Running a startup business is already difficult as it is. There’s a lot on your mind like getting funded and expanding your team. While setting up an HR team when you barely have employees is futile, the functions of HR still need to be carried out. SutraHR is arming you with the right HR tools to carry out basic functions flawlessly.

Offer Letter Format

You’ve been through the process of interviewing candidates and have zeroed down on one. Now it’s time to send them an offer letter. But is it really necessary to go online and look for the perfect offer letter format that matches all the details you need to add?

Appointment Letter Format

Once the candidate is on-board, certain formalities need to be taken care of. SutraHR’s appointment letter format includes crucial terms and conditions about company policies like leaves, non-solicitation, termination, confidentiality, etc. This is one of the important HR tools to be equipped with.

Confirmation Letter Format

You can customize the confirmation letter to be sent after the candidate successfully completes the probation period. Whether it is one month or three, the variables can be edited accordingly.

Relieving cum Experience Letter Format

An experience letter format that also states the employee is relieved of their duties is needed once they exit the organization. Internships or full-time jobs, reference letters play a major role and are important to every employee

Exit Form Format

Getting clearance from relevant departments before leaving an organization is a critical step. Any project handovers, documents, office equipment must be returned and a signature of the lead of the respective department must be taken. Financial recoveries or reimbursements to be made, and other processes relevant to the finance section must require a signature from the person-in-charge of finance.

In SutraHR’s exit form format, there are 4 sections with specific descriptions of things. These can all be edited as per your needs. The four sections we’ve included are:

Clearance from the functional department
Clearance from IT/admin
Clearance from finance
Clearance from HR

The people taking care of these 4 departments must sign the sheet stating that the things mentioned in the list have been taken care of.

SutraHR has tried to keep the HR tools as simple as possible. We have included what we think are crucial things that every organization seems to be missing. Apart from the above list, another recommendation is getting a software to handle payroll for you. Staying updated with changes in laws made by the government is another task altogether. A simple way to completely forget about it is a payroll software that automatically updates deductions based on any new laws.

A great cloud-based SaaS model is sumHR – an end-to-end employee lifecycle management software. It is extremely affordable and easy to use. For a free demo and 7-day trial call +91 922 221 3195 or click here.


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