How to choose a career


Do you feel chills when you’re asked about your career choices?

af6aaf93be5bc176b102fb14699702e3 (1) Are you pretty much dumbstruck or do you fumble sometimes or just answer it for the sake of answering. Probably that’s the time when you pressure yourself with the question in your mind: How To Choose A Career?

Sooner or later everyone deals with this question.

Don’t be in a dilemma! Career choosing can be theoretical sometimes, sometimes impossibly mechanical, and at other times routinely confusing. When we look back to those time periods, ( SSC,HSC, and Graduation) we’ve been envious of those focused kids who knew what to do, when to do, and eventually learned how to do it. They guided themselves or were guided so well, that there was no confusion when they made their decisions.

But, for the people on the other side of the spectrum, “Choosing a career” rings a thousand bells.

The best advice given to me on choosing a career is, ‘Ask yourself, What career would you choose if money wasn’t a constraint?” Once you have the answer, choose that as a career and trust your decision. Money is never the constraint until you make it!

8 points to keep in mind when choosing a career:

1) Make a gist of your interests:

Jot down what intrigues you to choose it as a career. It may be in the fields of fashion, art, cinema, finance, business.. and so on. Your mind helps a lot when you do things that interest you.

2) Study yourself. Explore!:

This is for all those who are unaware of themselves and their talents. Knowing yourself better, gives a clear idea on who you are, what you like and eventually helps you land on a smooth decision.

3) Don’t join the rat race:

Don’t choose finance or marketing because your best friend chose it as his/her career. Take your time and help yourself choose the career that is YOU!. Trust me, you’ll be only happier.

4) Suggestions/Opinions/Advices:

Take suggestions, opinions and advice from peeps. (But make sure you end up brainstorming with none but yourself. Remember the suggestions that you think are helping, and forget the rest. Take suggestions from many, but don’t let them hamper your choices. You don’t want to end up in confusion. Eventually, your choice matters the most.

5) Research:

Do it on your chosen interests and gather statistics of how much scope they carry in a long run.

6) Meet:

Have a small meet-up with the ones who’re already working in that field. Post your queries, and connect with them on a networking site.

7) Financial Status:

Don’t be doomed thinking that being poor will not let you pursue the career you choose. There are scholarships everywhere. Make a small research on how much the career you would like to choose may cost you.

8) Believe in your instincts:

Do what the gut feeling says. Believe yourself, your choices, your instincts and guts. They’re there for a reason.


Choosing your career shouldn’t be based on what you can afford. There’s no such barrier for the ones who’re poor. Being unwealthy doesn’t restrict you from pursuing your careers. There’re a lot of scholarships and other helpful enrolling programs for students with an unstable financial background. Breaking the ice with your own mind is the very initial part of self-knowing. Be your own friend first. Explore yourself and know yourself better, know your choices even better, and initiate your career with an amazing choice.

As I’ve said before, “The best advice given to me on choosing a career is, ‘Ask yourself, What career would you choose if money wasn’t a constraint?” Once you have the answer, choose that as a career and trust your decision. Money is never the constraint until you make it!”


12 Pages Why You Should Join Us


“HR”, does it ring any bell? Well, most of us perceive this profession to be revolving mainly around two things; hiring and firing. SutraHR exposed a fresh new side of HR in the year 2008 and has been working constantly since then, towards striking a balance between HR as a profession and as a passion. This time too, we have come up with a remarkable way of exhibiting it’s extraordinary growth opportunity, amazing learning experience, super cool work culture and loads & loads of fun elements in the form of a photobook.




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When A Client Doesn’t Pay Lacs For Over 1 Year

As a recruitment company, we often face difficulties in payment collection. Though it’s not a new issue in our industry, sometimes it turns very ugly and painful when the client doesn’t pay up – at all! We’ve been facing this issue with a particular client who’s not paid us a legitimate few lacs for almost a year now. We’ve tried calling innumerable times, sent several emails, been extremely humble and also tried a harsh/curt tone – but in vain.

photo © 2008 stuartpilbrow

Recently, we posted a poll on our Linkedin network to see if we can find some answer to this conundrum. We got over 40 responses on the Linkedin Poll from various people who had seen similar situations in their professional lives. The entire discussion turned out to be fairly interesting. Most comments urged us to push more follow-ups and consider a dialogue with the client, rather than going the “social media”. However, the actual votes suggest the “social media” option.
We’re extremely well connected in the industry circles that are very important to this company, i.e. New-Age Media (dotcom/internet/mobile). They’re well aware of this info. We’re regular sponsors of prominent events in this industry, which this company often attends as well! Still, they’re not ready to budge. In fact, we’ve even been kind enough to extend and offer an installment option as payment mode – which will ease their financial issues, if any. But shockingly enough, all this has not yielded any results.
We’ve deliberately stayed away from the “going public” option to avoid getting into an ugly spat in public view. But we’re not going to rule out this option for later. For the time being, we’ll give some more effort and time to this.
This is a really serious question, and the answer remains elusive to us – at the moment. Please vote your answers here.


