The coming year 2019 will be a good year for the startup ecosystem in India. With a large number of target audience available, the markets are open to a variety of ideas. With government initiatives like Startup India funding over 129 startups till date and foreign investments freely flowing in the country leading to the rise of capital reserve of our country, the Top startups in India were able to acquire a frontline in the market. The emergence of new ideas in various sectors has brought about phenomenal changes in the varieties of products and services available in the market.

Update: Top Startups in India 2020


We have curated a list of the Top startups In India, which made headlines:


Founder – Ankur Goyal
&ME is a women-focused startup which makes healthy bioactive beverages with fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and flowers. Their nutritious drink relieves pre-menstrual symptoms and comes in great flavours. This lifestyle beverage is truly an innovative and one of its kind invention!


Founder – Able Joseph
This matchmaking/dating app puts the target on ‘romance over flings’. They connect people who are willing to date worldwide with other eligible people who are willing to step in a meaningful relationship.

Aye Finance

Founders – Sanjay Sharma, Vikram Jetley
This new age financing startup provides a solution to small enterprises by giving them business loans and other financial services. Their innovative methods and customer-friendly ways make them a strong contender in the field. The startup, recently raised Rs 147 crore with CapitalG, Alphabet’s growth-stage investment arm leading the funding round.

Blue Tokai

Founders – Matt Chitharanjan, Namrata Asthana
The hobby turned into a business; Blue Tokai already has multiple outlets and is serving 100% Arabica coffee beans. Their quality is appreciable, and the transparency they provide to their customers makes the experience even better for everyone.


Founders – Avnish Pandya, Chirag Tekchandaney, Delzaad Deolaliwala, Jahan Peston Jamas, Sanvar Oberoi, Sumit Shah, Yash P. Kotak
A startup aimed at promoting industrial hemp, BOHECO is one of the few sustainable brands in India. They make fashion sustainable by providing a variety of hemp-based products like oil, yarn, clothes etc.

Bombay Shaving Company

Founders – Shantanu Deshpande, Deepu Panicker, Raunak Munot
Bombay Shaving Company provides a guide to men’s grooming, lifestyle and beyond. They give inspiring lifestyle choices, grooming tips and ideas that make everyday experiences better.


Founders – Vivekananda Hallekere, Anil G, Varun Agni,
This is a mobility solution for urban commuters providing one-way rental service and seamless connectivity to users. Their hassle-free terms and time-saving solution make it a very accessible option for potential users.


Founders – Santanu Datta, V Balasubramanian, Anand Anandkumar
Designing first in class antibiotics, Bugworks rose a $9M funding to develop and expand their operations. They aim to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). They work upon a new class of antibiotics to be a change in usual medical treatment to make them safer and more effective.


Founders – Rikshav Bohra, Tanvi Johri
The concern for the environment here is combined with the concern for hassle-free menstruation for women. Carmesi makes biodegradable sanitary pads which are soft, thin and rash free. This creates a winning situation for the company!


Founder – V. Raman Kumar
CASHe is a financial technology (fintech) app that offers short-term loans, up to Rs 50,000. Quick personal loans from CASHe is a relief especially at the most urgent times. CASHe brings joy to our customers plus provides loyalty perks.


Founders – Reeju Datta, Akash Sinha
Cashfree, an online payment toolkit, brings an easy way for online payments. It is a viable and accessible option to collect and give payments to businesses with simple gateways with features like auto collect. Cashfree processes a large number of payments every month and is a very successful startup!


Founders – GBS Bindra, Sushant Panda, Tripat Preet Singh
This platform enables a user to save and discover what they like from movies, music etc. They have AI-enabled software which can make online videos respond to touch. This makes it a unique and useful pick for the users to save important inspirations from videos.

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Founders – Saurabh Dayal, Shivi Singh
Stepping into the online retail business, ClearDekho provides eyewear on a budget. Their quality products with various designs and affordable rates make them one of the fastest growing optical retail chains. They also secured a Rs.2 crore funding from Venture Catalysts recently.


