40+ Funded Startups in Singapore


Funded Startups in SingaporeSingapore is the second freest economy in the world. The Lion City’s competitive, innovative, and business-friendly culture has made it the center of all entrepreneurial activity in Southeast Asia. Small wonder numerous startups roar within its boundaries each year! We added our bit to the startup ecosystem through the list of 100 startups in India. And now, we are aiming to do something similar for Singapore. Here is a list of 40+ startups from Singapore that made themselves heard and have won over investors. With the advantage of a strong concept, now backed with funds, these Singaporean startups are set to awe the world.

(Note: Listings are in alphabetical order. The numbers are for ease of reading and do not imply ranking.)


1. AdzCentral (Electric Sheep Capital and DIGITAL Media)
AdzCentral is a scientific media buying platform. The digital agency uses advertising technology tools and expertise to improve digital media spending by their clients. It has been funded with US$ 3,200,000 by Electric Sheep Capital and DIGITAL Media.

2. All Deals Asia (Undisclosed investors)
AllDealsAsia collaborates with merchants and deal partners and actively sources the best deals in town. It has received a funding of US$ 800,000 from undisclosed investors.

3. Anacle Systems (Majuven)
Anacle Systems provides technologies for asset and energy management industries across the globe, and has received a funding of US$ 1,970,000 from Majuven.

4. Ascenz (Red Dot Ventures and Green Marine Capital)
Ascenz helps shipping companies, which are looking for fuel savings and efficiency management, using its remote fuel consumption and bunkering monitoring system. The Singaporean startup has been funded by Red Dot Ventures and Green Marine Capital for US$ 482,000.

5. aSpecial Media (Technology Incubation Scheme and Red Dot Ventures)
aSpecial Media provides online behavioral targeting services. The startup assists its clients by building a real-time view of consumer interests via proprietary algorithms. The firm has been funded by Technology Incubation Scheme and Red Dot Ventures with US$ 589,000.

6. Burrple (Neoteny Labs, QuestVC, James Chan, and James Tan)
Burpple is an IOS and Andriod app that allows users to remember, organize, and explore their ‘food moments’. It has been funded by Neoteny Labs, QuestVC, James Chan, and James Tan with US$ 500,000.

7. Carousell (Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, Danny Oei Wiriant, and Darius Cheung)
Carousell is a consumer-to-consumer marketplace app for iOS and Android. The startup has been co-funded by Rakuten, Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, Danny Oei Wiriant, and Darius Cheung with a collective seed capital of US$ 800,000.

8. Chope (Innovsite Ventures and Singapore Press Holdings)
Chope enables restaurant bookings through its website and mobile apps, offering two kinds of table management solutions for restaurants. It has been funded by Innovsite Ventures and Singapore Press Holdings with US$ 3,380,000.

9. Coda Payments (Gate Ventures, Toivo Annus, GMO Venture Partners, Rakuten, and Cyber Agent)
Coda Payments enables customers to make purchases online using their pre- or post-paid mobile accounts and assists mobile operators manage a margin differentiation program that allows them to better monetize their direct billing capabilities. It has been funded by Golden Gate Ventures, Toivo Annus, GMO Venture Partners, Rakuten, and Cyber Agent with US$ 3,200,000.

10. Collabspot (Laurent Gasser, Louis Nauges of Revevol, Kevin Dewalt, and 8 Capita)
Integrating CRM with Gmail, sales email platform Collabspot simplifies data entry and increases productivity. It has a seed funding of US$ 143,000, pooled in by Laurent Gasser (also CEO of Collabspot), Louis Nauges of Revevol, Kevin Dewalt, and 8 Capita.

11. Crayon Data (Jungle Ventures and National Research Foundation)
Crayon Data enables the average business and consumer to harness the power of big data and analytics via an easy to use and off-the-shelf solution. The Singapore-based startup has received a funding of US$ 2,590,000 from Jungle Ventures and National Research Foundation.

12. Crownonomic Media (Undisclosed investors)
Crowdonomic (CWD) is a crowdfunding platform offering a portfolio of different crowdfunding solutions uniquely adapted to the Asia market. It has received funds of an undisclosed amount from undisclosed investors.

13. DocDoc (Dave McClure, Koh Boon Hwee, and Jungle Ventures)
DocDoc is a free user-friendly platform enabling patients to search and book appointments with healthcare professionals using the website or the iOS mobile app. The Singaporean startup has received funding of an undisclosed amount from Dave McClure, Koh Boon Hwee, and Jungle Ventures.

