Aim to avoid pointless discussions on social media and rumors between other employees that only wastes everybody’s time. It is best to announce the resignation of an employee right after you received a resignation letter.

You will have to tell your team about the resignation anyway, and delaying it may only harm the team’s morale and efficiency. Also, you will have to inform your HR, and IT teams to start making certain changes regarding the matter, like preparing documentation and changing passwords. As everyone is busy with their work, the sooner you inform them, the better, so that everyone can plan their work schedule.


Step #3: Handle Final Documentation

For a smooth process of someone resigning, it is important to prepare the former employee’s final documentation to sign. It is smart to have documentation ready in advance by creating templates because starting them from scratch may require more time than one might think.

For example, tax and benefits documentation could take a while. Also, you need to understand that the former employee may want to review some of those documents, especially the ones concerning the final payment.


Step #4: Re-Assign Work Tasks

While the offboarding process of the former employee is being handled, make sure that the tasks and responsibilities of this employee are carefully re-assigned and handed over to other team members. This way, you will ensure that the workflow process is undisturbed, and the company still functions effectively.


Step #5: Have an Exit Talk

The exit talk is not the most favorite part of the human resources teams. It depends on why an employee is leaving the company and how both sides, you and employees, are handling the goodbye.

To ensure that the exit of your former employee is unharmful for your business, avoid being impolite because it will only cause negative feedback about your company. Also, on the exit interview, make sure you ask the leaving person about any issues that need improving on your side. Genuine feedback will help with business growth.


Step #6: Plan a Pleasant Goodbye

When the time to leave finally comes, make the day pleasant for your former employee, especially if they have been working for the company for many years. If possible, plan a farewell, big or small.

If your team is working remotely and a gathering is impossible, take time to write a pleasant goodbye for the person or plan the last video conference call with the team where everybody shares their memories and has a good time.


Step #7: Gather Organization Assets

After the final goodbyes, make sure you gather the company assets like a computer, phone, calculator, and similar items that have been given to the employee. It is best to make a list of the assets you give to your new employees if they are pretty much the same or prepare the list when the employee starts working.

Keep in mind that not every employee may be willing to cooperate and return or reimburse items they got from work. Yes, each company has its own policy on this, but make sure that you cover this offboarding aspect as well. Otherwise, you may end up fighting in court, which is not a fun experience.


Why Hiring an SEO Expert Is Better Than Working with an In-House Team

Search engine optimization is crucial when you want your website to rank well in search engine results. Getting on top of the search engine results pages on all major search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo – is important because studies show that 53% of clicks from users looking for information online go to the first results on the list. Needless to say, appearing on the first page has always been hard, more so because search engine algorithms keep on changing. Bad SEO can easily harm your business as well as your online profile. It is paramount that you optimize your website correctly also you need to check to find website structure info. This is why you need to retain a team to help with the work.
Handling SEO on your own can be time-consuming and even expensive. What is more is that you do not have the resources needed to keep up with the trends. This is why hiring an expert to help with your SEO needs is the best way to go. A good service provider will provide you with the following benefits:

    • Time saving
    • Knowledge and expertise
    • Keeping up with the trends
    • Avoiding expensive mistakes
    • Thorough analysis of the results
    • Provide comprehensive ranking results
    • Improve ROI

These are not the only benefits you stand to gain. There is a lot more. The big question however, is whether to hire an in-house team or to rely on SEO firms. This article will help you understand why working with an SEO firm makes more sense.


Instant team with real knowledge

Hiring an in-house team means that you will have to train them on how things are done. You also have to pay for continuous training. This is not the case when you hire an SEO expert from a large firm. When you signup with an SEO firm, you will have access to a team that has the manpower on hand. This will help you save a lot of time as you will no longer have to weed through resumes, go through interviews and the hassles of hiring an expert.
And if you don’t understand SEO, how can you be certain that you are hiring someone with the skills you need? Reputable SEO companies have dozens of members who are knowledgeable in matters SEO. Once you hire them, work will start right away. No training will be needed.

