Venture Capital Firms SingaporeSingapore has been titled the friendliest country to conduct business in for six consecutive years. Yet, startups and medium size businesses budding in the country have often thirsted for funding and developing venture capital within the country has been no mean feat. This has even compelled Singaporean entrepreneurs to set base outside the nation’s boundaries. Recently though, the scene has reversed. With the government initiating programs like the “Technology Incubation Scheme” in 2010, Singapore is all geared up to be the world’s next Silicon Valley.

We are now listing out the top venture capital firms in Singapore in our effort to assist startups across the nation. After all, SutraHR is all about helping startups and new age companies in Singapore!
1. 3V Sourceone Capital
Key People: Tan Kim Seng, Michael Wu, and Jeffrey Khoo (Managing Directors)

Founded in 2000, 3V Sourceone Capital has its offices in Singapore and the Silicon Valley. The venture capital firm from Singapore funds young companies that have an Asian connect. Its portfolio includes Astronergy, Chemnavigator Inc, China Medstar, CNC Holdings Limited, Equvo, Intracel Holding Corp, and Payease Corp.

2. 8capita
Key People: Nic Lim, Brian Wee, John Tan, and Bo Zhang (Partners)

8capita follows a simple investment philosophy, “Great Ideas, Exceptional Talent”. This Singaporean VC firm has invested in Adventure Link, Campus, e27, Frenzoo, Little Lives, Marcella, Paofit, Payroll Hero, Perx, Scoop, Snooth, Ubertor, and Zeguestlist.

3. Abacus Capital
Key People: Hogi Hyun (Managing Director) and Casey Kwan and Chandrashekhar Gupta (Directors)

Abacus Capital entered lifestyle investments in 2003 and has funded AbacusArt and Vitis Fine Wine Collections. Headquartered in Singapore with an office in Malaysia as well, the venture capital company exercises its expertise in asset management and investments.

4. Azione
Key People: Nicholas Chan (Founder & Director)

Azione (founded in 2009) is one of the very few startup incubators to be approved under the microfunding scheme by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. It invests in digital media, energy and maritime industry, and mobile communication agencies emerging in Asia.

5. BAF Spectrum
Key People: Prof. Wong Poh Kam (Chairman) and Sanjeev Shah (Managing Director)

BAF Spectrum is a SPRING Singapore approved investor under the Business Angel Scheme and invests in young Asian startups. Its investment portfolio includes Anacle, Anafore, Game Ventures, Healthrends Medical Investments Pte Ltd, iXiGO.com, MOZAT, and Progeniq.

6. BioVeda
Key People: Damien Lim, Dr. Juanita Fu, and Dr. Kho Choon Joo (General Partners)

BioVeda majorly invests in small to medium size companies from the healthcare sector. It has invested in companies like Aslan Pharmaceuticals, Clearbridge BioMedics, Dynavax Technologies, Kiadis Pharma, Memory Pharmaceuticals, MerLion Pharmaceuticals, NOD Pharmaceuticals, Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Renovis, and Renovo.

7. Crystal Horse Investments
Key People: Dr. Michiel Adriaan Wind (CEO)

Crystal Horse Investments has been around since 2010 and has invested in more than 30 startups over the last four years including ClassWright, DeliverEat, DocuBuzz, Gilocrux, Hipflat, JoinMethere.TV, Kwix, LawCanvas, Minematic, NexxCrunch, and VogueIsMe. It is the official fun manager of an Asian reality TV series related to entrepreneurship.

8. Enspire Capital
Key People: Chay Kwong Soon (Founder & Chairman)

Enspire Capital invests in startups emerging in the fields of internet, new energy, media & telecommunication, medical technology, and technology. Though headquartered in Singapore, it has marked its presence in US (West Coast), China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong through strategic partnerships with venture capitalists in those regions. This VC has funded firms like A10 Network, Amplus Communication, Cipherium System Co. Ltd, Create Electronic, Optical Co. Ltd, DynaScan, Egis Technology Inc, Ether Optronics, FocalTech, and GenieNRM.

9. Extream Ventures
Key People: Pierre Hennes (Managing Partner)

Established in 2009, Extream Ventures invests in young Singaporean startups with interests in areas such as communications, interactive media, and IT software & solutions. It has pumped capital into JustCommodity, Sambaash, and Tera-Barrier Films.

10. Green Marine Capital
Key People: Sverre Prytz (Managing Director)

Green Marine Capital (GMC) is a part BW Group’s effort to encourage the development of environment-friendly technological solutions for the maritime industry. Established in 2011, the venture capital firm has invested in some 5 companies till date — Ascenz, Barrier Tech, CleanHull, NovaTorque, and OceanSaver.

11. Golden Gate Ventures
Key People: Vinnie Lauria and Jeffrey Paine (Founding Partners)

Golden Gate Ventures entered the investing arena only a couple of years back, in 2012. The venture capital firm holds a minority stake in the companies it invests in, allowing the founders to sit in the driving seat. It has invested in several startups providing consumer internet services, including firms like AngelList, Bilna.com, Carousell, Coda, Lenddo, Nitrous, Noonswoon, Redmart, Sendah, TradeGecko, and Waygo.

12. IncuVest
Key People: Ronnie Wee and Natasha Foong (Managing Partners)

Founded in 2011, IncuVest invests in technology startups with services in analytics, big data, ecommerce, gaming, and social media. The investor and incubator is supported by National Research Foundation and by the Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore. It has so far invested in Chope, Cinarra, CutCue, GoCoin, Inverted Edge, Prisonhood, Rainmaker Labs, VanityTrove, and Zelrealm.

