Skift Online Travel When it comes to finding travel information online, there are various sources offering reviews and insights. However, there is also a need for online sources that provide data on travel. Now SutraBlog is reporting about Skift, a new online travel site by digital entrepreneur Rafat Ali. Billed as a travel intelligence media company, it offers news, insights, tools, data, and services.

Jason Clampet, who has earlier worked at Frommers, is the other co-founder of Skift, along with Rafat Ali. The Skift blog has a post that elucidates their plans. An excerpt from it reads, “What you see now, Skift.com, is just the first phase of this: a B2B news and info site for the travel industry. Skift.com is our worldview on how broadly we look at travel, and it informs how we’re building the company.”

Skift is primarily targeted at professionals in travel industry and professional business travelers, enabling them to take smarter decisions on travel. Technology veterans like Vishal Gondal are backing the venture. There is a huge impetus to the digital industry in India, with lots of jobs being created. Recruitment for tech companies has gone up too.

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