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    Guaranteed Closure
    Expert HR Guidance and Support
    Free HR software for 6 months and much more.

    Dedicated Resource Model

    Considering the current market scenario we have launched a new recruitment model, we called it the Dedicated Resource Model to provide you with a partnership to cater holistically to the organization’s talent needs – a one-stop solution to all your HR needs. With this model, we are doing away with the industry trend of charging a % on every successful hire. You just need to pay us a fixed fee for the month, open to a progress review after the first month and you can hire as many candidates as you want in that period.

    You will pay a monthly retainer fee, mutually decided by the client and us.
    We will assign a dedicated recruiter to your organization.
    Hire as many candidates as you want in that period

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      Why should you opt for DRM?

      • Pay once and hire as many as you want.
      • Expert HR Guidance and Hand-Holding.
      • The one-stop-shop for all your Hiring and HR Needs.
      • Full time dedicated recruiter exclusively assigned to you.
      • No long term contract or commitment.

      What do we guarantee?

      Free access to StartupHR Toolkit Pro, to solve all your HR problems instantly.
      Weekly reports of profiles, interviews, & positions.
      Complete handling of talent acquisition and HR process setup, on request.
      Free 6 months HR & Payroll software.
      Discounted employee insurance for all your employees.
      Closure on all the mandates shared with us.

      Slide Hire Top Performing
      Tech, Digital, &
      Mobile Talent
      For Less Than 8.33% For Less Than 8.33% Hire Top Performing
      Tech, Digital, & Mobile Talent
      Hire Now Hire Now

      Hire Top Tech,
      Digital, & Mobile

      In less than 8.33%

      Top Startups Trust Us With Their Talent Needs

      Digital Media 6

      Digital Media 5

      Digital Media 4

      Digital Media 3

      Digital Media 2

      Digital Media 1

      Mobile App 4

      Mobile App 3

      Mobile App 2

      Mobile App 1

      IT 6

      IT 5

      IT 4

      IT 3

      IT 2

      IT 1

      FinTech 7

      Ecommerce 6

      Ecommerce 5

      Ecommerce 4

      Ecommerce 3

      Ecommerce 2

      Ecommerce 1

      FinTech 5

      FinTech 4

      FinTech 3

      FinTech 2

      FinTech 1

      Client 20

      Client 19

      Client 18

      Client 17

      Client 16

      Client 15

      Client 14

      Client 13

      Client 12

      Client 11

      Client 10

      Client 09

      Client 08

      Client 07

      Client 06

      Client 05

      Client 04

      Client 03

      Client 02

      Client 01

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      If You Are Looking to Hire Digital, Mobile, or Tech Talent.

      You’re at the Right Place!


      Digital Agency

      D2C Brands

      Incubators and Accelerators

      Foreign Startups
      Looking for Indian Talent

      Foreign Companies Setting up Base in India

      Positions! We Do Them All


      Non Tech

      & many more..

      & many more..

      Positions! We Do Them All


      & many more..

      Non Tech

      & many more..

      How We work?


      Dedicated Resource


      Success Based

      Media Loves Us!

      Waqar Azmi, Founder & CEO of SutraHR shared his valuable insights on the reasons why the startup industry is facing these problems in this exclusive interview.

      Leaders of tomorrow on ET Now. Watch our CEO Waqar Azmi talking about the layoffs in the IT industry and the effect of GST.

      In a special feature on Indian immigrant workers in the Middle East, CNN interviewed Waqar Azmi (Founder and CEO, SutraHR).

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