If there’s anything common between the youth of India and the older generations, it’s our mutual love for hookah. Here are some of the best hookah parlours you must try if you’re in Mumbai:

Hookah parlour in Mumbai

1. 24 Sheesha Lounge

Where: Empressa Building, Khar.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,250
This rooftop sheesha lounge in Khar West has a stunning view of the skyline. You’ll always find people posing for pictures with the beautiful backdrop. It’s a great place to spend quality time over some hookah and food with your friends.

2. Addiction Lounge

Addiction Lounge 1
Where: JP Road, Versova.
Cost for two: Rs. 900
Addiction has an indoor club-like ambience with green-blue lights as compared to other rooftop lounges. The place comes with a designated pool area with two pool tables, in the interest of the  huge crowd occupying the space.

3. Air Lounge

Air - Malad
Where: Malad West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,000.
Air Lounge, located right opposite Infiniti Malad, is the perfect evening hangout spot for the youth. With tastefully decorated interiors, it’s ordained for smoking hookah.

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4. Anarchy

Anarchy - Andheri
Where: Lokhandwala, Andheri West.
Cost for two: Rs. 2,200.
Anarchy, a club located in the western suburbs, is the perfect weekend getaway for hookah lovers. Along with hookah, it also has a full bar and a dance floor which transforms the place into a full fledged nightclub.

5. Bingo Bango

Bingo bango
Where: Goregaon West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,500
Bingo Bango is a must try place if you like good sheesha. Along with hookah, they have finger food to serve as munchies. It goes perfectly well with alcohol too. If you’re a hookah fanatic, this is the perfect place to visit.

6. Blanco

Blanco - Andheri
Where: Lokhandwala, Andheri West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,400.
Blanco, a rooftop lounge located above Love and Latte, is a beautiful place to slow down and take a break from weekly blues. The open terrace setting makes the whole experience calming. They also have a dance floor indoors for those who aren’t a fan of breezy evenings. Blanco serves Mediterranean, European cuisines and their fish and chips melt in your mouth.

7. Blue Waters

Where: Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel.
Cost for two: Rs. 650
A fantastic place for hookah and alcohol lovers. Blue Waters is extremely affordable, whether it’s food or alcohol you’re looking for. Do not miss out on this if you’re looking for a fun get together after a hard day at work.

8. Bombay Breeze

Bombay breeze
Where: Trance Avenue Building, 4 Bunglows.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,400
Bombay Breeze, named aptly after the breezy terrace it is situated on, is a much-loved place by hookah enthusiasts. They’re known for their perfectly made hookah and delicious food to go along with it. Commercial music playing there just adds to the evening making it a fun one.

9. Cafe Ringz

Cafe Ringz
Where: Billi Bungalow, Ghatkopar East.
Cost for two: Rs. 600
Cafe Ringzz is a cool hangout spot in Ghatkopar whether it’s with your family or friends. They serve flavorful hookah with starters that go well with it. It’s purely a vegetarian place, a plus point for vegetarian families. The entry is restricted to people above the age of 18, though they have board games available to play.

10. Charcoal

Where: The Red Palm Residency, Khar.
Cost for two: Rs. 600
Charcoal is another cool place to visit for an after-party chillout session. The place has really quick service and some great options for veg as well as non veg dishes. The bar and kitchen are open all night till the place doesn’t shut so it’s worth visiting if you’re hungry from a long night.

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11. Ego Lounge

Ego lounge - Borivli
Where: Borivali West.
Cost for two: Rs. 750.
This one is really easy on the pockets. Ego serves only veg food, so it’s not as great of an option for meat lovers as it is for vegetarians. The ambience at this place is what makes it different from others.

12. F1 Lounge

F1 Lounge
Where: Veera Desai Road,
Cost for two: Rs. 1,100.
F1 Lounge is a tremendous place for sheesha fans. They’re open all afternoon till 1 in the morning, so you can plan an entire day to spend here smoking sheesha with your friends. F1 serves cuisines such as Chinese, Continental, and Italian.

13. Flamiing Tables 24

Where: Sun Plaza, Borivali West.
Cost for two: Rs. 900.
Flamiing Tables 24 is a go-to place for sports and hookah fans. They have live sports screenings along with live music at their lounge. A good place for the youth to hang out on the weekends for the complete nightlife experience with alcohol, hookah, as well as food.

14. Hive – The Lounge

The Hive Lounge
Where: Moksh Plaza Mall, Borivali West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,200
Hive is a hookah lounge with impossibly sophisticated interiors. Multiple sections are designed for a different feel all over the place. This lounge provides comfort at its best. The cozy feel of the private booths and munchies go well with the sheesha and alcohol. It operates from noon to 1:30am.

15. Kasbah Grand 

Where: Goregaon West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,400.
Kasbah is one for the night crawlers. The place is located right on the link road in Goregaon and always has a crowd entering in the evening. Kasbah operates till 4am, so if you’re planning to have a night out, this is the place to be. They serve  various cuisines like North Indian, Chinese, and Thai food but specialize in Mughlai.

16. Koylas

Where: Colaba
Cost for two:  Rs. 1,500
Koylas, near Gateway of India, has a breathtaking view of the sea from their rooftop. Their specialty is the elegant shamiana seating. Koyla serves North Indian and Mughlai cuisines. You must try out Koyla’s Chicken Tikka and Tandoori Baby Potatoes. The place is usually crowded, so make sure you reserve your table.

