eCommerce Platform KartRocket Raises Seed Funding from 500 Startups and 5ideas Startup Superfuel


ecommerce platform kartrocketCompanies that sell eCommerce platforms have been doing good businesses, as more and more businesses are taking the online retail route. Now Business Standards reports about the launch of KartRocket, a new ecommerce platform by Big Foot Retail Solutions, a Delhi-based startup. It has raised a seed fund (amount undisclosed) from 5ideas Startup Superfuel, 500 Startups and angel investor Jatin Anejat.

The KartRocket ecommerce platform is targeted towards Indian SMEs and retailers. It will enable them to boost their online sales and offers end-to-end marketing and sales tools with the help of which customers would not only be able to sell their products online, but also market them. This option would allow their customers to enjoy online exposure that would help in making more sales. The stores are available within a wide range of prices, with the basic stores starting at Rs 500 per month going up to Rs 7000 per month for high end options.

Integrating domestic and international payment options that cover both prepaid and cash on delivery with the help of PayU and citruspay, it has created a well-knit platform for sales. The KartRocket ecommerce platform features ShipRocket for shipping and returning of goods, selling and managing orders across other online market places like eBay and Amazon. It also offers in-built features for marketing products and services like coupons, viral marketing tools, gift certificates, Facebook selling, automatic onsite SEO, etc

Kartrocket has already launched its public beta in the month of January and its operations have commenced too. Till date it has acquired more than 100 paying customers and over 500 trial customers. The ecommerce platform has been customized and tailored keeping Indian customers in mind, thus a bonus for the Indian sellers.


Religious eCommerce Site DoloArts Sells Frames & Paintings Online


The web has given a new facade of perspectives to various things. Take for example places of worship, which now use technology and live stream religious proceedings on the web. Now industry news site Pluggd.in is reporting about DoloArts, a Tirupati-based religious ecommerce site that sells digital photo frames, Tanjore paintings, paintings, drawings as well as religious diamond stones amongst other things.

Religious eCommerce Site Doloarts

According to the team at religious ecommerce site DoloArts, they specialize in connecting their users to the right kind of art. The elaborated, “Doloarts is specialized in finding the right art for users. We always endeavor to fathom the overall art direction to seek the most appropriate art pieces. We source our art work from our various lists of artists we represent from various art galleries.”

Religious ecommerce site DoloArts gets a lot of users from countries such as USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. The team at the ecommerce startup plans to focus on instant gallery quality and canvas printing feature. It is great to see niche sites in the Indian eCommerce industry. This surely means a lot of eCommerce jobs and also a huge increase in recruitment for eCommerce.


MangoStreet.com, Indian eCommerce Site, Acquired by HushBabies


HushBabies Indian eCommerce Indian eCommerce sites have been raking in a lot of money. There are hundreds of eCommerce sites in India and a lot of mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers too have happened. Now SutraBlog (via IDR) has a post about the baby care products site HushBabies.com, which has acquired kids wear Indian eCommerce site MangoStreet.

The CEO of HushBabies.com is Sridhar Seshadri. Not only is he excited about acquiring Indian eCommerce site MangoStreet but also wants to have a stronghold on small town India. Seshadri elaborated, “E-commerce has picked up significantly. While our core business comes from key Indian cities, big growth is being seen in smaller towns and cities.”

The cofounders of Indian eCommerce site MangoStreet are Mohit and Rahul Yadav. They will now work at HushBabies.com as business leaders and will report to Sridhar Seshadri. The eCommerce space in India is pretty hot and not only is it creating secondary industries, it is also creating a lot of jobs. Thus recruitment for eCommerce companies is on the rise too.


Giveter: An Online Gifting Recommendation Website


Giveter Online Gifts When you think of ecommerce in India, the first thing that comes in mind are product websites. However, there are very few websites that enable a user to use filters and then give recommendations. Now ex-CTO of Zomato, Avinash S and ex-Schlumberger Business Consulting Mayank Bhangadia have come up with Giveter, which is a recommendation service for online gifting, SutraBlog reports (via Pluggd.in).

If you are wondering what this recommendation service for online gifting allows you to do, well, it lets users search for relevant gifts by offering a choice of filters for the recipient’s age, relationship, and occasion. In addition, Giveter has tied up with a lot of online website/brands/physical stores. One special thing about the site is an in-house gifting aggregation team, which chooses unique giftable products. Currently, there are several different categories and some 2500 gifting options.

For payments, users are redirected to the partner site. One more thing that Giveter features is the Zip-Gift concept that lets users send, receive, and share gifts on Facebook. The ecommerce vertical in India sure is picking up fast and there are a lot of jobs in ecommerce and recruitment for ecommerce companies is increasing too.

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