Recruitment jobs in Mumbai Finding HR and recruitment jobs in Mumbai, that too at a top recruitment agency can be quite a task. There are many qualified media and IT recruiters in India who are looking to work in top placement agencies. At SutraHR too, we are looking for bright individuals with a passion for recruitment and a hunger for success.

Recruitment jobs in Mumbai

There are many advantages to look out for recruitment jobs in Mumbai, especially applying for a recruiter position at SutraHR. Firstly, you get to headhunt and recruit candidates for Asia’s finest new-age companies, including top technology startups, eCommerce companies, and digital agencies in India. In addition, as an IT recruiter, you will have an opportunity to interact with and serve prestigious clients, some of whom are India’s most exciting and youngest entrepreneurs, who have graduated from IIMs, IITs, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, ISB, etc.

So, why would one want to work as a recruiter at SutraHR in Mumbai. Some of the few reasons to get a recruitment job in Mumbai are:
1. Profit sharing: SutraHR has an unmatchable incentive structure for a recruiter
2. Modern recruitment practices: As a recruiter, you get to expand your technical know-how by using new-age, state-of-the-art technology and web-tools.
3. Employees as partners: Recruiters get an amazing opportunity to brainstorm on various ideas and contribute to overall management of company affairs.

Working as a recruiter

Savio Rathod, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, works as a recruiter at SutraHR in Mumbai. He explains, “Being a recruiter enables me to not only learn new things and meet new people, I get a bird’s-eye view of new-age industries in India. For a recruiter, there are many opportunities since there are lots of recruitment jobs in Mumbai.”

Are you a recruiter who is looking for HR recruitment jobs in India? Why don’t you apply at SutraHR? Just send your resume to [email protected] or just call Pallav on +91 922 344 0205 / (022) 4266 9487.

Recruiter jobs in Mumbai

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