14. Drive.SG (John Tan and Insas Berhad)
Drive.SG is an online rental marketplace dealing in automobiles. The initial seed funding of US$ 157000 was pooled in by Angel investor John Tan. Insas Berhad invested in the renting portal in the Series A of its fundraising, making it US$ 790000.

15. Dropmysite.com (GMO, Xpresso Hosting, and 500 Startups)
Dropmysite is an online product that provides an easy way to store and protect your website data and keeps it safe in case of an emergency. The company runs two websites, Dropmysite.com & Dropmyemail.com. It has been funded with US$ 250,000 by GMO, Xpresso Hosting, and 500 Startups.

16. e27 (B Dash Ventures, Pinehurst Advisors, Ardent Capital, Dan Neary, Merah Putih Incubator, and 8capita Partners)
e27 is a media company focused on growing Asia’s technology startup ecosystem. It has been funded with US$ 615,000 by B Dash Ventures, Pinehurst Advisors, Ardent Capital, Dan Neary, Merah Putih Incubator, and 8capita Partners.

17. EatAds.com (Crystal Horse Ventures)
EatAds.com is an online marketplace for buying and selling outdoor and out-of-home advertising space. It has been funded by Crystal Horse Ventures for an undisclosed amount.

18. eBUS (Jungle Ventures)
eBUS is a cloud computing software development firm that provides video content management and distribution technology for the media industry. This startup from Singapore has been funded by Jungle Ventures for an undisclosed amount.

19. Fastacash (Jungle Ventures, Spring SEEDS Capital, and Spring Singapore)
Fastacash is a global social payments platform and has developed a patent pending link generation technology. It has received a funding of US$ 4,500,000 from Jungle Ventures, Spring SEEDS Capital, and Spring Singapore.

20. FIETT (Red Dot Ventures)
Fun in Ecological Tech Textile (FIETT) offers wearable tech products to its consumers. It has been funded by Red Dot Ventures for an undisclosed amount.

21. First Meta Exchange (Media Development Authority of Singapore and Plug n’ Play)
First Meta Exchange is a virtual currency service for online games and virtual worlds. It has received a funding of US$ 501,000 from Media Development Authority of Singapore and Plug n’ Play.

22. GoCoin (Prolific Venture Capital, Owen Van Natta, Andrew Frame, Bits Angels, Mikael Pawlo, Jonathan Congodon, Ruvento, Ronnie Wee, Gary Stiffelman, David Neuman, and Bitcoinshop)
GoCoin publishes a set of merchant APIs, which is used by companies and independent software developers, for processing of Bitcoin payments. It has received a funding of US$ 2,050,000 from Prolific Venture Capital, Owen Van Natta, Andrew Frame, Bits Angels, Mikael Pawlo, Jonathan Congodon, Ruvento, Ronnie Wee, Gary Stiffelman, David Neuman, and Bitcoinshop.

23. Healint (JFDI.Asia, Shin Ryoku Trust, Sublime IP, and various private investors)
Healint is a healthcare smartphone app for use in emergency situations. It sends out alerts to the user’s loved ones and provides location tracking. JFDI.Asia, Shin Ryoku Trust, Sublime IP, and other private investors have pumped in a total of US$ 112000 for its seed fund.

24. iCarsClub (Red Dot Ventures)
iCarsClub is a car renting online portal that enables car owners to list their vehicles and monetize their idle car time, while car drivers can rent a car at an hourly or day rate. It has been funded by Red Dot Ventures with US$ 3,380,000.

25. Inverted Edge (Accel-X Pte Ltd and Singapore Research Foundation)
Inverted Edge is an online shopping platform for independent fashion designers. It has been funded by Accel-X Pte Ltd and Singapore Research Foundation with US$ 1,600,000.

26. iTwin (Innosight Ventures and Walden International)
iTwin is a USB device that makes remote file access easy and secure. It has received funding of US$ 1,790,000 from Innosight Ventures and Walden International.

27. Klinify (Spring Singapore, JFDI.Asia, and Jungle Ventures)
Klinify is a document management system that is helping private specialist clinics preserve their existing workflow and manage patient records while reducing the clinic’s need for paper processing. It has received a funding of US$ 604,000 from Spring Singapore, JFDI.Asia, and Jungle Ventures.

28. LoveByte (Crystal Horse Ventures and Ruvento)
LoveByte is a mobile app that offers a private interface for two people, allowing them to communicate and share with each other. It has received a funding of US$ 240,000 from Crystal Horse Ventures and Ruvento.

29. Luxola (GREE Ventures and TransCosmos)
Luxola is an online store for skincare and cosmetics in Southeast Asia. It has been funded by GREE Ventures and TransCosmos with US$ 10,600,000.

