One of the first qualities that come to my mind when I think about startup people is – ATTITUDE!
If you’ve got the “right” attitude, you’ll have ample access to a nitro boost whenever you’re in a difficult situation. Of course, attitude is not the only quality to look for in a startup employee.
Here’s a list of 7 other noteworthy qualities you must have, to be THE startup employee:
1. HUNGER – The hunger to make things happen. Hunger to pursue a goal, until it’s achieved. You may fail once, twice, thrice but when the fourth attempt is around the corner, others give up – while you give that last shot, and succeed.
2. PASSION – Nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Period. If you’ve got passion, you’ve got the fire to survive any drawback. Passion works as an automatic motivator, which pushes you beyond limits.
3. STREET SMART – You use common sense, more often than others. You’ve mastered the art of sneaking out of messy situations. When others were busy making sales presentations in their MBA classrooms, you were out there, learning it the hard way.
4. LOAD RUNNER – You can bear pressure more than your mom’s pressure cooker, and outperform yourself each time. Multi-tasking and handling critical responsibilities, comes naturally to you. Basically, your speed and accuracy remain consistent, even with immense load on your shoulders.
5. INTEGRITY – Although you have a knack to get your way, and ability to “convince” people against their will, you are a man of principles. Compromising on honesty and integrity don’t go with your personality.
6. TOLERANCE – You are very opinionated, and have your strong views about all kinds of subjects. However, you’re mature enough to accept and respect a difference in opinion with your employees.
7. KNOWLEDGE SEEKER – You’re a voracious reader, and always up to date about the happenings around you, especially about topics related to your field of interest. You have an obsessive compulsive disorder, to seek more information about almost every that comes across you.
If you have ALL the above qualities, packaged into YOURSELF – you are a diamond in a coal mine. Of course, it’s rare to find someone like you. However, even a significant presence of these qualities in you, is enough for you to have faith in your ability to add value to your startup.

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