Canada has some of the most innovative startups using cutting edge technology to make the world a better place. Whether it’s education, real estate, e-commerce, machine learning, or fitness, these Canadian startups offer some of the best products and services in every industry.

Here’s a list of the 49 best startups in Canada that have the solutions to all of your tech problems:

1. 360insights

This Canadian startup provides a SaaS-based software for real time on-demand incentive solutions. 360insights has a channel success platform that automates channel marketing programs, sales incentives and MDF/co-op processes. They also accelerate consumer rebates and provide valuable marketing intelligence.
Headquarter: Whitby, Ontario
Founded In: 2008
Founders: Jason Atkins

2. 500px

500px helps 12 million+ photographers showcase their talent and make money doing what they love. They help photographers expand their networks with like-minded creative friends, colleagues, and mentors. It helps them learn new technical and aesthetic skills. Their features include – following, profile, galleries, directory, quests. Each feature comes with its own set of sub-features for a better experience.
Headquarters: Toronto
Founded In: October 2009
Founders: Andy Yang
Sector: Photography

3. AmpMe

AmpMe, named of the most innovative apps by Google, lets users sync their devices with each other to play music louder. The app is available on iOS and Android. AmpMe lets you turn your friends into a portable sound system. They broke a world record for the most speakers synced together ever in May 2017.
Headquarters: Montreal
Founded In: 2015
Founders: Martin-Luc Archambault
Sector: Music Streaming Apps

4. Askuity

Askuity takes the hassle out of data management. They deliver powerful insights to retailers and product suppliers for better retail execution to grow their businesses. They provide real-time reports that can be customized along with a view of the entire retail business. They have 3 pricing plans – pro plan, team plan, and enterprise plan.
Headquarters: Toronto 
Founded In: 2012 
Founders: Eric Green, Neal Sherman
Sector: Business Intelligence

5. Attendease

Attendease was founded in 2001, and was known as Coverall Crew. They were previously focused on event registration and website development for technology companies for events. After a period of being custom technology consultants, the team realised they needed an automated platform. And that’s when they evolved into Attendease, a SaaS-based event automation platform.
Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
Founded In: January 2001 
Founders: Todd Heintz, Jamie Lubiner, Patrick Gibson, Michael Wood
Sector: Web Development

6. Avidbots

Avidbots has a mission to bring mobile robots into the real world. This robotics startup in Canada is working towards automating commercial floor cleaning with their self driving floor scrubber, Neo. Neo increases productivity and minimizes inconsistency by letting your cleaning crew focus on higher value cleaning tasks. It adjusts to your facility and also provides auditable reports.
Headquarters: Waterloo, ON
Founded In: 2014 
Founders: Ken Anderson, Faizan Sheikh, Pablo Molina
Sector: Robotics

7. Bench

Bench is here to make your bookkeeping days disappear. They provide a dedicated team that works on your company’s financial statements so you don’t have to. Bench gives you bookkeeping support, organizes your year-end financials, makes tax season go smoothly, and keeps your data secure.
Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
Founded In: 2012
Founders: Ian Crosby, Pavel Rodionov
Sector: SaaS

8. BenchSci

BenchSci is a machine learning platform that helps the scientific community achieve biomedical discoveries faster. Their software quickly decodes millions of papers and extracts crucial data. BenchSci has a goal to help scientists find antibodies that are proven to work by the scientific community.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: January 2017
Founders:  Liran Belenzon, David Qixiang Chen, Elvis Mboumien Wianda, Tom Leung
Sector: Machine Learning

9. Breather

Breather offers workspaces on demand to major businesses, small businesses, and independent professionals. They’re spread out across North America, and Europe. With no membership fee, you can book a workspace for an hour or even weeks, whenever you need it. Breather has workspaces designed for therapy, team meetings, photoshoots, small events, individual work, and much more!
Headquarters: Montreal
Founded In: November 2012
Founders: Caterina Rizzi, Julien Smith
Sector: Real Estate App

10. Busbud

Busbud is a travel app and platform that makes booking buses easy. With their presence in over 63 countries and 10,000 cities, they offer city-to-city bookings from any location. Busbud aims to empower travellers with technology and accessibility. Travel information like schedules, prices, reviews, service classes, amenities, stop addresses, bus pictures, and much more is easily available on their platform.
Headquarters: Montreal, QC
Founded In: October 2011
Louis-Philippe Maurice, Michael Gradek, Frederic Thouin
Sector: Travel Software