Founders – Amit Sachdev, Rohit Lohia, Manish Chaudhari
A platform which enables easy online personal and business loans definitely had to be on our list! With excellent management and a strong team, CoinTribe works efficiently to ensure that the loans are smooth and quick.


Founder – Suresh Rangarajan
Property management and providing a ‘home’ to its customers is integrated by this startup which aims at providing ‘branded serviced homes’. The easy access with a high standard of living is what brings it to this list


Founder – Pankaj Aswani
Coolberg, a Mumbai based startup, works with a unique idea of having a non-alcoholic beer. Coolberg makes the parties and gatherings easier for people who feel odd during such occasions with a wide range of flavours.


Founder – Kunal Shah
Cred is a big mobile platform where you can pay your credit card bills and get a reward on them for timely payments with offers and discounts on shopping, health services and other things. It is a great deal as these offers increase in value as customers use Cred more frequently, making it a successful venture.


Founders – Prashant Jain, Varun Khurana
Crofarm is an agritech startup that offers a digitised supply chain for agricultural products by bringing farmers and retailers on a common platform. It is a perfect blend of state of the art technology and actual field work dedicated for uplifting the Indian farmers at an immediate level and society from a broader perspective.

Cube Wealth (BankOnCube)

Founder – Satyen V Kothari
Getting professional investing advice is crucial when it comes to diversified assets. Cube Wealth brings forth highly qualified advisors to maximise the potential returns, which secures it a place in our top startups in India list! The startup recently raised Rs 14 crores in a Series A funding.


Founder – Apoorva Mehta and Karan Johar
It is a newly launched digital entertainment startup in India. Dharmatic is an extension of Dharma’s promise of rich and quality content in the digital space, i.e. it exclusively creates fiction, non-fiction and feature films for digital platforms, thereby becoming a promising startup.

Dogsee Chew

Founder – Bhupendra Kanal
Bringing innovation for all the dog lovers, Dogsee Chew brings organic food for your loved pet. This highly nutritious treat is rich in proteins and contains fewer amounts of bad carbs, making it a perfect treat for the pets. This startup makes sure that your pet gets the right nutrition and taste with one product.

ET Medialabs

Founders – Raghav Kansal, Rajeev Garg
Digital media analytics are made simple by ET Medialabs for startups with their data-driven insights and advertisement. They remove the need for manpower in the analytics and technology by using intelligent algorithms.


Founder – Kunal Sharma
With technological advancements, the process of designing and contracting for consumers has also changed. FlipSpaces, the interior design startup, employs virtual reality to its uses for builders and creation of coworking spaces.

Food Darzee

Founders – Siddhant Bhargawa, Anik Bhandari, Anirudh Ganeriwa, Devaj Jhunjhunwala
In the time where everyone is keen on looking his or her best self and adopting healthy eating habits, Food Darzee delivers keto meals to the doorsteps. Their tailor-made boxes are a special highlight, which ensures that your preferences are thought of and included. This food delivery service also delivers effective weight loss results.


Founder – Sanjay Bhatia, Bharat Thanvi, Punit Java
This e-commerce Startup works upon the supply chain as an international forwarder with online tools. This online service is cost efficient and transparent that enables such management with ease.

Goals 101

Founders – Visham Sikand, Milan Naik
With the receiving of $3.5m from Nexus Partners recently, Goals 101 is one of the fastest growing data platforms startup in India. The platform is changing the banking experience by making it more personalised and interactive by introducing ‘Alpha for banks’. With creative client solutions and practicality, Goals 101 is going in the right direction with their global vision.


Founder – Prerna Singh
Smart, convenient and quick, GruBox offers choicest snacks and beverages round the clock. It is smart supply chain equipped and offers app based purchasing completely. It should be on your list if you are looking for a wide variety of snacks.

Guiddoo World

Founder – Vineet Budki
Recently raising approximately Rs.6 crore in a pre-series funding, Guiddoo World is a travel sartup in India. They eliminate the need for a travel agent to plan the trip and create a new experience for the leisure traveller. Their booking tools, AV travel content, shopping information etc. make for a wonderful experience!


