Recruitment: Not a stepping stone for HR Generalists


As a recruitment agency, we screen a large amount of candidates who apply to be recruiters.  Most of them, however, have the ultimate goal of being HR generalists. This seems like a reasonable thought when you consider that there is lesser pressure in General HR profiles.  There’s no pressure of meeting expectations of closures or hitting targets. Recruitment on the other hand is treated like a sales job, done only for the experience.  Aspiring HR professionals find it very difficult to see a career in recruitment since they don’t think it’s lucrative enough.

We couldn’t disagree more with this thought and there’s good reason for that. For a recruitment company like ours, recruitment means sales and that’s what brings in the money. Every other department spends money while recruiters are the only ones that bring in revenue.  With this thought, it’s clear that there is money in recruitment and more importantly a career for recruiters.

If you’re looking at a lucrative career in recruitment, we’re happy to tell you that there’s more than enough scope for that. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

1) It isn’t for the faint hearted

You either close positions or you don’t. Some months you make more than you can handle from incentives, other months run dry. If you don’t like the thrill or uncertainty, this isn’t for you.  The best recruiters are go-getters and stay motivated all the time.

2) No grey areas

You either close or you don’t. You’re incentives aren’t paid out until the client hires so efforts don’t matter; only results do. Sometimes you might be so close to a hire and yet be so far.  The best recruiters are forever positive and occasional failures are treated as part of the job.

3) Specialization makes you noticeable

Being brilliant at hiring for a certain skill like Java or Sales or Digital Marketing earns you a reputation as compared to generic hiring.  Having a specialization can make you a coveted resource in that field.

4) Respect what you do

Sometimes things may get difficult from the candidates or clients’ end. Believe that you know better than them about recruitment and address the situation with such confidence. Putting your foot down when necessary has its rewards and will get you the results you need.

As more and more organizations are seeking to outsource their recruitment needs, recruitment as a career has become a wise choice. The scope in this field is unlimited and you’re the only one who decides how successful you will be here.