Channel News Asia interviews Waqar Azmi of SutraHR on challenges faced by recruiters in the Indian eCommerce sector.

The Indian eCommerce sector is booming and the market is getting even more competitive for both the customers and the businesses.

Singapore’s leading news channel, Channel News Asia decided to cover this industry, where competition for employees in the Indian e-commerce sector is on a high. Waqar Azmi, Founder & CEO of SutraHR shared his valuable insights on the same, in an exclusive interview with the channel.

To find out about what Mr. Azmi had to say, check the video excerpt of the show featuring SutraHR given below.

In order to increase the usage of internet, businesses need a lump sum amount of workforce. Due to this major competition for employees brewing up, employees tend to swap jobs more often, for better offers. Employers are facing a challenge to find prospective new hires. The problem is that it usually takes more than two months for an employer to hire one skillful candidate. There is a risk involved where the candidate might deny the job offer. In this case, the business loses two months of their valuable time and has to start all over again.

The competition is worse when the quantity of talented candidates is handful. Most companies are usually on a look out for the best performer, because of which majority of the quality candidates have various offers to pick from.

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