Founders – Ajay, Amaresh Ojha
Working in the fitness and health sector, Gympik is one stop to create the perfect gym and health experience for the client. Whether it is about choosing the right gym or finding the personal trainer, Gympik provides a number of options for all the fitness freaks.


Founders – Vivek Prabhakar, Boris Zha
HappyEasyGo is an online travel domain that gives out some great offers to ensure that every individual can fly with the Best Price; they also have recently launched their hotel business. Their customer-centric travel experts always make sure a happy and easy experience for customers.


Founder – Varun Gera
This startup initiated tie-ups with various corporate, hospitals and insurance companies to provide a multidimensional healthcare experience to its customers. HealthAssure is a much-needed healthcare startup in the B2B segment that has found takers in corporate employees.


Founders – Arvind Krishnaswamy, Kishore Sai, Rajath Raman, Senthil Radhakrishnan, Vishwas Jayarama
This startup makes the process of travelling easier by providing tickets for transit online quickly and easily, hardware-free validation and seamless boarding service. Public and shared transportation becomes efficient and hassle-free through the technology used by HopOn.


Founder – Bhupinder Singh
The availability of personal loans is made more comfortable with the financial services of InCred. Living up to their tagline, the startup enables people to borrow with confidence through their flexible and smooth borrowing options.


Founder – Rishi Das
Making working easy for new companies and startups, IndiQube brings forth co-working spaces and dedicated office spaces for comfortable and hassle-free working. This startup recently raised Rs.100 crore from WestBridge capital for its workspace solutions.


Founders -Amirta Sirohia, Ashish Kashyap, Pratiksha Dake, Varun Bhatia
Are you looking for goal-based financial planning? Or want to rebalance your family’s portfolio? If yes, then INDWealth is the right startup for you.
This startup emerged as the top contender in this category. INDWealth uses AI interface to provide customised financial advisory.


Founders – Ashish Jhina, S. Karthik Venkateswaran
This food and grocery shop is an online marketplace in itself, which organises this grocery ecosystem very well. It is one of the top 25 sought-after startups in India, which raised $8.5m in funding from Kalaari Capitals. JumboTail is quite useful even for saving a few bucks as the cart shows suggestions for saving money!


Founder – Krishnan Viswanathan
Providing instant approvals on shopping on EMI without a credit card, Kissht gives easy access and a trouble-free experience to its customers. The easy-to-use app and its tie-up with various brands make it even more attractive to use.


Founder – Prateek Singh
This education portal recently bagged an investment of Rs.2 crore by the online stockbroking company Zerodha. Their live classes fill the gap between online education and the real world. Investing, trading, banking, finance are some topics covered in their lessons. Their diverse learning platform is truly worth giving a try.


Founders – Ekmeet Singh, Bhuvan Rustagi, and Jatin Malwal
This peer-to-peer lending platform, as identified by Forbes, has a big hand in making loans more accessible. Their quick and trustworthy process has attracted a large number of borrowers and investors. Lendbox is the perfect choice for quick loans. Lendbox recently secured Rs 6 crore funding from IvyCap Ventures.

Lil Flea

Founders – Alankar Jain, Priyanka Punjabi
The long-lost concept of flea markets is brought back to the centre stage by this festival. Organised for a few days, this market has pop-up shops with all the quirky products one can imagine under a single roof.


Founders – Abhimanyu Bhosale, Mukund Malani, Sanket Savla
Health is of utmost importance to everyone, and it is essential to monitor the health correctly and have professionals check it from time to time. LiveHealth does just that by bringing doctors and other professionals for the purpose. This service of delivering the doctor to the patient makes it a great option. LiveHealth recently raised $1.1 million through Nexus Venture Partners.


Founders – Pramod Nair, Raghuram Talluri, Rakib Ahmed, Tanmoy Karmakar
This logistics based startup has recently got a $5m funding led by Stellaris to expand its base and operations. Loadshare provides industry solutions to SMEs like last mile, first mile deliveries, e-commerce forward deliveries etc.

Log 9 Materials

Founder – Akshay Singhal
This startup combines the manufacturing sector with nanotechnology by working on energy solutions for a cleaner future. The main focus is on the graphene nanotechnology to bring about a revolutionary change.


