HushBabies Indian eCommerce Indian eCommerce sites have been raking in a lot of money. There are hundreds of eCommerce sites in India and a lot of mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers too have happened. Now SutraBlog (via IDR) has a post about the baby care products site HushBabies.com, which has acquired kids wear Indian eCommerce site MangoStreet.

The CEO of HushBabies.com is Sridhar Seshadri. Not only is he excited about acquiring Indian eCommerce site MangoStreet but also wants to have a stronghold on small town India. Seshadri elaborated, “E-commerce has picked up significantly. While our core business comes from key Indian cities, big growth is being seen in smaller towns and cities.”

The cofounders of Indian eCommerce site MangoStreet are Mohit and Rahul Yadav. They will now work at HushBabies.com as business leaders and will report to Sridhar Seshadri. The eCommerce space in India is pretty hot and not only is it creating secondary industries, it is also creating a lot of jobs. Thus recruitment for eCommerce companies is on the rise too.

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