11. CareGuide

CareGuide connects families and individuals with high-quality care providers. Their family of online services provide you with thousands of profiles based on your requirements. They have 6 portfolio companies – CanadianNanny.ca, Sitter.com, Housekeeper.com, PetSitter.com, ElderCare.com, HouseSitter.com.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: 2012
Founders: John Philip Green
Sector: Online Care Services

12. Chatter Research

Chatter Research helps brands get real-time feedback on their services and customer experience. This tech startup in Canada empowers businesses to communicate with their customers via text immediately after they interact with your brand.
Headquarter: Toronto, ON 
Founded In: 2016
Founders: Simon Foster
Sector: Market research App

13. Drop

Drop, aimed at millennials, is a loyalty program that enables customers to earn rewards with their day-to-day expenses. This fintech startup in Canada has a mobile-based platform that users can connect their cards to. Drop helps their members earn rewards without a credit card or additional debt.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: August 2015
Founders: Derrick Fung
Sector: E-Commerce

14. Element AI

Element AI is on a mission to create an AI-first world. They partner with large corporations to provide them with artificial intelligence solutions with cutting-edge technology. Element AI builds customized applications that can be easily integrated with a company’s process.
Headquarter: Montreal, QC
Founded In: October 2016
Founders: Jean-François Gagné, Yoshua Bengio
Sector: Artificial Intelligence

15. Eventbase

Though not a newly launched startup, Eventbase has remained the world’s most trusted event app platform since its inception. With latest innovations, this tech company has powered native apps for some of the largest events like Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Sundance Film Festival. They provide a range of plans for world class support during events of any size.
Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
Founded In:  March 2009  
Founders: Jeff Sinclair, Ben West
Sector: Mobile App

16. Fluent.ai

Fluent.ai provides a speech interface solution that learns from context, behavior, and speech, in any language. They support over 38 major languages, each spoken by over 70m people. This tech startup in Canada is multilingual, personalized, robust, and offers high accuracy even in noisy surroundings. Fluent.ai can also be used offline.
Headquarters: Montreal, QC
Founded In: 2015
Founders: Vikrant Tomar
Sector: Ad Targeting

17. Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak began with a simple vision to help people dress better, and affordably. They used a combination of design and technology to curate products for men and women to look sharp. From clothes, to self care products, they have a good collection that helps you be your best self.
Headquarters: Montreal, QC
Founded In: February 2012  
Founders: Ethan Song, Hicham Ratnani
Sector: E-Commerce

18. Homigo

Homigo is a technology startup in Toronto that is aimed at solving all home maintenance and repair problems. Users can simply text their concerns from any location, and Homigo’s personal concierge will provide a solution to them. To avail their services, users need to create an account and request an invite.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: December 2015 
Founders: David Steckel, Guillaume Laliberte
Sector: Real Estate

19. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been around for over 8 years and is one of the most renowned social media management platforms. They have various plans depending on your usage and team sizes. Their core features include scheduling, content curation, analytics, monitoring, team management, contests, security, and integration with apps.
Headquarters: Vancouver
Founded In: November 2008 
Founders: Ryan Holmes
Sector: Social Media App

20. Hopper

Hopper takes flight booking one step ahead by suggesting the perfect time to book a flight to get the lowest fares. This travel startup uses big data and currently provides 95% accuracy. Once you select the date of travel, Hopper suggests whether you should wait or buy.  
Headquarter: Montreal, QC
Founded In: 2015  
Founders: Fred Lalonde, Joost Ouwerkerk, Sebastien Rainville
Sector: Travel App

21. Hubba

Hubba enables a business to grow and increase their market share by using their platform to provide accurate product information. The information is available to retailers who are interested in selling them in their stores. Influencers can also benefit from this by connecting with brands that resonate with their audience.
Headquarters: Toronto
Founded In: 2012
Founders: Ben Zifkin
Sector: SaaS

22. Hykso

Hykso (pronounced “hik-soh”) is a wearable wrist sensor that provides valuable data to professional fighters for boxing and mixed martial arts. The sensors automatically calculate every strike, along with its speed and type. This data and more is then sent to their mobile app in real-time.
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Founded In: June 2013
Founders: Khalil Zahar, Alexandre Marcotte, Charles Lambert, Patrick Chandler
Sector: Fitness App

23. Influitive

Influitive is leading the change towards advocate marketing from company-centric marketing. It helps companies mobilize customer advocates with their best-in-class software and strategies. They help companies produce an increase in referral leads, reference calls, social media participation and more.
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario 
Founded In: Mark Organ
Founders: October 2010
Sector: Social CRM