30. Mig33 (Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Technology Venture Partners, and DCM)
Mig33, with millions of users in over 200 countries, is one of the world’s largest social entertainment platform companies. Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Technology Venture Partners, and DCM have collectively pumped in a seed fund of US$ 32,400,000.

31. Mobikon Asia (Jungle Ventures and Spring Singapore)
Mobikon offers customer experience solution for restaurants via its ‘KONEKT’ platform, which is a CRM and engagement product. It has received a funding of US$ 1,700,000 from Jungle Ventures and Spring Singapore.

32. PayWhere (Red Dot Ventures and Spring Singapore)
PayWhere’s proprietary product TackThis! is a social commerce platform that empowers consumers to start an online shop on social networks easily. It has been funded by Red Dot Ventures and Spring Singapore for an undisclosed amount.

33. Pirate 3d (Red Dot Ventures)
Pirate3D is a 3D printing startup seed-funded by Red Dot Ventures. Pirate’s crowdfunding campaign for the Buccaneer amassed US$ 1,440,000 in pledges from 3,520 backers. The funding by Red Dot Ventures further increased that amount to US$ 1,920,000.

34. Rainmaker Labs (Incuvest and National Research Foundation)
Rainmaker Labs, a tech startup, offers custom mobile and web applications, CRM and Loyalty software, and Beacon development for major mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. It is a venture capital backed company with a funding of US$ 77600 (approx) from Incuvest and National Research Foundation.

35. RedMart (Eduardo Saverin from Facebook, Steve Melhuish and Jani Rautiainen from Property Guru, Meng Weng Wong from JFDI, and Wee Teng Wen, The Lo & Behold Group from Lion Rock Capital)
RedMart is a platform that enables manufacturers to bypass retailers and engage shoppers directly. The online supermarket also provides manufacturers with pioneering marketing capabilities and data analytics. They have big names like Eduardo Saverin (Facebook co-founder) and Meng Weng Wong (co-founder of incubator JFDI) on their investor list.

36. Save 22 (Crystal Horse Investments, Little Lights Capital, Nuffnang, Dropmyemail, Frenzoo, and Strategia Ventures)
Save22 is an Asian web and mobile shopping app, which is available on iOS and Android devices. The seed fund of around US$ 100000 has been provided by Crystal Horse Investments, Little Lights Capital, Nuffnang, Dropmyemail, Frenzoo, and Strategia Ventures.

37. Shopspot (Jungle Ventures, SingTel Innov8, and Kric Nalamlieng)
ShopSpot is a mobile shopping platform, which allows local, lifestyle brands and retailers to connect, engage, and sell directly to consumers. This startup from Singapore has received funds of US$ 628,000 from Jungle Ventures, SingTel Innov8, and Kric Nalamlieng.

38. Snyppit (Jungle Ventures and National Research Foundation)
Snyppit is a mobile video application that allows users to personalize and decorate short videos with stickers, frames, borders, and chat bubbles. It received a funding of US$ 521,000 from Jungle Ventures and National Research Foundation.

39. Socialwalk (Crystal Horse Ventures)
Socialwalk connects businesses to buyers, suppliers, and partners. It has been funded by Crystal Horse Ventures for an undisclosed amount.

40. Taggo (Spring Capital Partners and Jungle Ventures)
Taggo is a cloud-based marketing platform. It provides free service for merchants, sponsored by payment brands, banks, and credit card companies. The company has received funds of an undisclosed amount from Spring Capital Partners and Jungle Ventures.

41. TradeGecko (WaveMaker Labs and Golden Gate Ventures)
TradeGecko enables SME wholesalers and distributors manage their entire businesses, sales & supply chains, inventory, orders, sales, relationships, etc. WaveMaker Labs and Golden Gate Ventures have co-funded the software service with a seed fund of US$ 660,000.

42. Travelogy (Crystal Horse Ventures)
Travelogy provides infocomm and digital media solutions to the travel and hospitality industry. It has been funded by Crystal Horse Ventures for US$ 197,500.

43. VanityTrove (Incuvest)
VanityTrove is a portal for companies in the beauty and cosmetics industry to market their products to their desired target group beauty box in Asia. It has been funded by Incuvest for an undisclosed amount.

44. VaultDragon (JFDI.Asia)
VaultDragon offers web and mobile applications affordable, secure, and on-demand storage solutions. The integrated urban storage company allows users to deposit, manage, and retrieve their belongings on the go. It was funded by JFDI.Asia with US$ 91,500.

45. Voyagin (Digital Garage)
Voyagin is an online marketplace enabling users to host, discover, and book unique travel experiences in Asia. The Singaporean startup has received a funding of an undisclosed amount from Digital Garage and other investors.