Proven expertise, experience and education

The best thing about working with an SEO company is that you will get the ball rolling without a shred of doubt. So long as the company has been around for a couple of years, you will be able to validate their experience and expertise by listening to what their recent clients are saying about them. A reputable company will have a track record which will include a decent sized team and case studies.
To keep up with the trends, most reputable SEO firms invest thousands of dollars with the objective of keeping their team’s knowledge up to date. Time is allotted to research, testing as well as attending SEO conferences.

Collaborative efforts and connections

When working with an in-house team, only a handful of the employees in the marketing department will see the proposed strategies. This is not the case with an SEO firm. Once the company receives your project, it will be seen by many professionals. The proposed campaign is evaluated by managers, directors and even the VPs of the SEO companies. This leads to a more refined strategy that accelerates results.
One simple fact you need to remember at all times is that when there are not many experienced eyes on a project, bad decisions are often made due to lack of experience and knowledge. This is an issue that can be avoided by working with SEO firms.

Performance Driven

The best thing about working with an SEO company is that you will be guaranteed of the best possible results. These companies do everything possible to keep you as their client. Their business is dependent on your success and this is why they work so hard.
These are the key reasons why many companies hire SEO firms. Although having an in-house team will give you more control, it will limit you in more ways than you would want. An SEO firm enables you to run your campaigns on autopilot.
Author Bio: Maria Jones is an SEO professional and content developer based in Detroit. she has helped a lot of companies get their websites off to a good start and blogs about good writing practices and services like Tayloright agency.


12 Creative Ways to Recruit Employees

When it comes to handling the manpower of a specific organization, no matter how small or big it is, the Human Resource Department comes into the picture. There are times when the internal HRD is unable to handle the workforce requirement and thus, the organization hires a third party HR service provider so that its requirements are met and it has some of the best candidates for the final interviewing process. There are also times when some of the small organizations don’t have their very own HRDs and thus, they prefer hiring third parties so that their tasks do not pause.
It doesn’t matter if you belong to the internal HRD of a specific company or the external one, all that matters is that you host the process of recruitment in such a way that you know which candidates are required for which position and why.
As an HR department executive or manager, there may be a lot of things that you handle, but recruitment is that thing that you need to be very particular about. It is the action of finding (or head hunting for) new people in the organization. People often confuse recruitment with selection, but the former is nothing but the first step towards the latter concept.
If recruitment is one of the processes that are in your hands, you have got to read the following 12 tips to improve yourself in the field:
1. Before recruiting people from outside, check what you can do with the ones that are inside: There are a lot of organizations that build certain positions and then search for candidates to fill them; if you think there are internal candidates who can fill up the positions in an effective way, you can always reach out to them and have a word with them. A good thing about hiring internal candidates is that they are already known and trained.
2. Pay well so that you can attract better: What can attract smart headed people to the vacancy in your organization? A better pay, of course! You need to attract the best crowd for your company with the help of a fatter salary; in fact, the pay has to be better than that of your competitor companies. Only then, you would be able to get the best headed individuals for your floor.
3. Make sure you are popular as a great employer, despite the size of your business: If you want the best candidates to come to your doorstep, the best thing to do is treat your employees in such a good way that they popularize you in a positive way in the market. When you are known as a good employer, people find ways to approach to you so that they can work under the roofs of your organization. Comfort has to be built for your employees in your organization so that they talk only good about you outside.
4. Try to involve your employees in the process of hiring so that they get into head hunting too: If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in the recruitment process, you can tell the already existing employees to refer their friends or family members. You can lure them by providing them with a certain percentage of commission; they would surely get the best lot for you.
5. Use online portals for recruiting good candidates: There are so many online portals where employers and candidates connect; no doubt you have to invest a little bit of money on such portals, but it is worth all the time and money you pay for it. Such portals make recruitment process easier.
6. Host telephonic rounds so that the time investment is less on personal interview sessions: Telephonic sessions take time too, but not as much as you need to spend on personal interview sessions. Therefore, go for telephonic sessions so that you learn about all the candidates who have applied for different vacancies in your organization. You can then forward the applications of the best ones!
7. Check social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.: Social media websites have gained immense popularity because of all those job opportunities that people are offered; if you don’t want to advertise yourself, simply look for people that can match the job roles you have put down on the paper.
8. Remember the old friends you once had; if you think they would want to work with you, why not give it a try by calling them? There can be nothing better than working with your old friends; call them and ask them if they would like to be a part of your business – but as an employee.
9. Use your strengths in order to recruit the best crowd: Have you ever looked at all the strengths that you have in your organization? Jot them down and advertise them so that the candidates can get attracted to all the things that they would be provided with, when they associate themselves with the name of your business. You can promote these strengths on social media websites as well.
10. If you can’t do it alone, find a team that can do it for you: There comes a situation when you are unable to focus on the workforce requirements of your organization; this is the time when you can hire external HR organizations. Also, if you have absolutely no idea about where to begin from, when it comes to recruiting candidates for different vacant positions in your organization, you can take the help of third parties.
11. Advertise yourself on social media websites by promoting your business and the link of your website: It is okay to invest a little bit of time or find a team that can do it for you – when you promote your business the next time on social media, make sure you put a one-liner that talks about the vacancies in your organization. When you do that on Facebook, Twitter and other such social media websites, people are bound to get attracted towards your business and send in their applications or bio-data to reach out to you or the team that handles the recruitment process for you.
12. Make sure you check references when you are recruiting: Have you ever thought of checking references when you are on the process of recruiting? If not, then this is your time to learn about how to check references. If you want good employees to work for you, make sure you get a feedback about them. All the organizations have started doing this and thus, they get the best applications.
13. Are the tips so simple? Well, they may seem simple, but they are quite difficult. Recruitment is far tougher than selection because the process has to be conducted in such a way that the process of selection is effortless. All the people selected during the time of recruitment have got to be smart, well-qualified and well-read and only then they can be sent further for the final selection round. When you use these tips during the process of recruitment, you are bound to get the best heads for your organization!


