Redefined Talent Acquisition Under the Influence of HR Software

Technological advancements have gained undivided attention during the crisis. The pandemic halted functioning of many organizations, technological advancements came to the rescue by sheltering a complete virtual mode of functioning. There were hundreds of employees who were laid off due to the crisis. Having said that, the HR team even initiated a fully remote form of hiring new employees. The best HR software for the organization assisted in execution of such remote forms of hiring. Talent acquisition has redefined recruitment and sourcing of talent via social media platforms such as linkedin, naukri etc.

Let’s dig a little to understand how HR software has redefined talent acquisition with the assistance of AI: 

Transition in the landscape

 Traditional recruitment procedure is carried out with the assistance of best HR software or recruitment software. The HR implements the best practices in sourcing of candidates, filtering applications and scheduling interviews with the eligible candidates. With the assistance of AI the recruiter gets aware that the majority of the applicants are not fit for the role making recruitment a smooth process.

Unfortunately, in India it is witnessed that recruitment in India is based on the gut instinct of the HR and resumes of the applicants. The traditional method of recruitment has been questioned with evolving times. As employees recruited via these traditional procedures create challenges in adaptability of the employee. The current market demands recruitments with minimal errors.

Organizations have started paying more attention to building strong talent acquisition teams. The evolving module of recruitment demands new cognitive technologies and strong social networks that can assist in building a broder talent pool.


Cognitive technologies maintaining enormous amounts of data

 The vendors dealing with HR software aims in delivering software and continues to conduct experiments with tools which consequently generates enormous data for further inspection. This data is managed by cognitive technologies talent acquisition team can utilize the cognitive technology embedded in the HR software to attain a higher insight on data. It provides the talent acquisition team with impromptu data to streamline eligible candidates and engage them with the assistance of chatbots, etc. 

Predictive analytics

Predictive analysis is one of the most crucial elements as a slight lean on either of the sides could categorize in a boon or a bane. There is no doubt that AI decreases the workload of the employees. It is framing assessments and assignments in hiring new employees based on the tests and skill assessments. Having said that, it can’t be ignored that AI in recruitment highlights skills and tools based on predictive analytics. It can be crucial as it has a vast module of judging the candidates. although organizations have started considering such tests for enhanced platforms to hire eligible peers onboard. 

Candidates marked based on their assessment on AI

AI has powered the software industry with features that have changed the landscape of the entire human resource functioning. The new found module by AI is used by the talent acquisition team to analyze the accurate score to determine the eligibility of the candidate.

AI has modified the procedure of assessment which evaluates the calibre of a fresher candidate. It allows the HR to sort the rankings based on games and simulations. It empowers them to mark new candidates based on skills and assists the talent management team to plan higher goals for the candidates with excellence.


Creation of talent acquisition centres

Technological advancements have turned recruitment and talent acquisition to an entire new journey. Management of data, planning and execution to streamline and source talent generation in a new economy module challenging the traditional employment module.

The above mentioned elements play a major role in evaluating the transformation of talent acquisition and recruitment. These technological advancements have encouraged the employer to create a more enhanced team of talent acquisition.


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