Waqar Azmi (Founder & CEO, Sutra Services) featured on BBC news


Waqar Azmi on BBC

Mr. Waqar Azmi, our founder and CEO, featured on BBC news as an expert in a bulletin discussion on emerging recruitment trends (airing date-26th February 2015).

Waqar shared his expert opinion on the new and innovative mediums that recruiters around the world are using to acquire great talent while easing out the recruitment process.

Here is an excerpt of the same.



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HR and Recruitment for Startups: The Important Factors


HR/Recruitment Importance Businesses these days have become very competitive and belligerent, and are always looking to decrease costs. And in doing so, they end up ignoring certain significant factors. This is particularly true with startups, which typically save costs by pumping a lesser amount of money in human resources. In several cases, the HR department is nearly non-existent. Recruitment for startups too becomes a massive challenge.

Be it an industrial behemoth, a mid-sized company or a startup, at the end of the day, is run by a ‘human’ machinery. But HR management is a very tough task. In an organization, the HR department is accountable for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals. It helps in staffing, mentoring, learning and development, payroll, and keeping a track of the policies and various procedures in the firm. Many startups wind up giving these responsibilities to an office administrator, who may or may not be equipped to address issues that necessitate a human factor, such as executive recruitment. As much as recruitment goes, a startup can ease the burden on itself by using recruitment agencies that offer low-cost recruitment or new executive placement agencies.

A striking example of this was a technology startup in India. Though it began with just four employees, the business grew in just six months. Hiring more resources proved a challenge. The CEO, wanting to avoid hiring a bad apple, decided to outsource staffing to an executive search firm in Mumbai. In just a month, they had a complete team in place thanks to the hiring agency who offered them expertise for technology hiring solutions.

What’s interesting to note from the above example is that having an executive recruitment firm is as vital as employing the services of a law firm or an accounting firm. Not only does this provide you low-cost recruitment solutions, it enables you to save a ‘seat’ in your office, as the hiring is taken care off by the placement agency. Speaking of office space, some agencies also offer plug-n-play offices that allow you to save money, especially when you are bootstrapping a startup.

A happy and a contented workforce allows a company to scale heights as it increases productivity. Thus, it is imperative for a startup to focus on human resources and recruitment.


Hiring the Best Can be a Mistake!

Did we confuse you with the title? Of course we did. When everyone around the world is trying hard to find and hire the best talent, we have been preparing a theory on why one should NOT hire the best.
When you come across the “best” candidate, in your excitement of finding a gem you often miss the fact that s/he might not necessarily be the “best fit” for that job. This generally happens because we use the words ‘best’ and ‘right’ so interchangeably that we ignore what they mean in essence.

  • Working with your competitor, does not make him best: Your competitor might have a different work culture. His ability to perform there might not be sufficient to perform with you.
  • Great performance in last job does not make him best:There is no guarantee of why his performance was good previously. May be luck, may be the product/service was easy to sell/serve, or other such external factors.
  • High enthusiasm in your job, does not make him best: The candidate may show lot of enthusiasm/interest in your job, but this does not necessarily make him eligible. Rather than jumping to conclusions about his suitability for your job, perhaps you should test drive his capabilities “live” or with a real “case study”.
  • Worked in a “well known” company, does not make him best: Just because s/he has worked in a good reputed MNC does not mean that he has better set of skills than another candidate from lesser known smaller company. In fact, often smaller companies serve as a better training ground for employees to hone their skills, than major corporations.


  • Having an MBA degree, does not make him best: This is often an argued matter. An MBA from the best of B-Schools might still not be enough to toughen or train the candidate for your kind of work. Does s/he have the EQ (oh yes, not IQ!) to handle your job?

When recruiting for your startup, try and find a combination of factors in a candidate, that make you feel confident of him/her being the ideal fit for your job. Of course, no one can gauge whether the guy will perform or not, but what matters is not the absolute level of a competency or skill, but the right level and fit of that competency or skill for your specific job.
So, forget the perfect “catch” and find your perfect “match”.

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