Returning women professionals, time to pull up your socks

Frequent grumbling heard by the HR Heads of companies with a Returning Professionals Program is that, women who wish to return to their careers after a hiatus, fail to return their calls. And this is just one of the grumbles that rumbles down from them. Others have been worse – for instance, women don’t answer our emails or messages, they fail to show up for an interview even after they confirm; they show up late’ they lag behind in the skills department – the list just goes on.
Time to prove ourselves again, eh ladies? So let’s pull up our socks, put our best foot (and footwear) forward, wear smart clothes – dress up, show up and do the drill.
Returning to a corporate drill after a hiatus takes all the energy, courage and determination you can muster, but we can do it, can’t we?

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All it takes is a wee bit of planning in advance. And following these 7 simple steps:

  1. When you decide to go back to the grind, you have to be ready completely – in mind, body, heart and soul.
  2. Check your phone for messages and calls, every hour; if you miss them while you are napping or driving or cooking or eating; then return the calls, the moment you are free.
  3. Check your emails at least twice a day and answer them.
  4. Check if you have office wear ready – head to toe; even simple outfits work, but they have to be smart. Dress for success, and see it work for you. Invest in a new wardrobe, if you must; it will be an investment worth its salt.
  5. Perk up your posture; start a fitness routine, even 10 minutes a day will give you results.
  6. Read up on your industry and stay up-to-date. The best way to do this is to reserve some hours at home, while you wait for that plum job to come to you.
  7. Start getting connected socially (online). This is the best way to pass the word, that you are ready to get back to a career and how!

Remember what you say, do, wear and show are all pointing to your professionalism or the lack of it. So bring out that sunshine smile ladies, wear confidence on your sleeve and get ready to get that job!

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