Founders – Jani Pasha, Vipul Chaudhary
This startup employs the use of video streaming for providing news. Lokal uses the connection of audience to the internet and videos. It has also received investment from India Quotient recently


Founders – Saket Modi, Rahul Tyagi, Vidit Baxi
Lucideus is a cybersecurity platform which also provides ethical hacking courses and certification. Their software works in real time for the digital security of data with an AI and ML backed platform.

Magic Crate

Founders – Karthik Lakshman, Viswanathan R
Offering educational activities for children, this edtech startup engages children in a fun way. They make learning more interesting with specially designed programs for children of ages 0-15 years. Building products, which children keep coming back to, is not an easy task but this startup has achieved this target. It can rightly be said that Magic Crate is a box full of joy!


Founders – Varun Alagh, Ghazal Alagh
MamaEarth offers ultra-awesome products which are mum-baby friendly, toxin-free. Their products know your issues and tries hard to resolve them, well most of them. It is a brand which every parent can trust, a brand which intends to make lives of mums and expectant mums better and beautiful.

Mango Data

Founders – Santosh Kumar, Deepak Negi
Mango Data is India’s First AI based adtech startup which provides digital advertising solutions to advertisers through its best in class data management and analytics capabilities using its technology platforms. It surely is one of the best such platforms!

Mate Labs

Founders – Rahul Vishwakarma, Kailash Ahirwar
Recently acquired a seed funding of $550,000, this Bangalore based startup is based upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With their easy solutions specially made for business professionals, Mate Labs makes the programmatic analysis and automated data learning simple.

Mech Mocha

Founders – Arpita Kapoor, Mohit Rangaraju, Shilp Gupta
This Bangalore based startup is being backed up by Korean and Japanese investors by raising up to $10 Million (around Rs.71 crore) in recent funding. They create addictive mobile games, and this gaming platform is one of the fastest growing gaming startups in India!


Founders – Anant Goel, Anurag Jain, Ashish Goel, Ekwe Chiwundu Charles, Yatish Talavdia
Milkbasket delivers milk, bread, eggs, butter, juices and other daily need items, every morning, right at your doorstep, free of charge.

Mobile Premier league

Founders – Sai Srinivas Kiran Garimella, Shubham Malhotra
Mobile Premier League (MPL) is based on an E-Sports platform where you can play your favourite mobile games and win real big cash anywhere and at any time. The live gaming and availability of a number of games in one app make it a popular choice.


Founder – Raviteja Dodda, Yashwanth Kumar
MoEngage is an analytics and digital marketing service providing intelligent marketing solutions. Their mobile engagement market works across various channels like web push, SMS, email etc. With auto optimisation learning based experience, this startup is on the path to leadership in the market. The startup also raised $9 Million in a Series B funding.


Founder – Anuradha Agarwal
A language tutoring platform, MultiBhashi is an easy way to learn English and 10 Indian languages. Their interface and easy to understand lessons are a great way to become multilingual by just using an app on the phone!

Myra Medicines

Founders – Anirudh Coontoor, Faizan Aziz
With their excellent service, discounts and easy ordering, Myra Medicines turns out to be to go option for many. The online service makes buying medicines easy, efficient and very comfortable for the customers.


Founders – Rajat Garg, Manuj Garg
This is a startup which is providing people with healthcare tips by professionals, home remedies and herbal remedies. The feature which makes it quite distinct and interesting is that the people who log in can ask their questions and concerns, and quick replies can be obtained from professionals.

ONN Bikes

Founders – Namit Jain, Shanky Munoth
This startup provides One of the most affordable bike rental services, ONN Bikes allows the customers to rent a bike for self-ride. With flexible services and perks like a free helmet, ONN Bikes is one of the best ideas which took flight this year.

OptaCredit Fintech

Founders– Kumar Srivatsan, Sriram Chandramouli
OptaCredit has adopted a hybrid approach, where it contributes a certain percentage of loan assets generated via its platform, to a salaried employee. Now you can say Goodbye to waiting for all your personal loans with this startup!

