Job Seeker FAQ


  1. What companies do you work with?

SutraHR believes in maintaining a high level of discretion on both the client as well as the candidate side of the process. Many of our premier clients do not advertise vacancies and hence to maintain their confidentiality we keep their details under cover.
What we can tell you is that we work with the best online brands in India and have successfully hired over 1000 candidates at different managerial positions over the last 5 years.


  1. What professional levels do you conduct placements for?

Over the years we have successfully placed C-Level executives through mid-level professionals. However we do not urge our candidates to apply indiscriminately and advise them to hold on to their current position until we have an appropriate opportunity for them.


  1. How do I submit my resumé?

Send us an email with your resume and industry of choice at careers[@] and we will get back to you. For further information you could also contact us here.


  1. What happens once I submit my resumé/information ?

Once we receive your resume, we analyze what profile you are looking for and match it with our current openings. Then we consider our clients to see if we may have a match. If we think we might have something, we will contact you to discuss it further.


  1. Will you ever send my resumé to one of your clients without my knowledge and/or consent?

No. As a policy, we NEVER share your name or resume details without your consent with our clients.


  1. Why SutraHR and not a generic job board?

When you partner with SutraHR, you get unique personalized service. We only present you with the most relevant positions, in your area of expertise. We realised that there were multiple disadvantages of posting resumes on such boards as companies tend to keep a track of them to retain their employees and irrelevant job offers spam your email. As a result, we discourage our candidates from using them.