PPC or Paid-Per-Click Advertising is an excellent way of being visible in front of the audience specifically-targeted by you, irrespective of your monthly budget, whether you are having vast resources at your disposal or have budgetary constraints. Unlike SEO, paid-per-click could help in achieving quick outcomes. The moment the campaign is active, and it goes live, clicks will start coming in. As per Huffpost.com, PPC is a type of online advertising, and it is known for allowing you to get visitors quite quickly to your site by strategically placing advertisements on search engines and then paying, once those advertisements are clicked. PPC ads are the ones that are displayed on top and the right of the page that shows the search engine results. Advertisements appear when users put in a search for a relevant keyword or term.

Every business must consider trying PPC advertising because it is capable of bringing new business at an incredible price. Even though it has become highly competitive, PPC is regarded as a cost-effective form of search engine or digital marketing. The success of a PPC marketing campaign can be very closely measured and evaluated. You can now calculate an ROI figure accurately and obtain valuable feedback.

However, when you have decided to hire the services of a trustworthy PPC firm, you need to do a lot of research, and homework. You should ensure that you are choosing the most suitable PPC Company in terms of qualifications and personality. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a PPC agency so that it is the right choice for your business.


Can I expect search term results from the PPC agency?

If you do not analyze search term results, you fail to gauge accurately the overall quality of traffic that is coming to your website through PPC. As per Google, this is primarily the difference between keywords and search terms. A search term means the precise word or exact group of words a client or user enters while searching on Google. A keyword is supposed to be a set of words or a specific word generated by AdWords advertisers for a specific ad group for targeting your advertisements to customers and potential customers.

Most businesses are in the habit of seeing the keyword report, however, they often do not bother to examine the relevant search terms report. All businesses must focus on analyzing their valuable search term reports. They should consider working with a genuine and professional PPC firm for determining precisely what will be converting and what will not be converting so it can incorporate the negative keywords. Seek assistance from competent PPC management services for perfect marketing solutions online.


To what extent are you proactive about adding negative keywords?

Once you start examining the relevant search term results, you may easily see the precise number of search terms that will not convert in terms of your business. Once you come across these so-called low-performing keywords, you should try to be proactive and start adding negative keywords at the campaign level or ad group level. As per Google, negative keywords belong to a specific type of keywords that will be safeguarding your ads from being activated by a specific phrase or word. By seamlessly incorporating negative keywords, you would dramatically enhance the overall quality of all the search terms originating from your advertisements.


How much time is necessary to understand my business?

As the business owner or entrepreneur, you should ensure that the PPC agency is more than happy to devote time to learn more about your specific organization. They should be asking you some relevant questions. Does your PPC firm need to have a thorough understanding of your service or product line? It is not at all essential to know every single detail about your business. However, it must know your top-performing products, your geo-specific area, and hugely profitable services. It must have an idea about your negative keywords.


How do you intend to track conversions?

It is depressing to see so many organizations running AdWords campaigns, but they do not seem to have the necessary tracking in place. Numerous organizations still do not have DNI tracking present on their sites. We know that DNI or Dynamic Number Insertion is supposed to be a smart call tracking feature that boasts of a unique telephone number attached to each advertisement source. It is useful to marketers for analyzing offline behavior just in the same manner in which marketers are used to tracking online behavior using cookies. When someone clicks on your ad and goes on to call your business, the pay-per-click advertisement should be given all the credit. Numerous people have no idea of the way to do this, thus, they end up under-counting conversions.

For specifically e-commerce sites, your business must keep tracking the exact revenue earned from the sale after somebody clicks directly on the ad thus, you can measure accurately the ‘Return on Advertising Spend’ or ROAS. Remember in the absence of the perfect tracking, you will not succeed in making the right decisions regarding things such as, whether to pause advertisements or keywords that can prove to be exorbitant. Find out precisely what platform the agency will be leveraging for call recording, as well as, reporting.


What is your advertising niche online?

A PPC specialist does not necessarily have proficiency in Google Shopping. You should find out about the precise niche of your PPC firm that you have chosen for hiring their services. Suppose the PPC company claims that they have expertise in all areas, find out exactly what percentage of the ad spend of your clients is allocated towards Google Shopping vs. regular PPC. Ask the company how many industries they are conversant with? You must even ask your PPC firm the amount of money it helps in managing for all its clients. If the firm believes in transparency, they will be sharing the ballpark number;



PPC seems to be the best place to initiate if you are new to the online marketing world. You should seek the right guidance about its suitability to your specific business and ensure that you will be seeking professional assistance from a reliable and competent PPC firm.

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