Pocket Aces

Founders– Anirudh Pandita, Ashwin Suresh, Aditi Shrivastava
Pocket Aces is a digital media platform which handles various entertainment brands. This next generation Media startup has engaging content directed towards the millennial audience. Funded by eight investors, digital entertainment has got a new face with the entry of Pocket Aces in the market.


Founders– Akhila Srinath, Srinath Akula
With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in various fields, the healthcare field is also employing this technology to its use. Patient engagement is made easier and better by the use of AI by Praktice Ai.

The Quirk Box

Founders– Jayesh Sachdev, Rixi Bhatia
This creative endeavour by the founder duo is a fashion and lifestyle label box filled with colourful, fashionable and quirky products. Their original essence and innovative ideas make them stand out from other similar labels making it a top startup in Iand distinguishing it from other similar ones.


Founders– Subrat Parida
Incepted in Bangalore in the year 2015, Racetrack bridges the gap that exists in the B2B2C domain with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. It empowers businesses to be future ready by instigating tomorrow’s concepts today and redefining communication among businesses and their customers with innovative AI solutions and services.
AI-driven sales channels and analytics enable this startup to create business impact and accelerate the growth of the business. Racetrack helps create a seamless brand experience and allows flexibility for the client to achieve a competitive edge.


Founders– Gowri Shankar
RoofAndFloor have simplified the home-buying journey by using the right mix of technological innovation. Their experienced home-advisers provide end-to-end support and focus exclusively on new residential projects, providing access to high intent homebuyers: discovery, shortlisting, site visits, negotiation and booking. So if you are struggling to find yourself a perfect Home, RoofAndFloor is your go-to-startup.

Rooter Sports Technologies

Founders– Piyush Kumar, Akshat Goel
With 15 Million+ active user minutes per month, 2.1 Million+ sports fan connected and eight sports covered, Rooter Sports Technologies is one of the most successful sports engagement apps. Rooter raised Rs.4.5 crore from a number of investors and had acquired a global reach.

Samosa labs

Founders– Inumella, Abhimanyu Pamuapati, Rahul Reddy Koora
With big names like Xiaomi and Sequoia investing in it, this startup is an entertainment-based app. It provides free videos and chat entertainment as a part of the daily lives of the people.


Founders– Sohil Karia, Harshil Karia, Akshay Gurnani
One of the top digital marketing services, Schbang had to be in this list because of its great holistic solutions. Digital solutions like marketing strategies, branding, website design etc. are done by this startup.


Founders– Ayush Agrawal, Tapan Mishra
Seniority is India’s first dedicated shopping destination for senior citizens. Through a portfolio of thousands of products, we cater to both medical & lifestyle related needs of the elderly aiming to make their life easier and more independent..


Founders– Abid Hassan, Abhimanyu Balajee, Sudeep
Receiving an investment of Rs.2.5 crore from Zerodha, Sensibull is an online stock trading startup. With nifty trade options, nifty bank options, stock options, currency options etc., Sensibull became the first option trading platform in India. Their services like webinars, articles and blogs on how to trade make this startup highly innovative and unique.


Founders– Himanshu Kapisme, Manish Garg
In the times where weddings have become complex affairs with a number of different elements involved, wedding planners like ShaadiSaga have come to the rescue. Making things easier for the family, they provide various options on all the details involved in the wedding according to personal needs.


Founders– Axel Schumacher, Gourish Singla, Sally Eaves
Shivom is one of the top Health-tech startup in India that focuses on leveraging the latest advancements in genomics, cryptography etc. Their platform aims to democratise genomic sequencing in-order to provide individuals with the ability to securely store their DNA data and automate their health and wellness. A bridge between your DNA data and the valuable use of this data to research and create new therapies is created.


Founders– Abhinav Jain, Aditya Gupta
With 3 lakh+ sellers, Shop101 is one of the biggest online platforms with selling and reselling services. Their 0 commission rate makes it one of the popular choices and secures it a place among the top startups in Mumbai!


Founders– Deepak Dhanotiya, Sumit Ghorawat, Tanutejas Saraswat
They help To Empower India Retailers With Power Of Technology And Supply Chain Innovation, They Provide Affordable Value Added Services Like Logistics, Banking, Loan, IT, Ordering Systems.