24. InnerSpace

InnerSpace has a mission to power every indoor location-based experience. They help bridge the gap between property owners and application developers. Their system automates 3D mapping that can create a 3D model of a space in seconds. They provide mapping and analytics to commercial office space, healthcare, retail industries.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: September 2014  
Founders: Jason Gamblen, James Wu, Matt MacGillivray
Sector: Location Based Services

25. Keatext

Keatext is a cost effective AI-driven text analytics technology. This cloud-based app gives brands an analyzed view of large volumes of unstructured customer feedback in minutes. Their natural language processing technology gives businesses a picture of their entire interaction with their customers, across all touch points.
Headquarters: Montreal, QC
Founded In: 2010
Founders: Narjès Boufaden, Charles-Olivier Simard
Sector: Machine Learning

26. Kik

Kik is one of the world’s leading chat platforms for Android and iOS. They started with the aim to create a single platform for teens and young adults to connect from anywhere at anytime. They’re constantly working towards making the platform safer to use.
Headquarter: Waterloo
Founded In: 2009  
Founders: Christopher Best, Ted Livingston
Sector: Messaging App

 27. Knote

Knote uses the power of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to automate your workflow. It’s easy to use, works with any type of data, and is extremely secure. It takes them less than 10 seconds to go through any document and helps extract and redact sensitive data like Names (People, Organizations, Products), Dates, Financials, Phone Numbers, Chemicals, Locations, Industries.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: 2015  
Founders: Ron Glozman
Sector: Information Technology

28. League

League, a health insurance startup, is on a mission to empower people to live healthier lives by reimagining employee health benefits. League enables employers to provide their employees with spending accounts, group insurance plans and workplace health services, all delivered through the League mobile app.
Headquarters: Toronto
Founded In: June 12, 2014  
Founders: Michael Serbinis, Dan Leibu, Todd Humphrey, Dan Galperin
Sector: Fitness, Health Care, Wellness

29. Local Logic

Local Logic offers location insights to help their clients generate targeted leads. It helps customers understand which properties are right for them by providing them with characteristics of the home before they contact you.
Headquarters: Montreal, QC
Founded In: December 21, 2014 
Founders: Vincent-Charles Hodder, Gabriel Damant-Sirois, Colin Stewart, Alexandre Pagé
Sector: Information Technology

30. Mejuri

This e-commerce startup in Canada has an online jewelry store. They believe in making luxury an accessible and part of your everyday. They work only with top jewelers and work without a middleman, thereby making fine jewelry affordable and at a fraction of the price.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: 2013 
Sector: Masoud Sakkijha, Noura Sakkijha, Majed Masad
Crowdsourcing, E-Commerce

31. Meya.ai

Meya.ai enables companies to build their own bots using artificial intelligence. Meya’s Bot Studio contains every you need to build and train a bot including a flow & code editor, test chat, live debugger and visualizer.
Headquarters: Kitchener, ON
Founded In: 2015  
Founders: Erik Kalviainen, Amanie Ismail
Sector: Artificial Intelligence

32. Motorleaf

Motorleaf facilitates indoor growing by connecting growers to their plants and to each other via artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT,  and software. They have 4 hardwares named Heart, Powerleaf, Droplet, Driplet, and a software named Big Green that works both online and offline.\
Headquarters: Montreal, QC
Founded In: March 20, 2015 
Founders: Ramen Dutta, Alastair Monk 
Sector: Machine Learning

33. Obie.ai

Obie is the name of the bot developed by the founders of the company “Tasytt”. This virtual assistant helps you make faster decisions without leaving Slack. Obie is able to answer questions, deliver training and act as a conversational interface.
Headquarters: Hamilton, ON
Founded In: September 8, 2015  
Founders: Ravinda Seunath, Chris Buttenham, Alexander Sopinka
Sector: Artificial Intelligence

34. Plotly

Plotly lets you visualize your data and turn it into interactive dashboards to share online. Users can create charts, graphs, dashboards, and slide decks by importing data within minutes.
Headquarter: Montréal, QC
Founded In: August 9, 2013
Founders: Alex Johnson, Matt Sundquist, Chris Parmer
Sector: Data Visualization

35. Shoelace

Shoelace are retargeting experts focused on bringing back your visitors. Shoelace keeps your visitors interested by showing them a series of ads that change everyday. They help you reinforce your branding and increase branding.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: June 1, 2015 
Founders: Reza Khadjavi, David Berglas, Alexander Sloan
Sector: Advertising

36. SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is a technology company that makes great food more accessible. It seamlessly connect people to local restaurants through their website and apps to make food ordering easy for busy people.
Headquarters: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Founded In: 2013
Founders: Joshua Simair, Christopher Simair, Andrew Chau, Jeff Adamson
Sector: E-Commerce

