If you want to increase the chances of your startup’s success, then you need to learn how to hire high-quality people as early as you can in your business building journey.
how to find a co-founderIf you can figure out the hiring part right, you will have an excellent time building your business. But if you mess it up, then you will suffer big time on it. You’ll see the impact of bad hiring showing up everywhere in the business. Sometimes even to the extent of shutting down your company.
It’s close to impossible to recover from a bad hire at an early stage. It’s important to get the right people in your core team if you don’t then you are doomed. I learned this thing very early in my business that the most important hire you can make is the position of hiring a business partner aka co-founder.
Because building a business is the hardest thing you can ever attempt in your life, and you need someone who can support you in this journey of building and manage your day to day decisions in running your startup.
And it’s not only a matter of finding someone who is willing to work with you. You need to find someone who complements your skills and capabilities. But that’s the surface level. There is a lot that goes beneath that. You’ll get a lot of emotional, mental & psychological support which can help you in sailing through your bad days.
So the reason why I am writing this post is that I wanted to show you how I found my business partner on Facebook using a simple approach & how you can do the same and get similar results using a simple step by step approach.
Now let’s dive into my story.
I decided to build a car repair marketplace, and I was almost 6-7 weeks in the process of developing my product. I worked on building it with long extended hours and was giving my day in and day out to it. This kept on happening for some time.
After some time I realised that this was getting tiring I can’t keep working like this. With this approach, I can’t go far with building my product. I think I’d need some extra help on this, not like someone as an employee but someone who can out his blood and sweat into building this like I am was doing it.
I thought well maybe it is time to introduce someone as a co-founder in my business. The moment I realised this I didn’t waste much time. I started reaching out to my school friends, college friends, and other acquaintances who were there on my network. I spoke to them none of these guys were interested in joining me. They had their own share of excuses for not joining in. But as I met more people and talked to them I found out that a lot of people were interested in working with me.
But there was a catch to it.
They wanted to work on it but weren’t ready to commit to it full time. But I was pretty confident in my faith that for me the only sign of commitment was if someone will join me as a fulltime business partner and be 100% invested in the project.
I also realized that attracting someone for a full-time position that doesn’t pay them any money was a HARD task. I remember the occasions where I became so desperate that I even went to the extent of making those needy looking ” Looking for a co-founder post on Facebook. “
Now I don’t know if you have seen these posts or not, but you can go and see in the Facebook startups forums, you will find hundreds of people making such posts every week.
But even that couldn’t generate any results for me. 🙁
One day I was Googling around on finding co-founders I got to know about this man who used to help companies in hiring co-founders and senior level staff for startups. I quickly got in touch with this guy by the name of Nikhilesh who used to help founders who were running small and mid-level companies specifically.
I consulted Nikhilesh and got to realise of all the mistakes that I have been making till now. He showed me a simple step by step blueprint which he has been suing with his clients and that gets them results every time.
He started with helping me in refining my pitch to the level of perfection so that it attracts the right type of people for my startup. And using his formula within 4 weeks of my hunt I got a crazy amount of application in my mailbox.
By the end of the process, I had close to 200+ applications with me. And All these guys wanted to work with me and were happy to join me as a co-founder for full-time.
Now the process that I followed was very simple. If I can pull off results like 200+ applications, I am sure you can do it too.
It’s not something for me or a select few people. It’s for everyone who can use this process and get desired results from it.
But if I tell you that it all happened in this easy way, it wouldn’t be fair on my part. Coming to this point wasn’t easy.
I wasted a lot of time in going to conferences, meetups & pitching sessions in the hope that I’d be able to find a good guy in those meetups.
If I had to go back to the past and fix one thing, I would prefer not to go to these events.
The BIGGEST problem with going to conferences, meetups and pitching sessions is that you’ll notice that most of the people who come to these events are Wantraprenuers., so your chances of finding a good guy in these places is very bleak.
So it’d be better if you can spend your time in areas where you’ll get consistent hot leads with minimal effort.
Focusing on too many low-yield channels will give you too many low-quality leads. Instead, if you put your focus to high-yield channels, you will get great results from it.
A good idea to approach this problem is by approaching it like a marketing funnel.
You know how a funnel is? It has a Wide mouth on the top and a narrow one on the bottom.
The idea should be to push as many people as you can in your funnel. So that high-quality leads can keep coming in, and on the other end, you keep getting high quality hires.
A good way to figure out where to get high quality leads is through Facebook.
Facebook out of all the social networks has the best reach regarding audience.
So what you need to do is get your message out there in front of as many people as you can on Facebook. But before you start spreading your message it is important to understand that you create the right job description for your co-founder.
The more time and thought that you put in at this stage, the better you’ll have the chances of finding a co-founder.
Once you have created the perfect co-founder job description, then the next thing you need to do is you need to figure out all the startup and startup related groups on Facebook and join all of them.
Now, with this step, it might take you close to 7-10 days to get accepted in all the groups.
Try to join all the startup groups of your country, don’t try to limit yourself to the same city/state, seek to find the best ones in our nation and make your job description post over there.
Now, this process might take you 7-10 days to get accepted in all the groups.
Back when I did my job description post on Facebook. I joined close to hundred plus startup and startup related groups on Facebook before floating my job description over there.
One thing which you should keep in mind is that you should only join groups that have more than 300+ members. Because if you try to HIT a number less than 300, it will difficult for you get some action from that particular groups.
So try to find those groups which have these kinds of numbers. The more postings you make, the more people will view it, and it will increase your chances of getting more people in your funnel.
I followed the same formula, and my job posting became amongst the most popular job postings ever.
Please don’t copy my script word by word because what has worked for me might not work for you, so try to seek inspiration from this and build your case on your own.
Something that suits your personal and business working needs. Apart from group posting Another quick method which you can use it you can use Facebook ads and put $1 a day ad budget to it.
This way you will keep on getting high quality leads for a small amount of money.
If you put in the effort to make these two techniques work the chances are that you will be getting your results in a matter of few weeks.
When I made my post, I got
– 200 + applications.
– 52 emails
– 15 calls/ meetings
– 2 shortlisted candidates for trials.
– 1 Final recruit.
(this is how my stats looked like)
But again getting up to this point where you get lots and lots of applications mean you follow the complete process and build a crafty co-founder job description post.
And if you create a perfect post like this you can get access to high quality people on facebook.

And if you want to learn through the complete process of hiring a co-founder, then you can go to my ultimate guide on how to find a co-founder (which has all the word by word scripts and examples in it)

Try to use this method and let me know in the comments section if you have any doubts about it, I’d be more than happy to help if you need my help on anything.

See you soon.


PS – I take one on one consulting clients for hiring co founders as well, if you need exclusive help, write me an email & my team will get back to you on it.

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