App Development Trends for the CIOs

The Chief Information Officer has too many responsibilities to shoulder in this digital era. He not only needs to manage the information technology that supports an organization, he also needs to manage customer-facing applications. Mobile technology today has successfully displaced the conventional desktops as the main device for businesses and consumers in general. As such, the CIOs seem to be under tremendous stress for making their products stand out from the rest.

(This post is submitted by Sujain Thomas. She recommends one of the app development companies in Mumbai for professional solutions)
The design seems to be a crucial constituent of any finished product. The emerging application design trends provide apt guidance to the Chief Information Officers showing the way for application development within their enterprises. The organization’s VP of Apps could be successfully meeting these objectives and delivering state-of-the-art mobile solutions for the organization provided he gets the support and encouragement of an understanding CIO who is fully aware of the resource requirements and helps in promoting a workplace that is 100 percent favorable for continued and consistent app development and innovation. CIOs could seek the professional assistance offered by app development companies in Mumbai.

Here are some app development and design trends in a nutshell: 


From the perspective of primarily the front-end UX, the top app development and design trends ruling the mobile app world is animation. Experts tell us that animations are used in apps for delivering remarkable outcomes in terms of engagement and interactions. The feature proactively assists consumers in understanding the entire design scheme, particularly, its usage quite easily. Moreover, movement within an application would be boosting message delivery speed. This would be adding to the elegant appearance that is beneficial to the UX and could be presenting an incredibly great reward in terms of experience for using the application.

Multi-Cloud Management Tools

Today you simply cannot ignore or undermine the role of multi-cloud management tools in the development of app design. They have become a truly valued app design tool. Organizations are utilizing these tools for effectively spreading their assets all across manifold clouds, thus, effectively assisting in mitigation of a potential loss in case, one cloud server breaks down. App developers could be easily managing these assets for streamlining workloads throughout clouds and optimizing resources.


Developers are today well-equipped to create storytelling competences into an application’s front-end experience. The capacity to create a storytelling interface could be having a huge influence on the engagement and interactive scores of any application. In this context, you must know that hard realities or facts have been proved to be less influential as compared to stories delivered to potential consumers.

