Executive Hiring

Executive Hiring

Companies often face the challenge of relevant talent acquisition in key positions, even though there is an abundance of manpower in the market. The absence of specialized HR recruitment consultants proves to be a major deal breaker for companies in new age industries who are usually start ups and emerging business entities.

At SutraHR, an executive hiring firm, we focus exclusively on providing talent acquisition solutions for such companies. Our inherent understanding of the recruitment market helps us get an up-to-date information and analysis of your placements.

Our services include searching for the right candidate across various channels including job boards, social media and our own internal network of executive candidate profiles. We also help in introducing your company, pitching the opportunity, screening of candidates and co-ordinating their interviews for you. We also provide you with an additional service of conducting a preliminary round of telephonic interview.

We realise that time is of essence to all our clients. As a result, we ensure that our turn-around-time is 24 hours!

We routinely lend our services to startups and emerging companies to evaluate their talent acquisition challenges and customize job openings for them. As front-runners in this industry we have a wide network of qualified personnel. This helps us to tap into the best talent available in the market for your job openings.

Our premier services include CXO placement services as well as a low cost recruitment service model for Small-Medium Sized business. No matter who you're looking for, as long as they're from our focus industry - we will get them for you!

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