Quirky Ecommerce WebsitesMost people are aware of only a few handful websites which cater their shopping needs. Beyond the usual shopping websites, there are lots of quirky e-commerce websites which are swiftly growing and gaining popularity.


So here is a list of India’s 15 quirky e-commerce websites:

1) Bewakoof
Key People – Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot (Co-Founders).

In keeping with their brand name, these two young IITians, Prabhkiran and Siddharth launched Bewakoof on the 1st of April 2012 (April Fool’s Day). They function on a very interesting philosophy; about how people think society is bewakoof and society thinks people are, yet the two coexist wonderfully. They have some hilarious T-shirt designs in the male collection and most adorable pyjamas in the female collection.

2) Chumbak
Key People – Vivek Prabhakar (Founder & CEO) and Shubra Chadda (Co-Founder).

Their journey started with a quest for “fun fridge magnets” and culminated in the birth of Chumbak, [sociallocker]which means the same in Hindi. Officially launched in March 2010 with 3 stores, today Chumbak has over 15 exclusive stores in multiple cities as well as miscellaneous others that stock their products. They have a glorious variety of merchandise ranging from apparel and footwear to tech and travel accessories with the most innovative and Indianised designs.

3) Green Somethings
Key People – Pallavi J. Goswami (Founder).

Green Somethings is a patio and garden décor brand that will spruce up your balcony, garden or office with plants and pots of natural joy. Along with theme based makeovers and adding colour to your greens, Green Somethings offers gifting options for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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4) Happily Unmarried
Key People – Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand (Founders).

Established in 2003, Happily Unmarried is a website (apparently made by people who hate to shop, hence easy to use) that has funny, customized merchandise like shot glasses, beer mugs and ashtrays to funk up your bar. They also stock innovative graphic tees, accessories and offbeat miscellaneous products.

5) Heads Up For Tails
Key People – Rashi Narang (Founder)

Heads Up For Tails is an everything-pet-care website for dogs with a “small (but growing) cat corner”. Their products include all-weather-wear, beds, food and grooming accessories for canines. Along with merchandise and apparel, Heads Up For Tails has training products and monthly gift boxes. It’s a dog lover’s heaven.

6) Kulture Shop
Key People – Arjun Charanjiva (Founder, Managing Director), Kunal Anand (Co-Founder, Creative Director).

Kulture Shop aims to create a viable ecosystem for the monetization and exposure of talented Indian graphic artists. Their website has some minimalistic and innovative prints made by prolific designers that can be either framed art pieces or t-shirts. You pick!

7) Monkie Gears
Key People – Aizaz Vakil and Ritika Vakil (Co-Founders).

Dedicated to providing you with some crazy adrenaline rushes, Monkie Gears is a website that offers products such as electric and fuel skateboards, pogo sticks of top notch quality and various camping and adventure sports gear.

8) Nappa Dori
Key People – Gautam Sinha (Founder).

Established in 2010, Nappa Dori was voted as one of the five most creative talents in the Indian scene by the British Council in the next year itself. Its products include classic travel trunks, laptop and jhola bags, accessories and various miscellaneous products, all synonymous with vintage simplicity and class.

9) Pig Tails & Ponys
Key People – Nikita Dawar and Nivedha Charles (Co-Founders).

Pig Tails & Ponys was founded in 2011. They’re a one-stop-shop for hair fashion online and just everything you need to pretty up those tresses. Their products include a variety of handmade hair accessories and a delightful variety of hair clips, ties, extensions, wreaths, head chains and more.

10) PosterGully
Key People – Bharat Sethi (Founder & CEO).

PosterGully is India’s first and largest fan store that sells posters under almost every category under the sun. Their brand makes an excellent contribution when it comes to merchandising graphic pop culture products. So fancy up your room or workspace with their posters, wall & desk art, mugs, mouse pads and more.

11) RedWolf
Key People – Ameya ThakurRahul Jaisheel (Co-Founders).

RedWolf is an indie clothing brand started by three boys with a degree in engineering and a thirst for nothing conventional or mainstream mass produced. Along with minimalistic, graphic tees, they also stock laptop skins, sweatshirts, posters and designs taken from select Indian Indie artists and other groups.

12) Tappu Ki Dukaan
Key People – Sneha Raisoni (Founder).

Tappu Ki Dukaan has some super innovative home and kitchen décor with customized food mats and aprons and bookshelves and everything else you and your new roommate would need to make your apartment party ready (they have products for your bar as well). Along with this, TKD also stocks graphic tees, accessories, stationery and more.

13) The Big Bag Theory
Key People – Meghana Ogale (Founder).

The Big Bag Theory offers a characteristically quirky range of bags (obviously), coasters, aprons, cushion covers and more, with graphic designs that have hilarious booze-y and funny one-liners.

14) The Elephant Company
Key People – Gautam Kitchlu (Co-Founder & CEO).

The Elephant Company provides you with a variety of home décor, textiles, dining and furniture collections with interesting Warli and Aztec prints. They also have t-shirts and umbrellas that are further diversified from your usual funny one liner tees.

15) Tungs10
Key People – Kunal Raheja and Kani Satyavee (Co-Founders).

Tungs10 has a range of funky, Indianised clothing, accessories and home décor products that exude elegance and charm. For their products, they pay more attention to Indianised art and design than pop culture quotes and that’s what sets them apart.


Think we missed out on a few quirky e-commerce websites in this list? Let us know in the comments section.

Note: Companies have been arranged in alphabetical order. The list does not indicate any rank system or hierarchy.


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