Making the Most of the Microservices

A lot of innovation goes into the backend of each app. Of late, a number of microservices are used to build apps, as it is preferable to use an established and efficient system rather than write buggy code which does the same thing, but not nearly well enough. Docker and a number of other open-source projects are making these microservices available even more easily, and ushering in a new age of apps which can access APIs with ease.

Ensuring Implementation

Unless the CIO himself understands ways to support the apps’ VP to drive better performance through differential strategies, all his pep talk and appeals would be for naught.
This support can be extended in several ways, depending on what your design goals are. It is a good idea to look for a robust implementation platform that works well for the CIO, as well as, the developers. It makes sense to use cloud-based ecosystems as they promote high performance alongside effortless collaboration. This allows the CIOs to oversee the implementation and communicate much more openly with the teams.


It is also the CIO’s duty to build an environment conducive to app development. He would need to talk to the VP of the apps to understand the immediate needs and goals, and then build a particular platform or framework suited to those needs. The framework must be compatible with diverse technologies rather than being a single-platform solution and must be scalable in case the goals change with time. Productivity can be boosted if shorter iterative development cycles are promoted and developers are given the tools to expedite versioning and analyze behavior and performance.


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Best Workplace for a BMS fresher in Mumbai


Best Workplace for BMS Freshers

Most students these days choose an out of the box career option over the traditional courses or 9-to-5 jobs. Over the years there has been a significanta growth in the number of students opting to study media or management with courses like Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM) or Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS) particularly in Mumbai, and other courses like BBA, Business Studies, etc. An essential aspect of these courses is that the student has to start rallying work experience right from the second and third year of college. Meaningful jobs for BMS freshers can be a pretty difficult thing to find. Most of them tend to worry if they will end up working in a place they will enjoy or be a part of just another monotonous cycle of work-life.

It’s an era of selfies, belfies, iPhones, Dropbox, foodgasms, game of thrones and what not, where orange is the new black and HR is the new cool. BMS students seek to work in an atmosphere which is fun, challenging and inflaming, which would make them jump out of their beds each morning. They need an environment where they will be free to play, create, learn and grow. (Have a look at our workplace!)

We make our employees feel purpose and meaning in their work. We take them to the next level of their own mastery -…
Posted by SutraHR on 5 September 2015

Fortunately, for all the BMS students out there, I am listing down a few reasons for how working at SutraHR could be the best decision of your life.

o what you love to do

1. As it was once said by Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is what Sutraites aim for. Working should bring with it new challenges and not stress. This could only be achieved if you really do what you love to do. SutraHR swears by this policy. An employee is required to do what they love to do by choosing their comfort zone at work.

Work at brilliant statup office

2. If you have an entrepreneurial side to you or you are curious to learn about great ideas and their executions, then you will love this place. SutraHR frequently places its employees in other startup companies as dedicated resources till project completion. This way our employees gets to work at brilliant startups companies and learn the entire business manifesto from its inception. For a BMS graduate, this kind of experience is a wonderful opportunity to learn about ideas and its potential market (if going forward you are looking to start out a venture on your own).

One on one interaction with founder

3. I bet every BMS student would love to experience these things. SutraHR is undoubtedly one of the best company to work for as we have the best jobs for BMS freshers in Mumbai. It’s common for Sutraites to walk into their office and see founders of innovative big potential startups visiting our office. SutraHR works with a varied number of startups and our employees get to meet a lot of founders and CEOs of well-known companies. Most days Surtraites get to plunge in with them over candid discussions. Employees at SutraHR get to learn new skills and techniques every day.

Be a part of growth story

4. Working with a startup can help develop people’s business skills. Startups don’t really stay startups for very long, with good planning and execution a startup can grow to become a multinational. Employees who choose to kick off their careers with a startup not only get to learn and experience new things but also be part of their growth story. We all are a part of SutraHR’s growth story and any new employee would be too.

Earn the best incentive

5. Incentives act as an important motivation for employees. Grad students, who want to make something out of themselves need resources along with learning. There are very few companies that offer good incentives to its employees. SutraHR has one of the best incentive plans in the industry. So far SutraHR has rolled out incentives amounting to 1 crore rupees since its inception in 2007.