 37. Smart Reno

Smart Reno is the saviour homeowners looking to renovate have been looking for. They help homeowners connect with the best contractors in Canada for their renovation projects. With a network of over 7500 qualified contractors, they’re your trusted renovation partners.
Headquarters: Montreal, QC
Founded In: April 1, 2012  
Founders: Eric Boily, Andrei Uglar
Sector: Home Renovation

38. Synervoz

Synervoz is a technology startup in Canada that uses cutting edge audio technologies to enable spontaneous voice chats. It’s completely customizable and offers intelligent noise cancelling.
Headquarters: Toronto, ON
Founded In: 2012  
Founders: Jim Rand, James Meier
Sector: Audio, VoIP, Software, Music

39. Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Labs makes revolutionary wearable technologies that changes the way people interact with computers. Their first product, the Myo armband, can control technology with hand gestures and motion.
Headquarters: Waterloo
Founded In: May 1, 2012
Founders: Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey, Aaron Grant
Sector: Robotics

 40. Thinkific

Thinkific is on a mission to empower modern course makers. This simple course creating platforms offers complete control over everything from design to content. Their beatiful designs are fully customizable to suit your needs.
Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
Founded In: 2012  Education
Founders: Greg Smith, Matt Smith
Sector: Internet

41. Top Hat

Top Hat is an education startup that equips teachers to make teaching more interactive. You can find customizable content online, create or customize homework and assignments, and also create your own interactive text books to sell.
Headquarter: Toronto, Ontario
Founded In: March 17, 2009  
Founders: Mohsen Shahini, Mike Silagadze
Sector: EdTech

42. Uberflip

Uberflip believes in helping their clients provide the best content experience to their customers. This product is meant for content marketers, demand marketers, and sales representatives. Their solutions include content marketing, lead generation, account-based marketing, and sales enablement.
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Founded In: 2012 
Founders: Randy Frisch, Yoav Schwartz
Sector: Content Marketing

43. Unbounce

The Unbounce team in Canada has 100+ employees and 8 dogs. They all have an aim to empower marketing teams and businesses to grow using the best conversion tools. Their list of features include the Unbounce builder with landing pages and convertables, templates, conversion tools, and data security.
Headquarters: Vancouver
Founded In: August 2009 
Founders: Oli Gardner, Carter Gilchrist, Carl Schmidt, Justin Stacey, Rick Perreault, Jason Murphy
Sector: Advertising

44. UrbanLogiq

UrbanLogiq uses data analytics and machine learning algorithms to make city planning and much faster, cheaper, and accurate. It has a geospatial data dashboard, breaks down data silos, and is cloud-based, making it easy to use.
Headquarter: Surrey, BC
Founders: Arvinder Kang, Herman Chandi, Mark Masongsong, Arun Dawit
Founded In: March 10, 2016
Sector: Machine Learning

45. Visual Capitalist

Visual Capitalist creates visual content around the global economy, business trends, technology, and investing. This Canadian startup uses data, art, and storytelling to break down complex issues and make them more digestible for millions of investors around the world.
Headquarters: Vancouver
Founded In: 
Founders: Jeff Desjardins
Sector: Visual content

46. Voices.com

Voices.com is an online marketplace for voice actors. You can find the voice talent you find best from a pool of 200,000 voice actors. Users can pick samples based on categories, roles, language, accent, and age.
Headquarter: London, Ontario
Founded In: 2003
Founders: David Ciccarelli, Stephanie Ciccarelli 
Sector: Audio

47. Welltrack

Welltrack aims to improve the mental health of students by offering them a self-help therapy platform. This interactive platform keeps track of your mood, provides guided therapy, a counsellor, and relaxation techniques.
Headquarter: Fredericton, NB
Founded In: 2012
Founders: Darren Piercey, Natasha O’Brien
Sector: Mobile Apps, Wellness

48. Zoocasa

Zoocasa is a real estate startup that uses the ease of technology to provide their users with a seamless experience. They aim to make home searching and selling faster and more successful.
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Founded In: 2008
Founders: Lauren Haw
Sector: Real Estate

49. Zoom.ai

Zoom.ai is an award-winning SaaS startup in Canada providing a productivity tool that can handle all time-consuming operational tasks at work. Their solution minimizes distractions to increase productivity via an automated assistant, allowing you to focus on higher-value job duties. Their AI technology can handle tasks such as meeting scheduling, meeting preparedness, introductions to people you want to meet, searching organizational databases, generating documents, travel logistics, and much more with ease.
Headquarters: Toronto
Founded In: 2016
Founders: Roy Pereira
Sector: SaaS

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