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Product management is a crucial, perpetual function within an organization, starting from; but not limited to, the vision, planning, production, and even marketing of the product at all its stages.

SutraHR specializes in hiring for a variety of positions, on a senior level as well as executive. One of our major specialties and what we’re known for is being among the top product management recruitment agencies. We know just how important a product manager is for every company, being in charge of designing the entire product from scratch.

Every technology company requires a different type of product manager based on the job role. And just like that, the role of a product manager differs based on the type of company.

The basic job role would look something like this:

  1. Product managers define the product vision and strategy. They must know exactly what the customer would or would not want and accordingly design a plan for the product. They are in charge of the entire blueprint of the project and have complete ownership of the strategy.
  2. Gathering specific information about everything required to turn this vision into an actual product that can be released into the market is also a crucial task. PMs get to decide which team has to work on what aspect of the product and also gets to decide the deliverables. They must collaborate with the teams to help them through every step of the way in regards to the product. Product management recruiters understand that looking for someone with qualities to work well in a team is important in this case.
  3. Creating a mock product and testing it out is also one of the major responsibilities of a product manager. Ensuring the product is ready-to-go and is prepared for a large-scale release is entirely the duty of the PM.
  4. Being knowledgeable about the current market scenario, a product manager must know when is the right time to release the product.
  5. A PM’s job does not just end there, our product management recruiters recognize that. Reaching a plateau in an ever-evolving time can be awfully damaging to any company. They need to be constantly coming up with new ideas to develop the product further.
  6. After a point, a product manager’s job requirements could also turn into those of a business analyst or a UI/UX designer. One of the major flaws sometimes is that some companies are unable to avoid this result. Companies must ensure they do not mix up different job roles to avoid confusions.

Product Management Headhunters

Being product management headhunters, we take great pride in understanding the requirements when looking for a product manager. These requirements differ from company to company, and we strive hard to ensure that we never lack in pace to find you the perfect fit. Having been in the industry for almost a decade, our expertise in this field is definitely a big plus for us.

SutraHR, based out of Mumbai, also operates all over India in cities like Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Gurgaon. Hyderabad has also experienced a massive boom in the startup ecosystem and we’re well-equipped to handle any specific requirements in this new-age city. We have some of the best recruiters for product managers.

If you want to hire from one of the best product management recruitment agencies, call us now at +91 87 67 427 427 or drop us an email at [email protected]

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