Simba Beer

Founder– Prabhtej Singh Bhatia
An emerging name in the beer and beverage market, Simba Beers deliver quality drinks to the customers. By manufacturing it in their own plant, Simba is easily one of the most authentic creators of the craft beer.


Founders– Shashank Murali, Arjun Krishna Vasisht, Binay Krishna Shivam
TapChief is a platform that offers networking opportunities for people to share ideas and connect with professionals of their field. This innovative idea has made it possible to access expert advice with ease. With 60,000 professionals onboard, TapChief has become a powerful way to network for consultants and freelancers.

Supr Daily

Founders– Puneet Kumar, Shreyas Nagdawane
Keeping in mind the busy schedules of Indians, Supr Daily solves the problem of delivery of dairy products. Their app lets the user manage the time for the delivery and their affordable subscription for a number of things such as milk, eggs, coconut water etc. make it a very convenient option.


Founders– Bhargav Errangi, Sumit Agarwal
Among a long list of competitors in the online fashion industry SPOYL stands out for its handpicked styles and a delighted customer base. Dealing in wide range apparels and accessories, they indeed are on the steps of becoming the fashion influencers that they claim to be.

Sleepy Owl Coffee

Founders– Ashwajeet Singh, Arman Sood
With their easily customizable cold brew coffee, Sleepy Owl Coffee has been recognised in the market for quite a while now. Their fresh brew packs promising great coffee in an instant are pleasers for all coffee lovers. It raised R 3.26 crores early this year as a part of seed funding.

The Belgian Waffle Co.

Founders- Shrey Aggarwal, Alisha
With 180+ stores in 45+ cities and 25000+ waffles sold per day, Belgian Waffle Co. is one of the Top Startups in India, which truly deserves to be in our list. Serving freshly baked and hot waffles, the startup has made it to the hearts of the people.

The Good life

Founders – Bhuman Dani, Shariq Ashraf
They bring an articulate revival to the known tea experience by sourcing the best teas in the world and masterfully blending them with innovative flavours and botanicals. The infusion of thoughtfully selected botanicals and flavours create a sensational harmony on your palate.

The Green Snack Co

Founders– Jasmin Kaur, Chetan Sharda
The apparent trend of eating healthy is captured by this startup, which aims at ‘combining tasty with the healthy.’ The roasted snacks are becoming a consumer favourite, and a number of investors are also expressing their interest, helping this startup to scale up quickly.

The Lallantop

Editor– Saurabh Dwiwedi
The Lallantop is a news website, which covers various topics including politics, sports, entertainment and much more in Hindi. They brought about an innovative change in the presentation of news by using satire and humour, which makes them stand out.

The Man Company

Founders– Bhisham Bhateja, Mohit Saxena, Parvesh Bareja
SLS and paraben free, The Man Company offers grooming products for males. The products are enriched with natural essential oils which not only make them a compelling product to buy but also a great gift for your loved ones!

The Spartan Poker

Founders– Rajat Agarwal, Bal Krishna Agarwal, Amin Rozani, Rajeev Kanjani, Peter Abraham, Sameer Rattonsey
It is an Indian centric online gaming hub that aims to bring the sophistication and quality of a world class online gaming platform for spirited gamers in India. They also take care of yet another aspect, any amount

The Zero Games

Founders– Nishanth Kottapalli, Ankit Paul, Arjun Chadha
This advertisement platform solves the problem of non-contextual ads in the gaming realm. They remove pop up ads and banners; instead, they put up video ads, VR ads etc. which provide a more engaging experience.


Founders– Kumar Abhishek, Vivek Singh
Bringing about a technological wave, ToneTag is making payments easy, contactless and effortless. The revolutionary sound wave technology for making payments secure and cashless has made it stand out in the Indian market.


Founders– Nikhil Thomas, Vikram Kodgi
TruckEasy is an “Uber-for-Trucks” where through its app it connects customers looking to move freight with truck operators. TruckEasy has devised a unique technology-enabled platform for businesses to overcome the challenges of cargo movement within a city at the click of a button. TruckEasy provides intra-city logistics solutions.