Get to learn from the best of industry

6. A good mentor is a necessity to learn about the nitty-gritty’s of the work and its methods. A good mentor will take a keen interest in the employee’s professional development. A fresh graduate requires an earnest and motivating mentor for guidance. SutraHR has one of the best talents from the industry to mentor their employees. The best part is that nobody behaves like a boss in SutraHR.

Free food at work

7. At SutraHR, employees don’t go hungry. We have kitchens dedicated to stock up tons of free food, starting from chips, cookies, juices, chocolates and more. Sutraites get free evening snacks, yes they are spoiled! Every evening has a new menu for the SutraHR employees with the likes of croissants, burgers, chaats, vada pavs, idly-sambhar, dabelis etc.

Get opportunities for innovation

8. SutraHR believes that its employees should be given a chance to brainstorm to bring about something new and exciting. A healthy and active mind is the key to a balanced work life. We encourage our employees to implement ideas and innovate. But what if some Sutraites fail? Well, who doesn’t? The team at SutraHR believes that mistakes are a part of the process. As long as you realise and commit to improve, it’s all good!


9. A traditional 9-to-5 job is in itself a huge challenge. Flexibility at work is what every employee looks forward to, and also appreciates. Sutra gives its employees the flexibility to walk in at a reasonable time for work. Sutraites also enjoy frequent outdoor picnics, office parties, hookah sessions and paid leaves.

Full freedom at work

10. SutraHR gives immense freedom to its employees to work the way they feel comfortable with. They often use the phrase “own your work” which stands true for each of our employees, starting from our interns. They refuse to have a push hard attitude toward their employees because they realise the maturity of each Sutraite.

The best career bet for a BMS graduate should indefinitely be SutraHR. Life is fun and challenging. We get to do what we love. The work is so refreshing that it makes us jump out of bed each morning. So screw the traditional 9-to-5 job. Instead, get to play, create, learn and grow. And imagine getting paid for all of this 😉 Come to Sutra and create your own light.

SutraHR needs a few skilful and smart people to join them. Drop by any day to have a quick chat.

#cometosutra 601 B, Annapurna CHS, Above Delicacy of China, Adarsh Nagar, Oshiwara, Andheri (W), Mumbai 500 053


We understand that you might be a little busy to drop by. No worries, just visit Our careers page to check out openings of jobs for BMS freshers in Mumbai  or mail us your resumes to [email protected] or call us on +91 87 67 427 427


Work Life in Mumbai – SutraHR


Mumbai is clichéd for a lot more reasons than its nightlife. The buzzing streets and the people rendezvousing are the heart of the city.Being the commercial hub of the country, Mumbai is home to people from all over the country.

Prominently known as ‘The City Of Dreams’, people move to Mumbai with special motives –  dream, work, and conquer in that order.


20 things to know if you plan to move  to this Sapno ka Sheher.

1) Get used to the traffic: If you need to clock in @10, you must calculate the traffic from your area to your workplace and step out your door hours early to reach in accordance.  Most Mumbaikars spend two to six hours travelling to and from their workplace.

b5e4970fa37835d4af933a8a19b4af4e 2) Traffic excuse is your backup’s backup: The ones who’ve been staying here, are accustomed to the excuses for being late. Everyone has the same excuse – the traffic, which can’t be denied. Therefore, traffic is no more an excuse. Keep another excuse handy and let traffic be the backup..


3) Make the traffic your friend: You’ll always have that little time to make changes to your ppts, prepare speeches, draft letters, read mails, and so on. You get ample of time to make the last touch ups. And, just in case if you had no time to draw the black kohl line on the waterline of your eyes, traffic is your treat. Also, traffic fixes all the undone chores. Some cut nails, sip on the energy drink, dig in their breakfast boxes and so on.

read a book

4) Network: Don’t feel melancholy for being an introvert whilst you move to Bombay.The city will woe all your blues and make you a social bee. It’s in the air, believe me!


5) Vada-Pav is your best friend: Forgot to get your lunch? Out of cash after an amazing weekend? Vada-Pav is at your rescue. 70% of the population in Mumbai fill themselves with vada-pav.