If you know of a funded Singaporean startup you would want to see on this list, let us know in the comments section. We will add them to this list of startups in Singapore.

In case you are an entrepreneur / VC looking to hire startup talent for Singapore, send me a mail on waqar [at} sutrahr.com or call me on +91 922 221 3196.


Startup Hiring Tips: How to Keep a Check on Relocation Fallout Candidates


Startup Hiring Candidate Relocation“I am sorry, but I can’t join this firm. My wife isn’t comfortable with relocating”. Does that line strike a chord with you? Fallouts for jobs that require relocation have proven to be a constant headache, whether it is an HR firm or a startup.

All the time invested, from generating the leads, conducting preliminary interviews, scheduling the main interview rounds with your client, and following up goes down the drain with that one phone call. What’s worse is that this also strains your client relationships.

It’s time to pause and look at the problem from a bird’s eye view. Is there a way to circumvent the incidence of candidate relocation fallouts? If not completely circumvent, is it possible to avoid them? Here are some startup hiring tips:


There’s always a way. We’ve got one right here!
You could start by conducting a simple, internal study to understand the situation better. We suggest you get inputs from all the HR representatives who have experienced relocation lead fallouts. You could have a meeting with all of them. There are chances of it getting chaotic and loud, but as long as someone’s penning down every relevant thing that is being said, all is well. You could send a quick mailer to your representatives for the same.

The main purpose of this discussion would be to get a list of reasons that have been given by the fallouts (Read excuses). One more hiring tip is that you could also ask for specific information. Include not just the reasons given by the fallouts, but also details like which city to which city the fallout was required to relocate from. There are many ways this list can help you in. First up, it’ll be possible to notice a pattern, if any exists. For example, a regular reason that leads candidates from the north refuse to relocate to the south is that ‘you don’t get (good) food’. Identify what point in the recruiting process do these fallouts, well, fall out. It’ll help devise a strategic method for nipping the problem in the bud.

Place personal questions craftily
The best tried and tested way of reducing the number of fallouts is making a standard list of queries for relocation candidates. Jot down everything you need to ask the candidate before forwarding the profile to the client. Mellow down the outrageous questions, but be sure to ask them. Let’s say you want to check if this person from North India is going to have food issues when asked to relocate to a city in Southern India. How does an HR representative go about it? Ask him if he’s worked in that city before. If he hasn’t, ask if he’ll be comfortable with the change in lifestyle, food, or other small but relevant things.

What really hurts an HR firm is not the fact that the lead has voiced certain reasons for not wanting to relocate, but the fact that they voiced their reasons too late. By the time they’ve thrown their hands in the air and shook their heads, your client is already sitting on the fallout’s profile. That is what we need to cut down on. So we ask them questions on the very first call itself. We give them a chance to voice their hesitation before you’ve forwarded the profile.

We’ve got a few suggestions / hiring tips about what you can put into the questionnaire. These are based on an internal study conducted by us at SutraHR. The relevance of certain questions may vary depending on the candidate / scenario:

1. What’s your permanent address?
We want to know what city the candidate grew up in, or where his family may be located.

2. Marital status (married/engaged/single)?
If yes, their partner may have a major influence over their relocating decisions. Also, check if the spouse is also working. Their location compatibility would matter in that case.

3. When do you plan on getting married?
The wedding bells will also announce long holidays.

4. Your reason for relocation?
A strong, practical reason will indicate that he is serious about the relocation.

5. Who will relocate with you?
The apprehensions about relocating will increase with the number of people relocating.

6. Do you have any children of your own?
Ask about the age as well. If the child is old enough to attend school, the candidate may quote school admission difficulties and related issues as a reason for refusing to join.

7. Are you aware of the cost of living in the city you may have to relocate to?
A gentle reminder that it will differ from the one he’s living in now and that they might want to look it up.

8. Do you have any friends or family in the new city?
If yes, a candidate would be more comfortable with relocating.

9. Have you worked in any other city?
Has he relocated before, is what you’re trying to ask. You have lesser things to worry about if the answer is a yes.

10. Can you check with your family and get back to us?
This serves two purposes. One, they sense that they can’t take this posting lightly and two, they do get time to consult. If your client wants the profiles on the same day, give the candidates a smaller span of time before you follow up. This way, you’re disarming them of the “My wife said no” excuse.


This questionnaire can also be sent via mail. The catch with mailing the questionnaire is that not all candidates may reply on time. Mailing the questionnaire is also redundant when it comes to senior positions. The most efficient and dependable method is to ask all the questions over the phone. Display copies of the questionnaire around the space from which your HR representatives operate. Let them keep copies of it on their desk so they could use it as a checklist. As long as your recruiters follow the method diligently, the number of your relocation fallouts will go down. Again, this is one of the many tips of keeping relocation fallout rates in check.