Tubelight Communications Ltd.

Founder– Praveen Singh
At a time where almost all of the people use the internet, internet marketing is a significant activity to be taken up by companies. Services like messaging, OTP generation and, voice products are provided by this telecommunication company which help to build a stronger future for the client.


Founders– Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta, Sujeet Kumar
This is an online marketplace startup which became the fastest one to reach the unicorn status. The B2B marketplace which works with retailers, manufacturers, traders and wholesalers acquired massive funding of $225m from DST Global in 2018.


Founder– Rakesh Kalra
This is a one of a kind platform, which has a list of the possible tutors available in an area. With its cutting-edge technology, a person gets customised responses and can choose the best available option. This transparent service and the easy interface has made it an impressive and accessible option for all.


Founders– Rahul Anand, Rajat Tuli
Ustraa is a brand in the grooming industry, which makes quality products for men. Their promise of delivering quality products is fulfilled by their no harmful chemical and paraben, sulphate-free products. They even provide a number of grooming tips for men and have a subscription plan, which is a plus point!


Founder– Vungarala V. Subrahmanyam
This edtech startup provides students with a much needed practical working aspect along with classroom education. With a number of mentors and company tie-ups, they offer various internship programs for students of different departments.


Founders– Padmanabhan Balakrishnan, Anand Ayyadurai
Vogo, a scooter rental startup, has raised $6m to $7m in a funding round led by ANI Technologies and Hero MotoCorp. It is also India’s first automated scooter rental startup. With 10 Million+ kilometres already travelled, the easy service and affordability make it an accessible and preferred option for people.


Founders– Aprameya Radhakrishna, Mayank Bidawatka
This unique idea of creating a voice-based knowledge platform recently received a funding of $5m from Shunwei and others. It bridges the knowledge gap for people who speak only Indian languages and not something universal like English.


Founders– Anand Shahani, Mehak Sahani
With 10000+ vendors to choose from, WedMeGood presents the customer with a number of options to choose from in all possible fields like location, photographer, makeup artist caterer etc. Their perfect organisation definitely makes the experience worth remembering!

Wow! Momo

Founders– Sagar J. Daryani, Binod K. Homagai
Starting from a garage in Kolkata, Wow! Momo has over 130 outlets in 9 cities, It is one of India’s top startups that grabbed attention when it became a 300 cr company.


Founders– Anindita and Suhasini
This is a perfect solution for all the urban people who look for healthy and quick food whether it is for breakfast or snacks. These protein and fibre-packed bars are made up of 100% natural ingredients making it immensely popular among people.


Founder– Amit Gupta
Yulu provides a green solution to the problem of commute over small distances by providing shared bicycles. Their user-friendly and quick process allows ease in the renting process through their app. Their vision and concern for an efficient and clean solution make them one of the best and the most environment-friendly startups!


Founders– Deepak Baid, Sajo Mathews, Sandipan Mondal
This media tech startup is an essential tool for a number of platforms to identify their audience and reach them. Zapr gives analytics by collecting data from a vast amount of channels to ensure accuracy.

1. The above list is in alphabetical order. The details mentioned have been gathered by primary and secondary research on online platforms. In case of any discrepencies, please drop a mail at [email protected]
2. We have listed out the startups based on:
Traction: How well these top Indian startups are receiving a market validation for its business model. Basically, how well the consumers are taking to the product/service.
Potential Market: How big is the market share for the respective product/service. Will the product be welcomed with wide arms in the market or will it be just another not-so-great product?
Pedigree of the Team: The background and professional credentials of the startup’s team members. Many of these listed startups are by IITians and past employees of big MNCs as well as professionals with a rich experience in the field.
Scalability: Even if the initial idea of the product/service is extraordinary, is there a chance for the business to grow? These startups have shown great potential and many have also received funding, while others are not so far behind in line.
Execution: Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the men from the boys. A really great team finds its happiness in execution because it is more likely to succeed than one which focuses just on ideas.

Disclaimer: We have worked with many startups mentioned in the list, and have built teams & hired extensively for them.

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