17. Mughal D’lite

Mughal D'lite
Where: Hill Road, Bandra.
Cost for two: Rs. 700
Mughal D’lite is a very low-key casual dining hotel. Although their prices are remarkably low, they serve flavorful hookah. As the name suggests, they serve Mughlai and North Indian cuisines. Not so recommended for vegetarians for a dining experience as most of the dishes served are non veg.

18. Opa Bar & Cafe

Opa Bar
Where: Saki Naka
Cost for two: Rs. 1,700
Opa, located at Andheri Airport Road, has exquisite interiors. It really is the place to be whether you enjoy hookah, dancing, drinking, or eating. The alcohol is reasonably priced for such an ethereal experience. The music is upbeat and you will always find the crowd superbly dressed and enjoying till the wee hours in the night.

19. Ottoman Cafe

Where: Oshiwara, Andheri.
Cost for two: Rs. 800
Ottoman has to be the opposite of Opa. If you’re not in the mood for neon lights and beats loud enough to drown out the person hitting on you, then Ottoman’s Cafe is your go-to place. Play a game of pool with amazing live jamming sessions every Thursday and Saturday. Ottoman is open till 5am, and the coziest place to be on the weekend.

20. Play – The Lounge

Where: Lower Parel
Cost for two: Rs. 1,700
Play live streams sports events. But what they’re better known for is the amazing lighting that just lifts up the place. It’s the perfect place to celebrate events with your friends. They offer some really fun games to play along with drinks so you’ll never be bored. The cuisines they offer are American, Continental, Italian, and Finger Food.

21. R Adda

R- Adda
Where: Ramee Guestline Hotel, Juhu.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,200
R Adda is not just another club. Mostly crowded with office-goers who adhere to their strict dress codes, the place is a great spot to hang out after hours. The music goes extremely well with the quirky interiors and will surely have you up on your feet. They also have live music and karaoke nights which is always entertaining. They serve a wide range of cuisines from Street Food, Burger, Desserts, Italian, Pizza, North Indian, European, to Finger Food.

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22. Shalimar

Where: Linking Road, Bandra.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,000
Shalimar is best known for their mouth-watering Mughlai cuisine. They have been around for a while and are a definite place to visit with friends for a day or night time hookah session. The place is not expensive at all considering the quality of the food and the service.

23. Sheesha Sky lounge

Where: Dalia Estate, Veera Desai Road.
Cost for two: Rs. 2,500
Sheesha Sky Lounge has a pretty rooftop setting that looks good any time of the day, morning or night. The place is on till 3am, so you don’t need to worry about finding a place for an after party as you’ll be too tired to go anywhere. Enjoy hookah that’s made to perfection along with music to dance all night to.

24. Take It Easy

Where: Lokhandwala, Andheri West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,500
Take It Easy lives up to its name and ensures all their customers have a serene experience smoking hookah on the rooftop. They have fun events like karaoke and live music to always keep the crowd entertained. Some must try dishes include Mutton Seekh and Deviled Hummus.

25. Tall Grass Cafe

Tall Grass Cafe
Where: Oshiwara, Andheri West.
Cost for two: Rs. 500
Tall Grass is a favorite place for hookah lovers. The hookah is extremely light on the pocket for a place as beautiful as this. The pleasant ambience and open rooftop are a perfect combination for anyone wanting a peaceful evening.

26. The Hookah Lounge

The Hookha Lounge
Where: Vasai Road.
Cost for two: Rs. 400
As the name suggests, this place specializes in hookah. The newly renovated place is spacious enough to have people sit comfortably with their groups, and have a pool table for a game session. They have a wide collection of fancy hookahs, some even made creatively out of fruits as well. This lounge serves all kinds of hookah at affordable prices.

27. U Turn Sheesha Lounge & Bar

U turn
Where: Hotel Evergreen, Khar West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,200
Another one for the night owls, U Turn is open till 3:30 in the morning. Satisfy your cravings with some good sheesha flavours and indulge your taste buds in North Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Italian cuisines.

28. Warehouse Kitchen

Warehouse Kitchen
Where: Borivali West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,000
Warehouse, located on the link road, serves purely vegetarian food with an outdoor seating. The food is said to be a bit pricey, but the quantity is amazing and filling so you don’t need to order much.

29. Zaffran

Where: Lower Parel.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,300
Famously known for their piping hot kebabs right off the coal, Zaffran is one of the classiest places to visit. They serve North Indian, Mughlai, Biryani, and Seafood, but specialize in North Indian and Mughlai, specifically biryani. The ambience is quite soothing and the place is big enough to fill large groups of people easily.

30. Zinc Lounge and Kitchen

Where: Club Link Building, Malad.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,200
Well lit interiors make for a non-claustrophobic experience even though it’s indoors. The hookah and food section at Zinc is split in two, to offer the best and complete experience of both. Zinc holds a good standard for hookah and it is always made up to the mark.

31. Zulu Terrace

Where: Near Fun Republic, Andheri West.
Cost for two: Rs. 1,100
Zulu Terrace is a fun spot for an evening outing, on a date or with friends. The live music is soothing and so is their ambience for an incredible hookah experience. They have an extensive menu of North Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, and Italian cuisines, so it may be hard to pick one, since they’re all so good. Some must try dishes are Bang Bang Shrimps and Over The Top Nachos.

32. Moroccan Lounge

Moroccan Lounge
Where: Andheri West. Oshiwara
Cost for two: Rs. 1500 per hour
Ever thought of experiencing a foreign country without leaving the city? Our Moroccan Lounge helps you experience just that. Also known as Morocco in Mumbai, our Lounge is designed to fascinate the viewers with lush and romantic views of Morocco.
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If you think we’ve missed out any places, do leave a comment below with their name!
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