Feel free to share any additions you’d like to make, via the comments section below. We’re all ears for suggestions and feedback.


Top 100 Startups in India to Watch in 2014


Top Startups IndiaAfter the great response we received for our last article — list of top 100 startups in 2013, we are now back with a bang! Here is the list of startups in India to look out for in 2014 – presented by SutraHR. In retrospect, 2013 saw a number of ingenious startups blooming across India. Some pushing the limits while some startups crumbling to dust. Nevertheless, with its highs and lows, the Indian startup scene has grabbed global eyeballs and continues to do so with many promising startups emerging. Along with expert inputs from Mr Waqar Azmi, CEO, Sutra Services, we’ve collated this list of ingenious startups that have made their mark on the startup fraternity of India.

Update: Top Startups in India 2020


New Year has rolled and the list of 2018 has come in too!

Name[attr sort=”false”],Description
Airstream – Lets you stream your PC data on your tablets and smartphones.
AlmaConnect – Website that connects you with your alumni network.
Appiterate – Delhi-based WYSIWYG A/B testing platform for app developers and publishers.
AppSurfer  – Marketing tool to make your app/product/service more interactive and engaging.
Artoo – “Helps businesses to capture, analyse and process information through mobiles/smartphones/tablets.”
AxisRooms – ,”A platform where hotels can manage their contracts, B2B partners and other hotel distributions.”
BedBathMore – Online shopping portal dedicated to home furnishings.
Birds Eye Systems – Provides real-time traffic information and traffic flows.
bluegape – Website that helps brands launch their fan merchandise.
Brizz TV – They aim to bring the best of internet on the TV with just a set-top box.
Cashkaro – “India’s leading cashback and coupon website, who have partnered with many big brands like Flipkart, Jet Airways, Myntra, Expedia.”
Chumbak – Website where you can buy funky products and fridge magnets inspired by India.
CipherCloud – Software that protects your data on cloud.
ClickAstro.com – Readers Choice,Website offering services and information related to different branches of astrology.
CloudMunch – A full stack DevOps platform for developers.
Contify – A product that acts as your personal industry news reporter.
CouponDunia – Find discount coupons of various top brands.
Crayon Data – Aims to make big data simplified.
Credii – “A platform that helps companies discover, select and buy great services and software.”
CrudeArea – Online graphic art marketplace.
CultureAlley – Learn languages with free audio-visual videos and vocabulary sessions.
DailyObjects – Online site for electrical gadgets and accessories.
DataWeave – “Aggregates, organizes and visualizes data points across the web and makes them available to your apps and analytics.”
Deck – A new kind of presentation app that is simple and effortless.
Delhivery – Simplified logistics solution for ecommerce businesses.
DeliveryChef – Online portal for ordering food with a huge list of local restaurants.
DocSuggest – Website where you can search for doctors in your city.
EasyRewardz – Collaborative market place where members can track and manage their loyalty balances.
Engrave – “Deals in customized wallpapers, posters, engravings, signboards etc.”
Eventifier – “Lets you archive and save all your photos, videos, tweets, conversations, etc from various events.”
Examify – Website for students where they can find questions on any subject and also practise them on various levels.
Fab Bag – “An online store for high quality, branded cosmetics for men and women.”
FabAlley – Indian shopping portal for women clothing and accessories.
Flat.to – “Startup catering to college students, working professionals and outstation individuals on their accommodations needs.”
FlatPebble – Website where you can search and hire for photographers for any occasion.
FlexiMoms – “Flexijobs, part-time work, consultant, remote working options, etc for Indian women.”
Fork Media – An ad solutions startup helping businesses with their brand awareness.
Giftery – Website where you can book gift packages and deals for your friends and loved ones.
Gingr – App that has introduced handles for businesses and allows its users to solve their queries over an instant message.
Girnar Soft – IT company that works on offshore products and outsourced software development.
