A while back we decided to give ourselves a little makeover, so to say. This was something we had to do for a couple of reasons at SutraHR.
1. Space of startups is changing fast and thick in India and hence the hiring is becoming more new-age.
2. Perception about HR needs a change when the surroundings are changing.
3. We are anything but the ostrich that refuses to accept the reality.

SutraHR has been a pioneer in the startup talent acquisition space for a little less than a decade and if a leader doesn’t evolve with the changing times and lead, who will? So we decided to make a start with some things that inherently define us. Shaking up the things a little never did anyone any harm, right?

SutraHR Badass HR company

If you’re a go-getter and believe in getting shit done, #ComeToSutra

We wanted to be seen as what we exactly are. When we sat down to define ourselves in one word, the unanimous choice was “SutraHR is badass”. We thought long and hard and the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. The more it clicked.

In common parlance, badass is someone who is true to himself, who doesn’t give up, who is brutally efficient, tough and a no nonsense person.

If you know us, you probably know a few things about us. SutraHR is a company that:
– Takes risks.
– Is a tough taskmaster.
– Is brash when it comes to not settling for mediocrity.
– Always strives to set highest performance standards.
– Unabashedly rewards top performers.
– Worships doers and achievers.
– Believes in ‘get shit done’.
– Is bootstrapped because it wants to work on its own terms.
– Unwinds like life’s one big party.
– Has its heart in the right place.

And hence, calling ourselves as ‘the Badass HR Company with a Heart’ makes us extremely proud. This is what we are. Now came the next part. The manifestation of this little makeover came in the form of our website transformation because that is our face to the world.

After months of hard work, after pulling off many a late-nighters at a stretch, after additions-deletion-some more additions and after a collective team effort, we are delighted to announce the new and revamped version of SutraHR’s new website.

What’s the new place like? To start with, it is equipped with all the necessary information needed to resolve all sorts of talent acquisition query that an organization may have. We have dedicated pages on your specific hiring requirements like Bulk Hiring, CXO Hiring, Dedicated Resource model, hiring Hotshots and you can straight away sign up for these services by a click of a button. Yes, we have simplified it to give you the best customer experience.

There are also dedicated pages on the domains of clients SutraHR works with, some handy information about why we are so awesome (no, really) and why working with us is the best career move you’ll ever make. And obviously, it loads quickly and looks beautiful even when you open it on your smartphone. Try it, go ahead!

Click here to visit SutraHR’s new dotcom home and get yourself acquainted with what a new-age HR company looks like and what it brings for your organization.

A new website is just the beginning. Being badass is the new cool and we are very happy to lead the way. And like someone wise in Bollywood once said, “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”.

Think you can survive at the most badass workplace in Mumbai? Visit our career page.

Walk-in for an interview anytime between 10:30am7:30pm, Monday to Friday or call +91 92222 13194.

To new beginnings!

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