13. Infocomm Investments
Key People: Dr. Alex Lin (Head)

A subsidiary of the IDA (Infocomm Development Authority), Infocomm Investments accelerates tech startups, specifically from Singapore. It has invested in JustCommodity, Bubbly, DataXu, Gengo, Guardtime, Mobilewalla, Quid, Reebonz, and Twilio.

14. Joyful Frog Digital Incubator Asia
Key People: Hugh Mason (Co-founder & CEO)

Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) Asia has supported over 45 startups through its startup accelerator program. The investor group hosts a weekly ‘open house’ at its headquarters where investors meet entrepreneurs over coffee. It focuses mainly on startups budding in Singapore. enMarkit, FamilyKo, Fetch Fans, Flocations, MOLOME, ShopSpot, Skimbl, and TapTalents are part of its success stories.

15. Jungle Ventures
Key People: Amit Anand (Founding Partner) and Jayesh Parekh (Managing Partner)

Jungle Ventures, though based in Singapore, has given flight to startups from Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and US. It also operates as a seed funder and incubator in India and Singapore. In the last three years, it has invested in firms like CinemaCraft, Crayon, DocDoc, Edrolo, ekstop.com, Fastacash, FlickBay, Klinify, Milaap, Mobikon, TwitMusic, Voyagin, and ZipDial.

16. Neoteny Labs
Key People: Joichi Ito (General Partner)

Neoteny Labs works with consumer internet startups from Asia and the Middle East. It has funded firms like ADZ, Airtime, Animoca, Burrple, Chalkboard, Formlabs, GameClosure, Hellofax, ImpulseFlyer, Insync, Lanyrd, Lumatic, and SeatMe.

17. OWW Capital Partners
Key People: Bien Chuan Tan (Co-founder & Managing Director)

OWW Capital Partners is a service industry oriented venture firm. Established in 1991, OWW is an old player in the investments scenario and has invested in over 60 startups including Anacle Systems Pvt Ltd, eGuide Singapore Pte Ltd, Global, InfoTech, i-Magination Group Pte Ltd, JustCommodity Software Solution Pte Ltd, Oniontech, and Shanghai Newtouch Software co. Ltd.

18. Springboard-Harper
Key People: Dr. Ng Cher Yew (Chairman & Managing Director)

Springboard-Harper was formed in 2000 and invests in technology enterprises. It has invested in firms like China Broad Media Corporation, Digital Broadband Communications, DivX Inc, Focus Media Holding Ltd, Tracetracker, VeriSilicon, DynaScan, and Silicon Motion. It majorly invests in businesses from Asia (excluding Japan), US, and Singapore.

19. SEAVI Advent
Key People: Tan Keng Boon and Derrick Lee (Managing Partners)

SEAVI Advent has invested in firms from a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to shipping companies to online dating communities. It focuses mainly on Asian and Southeast Asian companies and has been around since 1984. This Singaporean venture firm’s portfolio includes companies like Asia Health Century, Chic Logistics, China Sunsine, Dynamic Colours, HQ Global Education, Jaixing Advansil, Shengli Oil and Gas, SinoFriends, Sunvic Chemicals, and Yangzijiang Shipbuilding.

20. SingTel Innov8
Key people: William Bao Bean and Jeff Karras (Managing Directors)

SingTel Innov8 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SingTel Group. It focuses on technology startups all over the world, mainly from Asia and Africa. Some of its investees are Baynote, Bubble Motion, Deaslised, Guanxi.me, InGameAd, Moment.me, Ness Computing, Nexage, Qvivo, Sentilla, and Uniqlick.

21. Sirius Venture Capital
Key People: Eugene Wong (Founder & Managing Director)

Ajisen Chian Holdings Ltd, Japan Food Holding Ltd, Jason Marine Group Ltd, Neo Group Limited, and Singapore Kitchen Equipment are some of the companies that Sirius Venture Capital has invested in. Founded in 2002, the entrepreneurial firm invests in small to medium size businesses in Singapore as well as overseas.

22. Stream Global
Key People: William Liu (Chairman & Managing Partner)

Stream Global is closely involved with emerging businesses in the infocomm technology and digital media. This Singaporean venture capital company has so far invested in E1 Studio, EventCliQue, Mayn Interactive, Stream Media, and SyQic Capital, offering not just investment but also notable contributions to refine strategies, strengthen operations, and foster the growth of its investees.

23. TNF Ventures
Key People: Shirley Wong (Managing Partner)

TNF Ventures (TNFV) invests in digital, eco-related, medical, telecommunications, and technology startups. The venture firm has invested in startups like Express In Music, Flocations, Mobile Media Creations, Ohanae, Quantine, TradeHero, Tribehired, and W-Locate. It assists investees with its well-knit network spanning across America and Asia.

24. Upstream Ventures
Key People: Carmelo Pistrorio (Managing Partner)

Upstream Ventures is associated with startups blooming in China, India, and Singapore. It gives these businesses the push they need to hit the global markets with their innovations. The industries that this venture capital firm invests cover a huge range, including sectors like digital media, IT solutions, semiconductors and security & biometrics. Its portfolio includes Tagit, XID Technologies (acquired), and Singular ID.
We have tried our best to include the top venture capital firms from Singapore. If we did manage to miss a firm you know of, do let us know. We’d gladly update our list. Our hope is that this list of venture capitalists will help all the budding entrepreneurs in Singapore. Share it in your network so it reaches businesses in need.

Note: These Singaporean VC companies have been arranged in an alphabetical order. The list does not indicate at any rank system or hierarchy.

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