Giveter – S-commerce website that finds out the recipient’s interests on FB to help you gift better.
Grabhouse –  India’s first roommate search engine.
Haptik –  Allows users to have direct conversations with companies over an SMS.
Heckyl Technologies – Big data based analytical platform for businesses.
Homeveda – A repositiory of how-to videos on curing some common diseases and ailments with the use of Ayurveda.
Hope Monkey – Website that helps you support causes and donate to various NGOs.
Housing – Online portal that lets you search for apartments on rent or on sale.
ideaDevice – Data center automation startup.
IIMjobs – Online management job portal.
India Circus – Online shopping portal for various decorative items.
InOpen – An IIT Bombay startup that focuses on developing in-depth and well researched academic content.
JustUnfollow – ,An app for Twitter users that lets you unfollow people.
Kartrocket – Aims to simplify online selling in India.
LIQVD Asia – Asia’s first digital experiential marketing company.
Little Eye Labs – Acquired by Facebook,Builds mobile app analysis tools that give detailed insights about the behavior of the app.
ManagementParadise.com – “Website offering educational queries, help for projects, etc to management students.”
MagnetWorks – Helps small and medium businesses by providing real-time analytics tools.
MediaAnt – Bridges the gap between businesses and media agencies.
MetisMe – Attachment management system that helps you handle and organize your emails better.
Milaap – “Connects borrowers who need money for a small business, education, etc with lenders.”
Mobikwik – Website where you can recharge and pay all your bills online.
Moojic – “Digital jukebox for restaurants, cafes, gyms and bars.”
Musafir – Travel website that offers flights to over 3000 destinations around the world.
NowFloats – Website creators for small and medium businesses.
Online Prasad – Delivers prasad and other auspicious items from various pilgrimage spots at your doorstep.
Palet.ly – “Online community that showcases celebrity styles, street styles and funky wear, which can be then bought from the linked ecommerce websites.”
Phone Warrior – Spam guard for mobile phones.
Poster Gully – “Online fan merchandise store with products inspired from famous TV shows, movies, football players, witty quotes, etc.”
PriceBaba – Search engine that helps you compare prices of various gadgets.
Purplle  – “Online store for buying cosmetics, haircare, skincare products, etc.”
Qyuki  – Social media platform for artists.
ReachAccount – Software that caters to all your accounting needs.
RecruiterBox – An easy and affordable recruiting software.
SayShaadi.com – Premium online solution for Indian weddings that has everything and anything that a to-be couple need for the big day.
ShepHertz – Cloud ecosystem provider that offers mobile backend as a service.
Shopsense – Helps retailers engage customers and give them a better shopping experience.
Simplify360 – Provides an integrated enterprise solution to businesses for their social needs.
SkoolShop – Deals with all school and academically needed products.
SnapLion – Instant app builder for brands.
Spotzot – Enables retailers and brands to reach out to customers by way of promotions and coupons.
Stayzilla – Helps you make accommodation arrangements in the remotest of places across India.
The Label Corp – Online retail store that has celebrity directors on board who style and design products.
Thrill – A mobile dating app.
Thrillophilia – India’s leading activity travel curator.
Ticket Goose – Online portal for booking bus tickets.
Tookitaki – Ad technology platform.
Travel Triangle – Offers travellers customized deals from local travel vendors.
TravelKhana – Provides quality food in trains across various stations in India.
Truly Madly – Online dating site.
uFaber – “Offers various courses on online marketing, web designing, app building, etc.”
Viral Mint – Online social marketing tool.
VoiceTree – Cloud-based telephony solutions company.
Voxapp – “A SaaS platform for mobile surveys, deployment and data collection.”
We Are Holidays – Online holiday planner.
Wheebox – Leading online talent assessment company.
White Collar Hippie – Offers unique outdoor experiences.
Wishberg – “Lets you build, manage and track your wishes online.”
Wooplr – “Social discovery platform that helps connect people with local businesses based on interests, location, and social circles.”
Zepo – Aims to simplify e-commerce for small businesses.
Zoomcar – Self-drive car hire service.


