Hire An Operations Manager

Hire An Operations Manager

operation manager job description

Education: B.Tech/MBA
Experience: 2.5 year
Budget: 7-8 LPA

If You Want To An Operations Manager Here's The Job Description

  • Would be responsible for our overall warehousing and inventory management.
  • Our rental model involves a lot of circulating inventory being managed across geographies and requires the Ops manager to be super meticulous and agile.
  • Would love to hire an operation manager who has had some sort of e-comm experience or experience in the fashion space.

Job Responsibilities

  • Improve organizational policies and processes to support management,
  • Overlook financial systems and management.
  • Develop individual budgets for programs.
  • Manage payroll and employee benefits.
  • Operations Manager will handle agency expenses.
  • Scan financial statements for increased profits.

Skills & Requirements

  • Should have managed at least 3-4 gray/white collar team members.
  • Should be analytical as well as a great manager.
  • Should be a very goal oriented person hungry to drive results at a swift pace.
  • A heavily process oriented person who can and has experience in designing rock solid processes for the team (blue collar, white collar) to follow and ensuring their regular measurement and execution.
  • Heavily KPI oriented person.
  • Should be driven to make a long term career in Ops.
  • Push the envelope of sharing economy in the fashion space, making it more accessible and practical.
  • Should be a very 'customer-focused' person.

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