Children in India are expected to earn top ranks, score extraordinary percentages, and eventually secure a gold medal at the university perhaps. There’s often lack of attention to their overall personality development, their knowledge beyond books, and their ability to judge situations and react appropriately. What’s worse, a lot of companies often extend this mentality into their recruitment process, by categorizing candidates on the basis of their “marks”.
Our recruitment industry experience coupled with a keen observation of trends in job seekers, we’ve concluded that more often than not, the candidates with extremely high academic focus tend to be dull and ineffective in the practical world. They lack the practical experience, life skills, presence of mind, people skills, general knowledge and the nitty-gritty to perform the job efficiently.
For everyone out there looking to hire freshers or entry level candidates, we have a simple advice for you – Don’t look for Marks. Look for Sharks!
(Disclaimer: Education is important, but not the only way to judge a candidate’s mettle.)

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Shark photo : photo © 2005 Neil T| via Wylio

The real gems are those

  • Who’ve not restricted their knowledge to college text books. They’re voracious readers and up-to-date with the current affairs around them
  • Who are often involved heavily in extra-curricular activities in college. They’ve probably done odd jobs during their summer vacation and some brave hearts continue those even after the vacation
  • Who don’t hesitate to speak their mind during an interview with you.  In fact, they’d do a good job influencing your opinion towards theirs
  • Are part of a band or a social club in college, and fuel a parallel ambition (music, dance, arts, etc) besides their professional one
  • Who’ve led their college football team to championships
  • Who research extensively about your company before the interview, and also hold in-depth knowledge about topics besides their area of interest
  • Who has done his/her own part time business while pursuing studies

We call such vibrant, energetic and opportunistic youngsters as “Sharks”.
If you’re hiring newbies, freshers, or entry level graduates, look out for qualities of a shark in them. Sharks are progressive, sharp, aggressive, decisive, dependable and quick learners. They won’t lose a chance to grab any opportunity coming their way.
Of course, how to spot this talent in the candidates is a skill that we have to master. You probably have to be a shark to spot a shark.
So good luck in finding a shark who can add value to your company!

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