1) We have listed out the top 100 startups based on:
Traction: How well these Indian startups are receiving a market validation for its business model. Basically, how well the consumers are taking to the product/service.
Potential Market: How big is the market share for the respective product/service. Will the product be welcomed with wide arms in the market or will it be just another not-so-great product.
Pedigree of the Team: The background and professional credentials of the startup’s team members. Many of these listed startups are by IITians and past employees of big MNCs as well as professionals with a rich experience in the field.
Scalability: Even if the initial idea of the product/service is extraordinary, is there a chance for the business to grow? These startups have shown great potential and many have also received fundings, while others are not so far behind in line.

2) If you want to build a team for your startup, click here.

Disclaimer: We have worked with many startups mentioned in the list, and have built teams & hired extensively for them.


eCommerce Platform KartRocket Raises Seed Funding from 500 Startups and 5ideas Startup Superfuel


ecommerce platform kartrocketCompanies that sell eCommerce platforms have been doing good businesses, as more and more businesses are taking the online retail route. Now Business Standards reports about the launch of KartRocket, a new ecommerce platform by Big Foot Retail Solutions, a Delhi-based startup. It has raised a seed fund (amount undisclosed) from 5ideas Startup Superfuel, 500 Startups and angel investor Jatin Anejat.

The KartRocket ecommerce platform is targeted towards Indian SMEs and retailers. It will enable them to boost their online sales and offers end-to-end marketing and sales tools with the help of which customers would not only be able to sell their products online, but also market them. This option would allow their customers to enjoy online exposure that would help in making more sales. The stores are available within a wide range of prices, with the basic stores starting at Rs 500 per month going up to Rs 7000 per month for high end options.

Integrating domestic and international payment options that cover both prepaid and cash on delivery with the help of PayU and citruspay, it has created a well-knit platform for sales. The KartRocket ecommerce platform features ShipRocket for shipping and returning of goods, selling and managing orders across other online market places like eBay and Amazon. It also offers in-built features for marketing products and services like coupons, viral marketing tools, gift certificates, Facebook selling, automatic onsite SEO, etc

Kartrocket has already launched its public beta in the month of January and its operations have commenced too. Till date it has acquired more than 100 paying customers and over 500 trial customers. The ecommerce platform has been customized and tailored keeping Indian customers in mind, thus a bonus for the Indian sellers.


Top 60 Startups in Dubai

Top Startups Middle East

The Middle East is turning out to be a haven for entrepreneurs, and the region has seen many top startups and new-age companies evolve. SutraHR commenced operations in the region last year, enabling many top startups in the Middle East to hire great talent. Over the last few months, we have researched and come across some brilliant and innovative new companies in the Middle East. Knowledge should be free, and that’s why we’ve decided to share this list of best companies in the region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, etc). The following list contains the top startups in the Dubai (in alphabetical order). Feel free to use the comment section below and share your thoughts on these startups. In case, you know any top startup from the region, do share it in the comments section.

Abi Sayara – Online market for buyers and sellers of new and used vehicles in the Middle East.
Acadox – Cloud-based platform for managing academic-social life for students, teachers, and educational institutes.
Addy – Leading eCommerce solution to locate places quickly, using a smartphone or nearby landmarks.
Amourah – Online lingerie store for women in the Middle East.
Ananasa – Online marketplace to buy & sell handmade items made in the Middle East.
Aqaari – Real estate portal for corporates and students in Saudi Arabia.
Arabian Code – Augmented reality app for the Middle East.
ArabRooms – Online reservation portal offering accommodation services in Saudi Arabia as well as other countries.
Bebuzzd – Multi-store loyalty program for companies in Middle East.
Careem – Online booking service for licensed chauffeur-driven cars across the Middle East.
cashU – Top online payment gateway in MENA.
Cobone – Deal-of-the-day website for the Middle East.
DAO Games – Middle East-based MMO games publisher.
Desado – Online platform to find new and exciting design-led items for the Middle East.
Dubizzle – Online classified advertisements website to buy, sell and find things within local communities.
Duplays – Online platform facilitating and organizing local sports leagues.
Eureeca – Online crowdinvesting platform that connects investors with growing businesses and SMEs online.
Eve Arabia – Comprehensive social servicing website for women.
fishfishme – Online platform for fishing enthusiasts to find and book fishing charters around the world.
GenieTag – Cloud-based platform that unites loyalty programs, referral marketing, and social networks.
Glowork – Website dedicated to female recruitment in the Middle East.
Go2Emirates – Largest online guide in the UAE.
Gradberry – Online platform that connects students and new grads with career opportunities.
HungerStation – Multi-city online food delivery network in the Middle East.
Ihjoz – Digital platform to buy and sell tickets on the web and mobile in the Middle East.
ikoo – Largest online advertising network in MENA.
Infinitec – Top tech startup that develops innovative products.
Innspec – Online network for hotel suppliers & designers.
Istikana – Website for premium, on-demand Arabic video content.
JadoPado – Instant gratification eCommerce platform for the Middle East.
Jeeran – Local reviews platform for the Middle East.
Knot Standard – eCommerce website for men’s suits.
Laimoon – Online discovery platform that matches professionals to better career opportunities.
MarkaVIP – Invitation-only online shopping community.
Masmoo3 – First specialized digital audio books production and publishing house in the Middle East.
MeaCars – Largest free listing of used cars in MENA.
Mena 360 – Turn-key service provider for e-commerce companies.
Monaqasat – Leading Cloud eTendering solution in the Middle East.
Motakalem – Online easy to use video spokesperson service.
Mubawab – Top classifieds website in MENA.
MumzWorld – Largest shopping website in Middle East selling childcare and mothercare products.
Nabbesh – Middle East’s only virtual skills marketplace.
Namshi – Online shopping website that caters to all the GCC countries.
noviplus – eCommerce website for health products.
Publiseek – Top media startup that connects PR reps to journalists & bloggers.
Qaym – Arabic-language local search and review site on restaurants and cafes around the world.
Qordoba Translation – Web-based content creation and translation company based in Dubai.
RoundMenu – Website offering an easy access restaurant promotions with exclusive discount.
Safe Road – Specialized GPS solutions and tracking system for vehicles in the Middle East.
Search in MENA – Online business search engine for businesses in the Middle East.
ShopGo – Hosted and localized eCommerce platform for MENA merchants.
Sukar – Online private shopping club in the Middle East.
swipezoom – Fully automated end-to-end eCommerce solution.
Tawlat – Free online booking and reservation service for restaurants.
The Luxury Closet – eCommerce website for new and pre-owned luxury bags.
Wamda – Online platform designed to empower entrepreneurs in the MENA region.
Wamli – Social centric platform based on loyalty and rewards programme.
Wannaask.me – Tool to ask anonymous questions on Facebook.
Wysada – Leading, luxury interiors, members-only, online private sales club for the Middle East.
YaDig – Middle East’s largest reviewing community and business listings website.

