Our team has gown from the last time we wrote about “You know you are at Sutra if…”. Today we are strong team of 30 who make it a unique place to work at.
Here are 15 points which make Sutra a fun place:
1. The average number of candles on every birthday cake, never exceeds 23 (max 24).
2. One of the first sounds any visitor will notice are: HAHAHA or HEHEHEHE (scooby doo style) or HOHOHOHAHA. These are just a few of the various varieties of laughter you can discover, which you never thought existed or are humanly possible.
3. Walk in, anytime. Walk out, anytime. Just make sure there’s 9 hours between the “in” and “out” OR there’s a proof that you’ve earned your team some good amount of money that day (cheque or closure).
4. During lunch time, you’ll forget which dabba is yours’ and end up having cuisine from all around India.
5. You find the bosses washing plates or serving coffee to everyone in the team.
6. Training and development starts with how to sit on your chair, or switch off the fans/lights/plug points when you leave.
7. Jay is about employee management (work hard) where as Waqar is about employee retention (party harder).
8. Everyone is single and the only married person never tells the new guy she’s married.
9. Calories are discussed with lots of seriousness, and promises are made to join the gym or climb up the stairs to office next day. Few minutes later you’ll here things like, “hello? yeah, please send a large cheese burst, with extra chicken toppings” OR “bhaiyya ek paneer roll bhejna jaldi” OR “ek plate sev puri, doh plate bhel puri, aur dahi papdi chaat”
10. Wearing formals is considered “weird” and sometimes even a sign that you went for a job interview somewhere else!
11. After 9pm you’ll hear rock/trance/bollywood/hip-hop music in the private terrace lounge of our office, and the air will be filled with the smell of Apple, Pan Masala, Kacchi Kairee, and god knows what! (various hukka flavours).
12. Every Monday the office looks like that scene from the movie “Hangover”, when everyone wakes up and can’t remember what happened last night. Basically, like a place where you know someone had a rocking weekend!
13. Ex employees are often dropping by to say how much they miss us. Basically, you might stop working here but will never stop hanging out.
14. Don’t be surprised if you find an email in your inbox with the Subject: “Please Flush Your Shit!” (if you ever don’t flush after, ahem)
15. You hear a Bengali guy from our hacker (dev room) room, shouting like an Arab –“WaaaaalLLlllAAaaahhHH! Tum kya karti, WaaaaalLLlllAAaaahhHH!”
So if you want to join the mad gang, drop us a line on [email protected]

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