6) Tapri is your hangout: If you’re a tea snob, chaiphile or a caffeine addict, Tapri is your next best hangout in your break time from work. A quick chai, few bhajji’s and a smoke in hand, is a routine sight for eyes. Discussions on the stock market, politics, company gossips, MNC Vs Startup debates, love-hate relation with the firm or their bosses, is something audible from young chaps, dudes, and dudettes. Chai pe charcha is a tiny phrase to address this scene.


7) Struggle is a very naive word: ‘Everyone here is struggling.’ Get used to this phrase and the phase as well. But, on the brighter side, struggle makes for more enjoyable and carefree weekends. Two days where you drink, dance and forget your troubles before starting your routine all over again.


8)  House Hunting: It’s a task! Everyone has their own unique definition on their experiences of house hunting. Terrace house refers to a house with a midget balcony in Mumbai. Don’t be annoyed with fewer square feets, you’ll be glimpsing a whole new bigger world standing there, there on your tiny Mumbai terrace. With chote darshan, you might carve your name to be bigger, someday.


9) Roommates: You may get a dozen offers to share  rooms with  struggling actors. (Told you, everyone’s struggling here) If you deal with one, get ready for being a proxy opposite lead to narrate lines. Eventually, these roommates end up being your best buddies. No matter if he’s an actor or she’s the PR /HR girl.


10) Everyone gets a chance!: Mumbai has a lot many jobs. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get offers to work for amazing different ones. Resist it or go for it, your choice!


11) Unemployment is never too far: This might scare you! But let’s lay it straight here. Getting downsized or rejected can happen to anyone. Between these are the struggling actors, freelancers, unsuccessful startups and those who’ve been doing something else for the proxy period. Be ready for  the No-Guarantee phase. The ratio of jobs to people is always uneven.


12) Dabbawala is your 3rd mother: Biological mother is the 1st, teachers are the 2nd and the dabbawala wraps this package in a trio : roti-gravy waali subzi-chawal! Like your mom, you can depend on them for your timely lunches.


16) Bayside Banter: With the passing time, you’ll practice it as a ritual!

mumbai slang


Many Indians live in modern suburbs and work in gleaming skyscrapers, but many more—a large majority—remain indigent and trapped by tradition. Formally known as Bombay, Mumbai is the most populated city in India. Chaotic, frantic and polluted, Mumbai is a melting pot of different cultures, religions and wealth extremes. Since it’s a bay, it’s redundant to mention there are fish markets everywhere.  There’s something fishy at the end of every bylane.

The young and the employed in the city endure prolonged work hours, hectic commute, housing woes and a near-zero social life. Yet, 90% of them say they would not even dream of leaving Mumbai for another city. The city has a lot more people with positive attitude and a positive outlook on life.

“Zara hat ke zara bach ke ye hai bambai meri jaan”


9 reasons why you should get hired through a recruitment agency


What’s the first thing you think of when you’re looking out for a new job?

I know, let’s put my resume up on as many job portals I can find. Although this seems like the obvious right answer, you’re obviously forgetting something – Recruitment agencies!

Recruitment agencies have a huge share of the available jobs in the market. Hence, if you’re not on their list, you’re obviously missing out. Here are 9 good reasons to why you should get placed through a recruitment agency.

1) Let someone else do the negotiation: A recruitment agency does the research on both parties and sets a quintessential match between the two. It serves as a potent negotiator. They play the part of intermediaries between the employee and the employer. So forget about doing the negotiation yourself and let the agency do it for you instead.


2) Don’t let your colleagues know: Want to find yourself the best job without letting your HR department know about it? Then find one through an agency. Posting your resume on job portals is sure to alert the HR personnel, so avoid it if you can.


3) Be groomed to impress: Of course it’s an embarrassing situation when you don’t have the right answers as a candidate. It’s a bigger disaster for the agency who recommended you in the first place. This is why some agencies will go out of their way to ensure that you’re well prepared for each interview.


