Hiring Company FAQs

  1. What is SutraHR?

SutraHR is a Human Resource consulting and placement agency catering exclusively to new age media, technology, digital and Mobile VAS companies. We provide recruitment solutions that help startups and new businesses increase their employee strengths as required.


  1. What industries do you conduct recruitment services for?

Our clientele spans across New Age Digital Media industry. We have conducted and accomplished highly successful placements for executives across all functional areas.


  1. Why choose SutraHR?

At SutraHR, we have a dedicated team that works closely with our clients to develop a clear vision of their business goals. We also help them determine their recruitment needs and provide placement solutions to build their dream teams. You can view our client testimonials on our Technology, Mobile VAS, E-commerce and Digital Media, Digital Agency pages.


  1. How long have you been recruiting for these fields?

SutraHR began in late 2007, when the new age media industry was still in stages of infancy. Having tracked trends over the past 8 years, we currently provide recruitment solutions to over 200 companies and filled over 1000 positions within the industry.


  1. What level of positions do you conduct searches for within each industry?

We identify talent for profiles across positions ranging from mid level Managers to CXO levels (COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, etc.)


  1. How do you identify candidates for a specific position?

Our specialty lies in seeking top-notch executive talent to meet our clients’ specific requirements. 80% of our placements have been successfully concluded by dedicated headhunting and recruitment strategies that bring difficult-to-reach individuals to the table while only about 20% of our successful searches have been through job postings.

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