Most of the drivers who get arrested for drunk driving have a record of doing the same. Hence, the bail amount for them is never set low. These people always need assistance with getting bail bonds. And if you don’t have a clear understanding about posting a DUI bail bond, you are bound to make mistakes. It is necessary to decide which bail bond company to join hands with affordable bail bonds to select.

If you or someone you know gets arrested for driving under the influence, you need to check the difference between DUI and OVI bail bonds. There are a few things that you need to know about the DUI bail bonds as well.

1. Check the cost

The DUI bail amount varies from one state to the other and gets determined by multiple factors. The first thing that counts is criminal history. Your track record of whether you got arrested before for any offense is essential. The other aspect comprises the bonding schedule in the location where you got charged. Just in case there was a crime during or before the arrest, the bail cost might increase. The DUI bail bond can vary between or from $500 and $10,000. However, if it falls under felony DUI, then the charge can increase to $50,000. If there is a record, then the cost of getting you free from jail will be high.


2. Search for bail bonds in your region

When you are in prison, you will get a list of bail bond agents in your area to help you get free from jail. However, before you decide to join hands, ensure that your family members conduct research about this, and connect with people who faced the same before. If you don’t know which bail bond agent to join hands with, it’s a smart decision to abide by someone’s reference. It would help if you looked through the evil people who parade themselves as bail bond agents. They might take money from you and not provide you with an update about the court attendance and put you into more trouble.


3. Post the bail from jail

When you get a bail bond agent from your region, it makes the process effective. You can even post your bail by yourself, despite it being slightly challenging. First, you need to connect with a friend or a family member to obtain a DUI bond. Did you have money with you while getting arrested?If yes, you can place the cash into “an inmate trust account” and pay for the bond from there. And if there was a credit card in your belongings, you can also use that to pay your bail bond.


Do you think you don’t have enough money? If yes, you can petition the court via your lawyer to reduce the bail bond amount. When the court considers the right reasons, it can minimize the cost. And if that doesn’t work in your favor, you will have to search for a bail bond agent to help you.


These are a few crucial elements that you need to know about a DUI bail bond. Now that you know these factors, you can opt-in for the same seamlessly and with caution.

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