4) Ample of options: Recruitment agencies have a strong hold on their clientele. A candidate is offered not one, but several jobs. The advantage of getting hired through an agency is that she considers you for multiple positions knowing your skill set. The jobs you don’t find on job portals are with recruitment agencies. So it makes sense to send your resume to them while you’re on the hunt.

images (4)

5) Transparency towards business processes: Recruitment agencies keep absolute transparency towards both the parties. This nature of the agency is highly admired by many. Agencies do not transfer false information and avoid undergrounding the information that could provoke the candidates to put down job opportunities.


6) Beautify your Resume: Many of us are unable to ace the art of crafting our resumes with phrases, words, grammar and the layout. Some agencies will help you shape your resume so that they catch the eyes of the employers.


7) Don’t be left hanging: Agencies respond. Unlike the employers’ human resource departments, agencies respond at a faster pace. Your resume is an asset to them so they will treat you well.


8) Never run out of demand: Vacancies are fulfilled by recruitment agencies every day. They always have jobs and are always on the lookout for candidates that match. So while you look for a job, why not let someone else look for you as well?

images (6)

9) Stay updated: Recruitment agencies retain your resume and ensure that they keep you in mind whenever something better comes up.




How to choose a career


Do you feel chills when you’re asked about your career choices?

af6aaf93be5bc176b102fb14699702e3 (1) Are you pretty much dumbstruck or do you fumble sometimes or just answer it for the sake of answering. Probably that’s the time when you pressure yourself with the question in your mind: How To Choose A Career?

Sooner or later everyone deals with this question.

Don’t be in a dilemma! Career choosing can be theoretical sometimes, sometimes impossibly mechanical, and at other times routinely confusing. When we look back to those time periods, ( SSC,HSC, and Graduation) we’ve been envious of those focused kids who knew what to do, when to do, and eventually learned how to do it. They guided themselves or were guided so well, that there was no confusion when they made their decisions.

But, for the people on the other side of the spectrum, “Choosing a career” rings a thousand bells.

The best advice given to me on choosing a career is, ‘Ask yourself, What career would you choose if money wasn’t a constraint?” Once you have the answer, choose that as a career and trust your decision. Money is never the constraint until you make it!

8 points to keep in mind when choosing a career:

1) Make a gist of your interests:

Jot down what intrigues you to choose it as a career. It may be in the fields of fashion, art, cinema, finance, business.. and so on. Your mind helps a lot when you do things that interest you.

2) Study yourself. Explore!:

This is for all those who are unaware of themselves and their talents. Knowing yourself better, gives a clear idea on who you are, what you like and eventually helps you land on a smooth decision.

3) Don’t join the rat race:

Don’t choose finance or marketing because your best friend chose it as his/her career. Take your time and help yourself choose the career that is YOU!. Trust me, you’ll be only happier.

4) Suggestions/Opinions/Advices:

Take suggestions, opinions and advice from peeps. (But make sure you end up brainstorming with none but yourself. Remember the suggestions that you think are helping, and forget the rest. Take suggestions from many, but don’t let them hamper your choices. You don’t want to end up in confusion. Eventually, your choice matters the most.

5) Research:

Do it on your chosen interests and gather statistics of how much scope they carry in a long run.

6) Meet:

Have a small meet-up with the ones who’re already working in that field. Post your queries, and connect with them on a networking site.

7) Financial Status:

Don’t be doomed thinking that being poor will not let you pursue the career you choose. There are scholarships everywhere. Make a small research on how much the career you would like to choose may cost you.

8) Believe in your instincts:

Do what the gut feeling says. Believe yourself, your choices, your instincts and guts. They’re there for a reason.


Choosing your career shouldn’t be based on what you can afford. There’s no such barrier for the ones who’re poor. Being unwealthy doesn’t restrict you from pursuing your careers. There’re a lot of scholarships and other helpful enrolling programs for students with an unstable financial background. Breaking the ice with your own mind is the very initial part of self-knowing. Be your own friend first. Explore yourself and know yourself better, know your choices even better, and initiate your career with an amazing choice.

As I’ve said before, “The best advice given to me on choosing a career is, ‘Ask yourself, What career would you choose if money wasn’t a constraint?” Once you have the answer, choose that as a career and trust your decision. Money is never the constraint until you make it!”


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