Disclaimer: We have worked with a few top startups from the Middle East mentioned in the list.

Note 1: If you are a startup or a new-age company looking to hire talent, please drop in a mail to waqar {at) sutrahr.com or call us on +91 22 4266 9487.

Note 2: For more information on the methodology used to compile the list, please drop in a mail to waqar (at} sutrahr.com.


Executive Search Firms Helpful for Startups in India: redBus CEO Phanindra Sama


Executive Search Firm PhanindraThe startup industry in India has been flourishing at an appreciable pace. Quite a few successful startups have been acquired by popular and established companies. The recent acquisition of redBus.in by the ibibo Group is one such success story. Now in an interview with NextBigWhat, Phanindra Sama, the chief executive officer of redBus, spoke about their journey and highlighted the importance of executive search firms for Indian startups. Phanindra was asked about the things that he could have done differently with redBus. He replied, “Many things. But one thing that comes to mind is that we should have used an executive search firm to find senior management. I didn’t do it at the time because I thought it was expensive. But the value they can add is huge. I would hire early rather than wait until we can afford.”

In addition to highlighting the significance of executive search firms for startups in India, Phanindra shared many interesting tidbits about redBus, including lessons learned during funding, ESOPs, and work-life balance. For the uninitiated, redBus is an online portal, which sells bus tickets online for intercity bus routes in India.

We completely agree with Phanindra Sama’s views on using executive search firms to hire senior lever executives. With the rising number of tech startups, executive search firms are gaining a lot of importance. At SutraHR, we have helped hundreds of Indian tech startups, SaaS companies, and digital agencies to hire mid to senior level professionals.


Hiring Top Executive Search Firms in India


Top Executive Search Firm IndiaIf you are hiring for a post in your organization, you need to get the word out. Therefore you will basically need the opening to be advertised for. Since going door-to-door or releasing a television commercial is redundant and impractical, you will need a sensible way to go about this, and that’s why you have to bring on board top executive search firms in India.

Here are few reasons for top executive search firms:

Recruitment requires a mode of advertisement that is widespread. Since talent and qualifications aren’t mostly limited to geographical locations, your ideal candidate could be anywhere. Your announcement of the opening needs to reach as far and wide as possible. What better way to reach the ends of the earth than through the world wide web.

The job description needs to be descriptive and informative, and a top executive search firm can help you achieve this. That in itself is an elimination process. It not only helps the potential candidate to shortlist the job based on their skills and interests, but also helps you find a candidate that best fits their description. Top executive search consultants have the freedom to be descriptive about the job profile, location, annual income etc.

Time Efficient
Whether you are managing a multinational corporation or a small business, time can’t be wasted on every activity of the firm. Recruitment in a time efficient manner is something that every firm would gladly prefer. Having hundreds of candidates pour into your firm expecting things from the job that don’t even exist in the description is a waste. It will waste an entire productive day of all your employees, the interviewer etc.

Cost Efficient
Although you may have to pay your recruitment firm, it nevertheless is cost efficient. Top executive search firms take care of several aspects of recruitment. Getting the word out, finding candidates with minimal requirements and even short-listing them to a certain extent is all taken care of. If you were to do the same on your own, the pursuit would be tiring, confusing, and a waste of money. And you would also have to worry about advertising for the opening yourself.

Hiring a top executive search firm would make your search quicker and could yield results within minutes of getting the word out there. Quick applications based on released job description are what top executive search firms in India are here to offer.

Hiring an executive search firm, such as SutraHR, is one way to do away with your recruitment troubles.

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