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HR Consultancy Services For Startups

SutraHR, one of Asia’s top HR consultancy services, has the perfect solution to all your hiring requirements. We work exceptionally hard to make sure you always find a candidate that matches the aspirations you have for your company. We’ve now expanded to Malaysia and Middle East as well.

Here’s a breakdown of SutraHR’s services:

We do not take any advance payments. Our HR consultancy firm works on a commission basis. Only the pre-decided % of the candidate’s CTC is charged on the date of joining of the candidate and not a day before that.

SutraHR Consultancy Services 

We have two models available based on the number of requirements.

1) Dedicated Resource

Dedicated resources, or DRs as we like to call them, are recruiters that we deploy to work out of the client’s office. This model is suitable when there are more than 5 positions. To your benefit, DRs come at no extra cost. All you need to do is supply them with a space to work and internet. Payments, again, are only to be made on the date of joining of the candidate.
Being present on-site, a DR reduces the chances of delay or confusions in communications between the client and the recruiter. This quickens up the process of receiving feedbacks by a great deal and thereby helps in speeding up the time for closures.

DRs are supported by the back-end teams of our HR consultancy services in Mumbai who are experienced in and work exclusively on certain positions. SutraHR’s DR model is available in select cities only.

2) Off-site Resource

Off site resources are our HR consulting firms that work out of SutraHR’s office in Andheri West. We have specialized teams for different kinds of positions.

1. Hotshots

Hotshots is our special initiative in helping startups hire only the best talent from premium management, engineering and b-schools around the globe. These candidates are handpicked by our CEO himself. You will receive 3 ace profiles everyday, from which you choose the one you like the most. As soon as you pick a CV, we get you in touch with the candidate within 8 working hours, that’s our promise. We raise our invoice as usual on the the date of joining of the candidate, and continue to send you relevant CVs. Growth never takes a break.

We also accept entries by candidates for Hotshots. So, if you’re a hotshot and would like to get placed via HR consultancy services, make sure you send us your resume here. We’d love to connect premium candidates like you with a well-funded startup in Asia that you’ll enjoy working for. It’s absolutely free!

2. Bulk Hiring

Our bulk hiring team specializes in recruiting in bigger volumes. Hiring in quantity must not compromise the quality of the hires. HR consulting firms can be a better option than you think. We understand how important the frontliners are, and that’s exactly why we ensure we find only the best for your entry-level bulk openings. The process for setting up bulk interviews is as smooth as gliding on a wet, soapy floor. No confusions or complications. We immediately look for the right candidates for your organization based on your requirements and feedback on the CVs shared. The strategy involved in finding these candidates is based on the details shared by you. Closing multiple positions quickly is our motto.

3. CXO Hiring

Finding the appropriate head to lead your team is crucial for a startup. Being the redefiners of HR consultancy for startups, SutraHR specializes in recruiting for mid-senior level positions. We have teams working explicitly on these particular positions. Tech team, non-tech team, product team, all work on specific requirements; every team has individual members trained in hiring for specific tech requirements, or non-tech requirements, and so on. Our recruiters are devoted to finding the perfect fit for your organization that matches your level of expectations and nothing less.

4. Sourcing Team

Our sourcing team is the backbone of all recruiters at SutraHR. These HR consultancy services are well-equipped in handling any sort of opening. They provide the back-end support to all DRs for different kinds of requirements. They also source candidates to support our in-house recruiters. Our sourcing team has members working zealously towards finding the perfect applicant for you. Whether you need a content writer, marketing genius, social media manager, head of engineering, or anything, our sourcing team will constantly be working hard to find the right fit.
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