Imagine coming to a place everyday and seeing the same walls and PC! Setting in the routine and spending half of your day in such a boring place! On the other hand, imagine working in the best place to work with beautiful creatives and a wonderful unwinding space.
Employees always wish to have a refreshing workspace and a broken lounge to freshen up and have innovative ideas for a better day!

SutraHR made this possible making it as the best place to work for people looking to make career growth in HR Industry!

We are one of Asia’s premium recruitment firm – SutraHR and have designed a Moroccan themed Lounge for our people making it a great place to work mixing pleasure under the same roof.
“The idea is to break the monotony of working in a fixed space and giving employees the liberty to work from the terrace lounge with Mumbai skylines giving them company. They can even discuss initiatives in the open air or just relax after a tiring day”, said Waqar Azmi, the founder of SutraHR when asked about the decision to open the lounge to the employees.
SutraHR recently converted its terrace into a Moroccan-themed lounge with the intention to provide an unwinding place while at work.

When Waqar was asked about the inspiration behind creating this beautiful lounge, he stated that a recent visit to Chefchaouen in Morocco left him spellbound. He was struck by its beauty and decided to convert the terrace of his office (which was unutilized during monsoon), into a lounge.
Waqar as a perfectionist he has personally cherry-picked the artifacts from Morocco and some antique shops in India and sourced the tiles for the lower seating area directly from Jodhpur. This surely
Way before the lounge opened, SutraHR has been in the forefront of starting new initiatives to keep its employees motivated and turn it into best place to work.
Some of the key initiatives include:

  •    Walk with the CEO – a twice a week initiative, where Waqar takes someone from the company out for a walk to discuss their career, life etc.
  •    Friday meet up with people, where they call over their ex-employees, friends, and bond and exchange ideas with each other.
  •    Evening snacks get together, where either Waqar personally cooks for his employees or sources the best evening snacks from all over Mumbai.

According to him, an ideal employee is a person who is reliable, curious, or who would want to become an entrepreneur and look at the organization as a platform to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship.
Waqar wants to motivate his employees not just with exciting work but also with an inspiring workplace. That is why Sutra is known to have the coolest workplace in Mumbai, having been featured in renowned online publications and top business news channels. It’s an experience to work out of an office as vibrant making it the best place to work.
Located in Andheri – the heart of western suburbs, SutraHR is just 2 minutes away from the nearest bus stop, and 10 minutes away from the DN Nagar metro station. It also surrounded by some of the best restaurants in Mumbai and has a lot of entertainment options for employees who wish to unwind after office hours.
What people have to say about working at SutraHR – Asia’s Premium Recruitment Firm Pushes Boundaries Beyond The Workstation
SutraHR is one of Asia’s fastest growing HR companies that aspire to be amongst the top three HR companies based out of India in the next two years. The aim is to become a highly experiential and inspiring HR brand. SutraHR works with companies in the e-commerce, mobile, and new-age technology space, where companies go from zero to billion dollars in less than five years. As a market leader, the company has a massive advantage of revolutionizing the HR practices in India. SutraHR is a multi-million dollar enterprise having the strength of 100+ employees and gunning for 250+ employees in a year’s time. With all these qualities, SutraHR is surely the best place to work!

For more information on the open positions in the company, please visit the career section at sutrahr.com/careers or call Pooja on 92222 13194

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