According to Bill Gates, “The internet is becoming a town square for the global village of tomorrow.”
Be it at home or in the office, the digital nexus is all around, just like the air we breathe. Browsing YouTube to learn a recipe you love is mainstream, so is buying home ware from Amazon. After all, this is the period of digital marketing, a term that is taking the shape of a giant wave with increasing gusto every passing second.
Given below are the top reasons why the future of digital marketing is bright and why the demand for it will skyrocket in 2020.

1. A paradigm shift in advertising

Gone are the days when advertising required one to spread the word of mouth. There was a time when pamphlets, flyers, posters, and billboards were the medium for communicating brand identity. Today, with the internet spreading its wings, things have changed. It is possible to reach millions of followers just by posting a picture on social media. And given the number of active people on the internet, things are going to only get better day by day, which brings us to the next point…

2. Increase in the number of active internet users

Just picture this: As of 2020, India is projected to have at least 445 million active internet users. Another survey conducted by the internet search provider Baidu points that there will be at least 6 billion mobile phone users by 2020. Looking at things from a global perspective, around 30% of the US population has already started using Voice Assistant speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. One can literally buy anything and everything on the internet: from automobiles to appliances to clothes and cars!

3. Digital spent vs Traditional spent

Compared to traditional advertising that requires one to pay lakhs and sometimes even crores, digital advertising hardly costs INR 40 per day for posting an ad on Facebook. Low cost and high earning is a major reason why both start-ups and established businesses consult reputed digital marketing agencies in Mumbai for brand awareness. At agencies, there is no shortage of qualified people who are skilled at getting the job done and multiplying ROI.

4. Government initiatives for promoting digital

In order to give a boost to the economy and encourage transparency in operation, the government has launched programmes like Digital India. By 2020, it is estimated that at least 20 lakh jobs will be created, solely catering to the digital spectrum. These jobs are not only going to be beneficial for people living in cities but also going to empower the lives of the rural population. Thus, if you were to think whether it is worth to work at a digital marketing agency in the future, then the answer is surely yes.

5. The freedom to go global

Because all the activities cut across geographical barriers, digital marketing gives the much-wanted freedom to expand one’s business operations beyond the national borders. Many of the leading SEO companies in Mumbai already cater to the US and other markets. Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn reach to the audience of any corner of the world. So, given the vast opportunities and bountiful potential to exploit, digital marketing is the trend of now and future.

6. Higher engagement rate

It’s commonplace to see someone post a picture of a pizza before digging his teeth into it. Digital media allow users to connect freely with the mass which, in turn, leads to higher engagement rate. Marketing today is not only restricted to generate revenue. Rather, it is all about keeping the audience engaged and entertained through informational blogs, creative newsletters, catchy social media captions, and interesting videos. The bottom line: digital marketing rules the roost.

7. The doorway to entrepreneurship

Many start-ups in India like ScoopWhoop, OYO, LBB, and Schbang flagged their career on the digital platform. Most of the founders of successful business ventures agree that taking a digital marketing course prior to founding a business has its set of advantages. When on training, you understand the nitty-gritty of the medium and also the basic tactics of lead generation and customer acquisition. Once the skills are mastered, there’s no limit to how much your business can grow online.
These are just some of the many reasons why the demand for digital marketing will skyrocket in 2020. And if you’re still wondering whether it is time to go digital, we would advice it is high time you already did!

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