7 Qualities Of Best Startup employees

One of the first qualities that come to my mind when I think about startup people is – ATTITUDE!
If you’ve got the “right” attitude, you’ll have ample access to a nitro boost whenever you’re in a difficult situation. Of course, attitude is not the only quality to look for in a startup employee.
Here’s a list of 7 other noteworthy qualities you must have, to be THE startup employee:
1. HUNGER – The hunger to make things happen. Hunger to pursue a goal, until it’s achieved. You may fail once, twice, thrice but when the fourth attempt is around the corner, others give up – while you give that last shot, and succeed.
2. PASSION – Nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Period. If you’ve got passion, you’ve got the fire to survive any drawback. Passion works as an automatic motivator, which pushes you beyond limits.
3. STREET SMART – You use common sense, more often than others. You’ve mastered the art of sneaking out of messy situations. When others were busy making sales presentations in their MBA classrooms, you were out there, learning it the hard way.
4. LOAD RUNNER – You can bear pressure more than your mom’s pressure cooker, and outperform yourself each time. Multi-tasking and handling critical responsibilities, comes naturally to you. Basically, your speed and accuracy remain consistent, even with immense load on your shoulders.
5. INTEGRITY – Although you have a knack to get your way, and ability to “convince” people against their will, you are a man of principles. Compromising on honesty and integrity don’t go with your personality.
6. TOLERANCE – You are very opinionated, and have your strong views about all kinds of subjects. However, you’re mature enough to accept and respect a difference in opinion with your employees.
7. KNOWLEDGE SEEKER – You’re a voracious reader, and always up to date about the happenings around you, especially about topics related to your field of interest. You have an obsessive compulsive disorder, to seek more information about almost every that comes across you.
If you have ALL the above qualities, packaged into YOURSELF – you are a diamond in a coal mine. Of course, it’s rare to find someone like you. However, even a significant presence of these qualities in you, is enough for you to have faith in your ability to add value to your startup.

If you’re looking to build a strong core tech team and hire from the best tech recruitment agency in India, give us a call on +91 87 67 427 427 or drop an email at buzz {@] sutrahr.com anytime.


Hiring the Best Can be a Mistake!

Did we confuse you with the title? Of course we did. When everyone around the world is trying hard to find and hire the best talent, we have been preparing a theory on why one should NOT hire the best.
When you come across the “best” candidate, in your excitement of finding a gem you often miss the fact that s/he might not necessarily be the “best fit” for that job. This generally happens because we use the words ‘best’ and ‘right’ so interchangeably that we ignore what they mean in essence.

  • Working with your competitor, does not make him best: Your competitor might have a different work culture. His ability to perform there might not be sufficient to perform with you.
  • Great performance in last job does not make him best:There is no guarantee of why his performance was good previously. May be luck, may be the product/service was easy to sell/serve, or other such external factors.
  • High enthusiasm in your job, does not make him best: The candidate may show lot of enthusiasm/interest in your job, but this does not necessarily make him eligible. Rather than jumping to conclusions about his suitability for your job, perhaps you should test drive his capabilities “live” or with a real “case study”.
  • Worked in a “well known” company, does not make him best: Just because s/he has worked in a good reputed MNC does not mean that he has better set of skills than another candidate from lesser known smaller company. In fact, often smaller companies serve as a better training ground for employees to hone their skills, than major corporations.


  • Having an MBA degree, does not make him best: This is often an argued matter. An MBA from the best of B-Schools might still not be enough to toughen or train the candidate for your kind of work. Does s/he have the EQ (oh yes, not IQ!) to handle your job?

When recruiting for your startup, try and find a combination of factors in a candidate, that make you feel confident of him/her being the ideal fit for your job. Of course, no one can gauge whether the guy will perform or not, but what matters is not the absolute level of a competency or skill, but the right level and fit of that competency or skill for your specific job.
So, forget the perfect “catch” and find your perfect “match”.


Don’t Look for Marks. Look for Sharks!

Children in India are expected to earn top ranks, score extraordinary percentages, and eventually secure a gold medal at the university perhaps. There’s often lack of attention to their overall personality development, their knowledge beyond books, and their ability to judge situations and react appropriately. What’s worse, a lot of companies often extend this mentality into their recruitment process, by categorizing candidates on the basis of their “marks”.
Our recruitment industry experience coupled with a keen observation of trends in job seekers, we’ve concluded that more often than not, the candidates with extremely high academic focus tend to be dull and ineffective in the practical world. They lack the practical experience, life skills, presence of mind, people skills, general knowledge and the nitty-gritty to perform the job efficiently.
For everyone out there looking to hire freshers or entry level candidates, we have a simple advice for you – Don’t look for Marks. Look for Sharks!
(Disclaimer: Education is important, but not the only way to judge a candidate’s mettle.)

SutraHR - SharkMarks
Shark photo : photo © 2005 Neil T| via Wylio

The real gems are those

  • Who’ve not restricted their knowledge to college text books. They’re voracious readers and up-to-date with the current affairs around them
  • Who are often involved heavily in extra-curricular activities in college. They’ve probably done odd jobs during their summer vacation and some brave hearts continue those even after the vacation
  • Who don’t hesitate to speak their mind during an interview with you.  In fact, they’d do a good job influencing your opinion towards theirs
  • Are part of a band or a social club in college, and fuel a parallel ambition (music, dance, arts, etc) besides their professional one
  • Who’ve led their college football team to championships
  • Who research extensively about your company before the interview, and also hold in-depth knowledge about topics besides their area of interest
  • Who has done his/her own part time business while pursuing studies

We call such vibrant, energetic and opportunistic youngsters as “Sharks”.
If you’re hiring newbies, freshers, or entry level graduates, look out for qualities of a shark in them. Sharks are progressive, sharp, aggressive, decisive, dependable and quick learners. They won’t lose a chance to grab any opportunity coming their way.
Of course, how to spot this talent in the candidates is a skill that we have to master. You probably have to be a shark to spot a shark.
So good luck in finding a shark who can add value to your company!

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